Sweet Summer Ch. 03

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Ball Gag

[This chapter continues the main story of Sam, Nina and Anya. It sets the scene for the Berlin chapter, which will be much longer and have more action. All characters involved in sexual situations are over 18.]

Sam liked to think of himself as someone who appreciated the finer things in life. Despite growing up in a wealthy family, he’d always thought that money was no substitute for simple, timeless pleasures. A sunny day on the beach, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, relaxing after a hard day’s work… And, of course, waking up in bed between two gorgeous naked girls after a night of wild sex.

He lay there and luxuriated in the morning sunshine as Nina and Monica dozed beside him. He’d kept his promise to call Monica; they’d met up a few times in the week since the house party. He’d become very fond of her bubbly personality, not to mention her perky tits and superb talent for sucking cock. Still, he hadn’t been sure if she’d be willing to join in with him and his sister – until he’d come home the day before and found the two girls making out in the summerhouse. It turned out Nina had seduced Monica as soon as she heard that Sam was fucking her. It wasn’t the first time she’d taken one of Sam’s girlfriends as her own, and it wasn’t likely to be the last.

Sam was always pleasantly surprised how many of the local girls were willing to join in his and Nina’s secret affair, but he also knew from bitter experience that he couldn’t take such acceptance for granted. So he’d been relieved when Monica acknowledged their incest without batting an eyelid (“If I had a brother as hot as you, I’d be fucking him too,” she’d joked). With the house to themselves once again, the three of them had spent a glorious night pleasuring one another, moving from the summerhouse to the garden to the lounge, and finally back to Sam’s room.

It had been a joyous blur of an evening, but a few delicious memories stood out in particular for Sam. Monica’s silky-smooth pussy taking the full length of his cock as they fucked in a rough doggy-style, her cute little breasts bouncing up and down with their rhythm. Nina lying on the couch with her legs splayed, squealing in orgasmic delight with Monica lapping Sam’s come from her freshly-fucked vulva. Both girls kneeling to go down on him, their warm tongues dancing over his cock, no doubt tasting their own pussy juices on the shaft. The mere memory of that heavenly blowjob duet was enough to make him rock-hard under the covers.

Pleasant as it would have been to laze in bed with the two girls all day, Sam knew he had a busy day ahead of him. It had been tricky to organise at short notice, and it had taken up a lot of the money he’d saved for his pre-university holidays, but he and Nina had finally booked their trip to Germany. Their flight to Munich was scheduled for the late afternoon. By sundown, they would be reunited with Anya.

They planned to spend one night in Munich, catching up with their aunt and uncle and plethora of cousins. Then he, Nina and Anya were going to Berlin, where they had booked a hotel room for seven days. Sam smiled to himself as he pictured the week ahead – a bit of sightseeing, maybe some clubbing and bar-hopping, and hours and hours of intense, uninhibited sex with the two girls he loved best. Monica was hot, but nothing could compare to threesomes with Nina and Anya.

He nudged the sleeping girls awake. Monica groaned in quiet protest, while Nina simply stretched in that catlike way of hers and kissed Sam on the cheek, letting her exquisite breasts push against him. Her long blonde hair was sexily unkempt from the night before. “Morning,” she said with sleepy cheerfulness. “I had a dream about you.”

“Really? What was I doing?”

“Her, mostly.” She nodded at Monica, who was now sitting up in bed and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “I got quite jealous.”

“I think you got a fair bit of attention yourself, sis,” he replied lecherously. “And Monica deserved to be centre stage, it’s her first time with us.”

“It better not be the last,” Monica drawled, looking over at the siblings and smiling with undisguised lust. She wasn’t quite as beautiful as Nina, but she was very easy on the eye – petite and blue-eyed with a cute button nose and long, wavy brown hair. Her breasts were smallish but firm and perfectly-formed, blemished only by a light scatter of freckles. Her hand moved under the covers and found Sam’s hard cock, grasping it gently.

“Oh, no, I can see you’re going to be a regular visitor,” Nina laughed. Sam grunted happily as Monica stroked him under the bedclothes, then felt Nina’s delicate hand join Monica’s. They both rubbed and squeezed his cock, cuddling up close to him to kiss his face and neck. As morning pick-me-ups went, it was probably one of the all-time greats. He put his arms around them and kissed them both in gratitude.

“I wish you two weren’t going today,” Monica pouted, still fondling Sam. “I want to stay with you. Can’t your German girl wait a bit?”

“Flight’s booked now. And she’s been waiting too long already,” Sam said apologetically.

