Taken by the Twins

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


The Twelve Kinks of Christmas


“I’m not really sure about this…”

Goatie blushed and smoothed his ears back, long hair tumbling about his grey muzzle. He’d brushed it out, more effeminate than most, and styled himself beautifully until he could have posed for hours in front of the mirror, twisting back and forth to admire himself from all angles. But he hadn’t expected his dinner with friends – a weekend away, what could be better? – in the hotel restaurant by the seaside to take a sexier turn. The Arctic fox twins, out on a holiday venture much the same as he made sure of that.

And it was their meeting that led to him standing outside a hotel room door in his best attire, blushing like a schoolgirl in front of her crush. The twins, nude from head to toe, were already sprawled on the bed, the male fox nibbling his sister’s breasts as if it was the first time her heaving bosom had ever been presented to him.

“Oh, honey…” Kylie licked her lips, slipping from her brother’s attentions and taking him by the paw. “We’ve held off on our fun, just waiting for you to get that cute tail of yours down here.”

The goat squirmed, hugging his arms around himself. Although he had dressed for the occasion in frilly purple panties and a sleek violet and black corset that narrowed at his waist beautifully, the clothing had only just gotten him from his hotel room to Kylie and Kyle’s, tail twitching the whole time. A few paces down the hall, it had been enough for him to lose his nerve and the little goat bleated plaintively as he was dragged inside, the door closing with a decisive snap at his cloven hooves.

“Come here, cutie,” Kylie giggled as she drew Goatie across to the bed, bending the blushing goat over the edge. “Let us show you a real good time.”

“Uh…” He shook his head. “My friends will be waiting for me. I really should…”

He trailed off, unwilling to finish as his mind battled with his heart. Could he do it? Should he do it?

Kyle barked a laugh and jumped up, daring behind the goat before he even realised what the vulpine was doing, the fox’s snowy white fur pressed up to his back.

“No one’s waiting for you, goat,” he whispered huskily in his ear, teeth nibbling down to his neck. “So get down and let us have pendik escort a little fun with you.”

He huffed warm breath over the back of the goat’s neck and Goatie shivered as his panties were tugged aside. His cock needed no encouragement in being freed from its fabric confines and swelled into the cool air, hard and begging for a paw – or something more – to be wrapped around it. Snickering against the smaller mammal’s neck, Kyle nipped through his fur, grinding an achingly hard shaft against the ruffled panties covering the little goat’s rump.

Goatie moaned. He could have stopped them. He could have said no. But the goat’s head rolled back as the fox took one of his horns gently between his teeth, holding him in place as a finger, suddenly slick with lubricant, slid over his tail hole. It played with the tight ring, coaxing it open until first one digit and then a second slipped inside, stretching him out in simple preparation for what was to come.

Kylie giggled, tossing the tube of lube to the side as she squirmed beneath the goat as he half-stood and half-leaned over the side of the bed, forcing her lips up to his. She moaned lustfully as she forced her tongue into his mouth, dominating his muzzle and twisting her fingers roughly into his hair. Goatie shuddered, part of him flinching away while a much larger part of him surged up to the predator’s mouth, tongues dancing between their muzzles as a cock nuzzled beneath his tail.

Goatie sucked in a breath. So quickly? No warm up? Kyle dragged his fingers slowly from the goat’s pucker and Goatie whimpered, pushing back to keep them inside for just a moment longer. Kyle laughed, releasing his horn and nuzzled down the back of his neck, sharp teeth grazing through fur to kiss skin.

“So eager… I’m surprised you didn’t jump us in the restaurant, right when you saw us making out.” He let his tapered cock tease between the goat’s rump cheeks, covering the length with slick lube. “You knew what was going on and you knew what was going to happen the moment you saw us, cock hard under your jeans back then. Your friends didn’t stand a chance of your company tonight, not while we were around.”

Goatie exhaled sharply, lips brushing those of the vixen beneath him, her paw squeezing around his cock. He squealed and bucked against her, hips juddering, as Kyle pressed the tip of his cock up to his tail hole, easing just the first inch in to slowly stretch him out. Sliding deeper and deeper, the fox yipped and flicked his tail, a scattering of white fluff floating to the carpet. Goatie groaned, pushing back as the male ground in escort pendik at a tantalising pace, claws scratching lightly down the goat’s back, easing around his twitching tail.

