Tall, Dark, Handsome Stranger

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It never occurred to me that he would show up at my door. I had been talking to Steve online for some time. But after one night of flirting again, I had gone to bed only to be awakened by a knock at the door. I stumbled down stairs to answer it. I unlocked the door and started to open it when it was slammed back so hard that I fell to the floor from the force. There in the darkness, I could distinguish a tall man. He wore a leather jacket and an Indiana Jones hat. Then he spoke, “Tiffany?”

“Who the hell are you?”

“Never mind. No time for introductions now.” It was then that I realized I was wearing just a slip I hadn’t bothered to take off from a night of dancing earlier.

“Get out of my house or I’ll call the police.”

“You’re not calling anyone.” He picked me up and carried me back upstairs to my room. He turned on the light and flung me on the bed. He took off his hat. I could see his features then. He had black, wavy hair, a chiseled jaw and piercing eyes. His shirt was only half buttoned as if he had left in a hurry. His jeans were unbuttoned at the top. Then I noticed the things he was carrying. He had a riding crop in one hand, some kind of leather straps in the other, and a satchel carrying god knows what.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to fuck you, Tiffany. And I’m going to do it just the way I want.” I tried to get up but he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back on the bed. “No more teasing. Tonight, I’ll show you exactly what you deserve.” As much as I hated to admit it, the deep tone of his voice and the intensity of his eyes just filled me with a desire I had never felt before. “First to make sure you don’t run.” He grabbed my left wrist and wrapped a leather strap around it. Then he tied it to the post on my bed. He did the same with my right wrist. “And now to see what I’ve been imagining.” His huge hand clutched my black slip just above my breasts. With one motion, he ripped it from my body. I was naked before him. His eyes seemed to be hypnotized. They stared at each part of my body. First they began at my breasts. My nipples were erect from the excitement, the anticipation. My skin was slightly tanned from sunbathing nude in my back yard. They worked their way down to my waist. My back was arched slightly already. It seemed like I was just on the edge of orgasm as it was. Further they moved to my hips and then to my pussy, just shaved to a smooth, soft skin. They lingered there for a bit and his mouth smiled as he rolled his tongue across his lips. My legs were crossed at the ankles as to somehow conceal my intense desire for him. “Very nice, Tiffany. Even better bahis firmaları than I had imagined. Would you like to see if I meet your expectations?”

“Wait. My expectations? Do I know you?”

“Yes, let’s see if you can guess.” He started to unbutton his shirt. His skin was tanned and he obviously worked out because his chest was chiseled to perfection. I couldn’t help but smile. Then the pants came off. His legs were powerful and his considerable package was practically protruding from his very tight underwear. I bit my bottom lip just looking at it. He noticed because he proudly smiled. “And this is all yours tonight, Tiffany.” Then the last piece came off. His cock was massive. It was long, thick, and awfully tasty looking. “Now, what do you think?” He said as he turned around to give me a good look at his fine looking ass. I could barely speak so I just nodded still biting my lip. “That’s what I thought.” He picked up the satchel and began to unpack the goodies he brought with him. He pulled out a couple of candles and added, “no, these are not for mood lighting.” Then he pulled out a couple more straps, some rope, some kind of little clamps attached to a chain, and a blindfold.

“What are you going to do with those?”

“Well first I’m going to heat things up a bit.” He lit the candle. The hot was began to drip down the side. Then he held it over my breast and let the wax drop to my nipple. I screamed a bit as my back arched and my arms pulled at the straps in and effort for quick escape. He just snickered. “And now the other.” I frantically shook my head no. But he ignored me and allowed the hot wax to cover the other nipple as well. Again I screamed.

“You son of a bitch. That’s hot!”

“Yeah, that’s the point.” His hand lightly brushed my breasts. I raised my knee and hit his head. “Well Well, the cat still has a bit of fight left in her. I’ll take care of that.” He grabbed my legs with one arm and grabbed the riding crop with the other. He lifted my legs in the air until my ass was off the bed. And then he wielded that crop like a samurai sword. It hit my ass again and again as I jumped from the sting that lasted long after the connection was made. “Now I’ll tie back those incredible legs of yours.” He took the other straps and tied my ankles separately to the bottom posts. My legs were spread wide open for him. His hand possessively slid down my body, gliding over every curve. And then it reached my pussy. My secret could be kept no longer. The juice that was glistening on my pussy and inner thigh told all of the carnal desire that I felt for him. His hand lingered there for kaçak iddaa a time. And then his fingers slid inside me. He flickered them back and forth very fast, very hard. My pelvis went into convulsions. I could feel the sting from the wax. I could feel the pain from the crop and it intensified every sensation. I came in an instant but the orgasm lasted longer than any I had ever had before. “That, my dear, is the first of many.”

