Tales of Lustville Scene 09

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Scene Nine

Tracy, Lois & Susan

Lois and Tracy were sitting in Lois’s kitchen talking as they sipped their coffee. They were discussing the Wilson twins, and wondering how they were going to get their mother Susan involved in their budding incest circle, so her son’s could fuck her, as they both appeared eager to do. The main hurdle they knew, was Susan’s extreme devotion to her faith.

They were interrupted by the doorbell. Lois went to answer it and Tracy followed, stopping in the doorway, sipping her coffee. Lois opened the front door, almost gasping when she saw Susan Wilson standing there.

Susan was a tall, statuesque blonde, standing five-ten in her bare feet. She was wearing a pair of stylish, but sensible low heels today, that still made her almost a head taller than Lois. It was hard for the girls to gauge her figure, because she was wearing a loose, long sleeved blouse, and a lightweight skirt that fell below her knees. Her clothes seemed to be chosen to conceal her body from the world.

“Susan! W…what a pleasant surprise!” she said, looking up at her. “What can I do for you today?”

“Well, Mrs. Parker, my boys have been spending quite a bit of time over here the last couple of days.” she said coolly, looking Lois over slowly. “And to be honest, you never struck me as the religious type. I don’t mean to offend you, but I’d like to know what’s going on. May I come in?”

“Yes, of course!” Lois said, stepping aside and waving her in into the house. “You know my friend Tracy, don’t you?”

Tracy raised her cup, smiling at the other woman. As soon as she’d heard Lois greet Susan, she’d decided that she was going to stick around, and see what was going to develop.

“Harris, Tracy Harris isn’t it?” Susan said neutrally. “Your boy, Kyle I think it is, plays football for Big State?”

“Yes, he does. He’s going to be starting in tomorrow’s game as a matter of fact.”

“You must be so proud.”

Tracy was tempted to go over and smack the snooty bitch, but managed to restrain herself. Lois felt the tension growing between the two women, and tried to head it off.

“Won’t you sit down, Susan,” she said brightly. “Tracy and I were just having coffee. Would you like a cup?”

“No, I don’t use stimulants.” she said. “But the boys mentioned that you made the most delicious punch! If it wouldn’t be too much trouble…” She gave Lois a look that frightened the smaller woman.

“Of course!” Lois said, taking a step back, and glancing over at Tracy. “It only takes a minute. Have a seat. I’ll be right back.”

She walked into the kitchen, grabbing Tracy’s arm as she went by. When they were out of sight, she exhaled sharply, then took in several deep breaths, trying to calm herself.

“Fuck! She knows something!” she said quietly, pacing back and forth. “What should I do, Tracy?”

“Make the punch. And put enough tequila in it so she’ll be able to taste it.” Tracy said, glancing back toward the living room.

“What? Are you crazy?”

“No, I think we misread her.” Tracy said slowly. “I watched her while you were talking at the door. She was checking you out. That outfit you have on doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, sweetie. And I don’t mean…Lois, she was looking at your body. She wasn’t judging you.”

“Are you sure? If you’re wro…”

“I’m not.” She said, walking over and picking up the pitcher out of the drain board. She brought it over to the table, and looked at Lois. “Make your punch. I think this might be an interesting afternoon. Either that, or we get drunk, and she kicks our asses.”

Lois peeked around the corner into the living room. Susan was sitting quietly on the couch, flipping through a magazine.

“She looks like she could do it too.” Lois said, then opened a cabinet and started pulling out bottles, handing them to Tracy. “I sure hope you’re right.”

“Relax, we don’t know anything. Let’s see what she wants, then go from there.”


She made the margaritas quickly, tasting it several times as she added ingredients. Tracy took a taste, then picked up the tequila bottle, and emptied it into the pitcher. She gave it stir, then tasted it again, nodding.

“Good, you can really taste the tequila. Get some chips or something, and let’s get back in there.”

“There’s crackers, top shelf in that cabinet. Get them while I get some cheese or something.” Lois said as she went over to the fridge.

The girls walked back into the living room a few minutes later, Lois carrying the pitcher, Tracy following, with a tray of crackers and cheeses, and three glasses.

“Here we are, Susan.” Lois said lightly. “I’m sorry it took so long. I decided to bring some snacks too.” She poured Susan a glass of punch, then poured one for herself and Tracy before she sat the pitcher down. “Do you mind if Tracy stays, Susan? Or did you want to speak to me privately.”

