Tangled Ch. 05

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Ben Black and his daughter Cynthia are having a passionate incestuous love affair. Ben has had deep reservations about this intense sexual fuelled relationship. But now he finds his whole world has come crashing down around him with the confirmation that his daughter was indeed carrying his child and now she lies in hospital gravely ill.

I am awoken from my sleep by loud banging on my front door. Bleary eyed I stagger out of the room still clutching the teddy bear.

“All right, all right. I’m fucking coming!” I shout in the direction of the door.

Looking through peephole I see its two cops, shit I thought, what the fuck do they want? Oh fuck Cynthia I think, has something happened at the hospital? Or has she said something while under the effects of the anaesthesia and that’s why they are here. To arrest me? Her pervert father.

I shout out. “Give me a minute. I have to get dressed.”

Of course I was still fully dressed, I was just buying a minute or two, so I could gather my thoughts. Placing down the teddy bear on the hall table I answered the door.

Opening the door I find the two cops staring in at me, they are both wearing dark shades. And they both look very intimidating indeed.

“Are you Benjamin Black?” one of the cops asks in a stern voice.

“Yes, yes I am. What is the matter, is there a problem officer?”

But before I could say another word the second cop asked “Is that your vehicle sir?”

“Yes, what of it?”

“I think we better step inside sir, unless you want to discuss this at the door?”

“Oh yes, yes of course officers. Step this way please.”

As I guide them to the living room I feel a bit relieved it’s about the car and not Cynthia.

Sitting down on the couch the two cops glared down at me as they remained standing.

“Can I see your licence and details sir please.”

Standing up I take my wallet out and hand my licence and insurance details to the cops.

“Sure, sure. Here you go officer. What is this all about?” I ask.

“Your registration number was reported to us by some other road users. You were seen driving erratically at speed down Elm Street yesterday. Would you care to explain that sir?”

“Yes, yes officer. I was going to work yesterday morning with my daughter. And she collapsed in the car as we drove along. Panicking because I couldn’t wake her I drove as fast as I could to St Gabriel’s hospital .”

“How old is your daughter, and what’s her name Mr Black?”

“It’s Cynthia. Her name is Cynthia and she is twenty-one.”

I notice the other cop is writing in his note book, recording our conversation in detail I guess, he looks at me from under his shades and asks.

“Does she live here with you and your wife Mr Black?”

He assumes my wife still lives here too, I think to myself.

“Yes officer, Cynthia lives with me.” I say, nervously. “I mean she stays with me here. And I’m divorced.”

“Right sir.” The other cop continues. “You have committed a very serious traffic offence. We have enough witnesses and we have examined the CCTV footage from the traffic cameras.

And they collaborate bursa escort that you were doing about 75+mph in a 30mph zone.”

“look, I am sorry officer, it was an emergency. My daughter almost died because of internal bleeding.”

“You should have called an ambulance sir.”

“Yes, I am sorry officer, I panicked. I just didn’t know what to do!”

The two cops look at each other and they move back into the hall, I hear them whispering for a moment or two before they walk back in to me again.

“Ok Mr Black we have enough information for now. We will check with the hospital to verify your daughter is indeed a patient there, before we decide how to proceed.”

“Ok, I’m sorry about all this, really I am officer.”

The cops take my mobile number and I show them to the door, I collapse onto my knees inside the front door. Jesus Christ I think, thank fuck it’s about speeding and not about Cynthia and me.

I get up and grab my phone to call the hospital for an update on my baby; they tell me that she had a restful night. And ask me to bring in some of her night clothes later.

Looking at the clock I see its 11am already, I call work to explain my absence and they tell me to take as much time off as I need. Grabbing a much needed cup of coffee I sit in the kitchen alone with my thoughts.

In sheer frustration I bang my fist on the table! This has to stop I think, it has to stop. My baby girl, my beautiful little baby girl had almost died on me. You nearly killed her you perverted fucker, I say to myself before collapsing onto the table. And I began to cry like a little lost child.

After about twenty minutes I sit back up and try to settle myself, I headed to the shower to freshen up, and after I got dressed I head to our room to get some of Cynthia’s clothes. I pull out some of her underwear and clothes and pile them into a case. On my way out I grab her teddy bear and I set off for the hospital.

On the way to the hospital I stopped to buy a bunch of roses thinking they might cheer her up. I managed to find my way back to the unit where she is, and on entering I see she is awake and propped up slightly in the bed.

Her face lights up with a big smile as I enter the room, and rushing over to her side I kiss her on the head and say. “Oh god Cynthia I am so happy to see you awake. I’m sorry my love, I’m really sorry for causing all this.”

Smiling up at me, and in a weak voice she says. “Don’t worry dad, it’s ok.”

I place the roses at the foot of the bed and I hand her the teddy bear, she hugs him tightly and smiles at me. She seems pleased I remembered how much she loves roses, and that I remembered to bring the bear.

The nurse comes over to me and takes the case with her clothes. She asks me to leave for a few moments while they dress my baby. I go off to get a coffee and I wait in the hallway.

When I returned to her bed they had dressed Cynthia and fixed her hair. She looked better now she was dressed in her own clothes and not that awful green hospital gown. The nurses had placed the roses in a vase on the locker beside her, and they did seem to brighten the place up a bit.

