The ABC Game Ch. 08 Ch. 02

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After my shower I got dressed and met Jennifer in the living room where she looked stunning. She wore a simple sundress, but on her it looked incredible. As she saw my look she raised her hands and said. “Hold on mister. I finally got my hair and makeup fixed and we are off to have some fun. When we get back the dress comes off and I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to quit, but for now we need to furnish our house.” Then Jennifer smiled at the words “our house.”

I just smiled as I headed across the room to Jennifer. Even her teasing threat to scream didn’t stop me as I pulled her to me and gave her a very deep kiss. Looking down into those green eyes I said “I am at your your service madam, and I would love to go with you to buy furniture, or anything else your heart desires.”

“Actually, we are going to see a designer. I called the realtor, Mrs. Jackson, and she made us an appointment with someone. They are going to meet us at the house when we get there.” Jennifer said as I held her.

The drive out there was nice. The deserts in the southwestern US are incredible places. People think it is a land empty of life, but in reality it is teaming with life. I love the tranquility of it. There two places I feel completely at peace. The first is at sea, and the second is in a desert. No matter what is going on I feel perfectly at peace in a desert. Even in some of the most dangerous lands in the world I find it strangely peaceful. Of course one of the benefits of a desert in the US is nobody is shooting at you, unlike some of the other deserts I have been in.

Jennifer even noticed how I relaxed once we were out of Vegas. “You love this don’t you?” She said as she looked out the window at the landscape flying by our SUV.

I just looked out the window at the land as it flew by and said, “This is my idea of perfection. People think of the desert as nothing, but if you get out and actually explore it you will truly begin to understand it.”

“Wow. My horny spy is really a deep thinking hippie.” Jennifer said with a smile as she leaned over and kissed me. “I love it.” She said.

About that time, the driveway came into view and I made the turn. Once we got up to the house we saw two cars parked. One was Mrs. Jackson’s, and I assumed the other belonged to the designer. We got out and were greeted by the realtor and another lady about her age. They both were dressed far more sexier than the realtor was yesterday. Mrs. jackson was dressed in a pencil skirt, and a white blouse, and her breasts bounced nicely as she walked over to us. The other lady was dressed in a longer skirt, but with a slit up the side that could show a lot of leg if she wanted, and she seemed to want to show plenty of leg. Her breasts also appeared to be free of a bra as she walked over.

“Mr. Roberts. So nice to see you again. Hello Jennifer, you are looking absolutely stunning.” The realtor said as we shook hands. “This is the best designer in Vegas. Debbie Reynolds.” She said as we all shook hands.

“Thank you for setting this all up for us today, Mrs. Jackson.” I said

“Oh please, my name is Sandra.” She said as she turned to the designer. “I hope that Debbie and I can do everything we can to make you both very happy.” Sandra said with a smile and a look in her eyes that made me smile and my cock twitch.

Jennifer just squeezed my hand that she was holding tighter and looked at me with a smile. Then we all went inside and I let Jennifer take over. She knows what I like, and I had some calls to make. I watched as all three ladies walked through the house and I went out by the pool and sat on a chair and made a call to a friend who was going to pay a visit to Gabby’s friend Jack.

Steve answered the phone and I asked him how it went. He just laughed and said “This fool is a piece of work. I had a couple guys with me and I thought that would send him the right message. Just enough force to intimidate, but not enough to scare him to run to the law. Instead this punk tries to threaten us. He gets in our face claiming he has juice in this town. If it wasn’t you I was helping out I would have put the guy in the hospital.” Steve said

“No, no. Don’t do that. Since he thinks he has juice lets show him my juice. Grab him and put him on a plane to me in Vegas. Make sure there isn’t any luxury involved. Use a cargo plane and blindfold him. I want him worrying what is going to happen next.” I said

“How careful do we have to be with him? He pissed a lot of people off last night.” Steve said

I knew exactly what Steve meant. I also knew that if Steve had truly lost his temper Jack would have ended up very dead. Steve didn’t do the hospital thing unless he was ordered. “Try not to hurt him too bad, but I don’t expect anyone to take shit off him.” I said.

“Gotcha. I hope you understand that my guys might be hoping this punk does something stupid.” Steve said.

“Oh I understand completely. When you land take him to the old warehouse and call me.” I said. Then I hung up.

