That Summer in Provence Pt. 01

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[Another slow-burn beginning, replete with fantasies, masturbation, toys, and more. If you are looking for a quick wank where the niece is a nympho prancing around in a cheerleader outfit, this story probably isn’t for you. If you prefer more back story and development, then I hope you enjoy this tale of a man’s evolving affection for his sweet niece, and her passion for him.]


It’s another gorgeous day in the south of France as I wait for my 18-yr-old niece to arrive at the Nice Airport. As many young people do today, Jane deferred her admission to college to do a gap year, work as an au pair in Barcelona, and travel during her time off. She got into Cal so a year off is well-deserved. We all thought it would be fun for her to stop in Provence for a week, before taking the train down to Barcelona to start her job.

Last time I saw Jane, she was a freshman in high school and already a whipper-snapper. Her mom and I are twins so we are super close, even if we haven’t seen each other in person in a few years. We chat and email all the time, and they’ve stayed at my house in Antibes several times over the years, but somehow my travel schedule has always conspired to conflict with theirs.

I’m a tech-preneur and got in on the action early on, before Jane was even born. I got lucky with the timing and cashed out before the bubble burst in the early aughts. After traveling for a couple years, I met a French woman and ended up settling on the Riviera, as trite as that may sound. As fate would have it, I’m single now but stayed on. I do still consult but have the luxury to take on only projects that interest me. Otherwise, I travel or stay “home” at my modest villa in Antibes.

“Uncle Tommy!” A young female voice cries out, as a blur of blond and freckles rushes towards me and practically jumps on me for a vigorous hug. “Hi!! I’m so happy to be here finally at the same time you are.” I return her teenage hug – ah, the exuberance of youth.

Finally, we separate, and I give her a loving appraisal. Having no kids of my own, I dote on my niece and nephews, even if we don’t see each other often. With their mother being my twin, I’m officially an uber-uncle. We do family Facetime about once a month, so Jane’s face, voice, and expressions are very familiar to me. Seeing her in person is another thing altogether. What a pretty young lady she has grown into.

We’re tall in my family, but Jane is more petite. Well, she’s about 5’6″ which isn’t exactly short but is considered pint-sized in our family of giants. I’m 6’2″, while my sister – Jane’s mom – is 5’9″. Otherwise, she has grown to become nearly a carbon copy of my sis. The same fine features, coltish bearing, slim build. She’s a natural redhead like my sis, but since the last time we chatted online, Jane has cut her hair pixie short and dyed it platinum blonde. She reminds me of young Jean Seberg from À Bout de Souffle, with Belmondo. Fitting that she’s in France.

We go to the carousel to wait for her bags. I’m idly wondering how many bags a young girl would bring for a 9-month stay in Europe, while Jane is already on the phone talking with her mom. The carousel hasn’t even started running yet, so this may take a while.

“Uncle Tommy, mom wants to say hi,” as Jane hands her iPhone to me.

“Heyyyy, sis. She’s here, safe and sound,” I say to my sister Gwen in the Facetime window. We’re 52, but she could pass for 39 and is undeniably a beautiful woman. Definitely a MILF, to be un-PC about it. The laugh crinkles around her eyes have deepened over the years, but otherwise she is still the same effervescent girl, always ready for a prank and a laugh, even after 3 kids.

“Hey, Tommy,” she cracks her trademark grin. “Jane’s been so excited to hang with you a few days before heading south. Don’t let her boss you around. The kids are very bossy these days.”

“It’s OK, sis,” I answer within earshot of Jane. “Let me be the indulgent uncle for once. Anyway, I missed her 18th birthday so I have to make it up to her.” I wink at Jane, who smiles and rolls her eyes.

“OK… don’t say I didn’t warn you. In no time at all, she’ll have you wrapped around her little finger, just like she does with her dad.”

“Well, you should know,” I grin at my sis. “You certainly had Dad wrapped around your finger. We did the same crazy shit growing up, but I was the only one who got in trouble.”

Gwen shrugs and smiles innocently.

“OK, talk later?” I tell her. “The luggage carousel just started up.” She says her good-byes, then I turn the screen to Jane so she can wave to her mom.