Sitting bursa escort bayan down beside her I let out a long sigh before speaking.”God I almost lost you pet.”

“What happened dad, I remember we were driving along. But after that it’s just a jumble of images.”

“You passed out in the car and I could not wake you. So in a panic I drove here as fast as I could.”

I didn’t mention the visit I had from the cops as she had enough on her plate as it is.

“Have they told you what happened yet?” I enquire.

“Yes, yes they have. The doctor was around this morning to see me. I was pregnant after all dad.”

“Oh baby, I know. But please keep your voice down. The nurses might hear you.” I whisper to her in fear that they will find me out.

“Dad its fine really. I did not mention anything, anything about us.”

Leaning forward I place my head on her lap in the bed, she gently rubs her fingers across my forehead, and it is good to feel her touch me once more.

The nurse came over and interrupted us, she had informed the surgeon I was here and he would be up shortly to speak to us both. After about twenty minutes he appeared at our side.

“Good morning Mr. Black, and good morning again Cynthia, I see your father brought in some clothes for you. Good, I have found it helps a patient feel more at ease when they are dressed in their own clothes.”

Pulling up a chair he began to repeat the conversation he already had with Cynthia. He told us that she was indeed a lucky girl to be alive. He didn’t ask about the father of the unborn baby, much to my relief. And he explained in detail what they had done, he said that it was unlikely Cynthia would ever be able to have other children, but that she should be thankful she was alive.

I ask how long she would be in hospital, and he said about ten to fourteen days depending on how well she recovered. Standing up he shook my hand and left.

“Baby I am sorry for all of this. Look when you get better I think you should find your own place, it will be for the best.” I whisper to her.

Cynthia looked at me with a frightened face, and she started to sob.

“Oh dad, please don’t send me away. Please, I love you dad so much.”

“I love you too pet. But we can’t continue like this.”

“I want to, I love you. I want to spend my life with you.”

Seeing how much I have upset her, I tell her we will talk about this after she gets better. Sitting down in my chair I watch as she lies there smiling at me, and slowly she drifts off to sleep again.

I don’t know what to think, I love this girl I really do, and she loves me. But it’s wrong; this love has to be wrong. How can a father fall in love with his own daughter? Am I just a pervert in denial? Or am I deeply in love with my little baby girl? I question myself.

She says she loves me, she said the sex was not all that it was about. That it was just us sharing our souls and our love for each other. But I must confess, I still have this dirty feeling inside me.

The days pass slowly, and with each passing day my baby gets stronger and stronger. She is moved from the high dependency escort bursa unit into a single room and we have time to talk more about our future together.

She begs me not to send her away, telling me she has always wanted to share her life; her soul with me. And that if it were possible, she would marry me in a heartbeat.

I told her I was sorry about the baby, and she said she was saddened by the loss of our child. And the fact she couldn’t have any more children. She didn’t know how we would have explained it all away. But perhaps it was all for the best. She even suggested we take a holiday together; we could go someplace nice and even pretend to be husband and wife.

Stunned by her revelations I reassure Cynthia I will not send her away. I’m not so sure what to do now?

I was up early the morning she was coming home from hospital, and like an excited child at Christmas I went out and bought lots of balloons. And I practically filled the living room with red roses. And I bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate her home coming.

When we arrived home I placed her case and the bear in her room on the bed and returned to the living room where she was standing there crying.

Not knowing what was wrong I rush over to her and taking my baby in my arms I hug her, and I whisper into her ear. “What’s up my love?”

“God dad, I am so happy to be home, so really happy we are here.”

“Cheer up pet, don’t cry. Look I got us some champagne to celebrate.”

And I cracked open the bottle and filled up two glasses for us.

“Here’s to us dad, I love you with all my heart.”

“I love you too Cynthia; I love you so very much.”

We sat and chatted for a while and after a bit she excused herself saying she wanted to change into something more comfortable. I watched as she walked down the hall thinking it was good to have her home and well again.

I watched as she took the case and bear from her room and took them into mine, I didn’t say anything, as I am not sure what I would say to her. NO!

I returned to the living room and I filled myself another glass, standing there I stared at her baby pictures that were dotted about the place. I heard her voice call me from behind.

“Well lover, what does a girl have to do to get some action around here?”

Turning around I see Cynthia dressed in a see thru pink baby doll that just came down to her belly button. And complete with matching knickers her pussy bulged beautifully out of them.

“Cynthia, what the fuck gives!” I exclaimed.

Walking over to me with that wicked smile on her face she says.

“Dad. I have been locked up in hospital for two weeks. And my pussy is itching to get your big cock inside.”

What could I say, as I said before a vision such as this would drive any man insane!

Stunned by all this, she leads me off to our room and we proceed to fuck our brains out long into the small hours. I must confess I am not sure where this will end, but for now I am too busy fucking my baby’s brains out.

And oh yes, before I get back to shagging my daughter, the cops decided not to press charges due to it being a genuine emergency. But I did get fined and points for the mobile camera. Oh well, I will just have to be content fucking my lovely baby girl! Won’t I?

Bye. The End, or is it the beginning? Maybe a holiday in Europe?

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