Sweet Sister Ch. 06

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Anna and I had decided to take a shower before continuing our adventure.

On the way we passed the barbecue site which was smoking slowly with some steaks sizzling away on top. The black chef was standing close to it a long fork in his hand, his highly coloured trousers around his ankles and two lady guests from the party sucking and licking at his enormous cock. Both ladies had a hand around it which still left a good section left to suck.

Anna and I decided to stay and watch until he came so we sat on the grass nearby. The sight soon had us horny again and we started to rub each other’s pussies as the two girls worked the chef into a frenzie.

We were both gently moaning on the grass when we were interrupted by two of the French maids. I recognised one of them as the girl I had met earlier and she beamed down at me. “Can we help you ladies out whilst you watch our boss and his friends?”

It was the sort of question that needed no answer and the maids didn’t wait for any. They introduced themselves as Arlette, the one I’d seen earlier and Mary and equally young and pretty looking girl. Arlette knelt before me and parted my legs immediately lowering her head down onto my swollen and wet pussy. Mary had already started on Anna and I could hear her softly purring as her hot wet pussy got a tongue in it.

I had my hands around Arlette’s head as her tongue traced a route from my anus to my clit and back again. She spent ages slowly licking around the tight little ring of my anus and gently probing it with the tip of her tongue. It was Heaven. Her fingers gently floated down the inside of my thighs and played lightly with my pussy lips enjoying the feel of their soft wetness before gently parting my lips and running her fingertips around the edges of my pussy hole.

Both Anna and I were now moaning softly as the two maids worked their magic on our soaked pussies. I looked over to where the chef was and felt a jolt of excitement as I watched him with half of his enormous shaft buried in one of the women’s arseholes. The other woman was licking the remaining shaft and had her hand in the first woman’s cunt up to the wrist. The black stud was forcing his cock in and out of the tight fitting arse and grunting with every thrust.

My attention was suddenly brought back into focus as Arlette switched her attention to my aching clit at the same time as pushing the length of her finger deep into my tight little anus. Two fingers from her other hand frigged my wet cunt sending electric waves of pleasure through my body and making me cry out with lust. Anna was in a similar state thrashing her head from side to side and bucking her hips up at Mary’s flickering tongue.

I looked back at the chef just in time to see him pull his cock from its tight anal home and shoot an long rope of cum over the woman’s back and over her friend’s face and into her mouth.

It was then Arlette’s energy passed through to me. A huge orgasm that had been building in me forever, it seemed, crashed over me like a tidal wave. I bucked and thrashed at Arlette’s mercy as wave after wave of hot orgasm washed over my little body before eventually subsiding. I pulled Arlette to me and we kissed passionately, bahis firmaları me telling her how wonderful it was and tasting my own sweet juices from her face, mouth and tongue.

Anna and I went back to the house and relaxed under a cooling shower gently caressing and soothing our worn out bodies.

When we emerged we went back through to the living room. Alan was in the middle of the floor with the young daughter who was slowly sucking his erect cock. The mother had the base of Alan’s cock in her hand and was stroking it in and out of her daughter’s mouth and issuing soft instructions to her. “Run your tongue along the base of his shaft, Alice. Make it really wet. Move your mouth up and down along it. Let him fuck you in the mouth.”

Alan had a look of sublime joy on his face hardly noticing the several onlookers who had come to watch this particular show. There were two older men sitting on the sofa watching intently. Anna whispered to me that the one on the left was the little girl’s grandfather and the other his brother, her Great Uncle.

Dave, Anna’s husband, was over in the corner with Auntie Jean deliberately shafting her from behind so that both could watch. A couple of young men came over and started playing with Anna’s breasts and she soon was spirited away by them towards her husband’s corner of the room.

One of the older men on the couch beckoned me over to them and I sat between them. The Grandfather introduced himself as Bill and his brother Frank. They were both a bit distracted by the deflowering of their young family member so I let them watch and slowly started to rub their semi hard cocks for them as they watched.

Alan was getting the blow job of his life as occasionally the mother would demonstrate a particular twist or move on his cock and then let the young daughter try it out. Alan’s cock was glistening with saliva as the two licked and sucked his rigid tool.

Both Bill and Frank were getting hot now. Both cocks were rock solid in my hands and I could see drops of precum on the tips. Bill got up and went over to his daughter and held his rigid member to her lips. Obviously feeling that her daughter was good enough to go solo she turned around and took the old man’s cock between her lips and sucked it down into her mouth.

Frank groaned next to me and seeing he was left out of the picture I bent down and took him into my mouth slowly moving up and down the shaft. His hips came up to meet my each down stroke. We carried on for a little while until he could take no more. His rough old hands pulled me away and lay me down in front of him so we could both watch the show. Then he lifted up my leg and rubbed the head of his prick up and down my sensitive cunt lips. I moaned deliriously as his fat tool worked its way into my tight hole and started fucking me.

Bill had moved his daughter down the floor and spooned in behind her again so that no one would miss anything. He entered his daughter’s wet hole with one movement making her gasp as his thick old rod stretched open her cunt.

Alan, meantime, had pushed the young girl onto her back and had spread her legs. He was utterly ready now to take her virginity as he had done mine. We all watched as kaçak iddaa he slipped his long prick up and down the girl’s moist smooth slit coating it in her sticky juices. Her mother reached over and ran her fingers up and down her daughter’s pussy and around Alan’s cock then pushed one finger deep inside her cunt. The young girl moaned at the intrusion and writhed on her mother’s finger.