I don’t know what Jane’s luggage looks like so Jane stands slightly in front of me in the crowded ring of people around the carousel to scope the bags coming out onto the conveyor belt. I’m a small distance behind her, ready to take bags from her as they come off. And swear to God, I was not checking out my own niece, but I couldn’t help noticing her bubble butt. She looks very slim from the front so I hadn’t bursa escort noticed before. Exactly like her mother, slim hips with the cutest ass. I still remember my classmates being crazy for it. Which brings tumbling back a memory I had pushed to the deep recesses of my mind…

+ + +

One time, when my sister and I were in senior year of high school, we were home alone one afternoon and snooping around in my parents’ bedroom. The bottom drawer of the bedside table was locked, which was weird to us because no cabinets were ever locked in our household growing up. Our parents were always super open, being ex-hippies.

So, of course, being mischievous teenagers, we picked it open with a hairpin. Needless to say, it was not a sturdy lock. Lo and behold, we found our parents’ cache of porn. It was the 80s when this occurred, so the porn would have been from the 70s. Back when women sported full bushes, everyone’s hair was feathered, and the camera’s focus was soft.

I don’t think Gwen had had sex yet, and I had only gotten to second base with the girl I was dating. Anyway, the discovery cracked us up, and we started leafing through the magazines. Looking back, it was all rather innocent – the porn as well as what we were doing. Porn today is so hardcore… as am I. But more on that later.

Anyway, Gwen came across a pictorial of a long-haired guy with his face buried in a girl’s ass cheeks. She was on her knees, so he might have been eating her out, or rimming her, hard to say.

“Gross!” My sister exclaimed. I actually thought it was pretty hot and made me want to try that with my girlfriend one time. But I didn’t say anything and just laughed.

“I mean, would you ever lick out a girl like that? And is he licking her cooch, or her butt? Oh my God!” As indignant as she sounded, Gwen seemed fascinated.

“I can’t tell. Maybe both?” I answered nonchalantly. I remember I was actually getting a slight hard-on, which might seem weird if you’re hanging out with your sister, but remember we’re twins and have always been close and super comfortable with each other. We understand things about each other without even saying them out loud.

“I wonder what that feels like, though.” She said, still looking at the photo, her eyes slightly glazed. She gave me an odd look with one eyebrow raised. “I dare you to do that to me.”

“Do what? Lick your butt? Are you serious? Jesus, Gwen.” Now it was my turn to feign indignance, but actually I was curious, too. Thinking back, I don’t think I was actually curious to lick my twin sister’s asshole. I was more curious to see a cooch up close, and sure, maybe a girl’s butt hole, too. But I said, “That’s weird, dude.”

She looked at me with mirthful challenge in her eyes. “Chicken,” she taunted. And you know how it goes when another kid dares you to do something, especially a sibling. You can’t back down.

“Well, pull your jeans down, then,” I challenged back. I remember I kind of wanted her to lose her courage and laugh it off, but at the same time, I kind of wanted her to do it, too.

Well, remember I said Gwen was always up for a laugh or a prank? Sure as shit, she kneed up on our parents’ bed, unbuttoned her Calvins and pulled them down along with her panties to just above her knees. I was treated to a frontal view of her luxuriant redhead bush, in stark contrast with the fair complexion of her belly and thighs. She had a defiant look in her eyes and a small smirk on her lips.

“OK, little brother, ready?” I’m younger by ten minutes so she often calls me ‘little brother.’ I was speechless so just shrugged.

She spun around and put her hands on the bed so that she was on all fours, as she impishly and somewhat lewdly looks back at me, with her fantastic bubble butt open to my gaze. Fuccckkk, her ass was hot. High school girls were not shaving between their legs back then, at least not the ones in our circle. Her perfect pink pucker had a halo of light reddish-brown hairs which grew thicker towards the front out of my view. I can’t believe I kinda forgot about that. Well, it was more than 30 years ago.

“Just my butt, little brother, not my cooch, OK? Don’t get any ideas.” Don’t get any ideas? She was the one asking me to lick her behind!

I’m sure my hands must have been sweaty as I gingerly laid them on the backs of her legs and brought my face up to the cleft of her ass. Her aroma was amazing and made my half-hard cock twitch in my jeans. We had gym that day so she was shower-fresh, but her ass had a wonderful musk – hard to define. A tantalizing mix of spicy, sweet, and salty – if those qualities could have a smell. Little did I know I would be an addict for that aroma for the rest of my life.

“Come on! They’ll be back soon. Just a lick or two. I just want to see what it’s like.”