“Oh no. May I call you Tracy, dear?” she asked, glancing over at her, then bursa escort continued when Tracy smiled and nodded. “It would be lovely if Tracy stayed with us.” She paused, looking back at Lois. “No dear, this is purely a social call. Is there something I should be concerned about?”

Susan took a sip of her punch, surprising Tracy when she didn’t react at all to the strong taste of the tequila. She took another big drink, then another. Emptying her glass, she smiled at Lois.

“No, not that I can think of.” Lois said casually. “It’s just that you’ve never visited me before, and…”

“May, I?” Susan interrupted, reaching for the pitcher. “It’s been so long since I’ve had tequila. And I have to admit, I have missed it.”

Lois looked at Tracy, then back at Susan.

“Excuse me?”

“The tequila. Is that the secret ingredient in your special punch?” she smiled comfortably as she filled her glass, and sat back on the couch. “Tell me, did you make them this strong for Timmy and Tommy? And please girls, drink up! You’re not going to make me sit here and get drunk by myself are you?”

“What do you want, Susan?” Lois asked, looking at her closely.

“Want? I want you to take a drink of your margarita, Lois. I’d like us to have a nice buzz on before you tell me what’s been happening over here with my boys.” She paused, leaning forward. “But one thing I’d like to know now if you’ll tell me. How were they? Were they any good?”

“H…how did you know?”

Susan laughed and took a long sip of her drink. “You sent them home drunk the first time they visited you. And Tommy was positively glowing yesterday when he said they were coming back here again for more bible study. It was pretty obvious.”

Lois started to say something, but Susan cut her off.

“I’ve been waiting for one of the local housewives to break them in. It was only a matter of time, the way the women are around here.” she paused, giving Lois an admiring glance. “I never expected anyone to take them on together. Bravo, dear. Bravo!”

“Why didn’t you do it yourself?” Tracy asked quietly.

“Oh, I couldn’t do…”

“Why not? We did.” Tracy told her, standing up and going over to sit on the other side of her. “Lois’s son Phil is the best fuck I’ve had. My Kyle has a nice big dick, but he…Well, what do you think Lois?”

“I love my Phil, and he’s got that big beautiful dick,” she giggled, “I seem to just, I don’t know, click with Kyle! We seem to bring something out in each other!”

Tracy took Susan’s glass from her, smiling at the stunned woman. Reaching up, she ran the back of her fingers across her cheek. Susan closed her eyes, sighing softly.

“You came over here to get fucked, didn’t you Susan? Don’t deny it, I saw it as soon as I saw you scoping out Lois at the door.”

“B…but I thought…” Lois sputtered.

“It’s all just an act. She’s been playing some kind of game, or role, all this time.” she said to Lois. She looked back at Susan, cupping her fingers under her chin and drawing her closer. “I don’t believe you wanted to live like that all that time. Maybe you’ve been punishing yourself for something? Something in your past?”

Susan nodded. Her face was less then an inch from Tracy’s. She licked her lips as she stared unflinchingly into her eyes.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me, Susan? Or are you waiting for me to kiss you?” Tracy asked softly. “That’s it isn’t it? You need me to initiate it, or you need permission. Ask me, Susan. Ask me to kiss you.”

“Please!” Susan gasped, then sighed happily as Tracy lips pressed to hers. Opening her mouth, she slithered her tongue into Tracy’s mouth, kissing her hungrily. The kiss only lasted a moment, then Susan pulled away.

“Thank you,” she said, looking at Tracy, then glancing at Lois. She picked up her glass and took a sip, then another, and sat it back on the table.

“But, why all the pretense and show?” Lois asked. “I’m sorry for being slow, but I don’t understand.”

Susan nodded. “I can see how you’d be confused. And I’ll tell you all about it later.” She looked at back and forth between them. “I will tell you, I made a promise to the boy’s father, just before he died. That was when the boys were still very young, not quite seven.”

“What was the promise, Susan?” Tracy asked. “Can you tell us?”

“That I would be chaste and pure until the boys were grown. And that I’d raise them to be good, honest men. I’ve fulfilled that promise. It was easier to do that with the mask of religion. Men rarely approach me like they used too.” She looked at Tracy with a pleading look in her eyes. “But now it’s time to live for me again. Oh please, it’s been so long since…”

“Stand up Susan,” Tracy said.

Susan stood up quickly, turning to face Tracy, knowing what was coming.

“Lift your skirt. Slowly…take your time.” Tracy said, leaning back on the couch. “Wait. Lois, help me move the coffee table out. Let’s give Susan some room.”

They got up, and pulled the coffee bursa escort bayan table out several feet. Susan waited quietly, her hands folded in front of her.