As I turned around Sandra was looking bursa escort at me through the door. I waved at her and she came out with a smile on her face.

“I didn’t want to intrude on your conversation. I hope I’m not interrupting?” She said.

“Oh no. I was just about to come join you ladies.” I said.

As we walked back through the house Sandra said “Jennifer seems to have some definite ideas on what she wants, especially in the bedroom.”

I just said “Whatever Jennifer wants, lets make it happen. I know what I want, and Jennifer understands me completely. She knows my desires like they are her own.” I made sure to emphasize the last sentence just to see Sandra’s reaction and I wasn’t disappointed as she blushed slightly and licked her lips.

When we reached the bedroom I noticed a slightly flushed Debbie and Jennifer talking about bed placement and the such. I just stood there as they kept talking with Sandra at my side. Then Sandra announced “Well I’m going to have to go back to the office as I have a showing in a little while. Debbie can lock up and drop the keys off by the office after you are though.” I decided to offer to walk her to her car and we both headed out to the driveway. She talked about different things, like the weather and such and I listened, but I also was busy looking at my view. She had opened her top couple buttons and her nipples were barely covered. What I saw were a pair of nipples the same color as her lips, and very suckable. Once at her car I held the door for her and as she sat down she made sure her skirt rode up to put on a show, and she kept talking to me to make sure I had a chance to see down her top, before she finally shut the door and drove off.

After watching her drive off I headed back inside. I figured Jennifer and Debbie would still be in the bedroom, but it was empty. I made my way around the house and couldn’t find them anywhere, then I heard laughter coming from outside. I went to the french doors and looked out to see a pile of clothes on a chair and both ladies in the pool. I just smiled and shook my head as I opened the door. I looked down in the pool and saw that Debbie’s clothes weren’t hiding anything. This lady was stunning.

Jennifer looked up and said “See, I told you this place would be a blast.” With that she splashed water in Debbie’s direction which brought a scream from her before she swam towards Jennifer. Once in front of Jennifer they embraced and kissed each other. Then they looked at me and both of them said “You better get naked!” I was out numbered so I stripped and dove into the pool and came up right beside them. As I came up I made sure both hands were full of naked flesh. One hand was wedged between Debbie’s ass with my fingers between her thighs. My other hand had one of Jennifer’s ass cheeks firmly in it.

“Nice! Sandra said she was certain I would have fun. I just didn’t know how much.” Debbie said as I pulled her close for a kiss. Her naked body pressed against me. Then Jennifer moved behind her and we made a sandwich with Debbie as the filling. I was kissing Debbie on the mouth and Jennifer started nibbling on her ear and neck area as she reached around and slid her hand over Debbie’s tits. We kept teasing Debbie before we finally worked our way to the shallow end of the pool. Where Debbie suggested that we get out and make use of the large grassy area. This sounded like a great idea and the three of us made our way out of the pool and ended up in the large grassy area beside it.

Before long Debbie was on her back and Jennifer was face down between her open thighs. As Jennifer dined on Debbie I moved up beside Debbie’s head and rubbed my cock head across her lips and cheeks before she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock. This lady knew hot to give a blow job. it was sloppy and wet, but with just the right amount of suction. I could tell when Jennifer hit the right spot as Debbie would take me all the way in and her suction increased considerably. The rest of the time Debbie was content to bob up and down on my shaft, with saliva running out her mouth and down her chin. Then at that time Jennifer must have found the magic spot because Debbie took me all the way in and her suction was amazing. The feeling of her sucking on my cock and swallowing her saliva was intense. Jennifer must have sensed she had Debbie’s spot because she wasn’t letting up. Just then I felt my cock expand and start pulsing in Debbie’s mouth, or more accurately her throat. I was pumping all my cum down this woman’s throat as Jennifer had her mouth latched onto her pussy. Debbie tried to say something, but with her mouth full of my cock all that came out was a very muffled groan. Debbie’s ass arching off the grass told me that she was cumming, and as my cock slid from her mouth she gasped for air. Jennifer was relentless as she wanted to make sure Debbie had finished her orgasm.