I brought my face even closer in, so that my nose almost touched her tailbone, stuck out my tongue, and gave her pucker an exploratory lick. I watched in fascination as her anus bursa escort bayan winked and twitched slightly in response. Gwen let out a barely audibly whimper but didn’t say anything more and just stayed in place. I took that to mean she wanted me to continue – and yes, I did want to continue.

Instinctively I wet my tongue and gave her a few more licks. I could smell her pussy – I knew that smell from having fingered my girlfriend a few times. I kind of wanted to wander my tongue downward to lick her pussy, but she had said not to. Gwen was definitely moaning after a few ass licks, as I placed my hands more assertively on her hips to rim her better.

Without touching my lips to her ass, I bathed my tongue along the crinkly skin around her pink anus and teased the very tip of my tongue into the tiny aperture itself, inhaling deeply as I went along. It all felt really daring and taboo, but kind of funny, too. I mean, I was licking my sister’s ass on a dare! Remember this was the first time in my entire life doing this so I didn’t think to do anything else. Nowadays, anal horndog that I am, I would be wet-sucking on that puckered star and spearing my whole tongue in there, among other things. I don’t mean my sister’s ass, of course, just generally speaking.

All of a sudden, we heard our parents’ car pulling up and the garage door opening. We snapped out of our interlude, with Gwen yanking up her jeans, and me shuffling the magazines back into the drawer, trying to re-create the order (or disorder) they had been in, and locking up the drawer again. We straightened the coverlet and dashed into our rooms, laughing our heads off.

We never did discuss it afterwards. Like I said, we shared so many private jokes particular to twins, it was just one more thing. I do think that was when my anal fixation started, though, because all through college and afterwards, I always wanted to rim out the girls I was with, and when available, go beyond that.

“Catch, Uncle Tommy!” Jane pushes a big rollaway towards me, shaking me out of my nostalgia. As I bend forward, my face comes a little closer to her bubble butt, which makes me smile and shake my head. Ah, memories.

+ + +

Oh my God, I have such a huge crush on my uncle. He’s my mom’s twin brother, but he moved to Europe when I was a baby, so while we Facetime every month as a whole family, I have never spent more than a few days with him, over holidays and such. Even when my family and I have gone to the south of France on vacation, somehow he’s never here, or just rushing off on another trip.

The last time I saw him in the flesh was when I was in 9th grade, and he was in the States for a project. He was always such a fun and supportive uncle to me and my brothers. My parents do pretty well, but I know Uncle Tommy kicks in extra whenever we want to go on a fancy school trip or when each of us needed our first car. Or that time my dad was sick and my mom needed extra support. I love him so much!

But in the past year, probably since I’ve become sexually active, gradually I’ve been seeing my uncle with new eyes. He is hot! Both he and my mom look young for their 52 years. Mom will probably look 39 for the rest of her life, but she’s really good about putting SPF on her fair skin. Even though they’re twins, Uncle Tommy is darker with a natural olive undertone, and after nearly two decades in the south of France, he definitely has more sun wrinkles.

But he’s in amazing shape. A total fox with his close-cropped dark hair with the widow’s peak, his blue eyes, his dimples and white teeth. Literally tall, dark, and handsome. I’d bet he has a girlfriend, some sophisticated French lady, probably. Or several girlfriends. He likely has to beat them off with a stick.

Over the years, my mom would share with us the crazy antics she and Uncle Tommy got up to when they were kids. If we had done any of those things, we would be so grounded. Next to my best friend, my mom is my second best friend, and I tell her most everything. Well, maybe not everything. Like how I have a huge crush on Uncle Tommy. When I play with myself nowadays, more often than not I fantasize about an older man licking me out, eventually fucking my tight pink pussy. Somehow that older man always looks a lot like Uncle Tommy, though, ha ha! Maybe I’ll meet a nice older man to satisfy my cravings in Barcelona.

Meanwhile, something my mom shared with me in a wine-infused moment has been worming its way into my head. The week of my 18th birthday, mommy and I had a girls’ night in, and she let me enjoy some wine with her. She’s not one to flout the law, but she also pointed out that in her day, they started drinking at 18. Also, she justified, if you can vote, you should be able to enjoy a drink. And thirdly, teenagers in France have wine all the time.