Lois and Tracy got settled again, and Tracy nodded at Susan. “Continue, Susan. Lift up your skirt.”

Susan took two steps back, then grasped the material of her skirt in her fingers, and started pulling it up slowly, showing her dimpled knees, then a smooth expanse of white skin as her thighs came into view. She gathered the material in her hands as the hem of her skirt crept higher and higher.

Tracy leaned over and whispered in Lois’s ear, her eyes never leaving Susan as she drew her skirt up over her legs. Lois gave Tracy a questioning look, but Tracy didn’t see it. Her attention was riveted on Susan.

“You asked what I thought of your boys, Susan.” Lois said as she watch her raise her skirt. “They were both cherry when I fucked them. They got drunk pretty fast, so I pretended to spill my drink on myself, and went and changed into my slutty librarian outfit. It was easy after that. I made them eat my pussy, then I sucked Tim’s cock while Tom ate me till I came. I fucked Tom first because he was handy, and sucked Tim off while I rode Tom’s cock.”

She paused, looking Susan in the eyes. “Do you want to hear more Susan? Or would you like to wait till after we make you cum?”

Susan gasped, and her breathing got heavier. She stared at Lois. “I…I’ll wait till…Oh god if you tell me more, I’ll cum before you even touch me!”

She looked down, and kept pulling up her skirt, the material gathering in her fingers almost filled them. Her skirt was just below her pussy now, and she paused, waiting.

Tracy and Lois both leaned forward, looks of eager expectation on their faces.

“They’ve both got nice big dicks, ten inchers at least.” Lois continued. “Tom took to pussy like a duck out of water, but you really did a job on Tim. I had to push him every step of the way. He enjoyed himself once I got him drunk enough, but you’ve got your work cut out with him.”

Susan drew her skirt up, tantalizingly slow, a millimeter at a time. She knew she had her audience enthralled. The bottom of her pussy came into view, and both women gasped when they saw that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“You were right,” Lois said softly. “She came over here ready to get fucked.” she looked up at Susan. “What made you think I’d fuck you, Susan? I’d never done it with a woman till recently.”

“I would have made you want me, Lois” she said confidently, pulling her skirt higher.

Her pussy mound was neatly trimmed, much to Tracy’s surprise and delight, she’d been expecting a jungle of pussy hair. The hair on top was shaped into a neat vee, and the hairs fringing her pussylips were cropped very close. It was an absolutely beautiful pussy.

Tracy stood up, and stepped behind Susan. “Lois, help Susan with her blouse. I’ll help her with her skirt.”

Susan held her skirt up around her hips as Tracy stood behind her. She didn’t move when Tracy opened the snap, and pulled the zipper down, then pushed it down over her hips. Her skirt fell to the floor, and Susan lifted one foot out of it, then lifted her other foot, and kicked it off to the side. She didn’t move out of her position standing in front of the two other women.

“Are you naturally submissive, Susan?” Tracy asked her quietly.

Susan looked over her shoulder at her and grinned. “Oh god, no! I’m just out of practice. And to be honest, I’m enjoying you bossing me around. You should check you know. Just to make sure I’m not lying.”

Lois had opened all the buttons on Susan’s blouse and her breath caught in her throat as she pushed it open. “Oh my god!” she said softly. “Why are you hiding these beautiful titties in this awful harness, Susan?”

She stepped behind her, pulled her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms, revealing Susan’s heavy, uncomfortable looking bra. She opened the hooks on her bra, pushing the straps off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Coming back around in front of her, she lifted Susan’s huge tits in her hands, bouncing them up and down, as if weighing them.

“How big are these puppies?” she giggled, looking up at Susan’s face. “Tracy, come look at these things. I mean, they’re fucking amazing!”

Tracy came around, her eyes going wide as she took in the bountiful breast meat adorning Susan’s chest. She looked the other woman up and down, whistling softly as she admired her body. She had broad shoulders, and her huge tits hung well on her chest. Her tummy was gently rounded, her hips full and lush. Supporting her upper body, her thighs were full, and well rounded, tapering down into muscular calves. She had an even layer of body fat covering her that flattered her, and went naturally with her height.

Whipping her shirt over her head, Tracy popped the front clasp on her bra freeing her own full, round tits. Her hands moved under the other woman’s huge tits, lifting them, and rubbing the escort bursa nipples against her own as she leaned forward into her.

“How big are they, Susan?” she asked, looking her in the eyes. “Thirty-eight’s? And at least a DD-cup?”