Then Debbie did something that Jennifer had never seen. She squirted. At first Jennifer jumped back at the first spray, but then she realized what happened and she dove bursa escort bayan back in. With Jennifer’s mouth locked on her pussy Debbie kept cumming all over her. I could see Debbie squirting all over Jennifer. Finally the flow came to a stop and Jennifer looked up and her face was soaked.

“Holy fuck!! You are my first squirter. That was so fucking incredible!!” Jennifer said with a huge smile.

Debbie just looked at her before saying “I don’t always squirt. It takes a special talent for someone else to make me squirt. I can make myself squirt when I masturbate, but almost never with another person.”

Jennifer just sat between Debbie’s legs and smiled. Then Jennifer finally laid back and sprawled out on the grass. I joined her and Debbie soon joined us. Debbie looked at us and shook her head before saying that she really had to go and would be in touch soon. Then she stood up and gave my cock a soft squeeze and then did the same to one of Jennifer’s tits. After she got dressed Debbie came back and as she stood over us she handed the keys to me and told us that Sandra said we could keep this set of keys and after we closed she would give us the other set.

Jennifer and I just lay there for a while enjoying the warm sun beating down on us until Jennifer reminded me that we didn’t have any sun block. So we dove into the pool and enjoyed a refreshing dip before we got dressed and headed for the SUV. On the way back to Vegas I pulled into a car dealer. I explained that I can drive the SUV as long as I wanted, but I wanted something fun. I found a silver 911 Carrera S cabriolet and I loved it. I arranged to take delivery of it later in the day, and I asked Jennifer if she saw something she liked.

“Oh God no Mr. Roberts. these are so expensive. I just couldn’t.” She said.

I took Jennifer aside and said. “Yes, these are expensive, but I want you to have one if you like one. You can pick any car you want and I will get it for you.”

Jennifer just stood there and tears filled her eyes. “I don’t know what to say.” She said.

I took her in my arms and said “Just tell me what car you have always wanted, or which one you just love the way it looks.”

“I don’t know it’s name, but it is a BMW.” Jennifer said.

Off we went to the BMW dealer and we walked the lot until Jennifer saw the car. It was a BMW 335i convertible, and after a few minutes it was Jennifer’s. We made arrangements to pick it up later today when I picked up my 911.

All the way back to the hotel Jennifer just smiled at me. then once back in our suite she hugged me and said “Thank you. You didn’t have to do that. I’m not here for the gifts. I’m here for the man.”

I looked at her and said “I know that, but if we are going to live here we need cars to get around, and I like my cars fast.” Then I pulled her to me and we kissed. About that time my cell phone rang and I told Jennifer I needed to take it. That was Steve he had my package and would be in Vegas tonight.He told me my package had been scuffed up but nothing permanent. After telling him to contact me when they landed I hung up.

Jennifer looked at me and said “I don’t know if I’m suppose to ask, but I am going to. What was that about?”

I looked at her and decided I couldn’t lie to her so I said “That was one of my friends. They are bringing Jack to Vegas so I can talk to him.”

Right then Jennifer got very nervous “But then he will know where we are.” She said in a very scared voice.

“Whoa. Hold on sweetie. He will have no clue he is in Vegas. He is being brought in on a cargo plane, blindfolded, and with noise deadening headphones to keep him from having a clue as to where he is. For all he knows he might be in any city in the country. Before you ask, no, he won’t be harmed. I just wanted to take the time to explain to him that there are other people out there with far more juice than him.

Jennifer sat there for a long time looking at me and I could tell that she was still very nervous. Then she said “Can I be there? To confront him?”

I looked at her and could tell there was something I still didn’t know, but I would find that out tonight. “No sweetie. I can’t do that. He is being brought into a secure facility, and I just can’t bring you into that. I hope you understand.” I said.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “Yeah, I understand. Just remember, you don’t have to use kid gloves with him.”

I wanted to know what was going on, but I knew not to push too hard. Instead I changed the subject. “I invited Stephanie over tonight. I thought it would be good for you to have a friend with you so you wouldn’t be alone.” The one thing I didn’t tell her was that I had arranged for some discrete security for her while I was gone. I didn’t think anyone would know where we were, but I wanted to make sure.

Jennifer perked up when I told her about Stephanie. “Great! You are going to be back in time to play with us, right?”

I smiled and hugged her and said “I should be back in plenty of time. Who knows, maybe escort bursa we can have a late dinner?”

