The Adult Video World Awards

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This year was my best year ever at the Adult Video World Awards in Las Vegas. After being nominated four times, I finally won Female Performer of the Year. It felt so good to get up there in my platform heels, black latex V-neck dress, and tiara to accept my award with a standing ovation. My company also won Best All-Girl Feature, Best All-Girl Sex Scene, Best Older Woman/Younger Girl Release, and Best Porn Star Web Site.

It’s amazing to think I’ve been able to earn all of this success without relocating to California or Florida. I work out of my new 6,000-square-foot house in Bellevue. I love shooting outside by the pool in the summer. The tiles are covered with come and female ejaculate after some of the bisexual orgies that I’ve staged. I also had a spacious dungeon installed in the basement, where I film my fetish material, like my trampling and face-sitting videos.

I’d been thinking about focusing on directing, because I love the casting procedure. Loosening young women up with a glass of red wine during that first interview in my living. Then bluntly telling them to strip for me. Masturbate for me. Take out my breast and suckle it. I only take on performers who are as authentic, exhibitionistic, and orgasmic as I am.

But it was the same streaks that convinced me to keep working in front of the camera, because honestly, the demand for my fuck movies is higher than ever. It’s hard to top a confident bisexual femdom, which is how I market myself.

The day after the awards, I was booked to do an autograph signing and fan photo shoot at the MGM Grand convention center. It was supposed to last two hours, but it went for nearly three. Fans have to submit their applications for tickets to meet me at least three months in advance, and I screen each application. More than 30 percent of those applications this year from women, which is unheard of in this industry. I approved all but two of those female applications.

The men ranged from one of my regulars – a 30-year-old telecommunications executive who flies me to Rome twice a year to watch me having sex with his wife, a successful 45-year-old TV producer – to a group of four students from the University of Pennsylvania who had pooled their savings and bussed and hitchhiked across the country to be here.

I stood with my arms around the two taller students, Matt and Chris, as their friends took photos with their iPhone. I made sure my big tits were pressing up against both of them, nice and tight. I love touching and being touched. I know that my fans get even more addicted to my videos and live web shows when they’ve had a chance to feel how great my body feels. Being groped and touched in public by the right people is a major theme in my videos, and I liked how respectful both Matt and Chris were.

Matt had brought me a gift certificate to the new spa at the Luxor as an additional tribute. Chris gave me a book full of clippings from the student newspaper, where he’d given four- and five-star reviews of my videos. When I asked Chris if he jacked off to my videos every day, he told me: “Yes. And I do it with my girlfriend Nadine, who’s a freshman. She loves those videos, especially the one you shot with the Hispanic hairdresser at that izmir escort bayan bed-and-breakfast in Santa Fe. She wanted to be here today, but she’s doing her co-op term at the Pittsburgh hospital and couldn’t get away.”

I reached up and unzipped the front of the bust-enhancing red leather corset I was, exposing my big tits and erect nipples. “Go ahead, boys,” I said. “Kiss them. Enjoy them.”

Matt and Chris eagerly obeyed as the fans waiting in line applauded. People were recording the action with their phones now. I didn’t bother to hide my pleasure, showing my teeth and my tongue and letting out an audible moan as I enjoyed the sensation of those eager young mouths worshipping and sucking me in public.

Even within the industry, I’m known as a slut, and I’m very proud of it. I love getting fucked and being public about it. Last year, the afterparty for the awards was held at a new Italian restaurant just off the Strip. I decided that I wanted to stage a gangbang. In the Tuscan-themed banquet room at the back, I got up on the long table and handed my cunt over to one of my favorite male co-stars, as well as my personal assistant Jacqueline and her friend Olga, both sporting thick strap-ons. I was told afterwards that my loud screams of enjoyment could be heard over the DJ music playing in the main dining room.

As the photo session ended, I sized up Matt, Chris, and their two friends. “I have something else I’d like you to handle for me,” I said.

“What’s that?” Chris asked eagerly.

I told them, and their mouths actually dropped open in disbelief at their good fortune. I handed Chris a slip of paper. “Write your cell number down here,” I said. “I’ll call you tonight.”

With about half an hour left in my signing, two women came forward together, which was intriguing and unusual. They greeted me with warm smiles.

“Hello, I’m Eva.”

“And I’m Helena.”

I couldn’t make out their light accents. I motioned for them to come around behind the table. I kissed first Eva and then Helena full on the mouth. “Hello. I’m Frederika. So glad you could be here today.”

Eva wasn’t wearing heels, but I could tell she was about the same height as me and in her early 50’s. She had dark, straight brown hair, hanging to her shoulders, with bangs. She wore very simple, tasteful make-up that complemented her black silk pants and white sleeveless top. I liked the way her eyes crinkled when she smiled at me and her full, heavy bust. She had a large silver crescent moon hanging on her necklace, with an inscription on it.

“That’s a beautiful necklace,” I told Eva. “What does the inscription say?”

Eva smiled. “I had it custom-made. It’s a twist on an old Dutch proverb. It says: ‘Sit with your skirt pulled up over your knees.'”

“Oh my,” I said. “I think you both know how much I like that.”

Helena held out a DVD box for me to sign. It was Riviera Flashing: Volume 2. I’d spent a week last year in Nice and Monaco, sitting on the terrace of upscale cafes, knees wide apart, wearing no panties, exhibiting my cunt to passing strangers, and taking some of the ones who responded positively back to my five-star hotel room to let them fuck me.

“I love this video,” escort izmir said Helena. She looked a lot like Eva, but was closer to age 30. She had her hair tied back in a ponytail and was wearing a tight, white Lady Frederika T-shirt and a short black skirt with fishnet pantyhose. “But our favourite series is still the first one you did: Hitachi Seduction.”