“Thirty-six F’s. I don’t look that broad do I? Damn, I thought I was keeping my weight down!”

Tracy looked at Lois, a shit eating grin on her face. “You better be careful, sweetie! You turn Phil loose on her with a bottle of oil, and we won’t see him for weeks!” she laughed.

“Wow!” Lois panted, pushing Tracy out of the way. She wrapped her hands around Susan’s huge tits, and buried her face in them, rubbing it back and forth, making booga, booga, booga noises. “Lay down on the floor, Susan. Tracy, you can have the fur burger. I wanna play with these watermelons! They make my little A-cups look like pimples!”

As Susan stretched out on the floor, Lois pulled her tanktop over her head, tossing it aside, followed quickly by her sports bra. Pushing her running shorts and panties down over her hips, she wiggled them down her legs and kicked them to the side. She dropped down beside Susan, kneeling next to her. Her hands wrapped around the fleshy mounds again, and she squeezed and molded them like a kid with a new toy.

Susan moan, arching her back, pushing her tits up at her hands. “I like your titties Lois,” she purred, “They’re so firm and round! And I bet you don’t have to wear a bra all the time. And no hair on your pussy! It makes you look like a teenager! I bet my boys went wild over you!”

“You got that right girlfriend! That Tom! Oh my god, can he eat pussy! And he loves it to! If there wasn’t a dick in my pussy, his mouth was on it. A couple of times, Tim was doing me doggie, and Tom was under me, licking my clit and sucking my cunt at the same time!” She didn’t tell Susan that he would suck on his brother’s balls too, and that Tim would pull out every so often, and stick his cock in his mouth for a few strokes, then slam it back in her pussy.

Tracy had stripped while Lois was playing with Susan’s tits, and was about to move between her legs when an amusing thought hit her. She wanted to try Phil’s little trick from their get together.

“I’ll be right back, I want to get something from the kitchen.” she said.

Lois ignored her, if she even heard her at all, Susan smiled, nodding.

“Move around over me, Lois.” Susan said eagerly, “Let me suck your pretty little titties while you play with my whoppers. It’s been so long since I’ve let anyone play with them!”

Lois scampered around, bringing her upper body over Susan’s face, her perky little nipples standing out stiffly. She moaned as Susan sucked one nipple into her mouth, and felt her moan into her titty when she locked her lips over a palm size areole, and started sucking eagerly. They feasted on each others tits, both enjoying the contrast with her own.

Tracy came back from the kitchen carrying a small plate with a smattering of jellies, slices of fruit, and a couple of ice cubes. She grinned when she saw her friends writhing together on the floor. She dropped down between Susan’s legs, pleased to see that they were already spread wide, knees raised, with her feet comfortably planted on the floor. Stretching out between them, she dipped her finger in one of the puddles on the plate, sniffed it to see what it was, then spread it slowly over Susan’s coral colored inner cuntlips.

Susan shivered, and pushed Lois off her for a moment so she could look between her legs. She saw Tracy wiping her finger over her pussylips, then slip the finger in to her mouth and lick it clean. Pulling the smaller woman back down on her, she started sucking her tits again, and wiggled one arm up between her legs, running her fingertips over the smooth shaved lips of her pussy.

“I love your little shaved pussy, honey.” she mumbled into Lois’s tits. “I might do mine like that.”

“Don’t, this suits you.” Tracy said, dipping her face into Susan’s lightly furred cunt slit, her tongue dragging up the length of it, lapping up the jelly she’d smeared on it. “Mmmmmmm, apple goes with your juices, sweetie. Both are warm and sweet on the tongue.” She dipped her finger in another sauce, and spread it around over her pussy again. “The hair frames your pussy nicely, and it’s short enough that it doesn’t get in the way when I eat you. We can try different shapes on the bush if you want, but I like the fur around the burger!”

Susan laughed into Lois’s tit’s, her fingers sliding lazily around in her dripping cunt slit, she ran her fingers over her clit, and Lois jerked, and small spurt of girl cum coating Susan’s fingers.

“God lord, Lois! Your pussy is positively dripping!” Susan moaned, taking one of her nipples between her teeth, nibbling on it lightly. “Turn around, and sit on my face! I want to taste you!”

“Oh goodie!” Lois cried, pulling her head up, and slapping Susan’s tits from side to side, making them shimmy and shaky on her chest. “Fuck! That is so kewl!” she grinned, as she watched, then looked down at Tracy. She twisted around quickly and crawled up over Susan, planting a knee on either side of her head, bringing her juicy little cunt right down onto her mouth.

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