“Well…can illegal bahis I at least stay for breakfast?”

“I’d be insulted if you didn’t,” he replied, kissing her on the lips, then reaching up to squeeze one of her lovely little tits. Monica grinned as she let go of his cock and lay back on the bed, letting him pull away the covers and move on top of her. Nina leaned back and watched them with amusement.

“You don’t waste time, do you, big brother?” she observed.

Sam didn’t reply, he was too busy kissing Monica. Her legs were spread wide, and as he crouched down over her, the head of his erection stroked her warm thigh. Then he felt the soft fuzz of her pubic hair, and then the warm, engorged outer lips of her cunt. He guided himself inside her with a long groan of pleasure that she echoed beneath him. Nina, who was watching intently, slipped a hand between her own legs and began playing with herself.

Monica was even tighter than Nina, and was pleasantly responsive in the eager motion of her hips and thighs, using him even as he used her. It was a lazy morning fuck rather than the bed-thrashing marathons he usually had with Nina, but no less pleasant for all that. She came twice, moaning and squealing as the wet heat of her pussy pulsed around his shaft. Sam pulled out of her a moment before his own orgasm and finished triumphantly on her breasts, covering them in white torrents. More of his come spurted onto her belly and thighs as his climax ran its course. Nina, who had been masturbating with rising urgency the whole time, came a moment later.

Sam rolled off Monica, and they relaxed on the bed, sighing with contentment. Lying beside them, Nina glanced in the direction of Monica’s come-splattered breasts, then gave her brother a faux-resentful look.

“You never do that to me,” she said huffily, and then they all began laughing.


The three of them got up and showered together. As was often the case for Sam and Nina, soaping one another down turned into eager foreplay, and then gave way to noisy sex under the running water. It was a tight fit, all three of them in the shower cubicle, but the proximity of their bodies just heightened their arousal. Sam had Monica again, then gave his sister her good-morning fuck, taking her up against the wall the way he knew she liked it. Finally, after a pleasant naked breakfast, Monica reluctantly headed off back home, and the siblings packed their suitcases for Germany.

As he piled in his clothes, electronics and toiletries, Sam noticed to his delight that Nina was bringing her tantalisingly revealing red dress, the same one she’d worn at the house party. “That’s gonna cause a stir in Berlin,” he told her, with a lecherous smile.

“I hope Anni likes it,” Nina replied. “Although we probably won’t be wearing clothes much this holiday, except for going out.”

“Maybe we can find a nudist bar,” Sam chuckled. “Two birds, one stone.”

They ate a quick lunch, then loaded their luggage into Sam’s silver-grey station wagon and locked up the house. Nina sat beside Sam in the front of the car, briefly checking her makeup in the rearview mirror. “Ready to see Anni again?” she asked him brightly as he keyed the ignition.

“Germany, here we come,” he replied, easing the car down the sloping driveway towards the main road. The afternoon sun was fiercely bright in the cloudless sky, and the lush trees lining the road glowed in vivid shades of green and yellow. Summer was drawing to a close now, but the weather was still divine by the Mediterranean.

As they drove through the hilly countryside on the edge of their town, Nina decided to make things difficult for Sam. With exaggerated casualness, she reached over and laid one of her small hands on his crotch. He glanced over at her in surprise as she lightly gripped his manhood through his trousers. “Nina-” he protested.

“Eyes on the road, big brother,” she scolded, even as she slid her hand under the trouser fabric. Sam kept his hands on the steering wheel and tried to focus on the traffic, but he could already feel his erection rising.

He made it about five more miles before the teasing became unbearable. Nina’s hand was moving deftly under his trousers, her elegant fingers stroking and squeezing his cock. She smiled at him wickedly. He grunted with uncomfortable arousal as his erection strained the fabric.

“You’re hard as a rock, Sam,” Nina smirked. “I thought you might still be tired out from Monica.”

“Please, sis, give it a rest. I’m driving.”

“Pull over, then. The flight isn’t for four hours. We’ve got plenty of time.”

“People will see.”

“Not around here. We’re miles from town.” She looked at him with an expectant smile. Her hand was still moving under his trousers.

“You’re impossible,” Sam said wearily. Nina stuck out her tongue at him in response and grinned.