She just wrapped her arms around me tighter and I knew that me and this Jack character were going to have some serious time together. He scared Jennifer to death, and from everything I have heard about him, that shouldn’t happen.

Jennifer and I ate lunch and took a nap until it was time to go pick up the cars. Even after I got up I wanted to let her sleep so I called the dealerships and asked them if they could deliver the cars to the hotel, and they said yes. Jennifer slept until well after 5pm, and when she did wake she was upset that she had slept so long. However, I assured her that everything was fine and I told her she had plenty of time to get ready. She still ran around trying to get ready as fast as she could, and was almost out of breath when she finally met me to go.

I just laughed at her and gave her a long hug. “Jen, don’t get so stressed out. I think they will wait for us.” I said before kissing the top of her head.

That even made Jennifer laugh a little and we headed for the elevator hand in hand. Jennifer was smiling when we got in the elevator, but by the time we got off she was grinning. I could tell that no matter what she said she really wanted this car, and was beyond thrilled about it. As we rounded a corner in the garage to where my SUV was parked Jennifer stopped in her tracks and covered her face with her hands.

There in front of her was her dream BMW with a large red bow on top. Jennifer was speechless as she walked up to it. I don’t think she thought it was real even though she had picked it out earlier. Finally she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and softly said “Thank you.” Before she buried her face in my chest.

I just held her and after a couple minutes I asked her “Are you ready to go for a drive?”

She looked up at me and said “A drive?”

“Yeah, I thought you could drive us to dinner.” I said as Stephanie walked up to us smiling at both of us.

Jennifer looked at Stephanie and they both hugged each other. They were like school girls again as they talked. Then Jennifer said “Where do you want to go?”

After I told her anywhere she wanted, she told us to hop in. After taking the bow off and storing it in the trunk I hopped in the back to let Jennifer and Stephanie ride together and we sped off. In our time together I had never rode with Jennifer at the wheel. I soon realized that she liked to drive fast too. She hit the road and was determined to find the little dive I took her to the other day. I helped her with a couple turns, but she was able to find it with almost no problem. As we pulled into the place Stephanie was impressed that we were going to a place the locals knew and loved, but the tourists avoided. We had a great dinner together laughing and talking. Jennifer and Stephanie spent part of the meal teasing me about my failure to notice that a large group of 18 year old girls wanted to jump my bones. Then after dinner we headed for the hotel and Jennifer decided to let the top down and enjoy the night air. About halfway home she pulled off the main highway onto a dirt road. I thought at first that she made a wrong turn, but then she turned the car off.

We sat there in silence for a short time and then she said “My god! This is absolutely beautiful.” As she looked up at the stars. We just sat there looking up when Stephanie leaned over and kissed Jennifer. Then she looked back at me and motioned me to come forward and do the same thing. I leaned forward and gave Jennifer a deep kiss, before turning to Stephanie and doing the same thing. After sitting there for about ten minutes enjoying the stars Jennifer started the car and we were on the way back to the hotel.

Once back in the hotel I got ready for my meeting with the idiot Jack. That was my new name for him. I could tell that Jennifer was still nervous about this, but I think she finally understood that it had to be done. Before I left I sat with Jennifer and Stephanie on the couch and tried to reassure Jennifer that it was going to be okay. After kissing them both goodnight I got up and headed to the door. Stephanie moved over and held Jennifer in her arms and said “Don’t worry Mr. Roberts, she will be okay.”

I smiled as I walked out the door and headed for my SUV. The drive to the warehouse took too long for my liking, as it was on the other side of town on the outskirts. The perfect place for this, but I was worried about Jennifer. I went to the office where steve and a couple other guys were. They filled me in on things and then they turned on a light and there was this skinny little guy. He looked like he used more of his stuff than he was sold. I knew my guys were pros, but damn I hoped we didn’t have the wrong guy.

I made sure to wear my boots and they echoed with every step in this large empty space. You could see the guy’s hooded head turn with every echo. once I got to him I just walked around the chair he was cuffed to. Then I stopped and whispered in his ear “Do you know who I am?” His body just shook, but he didn’t say anything. Then I said “So you think you have juice huh? Maybe we should wait here for some of your heavyweight friends to show up. Do you think that is a good idea?”

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