“I think you can fuck her now, Alan.” The mother groaned as her father thrust his hoary old cock deep up her.

Alan held his cock at the young girl’s pussy entrance and slowly eased his cock into her tight tunnel. The girl cried out as his prick stretched her hole wide open raising her hips up to ease his passage. Slowly he worked the length of his long prick into her, paused for a second then began a gentle series of strokes in and out of her virgin pussy.

“‘Uncle’ Frank started increasing the speed of his strokes into my sopping wet pussy. His thick cock filling my tight little hole and making me cried out with pleasure at every movement he made. He was moaning loudly into my ear and pulling firmly on my stiff nipples making me writhe with ecstasy in his old arms.

The Bill was no getting carried away and was furiously fucking his daughter who was clearly enjoying the pounding. She was gently caressing her daughter’s tits as Alan started to slam his meat into her with passion. In the background I could hear Auntie Jean shouting out as Dave pummelled her from the rear and a glance over at Anna told me she was in her element on her back with one cock buried in her cunt and the other in her mouth.

From behind me Frank bellowed across to Bill “Fuck her in the arse, Bill. You know how much she likes a good arse fuck.” Frank’s cock jumped inside me as he yelled taking me over the edge to my first orgasm. The air was turning blue around me.

“Alan,” shouted the mother, “fuck her good and hard, make my little baby cum for me, fuck he hard until she cums.”

“I’m going to spear your tight little anus, my angel,” moaned Bill to his daughter, “just the way you like it.”

“Oh Daddy, poke your big stiff cock hard into my tight arsehole, please.” Cried the mother.

I watched as Bill slid this thick cock out of his daughter’s wet pussy hole and pressed it firmly against her exposed arsehole. He pushed his member past the tight bunch of muscles at the entrance and slid the whole length and width of his cock into her rectum. She let out a low moaning sound and started to push back against her father’s invading cock.

The young girl Alan was fucking the brains out of reached down to her mother’s open slippery pussy and slid two fingers inside her “Oh Mummy, Grandad’s cock looks so good in your arse. Fuck Mummy’s tight hole, Grandad, fuck her nice and hard. Oh Mummy, I’m going to cum, Mummy, Mummy oh god I’m cummmmmingg.”

Alan screwed his eyes up as the young girl’s tight cunt clamped down around his prick. She bucked and twisted under him and her juices drenched his pumping cock.

“Take her other virginity, Alan.” I heard myself saying amid the din of fucking, shouting and moaning. “Fuck her sweet little anus for me, brother. Bury that long great cock of yours up her tight little kaçak bahis bumhole.”

Alan looked at me, then at the girl’s mother, then lastly at the young sweet thing on the end of his prick. “Do you want it, little darling. Do you want me to fuck your tight little, puckered anus for you?”

“Oh Alan,” she whimpered, “more than anything. When Grandad puts his finger in there it feels sooo gooood. Alan, please do it, press that big hard cock of your deep into my anus.”

Alan shrugged and pulled his long cock out of her previously virgin cunt. It was slick with her sweet honey and I knew it would slide in so smoothly. The young girl turned over and stuck her lovely rounded bum in the air towards Alan’s pointing prick. He moved it slowly against her ring then pressed it firmly home.

“Ooooh yes,” the girl cried, “fuck me, Alan. Fuck my virgin arse. Fill me up with your hot cum, pump me full of it.”

Alan had already started to thrust his cock in and out of the girl’s bumhole. Slippery from her own juices it slid in and out smoothly. I could see on his face that he was going to cum very soon now.

Frank was pumping his cock in and out of my tight wet cunt with a vengeance. The sight before him driving him wild with lust. Bill had now mounted his daughter on all fours and was slamming his meat in and out of her clutching arsehole accompanied by her screams of passion.

Frank came first flooding my pussy with his mature seed, his cock leaping inside me with every spurt. The young girl had started to orgasm again and Alan unable to control himself any longer pumped his youthful cum deep in her guts. Bill, who lasted longer than any of us pulled out of his daughter and moved over to his writhing granddaughter, moving her head slightly to one side he issued a long jet of cum over her young face and hair. She rolled over completely, having been freed of Alan’s deflating cock, and received the second load of jism over her small tits. Mother moved in and started licking the cum from her daughter’s face and breasts only to get a face full of the old man’s third spurt.

The young girl lay there whilst her mother cleaned her up. We were all practically in a state of shock and the room was still buzzing in certain areas.

Dave was finishing off filling Auntie Jean’s pussy full of his cum whilst his wife was draining the two cocks she had over in her corner.

I looked back at the girl on the floor and noticed that she was starting between my legs. I opened my legs and let her look at my well fucked pussy with a dribble of her great uncle’s cum flowing down the crack of my arse. I beckoned her over to me and she crawled across the floor and buried her pretty little face between my legs. I felt her little tongue trace the line of cum from my anus to my pussy hole where she forced her tongue in as far as it would go. I gasped with pleasure as the girl continue to lick and suck my sopping wet cunt. I slowly stroked her hair as her tongue worked over my clit and back down to my pussy hole letting out almost continuos moans as she did so.

In moments I was cumming again mashing my hot cunt against her flickering tongue. I pulled her up to me when I had calmed down and kissed her long and slow tasting the mixtures of my own juices, Frank’s and Bills some of which was still on her face.

We all rested for a while and showered for this was not yet the end of the party.

To Be Continued…

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