Sam knew he shouldn’t give in so easily. But they wouldn’t have the chance at the airport or on the flight, and they’d have to be modest around Anya’s family before they headed to Berlin. Resignedly, he found a stony tree-lined path branching illegal bahis siteleri off from the main road – a driveway leading to one of the hillside vineyards – and turned onto it, parking the car in the shade of a large, leafy plane tree. Wide sunlit fields stretched green and fertile on either side. Sam glanced back at the main road, checking to see that no other cars had followed them.

Nina leaned over and kissed Sam passionately as she quickly unbuttoned his trousers. His cock was hugely erect; Nina’s hand clutched it again and jerked it with quick, eager pumps, making him groan with pleasure. Pre-come trickled from the tip onto Nina’s fingers. Sam reached under the thin lace of his sister’s blouse to touch her breasts. The two of them kept on kissing, tongues snaking together as they explored each other’s mouths.

Nina pulled away and swiftly lifted off her blouse, smiling at Sam’s obvious delight as her high tanned breasts bounced free. Sam squeezed them and began kissing the warm, firm flesh. He licked her prominent nipples, making her sigh happily as his tongue made gentle circles over her dark red areolae. One of her hands stroked through his sandy blond hair while her other grasped his throbbing cock.

Finally, Nina got up from her seat and manoeuvred herself onto her brother’s lap, straddling him so she was facing him, with her back against the steering wheel. It was hardly a comfortable position, but neither of them cared, their hands still moving restlessly over each other’s bodies. She kissed him again, quick and light on the lips, before daintily lifting the hem of her blue skirt. She was naked underneath it, the budded pink slit of her cunt clearly wet already. Sam shuddered with arousal as his sister stroked her smooth warm vulva slowly and provocatively against his cock. The feeling was both wonderful and infuriating. He wanted to be inside her so badly it almost hurt.

“Jesus, Nina,” he said, his breath coming quick and harsh with desire. He felt the wet warmth of her labia brush his cock again. “Don’t do that, just-“

With a quick, sudden motion, Nina lifted herself up and then sank down onto Sam’s erection. Her vagina enveloped him, hot and tight and slippery-wet. Sam could never get tired of that feeling, the perfect warmth of it, the way the walls of Nina’s pussy pulsed and throbbed around his cock. He gasped with sudden joy and clutched Nina’s breasts, squeezing hard enough to make her whimper. The two of them kissed once more, and then Nina began to ride Sam, moving up and down on him with soft happy moans.

Nina placed her hands on Sam’s broad shoulders and held on tight as she rode him faster and faster. Sam, meanwhile, grasped his sister’s slender bare midriff and eagerly nuzzled her breasts and neck. Despite the cramped awkwardness of the driver’s seat, with the steering wheel forcing Nina forward, she still managed to keep up a pleasurable rhythm upon him. Sam was used to being the one on top, the one setting the pace; he was glad that Nina had taken the initiative this time. Her superb breasts heaved in his face as she hissed and squealed with pleasure.

To his astonishment, Sam could feel himself getting close to climax already. Nina was so tight, the warm wet grip of her cunt around his cock was pure ecstasy, but it had only been a few minutes. He couldn’t come inside her yet – he hadn’t even brought her to orgasm! Where was his much-vaunted self-control? She was moving on him at a furious pace, her eyes closed, gasping his name as he clutched her breasts. The car windows were still open, and anyone passing by would surely hear her passionate moans.

Sam was on the edge of orgasm, hating himself for his weakness, when Nina came in a sudden rush. The familiar surge of her wetness on Sam’s cock was too much for him, and he finished inside her, cursing heartily and clutching her close to his chest. His semen jetted up into her as she shuddered and moaned against him.

They were still locked in that position, Nina straddling Sam as he held her tightly and gazed into her eyes, when another car drove up the stony road. Sam flinched and looked sharply round as he heard its tyres crunch over the loose gravel. It was a shiny blue hatchback, and its driver was a short, prim-looking woman in her fifties or sixties. As she drove past, the woman glanced through her window at the siblings. Her eyes bugged in shock and outrage when she saw Nina’s naked breasts. She wound her window down and shouted in a thin reedy voice, “Harlot! You should be ashamed!”

Sam was speechless with embarrassment, but Nina simply turned and flashed the woman a dazzling smile – and a better view of her tits. “No, actually, I’m quite proud of them,” she called cheerfully.

The woman drove off, visibly fuming and muttering to herself. Sam watched the blue hatchback recede into the distance, then glanced back at his topless sister. She was still straddling his cock, and her lovely face was flushed red from her orgasm. The air in the car was full of the familiar scent of sex.