Anyway, I only had a couple of glasses, but she had more than that and whenever she does, that’s when she starts reminiscing about her childhood and youth. I love listening to escort bursa her stories. It’s wonderful to hear about your parents doing similar crazy shit as what we kids do today. Well, that night, she must have gotten pretty soused because she started telling me about the craziest, and probably funniest, thing she and Uncle Tommy ever did. That time they were snooping in my grandparents’ room, found some old porn, which led my mom to dare my uncle to lick her butt like the guy in one of the photos was doing.

“Mom, that’s totally freaky. I can never unhear this now.” I laughed with a faint grimace.

“No, it was totally inappropriate but funny as shit. We laughed our heads off. But honey, when you find a nice boy who will treat you right, make sure you ask him to do that for you. Let’s just say I never forgot the sensation and have revisited it over the years. Not with Uncle Tommy, obviously.” She said as she took another sip.

I just shook my head. “Mom, seriously.” But I don’t tell her I love to touch myself there when I play with myself. I know anal is big now, but I’ve had sex with boys only a few times and it never occurred to me to ask them to lick me there. I do love getting my pussy licked, and I can only imagine how good it must feel to have my tight ass hole licked, too… sounds really perverted but amazing.

So that was several months ago and right after that, more and more when I masturbated, I would dip a fingertip and probe myself there. The first time, swear to God, I smelled my finger to make sure it wasn’t gross. Well, it wasn’t, and actually my own scent kinda turned me on. After a few weeks of doing this, eventually I had practically a whole finger up there, using my pussy cream as lube. What a weird feeling, probing your own ass. Feels awesome, though.

I don’t have a steady boyfriend right now. I’m getting ready to go to Europe for 9 months, so it seemed silly to get serious then have to carry on a long-distance relationship, or pretend to. But I do see two boys on a regular basis and have gone all the way with both, practicing safe sex, of course.

Since my mom’s confession, I’ve been trying to guide them towards my backside when they lick my pussy, but neither one has caught the hint yet. I mean, if I pull my knees to my chest, you can’t figure it out?? And I can’t be that freaky girl who asks boys to lick her ass. Maybe I’ll do that in Catalonia where I don’t know anyone! I’d bet mature European men would be all over a young tasty American ass.

So to satisfy my new cravings, I ordered some toys online. I am 18, after all. I started out simple – a small vibrator, a medium dildo, some lube, and an entry-level anal toy. The magical thing about this toy, though, is that it has its own tiny vibrator, insertable in the base. I was so excited when I opened that brown box (I said they were books for the trip). I locked myself in my girly room and started trying them out right away.

Before hopping onto my bed, I took off my clothes: shorts, tank top, bralette, white cotton bikini (note to self: acquire sexier underwear for Europe). I pause to assess my body in the mirror of my dressing table. I have small breasts like my mom. She’s always saying I’ll be grateful for this later in life – no sagging. I do wish they were a cup bigger, but they are very cute, adorned with my dark pink nipples. I stroke these lightly with my index fingers, and they perk up right away.

My waist is slim, my tummy flat. I just started shaving my pussy for the hell of it and found out I really like it. The boyfriends didn’t mind either. I keep only a small strip of my trademark red hair which is a cute contrast with my fair skin. And in preparation for the new toys, I shaved my backside this morning, too. Maybe those boys will catch the hint, finally.

Then, I turn to check out my profile. I also inherited my mom’s slim hips and bubble butt. Not fat by any means, just a nice handful. The boys certainly can’t keep their hands off them. But see, if some of this flesh can be transferred to my boobs, that would be ideal! Seriously though, I know I’m a cute package. It’s not faux modesty.

Speaking of my backside, I never did check out my handiwork since I was in a hurry this morning. So now with more time on my side, I put one foot on the chair in front of dressing table, pivot a quarter turn, and bend over a bit to check out my hairless nether hole. I gotta say, it looks pretty hot. If I were a guy, I would definitely want to lick that. I stroke my pucker with a fingertip and feel it quiver. Mmmmm, yummy.

I reach out for the lube, break the seal, and squeeze out a small quantity to spread on my wrinkled crater. It feels a little cold but also amazing. I then grab the ass toy and put some gel on that, too. My heart is beating fast and I feel like the most wicked girl as I put the round knob of the toy to my ass hole and start to push it in.

I was expecting it to take a few tries, but with the lube – and probably from all the self-play I’ve been doing – it slips right in, making me gasp. Fuck, that feels good. The toy has 3 sections, each a little wider than the last. Like I said, it’s not huge. Even at its widest, it’s only a little more than an inch wide.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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