He crawled on top of me. His legs straddled my neck. He was stroking his cock just millimeters from my face. Without saying a word, he plunged into my mouth. I lifted my head for a better angel. I wanted it down my throat. He pulled it out slightly. My tongue fluttered the very tip. Then he once again forced his cock down my throat. He began to fuck my mouth. The tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. I could feel his balls hitting my chin again and again with every thrust. And then he stopped and pulled out. I didn’t say a word but he did. “Now it’s your turn.”

He lay on top of me for a second. He kissed me. His tongue frantically flickered in and out of my mouth. Just when I started to respond, he stopped. His mouth continued its journey down to my neck, further to my breasts. There he bit my nipples to the point of pain. Further down as he nibbled on my stomach. And then he head rested between my thighs. “And now, Tiffany, I’m going to lick your clit. I have no intension of stopping no matter how many times you come or how many times you stop. So prepare to scream.” With that, he began. His tongue just barely grazed my clit at first. I circled it and lightly tickled it. But he was careful not to do too much too soon. He listened to my breathing. And when it became a short pant followed by a deep sigh, he knew to give me more. He licked harder, fluttered faster, and began to suck as well. Again, I went into convulsions as every muscle in my body tensed from the orgasm. As promised, he did not stop. But I needed him too. Teasing after orgasm is torture.

“STOP! I can’t…. I can’t take anymore!” He just did it harder. And before long, I was coming again. He went on. This time he sucked on my clitoris harder and accompanied that with some object being shoved up my pussy. The two together were too much. I was coming so hard, I cried all the while pleading. “Stop. Please. Stop.” He finally did. By this time, I could not move. I just lay there trying to catch my breath and remember what muscle moved what. He untied my ankles and wrists. I was sure he was going to fuck me then. Well, close but not exactly.

He took advantage of my paralysis and turned me on my stomach. kaçak bahis I could hear the ripping of a package. A condom, I thought. He pulled me up to my knees and grabbed my hair as his penis was just touching my bottom. Without warning he backed away to give me a few more whacks with the crop. Again I howled in pain. I tried to peer behind to see what he was doing. He noticed this and solved it my putting the blindfold on me. Then he forced my mouth open to put some sort of cloth in it. He tied that at the back of my head. I could not see or speak. He lifted my hands and had me grab the headboard of my bed. “Brace yourself, Tiffany.” He said calmly. “He’s going to fuck me now, thank god.” I thought. But no, not really. His cock teased my pussy for a bit. Just rubbing the outside. I was well lubricated and then it happened.

He slammed it into my ass. I had never been fucked there before and the pain was severe. I screamed the best I could with that gag in my mouth. He did not stop. My fingers held the headboard so tight, they hurt as well. My teeth clamped down on the gag. His cock plunged deeper with every thrust. I could feel my flesh tear. The pain was more than I had ever felt and the orgasm even greater than all the previous. He knew exactly when I came and stopped. He slipped off his condom and pulled me back by the hair. “Are you ready to be fucked, Tiffany?”

He pulled off my gag and blindfold. He looked me straight in the eyes as I desperately said, “yes.”

“Good,” he said as he through my body back on the bed. He tied my hands together with rope and then attached them above me to one post.

“But I want you to. I’m not going to fight you this time.”

“Oh honey. I know you want me to. But I don’t want you interfering. Now shut up or I’ll gag you again as well.” I said nothing.

He was on his knees as he lifted my ass to just the right height. He pushed back my legs and then stabbed his cock in my pussy. I had waited for so long for that sensation. He was long enough to hit the bottom. And he was wide enough to tear as he fucked me. Again and again, his throbbing rod pounded in and out of me. His sweat poured off his body to cover mine. My breath became shallow and fast. He would hit the bottom and grind just a bit to tease all those sensitive areas most men miss or can’t touch at all. All the while, his wild eyes stared into mine like a tiger devouring his prey. His fingers dug into my ankles. His balls spanking my ass. He said not one word but instead concentrated on the task at hand. Or rather at cock. My head fell back as my legs wrapped around him. I came again. He kept up the pace until my orgasm was spent. Then he pulled out. His hot semen shot all over my breasts, my stomach, my pussy. He fell on top of me and uttered this one sentence.

“I’m Steve by the way. Nice to meet you Tiffany.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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