“Thank you. I think that’s one of my best ones as well,” I said with a smile.

I’d created three sequels. Hitachi Seduction involved me interviewing women from all walks of life – university professors, bank tellers, construction workers, nurses – about their masturbation habits and then us lying together on my bed, kissing and touching each other as I introduced them to the pleasures of my Hitachi Magic Wand.

The back of the box showed me grimacing with pleasure as I held my cunt wide-open on the bed and Jacqueline firmly applied the Hitachi to my swollen clit. Right beneath that image, I signed: “To Eva and Helena – Kissing you both, Lady Frederika.”

I was very intrigued by these women. Even with my higher-than-average female viewership, they weren’t typically who I saw coming by my booth or at the awards. I wanted to know more.

“So, how far did you have to travel to be here today?” I inquired.

“We live just outside Amsterdam,” Eva explained. “Helena teaches English at a local college, and I used to be an occupational health nurse. I took early retirement last year so that I could travel more and attend cultural festivals. We’d both talked for several years about coming to these awards so we could meet you. Fortunately, Helena was able to get a week off.”

“That’s a long trip,” I said. I calmly reached down and took their hands, placing them on my body, encouraging the two Dutch women to touch me in public as we conversed. There was a round of applause from the crowd, which made Helena blush, but she didn’t turn away.

“Have you been together for long?” I asked.

Eva laughed as she slipped her hand inside my unzipped corset and casually manipulated my nipple. “You could say that. I bought Helena her first vibrator when she was 18. A few years later, when her father and I divorced, she introduced me to porn. We’ve been masturbating together ever since, mostly to your videos.”

My cunt clenched incredibly hard when I processed what Eva was telling me. Her daughter smiled at me as she placed a firm hand on my ass and then squeezed it, her fingers oh-so-tantalizingly close to my anus and cunt. I was soaked with delight and anticipation.

With a voice half-choked with lust, I said: “I’d be delighted if you two could join me for dinner tonight in my suite. Can you be there for 7 pm?”

“We’d like nothing more,” Helena said. She and her mother both leaned in to kiss me on the mouth.

A few hours later, I could hear two of my new girls cleaning up the dishes in the dining room under the supervision of my personal assistant, Jacqueline. Meanwhile, Thievery Corporation’s music echoed through the master bedroom, where I lay back on the pillows, Helena’s face buried in my cunt. I let out loud moans of enjoyment as she ate me out without inhibition. Eva knelt next to me, passionately kissing my mouth and izmir escort sucking on my nipples. The filth flowing from Eva’s mouth turned me on even more.

“Fuckin’ eat her out, sweetheart,” she urged Helena. “Eat her pussy for me the way you eat mine. Oh yeah. Put your tongue right up her hole.”

Eva reached down and pushed her daughter’s face hard into my cunt. I reached for Eva’s tits – huge, heaving, long brown nipples – and sucked one of them into my mouth. She cursed loudly in Dutch as I enjoyed suckling her. That helped push me over the edge as I creamed hard on Helena’s face.

I couldn’t believe how quickly I was ready to come again. I needed more. I told Eva: “Lie back for me and open your legs.” I spread my thighs as well and began scissoring vigorously with her, rubbing hard against her equally unshaven slit. Meanwhile, Helena began running her tongue all over my body, her hands caressing me fervently.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah,” I gasped. “Jesus fucking Christ, this feels good. Oh God, I need to get fucked soon.”

“Yes, I want to fuck you badly,” Eva responded. We changed positions. I knelt on the bed, facing the huge oak headboard. I could see my magnificent body reflected in the closet mirror. Eva was behind me, gazing with open lust at my asshole and my well-eaten cunt. Nothing to hide here. No shame at all.

Eva stuck her forefinger and middle finger in her mouth to lubricate them and then inserted them firmly into my cunt from behind. I let out a huge yell of pleasure because it felt so fuckin’ good. Helena moved in beside Eva, and leaned over to lick my asshole. It felt incredible. She pushed the tip of her tongue inside me, and as I turned to look at the mirror, I could see her mother’s smile of approval.

Helena reached down with one hand to cup and knead my tits as I groaned my way toward my climax. My whole body was shaking and stiffening. I couldn’t believe the pleasure. I closed my eyes, opening them just for an instant to see Eva’s free hand masturbating her adult daughter with knowing fingers.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to come too!” Helena groaned as Eva flicked her fat clit at high speed.

The sounds of fucking and masturbation sent me right over the fuckin’ edge. I had another huge orgasm, even stronger than my first one, and then climaxed twice more in quick succession.

Eva and Helena nestled close to me while my intense sensations subsided. But even after they returned to their hotel rooms, I still had one more tribute awaiting me. I pressed a button and told Jacqueline: “Send them in.”

Matt, Chris and their university friends had watched the entire scene on closed-circuit TV in another room in my suite. They came in with huge erections. “Get around the bed and jack off on me!” I urged crudely. “Fuckin’ shoot your loads on me! I want to do bukkake.”

I got what I deserved as the young men showered me with their hot come, thick load after load dripping off my tits, stomach, and thighs. I told Chris to move closer and put a finger up his ass so I could milk his prostate and get all of his fuckin’ come on me. “Oh shit, Lady Frederika, thank you, thank you, thank you,” he gasped as I emptied his cock on the side of my face.

I had to reach for my vibrator and get off again after that. It was my first bukkake experience in nearly five years, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

By the way, all of this was filmed. I suspect more Adult Video World Awards await in my future.

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