He didn’t have time to get used to the male’s size under his tail, however, as Kylie growled and arched her hips up to his shaft, taking his length inside as Kyle barked and thrust forward hard enough to drive Goatie bodily forward. The sudden jerk shoved the whole length of the goat’s shaft into the vixen and she moaned loudly, paws dropping to the bed as she kept her hips raised, letting him fill her.

“Oh…” She groaned, rolling her head back on the duvet. “That’s it… That’s it…”

Her eyes locked with her brothers over Goatie’s shoulder.

“Fuck him, brother. Fuck him hard enough to fuck me!”

Kyle laughed and shook his head, blue eyes twinkling.

“With pleasure, sister. With pleasure.”

Grabbing Goatie’s hips, Kyle snarled and slammed in hard, furry balls swinging up lightly against the goat’s pair, slipped loose from the purple panties. Squealing as the fox pounded his tail – god, when was the last time he’d even had a toy under there? The holiday had left him unusually pent up – Goatie let his head be pulled back by a horn, submitting in body and mind to the wills of the twins.

His mind spun. Was he really doing it? Fucking two strangers? He panted open-mouthed, lips twitching up and up at the corners as the vixen moaned, his cock forced into her needy pussy over and over again. Just when had he become so bold, so daring? The fox’s paw tightened around his horn and the goat arched his back, giving the male a better angle, each thrust grinding sensually over his prostrate to send a trickle of pre cum pulsing up the length of his cock. An electric thrill tingled down his spine, tail bobbing. He’d likely never see the twins again, not after this night and, perhaps, that was exactly how it was meant to be! Goatie wasn’t even sure, in hindsight, if the brother even knew his name. He was as good as a stranger to the little goat!

There was only so much pleasure a goat could take, overstimulation rendering him mute but for his bleats. Rolling his head back, Goatie yelped and shuddered as the tod pounded his tail, driving in harder and faster once he was sure the goat was good and stretched out. He shoved Goatie forward into his sister and the goat squealed loudly as his body surged with a great rise of pleasure, balls tightening up closer to his body. The fox barked in his ear, pressing in close over his back to force the goat down into his sister.

Bleating, Goatie bucked pendik escort bayan and ducked his head down between his arms as he reached his peak, body bumping between the male and the female as if he had become nothing more than a toy between them. A toy that was suddenly experiencing a great deal of pleasure. The goat shook his head, trying to contain the ecstasy, yet there was nothing stopping his orgasm from drawing out and out and out, far longer than any ejaculation a male should have been able to grind through.

As the goat slipped down from his high, the last spurts of cum oozing from his cock, the vixen pulled back, Kylie’s eyes bright and eager for more. Something told him that that was not all the pleasure he would be having that night, even if the rest of it was spent on his knees bouncing from twin to twin with a smile on his lips and twitch to his tail. Bleating softly – his voice dipped with tiredness – he arched back, trying to get more of the fox’s cock under his tail even as his own weakly trickled clear ejaculate from his prostrate stimulation.

“Easy there, goat,” the fox growled breathlessly, teeth on the back of his neck. “We’re not letting you go just yet.”

Kylie slithered up to her brother’s side, joining him in looking down on the goat, cock softening as a trickle of cum still drooled from the tip. He shuddered and gasped as two pairs of paws caressed his body from muzzle to hoof, groaning as the male’s cock throbbed harder beneath his tail.

“Oh, yes…” Kylie giggled, squeezing his balls lightly in one paw, enough to pull a flicker of pleasure to the front of his mind as he came down from his high. “We’re going to have a lot of fun with you.”

She shared a kiss with her brother, tongues slurping over each other’s muzzles as they enjoyed one another. Goatie groaned softly, pushing himself back from the bed with shaking arms, wanting more even as exhaustion wracked his body. The fox’s cock throbbed under his tail, as hard as ever with a half-swollen knot still to come.

“Oh, yes, don’t you worry.” Kyle patted the goat’s head, fingers trailing through his hair. “We’re going to have plenty of fun with this one, sister, mark my words.”

Goatie bleated quietly, ears flicking back as the vixen giggled and leaned in close, sharp teeth pricking one ear as she whispered the words that would make his heart leap and cock swell once more.

“Yes, brother, we’re going to have all the fun we want with him.”

She kissed his head, pushing a finger slick with her own juices into the goat’s mouth. He groaned, tasting the bitter tint of lubricant within her sweetness, but couldn’t find it in himself to care as the vixen kissed his muzzle.

“All the fun we want… All night long.”

Goatie blushed, hard.

It was set to be a spectacular night indeed!

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