“Did you see the look on her face?” Nina whispered with a conspiratorial smile. canlı bahis siteleri There was a momentary silence, and then they both burst out in peals of laughter, which gave way to a long, sweet, breathless kiss. Sam’s cock, though softening now, was still thrust up inside Nina’s pussy, and he revelled in her soft warmth. When she finally eased herself off him and clambered back into her seat, he felt almost petulant with disappointment.

“That was nice,” Nina said happily, when she had pulled her blouse back on and rearranged her creased skirt. “I needed that.”

“God, me too. You were right to pull us over.” It was true, he had needed it, even after having Monica in the morning. Sam sometimes wondered if he and Nina were both genuine sex addicts, needing their fix on a constant basis.

“Teach you to question me, big brother. I always know best.” Nina laughed her lovely summery laugh. “Now let’s get back on the road, I want to get Anya something at the duty-free.”

“Um, you’re still not wearing anything under that skirt, babe.”

“Is that a problem for you, Sam?”

“No, but…we’re going to be in public. And then on the plane. Someone might see.”

“And your point would be?” Nina’s grin was thoroughly naughty.

Sam just laughed, shaking his head in wonderment. His sister really was impossible sometimes.


The rest of the drive was fairly civilised, although Sam was acutely aware that his semen was still trickling out of Nina’s cunt. They drove in contented silence as the lush green countryside whooshed by on either side. Finally, the curving glass and steel silhouette of the airport appeared on the horizon, looking for all the world like an alien spacecraft that had landed amid the placid greenery of the Mediterranean coast.

For a regional airport, it was irritatingly crowded, and they had to wait in line for ages to check in their luggage. All the while, Sam was worried that someone would notice that Nina was naked under her skirt. She went to the bathroom at one point to clean the last traces of his come from her vulva, but she still refused to put on underwear. Though he loved his sister’s exhibitionism, Sam couldn’t help but think she sometimes did it just to annoy him.

When they were through security, Nina made a beeline for the duty-free shops to get some fancy perfume for Anya and new clothes for the younger cousins. Sam bought a bottle of fine Scotch for Anya’s father, who he knew was something of a whiskey connoisseur, and a necklace for her mother. He’d always been fond of his uncle and aunt, and considering that he was going to spend a week fucking their beloved daughter till she came screaming, it seemed appropriate to bring them a gift.

Nina’s usual good cheer seemed a little subdued when they took their seats on the plane. She’d always been a nervous flier, even on short-haul trips like this. There was a hint of fear in her beautiful green eyes as the jet engines spun up with a rising roar. The takeoff was smooth, but Nina still clutched the armrest tightly and took a deep, trembling breath as the runway fell away beneath them. Sam noticed, and patted her hand reassuringly. “It’ll be fine, sis,” he told her. Her answering smile was so full of love and gratitude that it made his heart ache.

“I wonder if Anya’s been getting laid,” Nina murmured when the plane finally levelled out. “She’s always shy about telling me when I message her.”

“Well, come on, you know how hot she is. I bet the guys in Germany are lining up around the block to fuck her.”

“I don’t think she’s that confident. She never wanted to do it with anyone but us when she visited.”

“Would you be jealous, if she was having sex without us?” Sam smirked.

“A bit,” Nina admitted. “I guess I’ve been thinking of her as our little secret. Though if she has some sexy German friends who want to join in…”

Sam had a fleeting vision of Anya making out naked with a pair of busty Aryan girls. “That’d be a nice surprise,” he said. “Man, I can’t wait to see her.”

He had the window seat, and he gazed out at the shoals of sunlit clouds that swept by beneath the plane. The countryside far below was a vivid patchwork of green and yellow. On the distant horizon, the sun starting to set, painting the cloudtops a hundred glorious shades of pink and orange. Another ascending jet glinted silver and white in the distance. Germany was just a couple of hours away.

Truth be told, Sam had his own reasons for wanting to see Anya again. He loved Anya just as much as Nina did, and he fully intended to fuck her like a wild animal in Berlin, but there was something he needed to discuss with her – something he couldn’t tell his sister about.

He had made love to Anya so many times during her visit, and he’d never used protection with her. Every day, he thought back on those wonderful moments when he’d let his semen spurt into her perfect tight pussy. She’d been on the pill like Nina for most of the holiday – but not for the first few passionate days, when they’d all been so intensely horny that such considerations had been far from their minds. The pills weren’t foolproof, especially if they weren’t taken until some days after sex. Anya was young, fertile and a member of an unquestionably fecund family. There was at least some chance that she was now pregnant with Sam’s child.

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