The Adventure Begins…

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Big Tits

One Saturday evening, after contemplating a long night alone, I decided to go out for a coffee and a little browsing at my local bookstore. Sipping a nice hot cup of coffee while exploring some erotic books is much better then staying home alone and masturbating. I arrived dressed for something other then simply browsing. My attire consisted of a pair of black shorts and a cropped black top that was designed for exercise, not wearing in public. My nipples were pointy and showing through the cotton as stiff peeks, begging for attention. I had worn my hair up, exposing my neck and the pulsing veins to anyone who bothered to look. And by my dress it was clear I hoped many would look; both male AND female. It was obvious I had no bra on, and that made for the next question; was I wearing any panties?

There were no chairs available in the common area, but I found a little couch tucked away in the back near the erotica collection. I sat down with a couple of books to peruse I looked around to see who might be paying attention. I saw a tall man standing in front of the erotic books exploring them with obvious interest and delight. He glanced my way, obviously enjoying the sight of my tanned, well-muscled thighs and big soft tits. As I glanced at him from under lightly closed eyes I saw him reach down and adjust an awakening cock into a more comfortable position down his left thigh. Every man seems to have his favorite side. I continued to turn the pages of my book, one with pictures of Japanese lovemaking, and as I read I began to gently caress my thighs, once again capturing my admirers glance. He chose two or three books and approached.

“May I sit next to you?” he inquired in a soft, deep voice.

“Please do,’ I replied with a smile. For a few minutes all was quiet as we each scanned our books. Gradually I saw him relax slightly until his thighs were open and our thighs touched gently, every nerve ending wide awake. I opened the next book at random…it was a Masters and Johnson book on lovemaking….and the first picture showed a woman bent over a mans cock, sucking it gently yet firmly. As he glanced at it, I saw his cock thickening in his pants, and I smiled.

Boldly I leaned towards him and whispered, “I like that. Do you?” His quick but embarrassed smile and affirmative nod were hesitant. I flipped the pages, showing him each page, silently asking for his opinion.

“What turns you on stranger? I want to know what you like,” I wondered. I came across a picture of a woman with a man’s balls in her mouth and I gently licked my lips. This time I didn’t have to ask.

His hand reached over and touched the woman’s face and he said, “I have always wondered what that would be like but I have never tried it.” As he spoke his hand reached down and rubbed over his stiff cock again. A small spot is forming where the swollen head is sitting and my eyes widened in delight. I could visualize bahis firmaları the tip and the shape of it. MMMMMM. My reading excursion is turning out much better then I anticipated. I very deliberately turned sideways and raised one leg on the couch so that my short leg drops to the side and my new friend could see straight up my shorts leg…to my bare and completely shaven pussy….the skin was glistening with moisture and the smell of pussy juice wafted up into my nostrils….the delightful smell of excitement.

His swift intake of breath showed me that he was paying very close attention to every movement I made. I was so excited I could hardly control myself but it was obvious that I could definitely control this man’s interest. The feeling of power was making me heady, almost drunk with delight. I wanted more, much more.

I locked eyes with him now, the game intensifying rapidly. I knew now that I was going to be screwed before the night was done and he was the one who was going to fuck me. All around us were the low murmurs of other shoppers, but nobody was close enough to see. I became more brazen and I reached between my legs and slid a finger along the puffy lips, scooping out some cream. My eyes were on his face but his eyes were on my pussy and my fingers as they come away coated in cream. I leaned towards him, as if to offer him my finger, but at the last minute I changed my mind and I sucked it into my mouth, savoring my own taste. I could hear him breathing heavier and watched as his mouth opened in shock and disbelief. Suddenly he said “ I can’t believe this is happening. You are like a fantasy come true.” I smiled as I replied “For tonight I want to be your every fantasy.” I reached over and gently rubbed the length of his cock through his pants, seeing the pre-cum stain getting bigger and bigger.

“I want to taste you, ” I murmured, my own breathing heavy. I wanted so much to pull down his zipper and engulf that cock but the anticipation was so very delightful. I rubbed my breasts through my shirt and suddenly I pulled down one side of my top and expose my nipple, hard and ready. He licked his lips and unknowingly leaned forward as if to draw the rosy nipple deep into his mouth. But I beat him to the punch and I lifted it up to my own mouth. I needed to prove to him that I wanted him but I didn’t need him. I could pleasure myself completely without a man. I could nurse my own tits and diddle my own clit until I reached a thundering orgasm. But what I wouldn’t admit was that the very best orgasms are with a cock buried deep inside my pussy. They are the sweetest and the longest orgasms I have ever experienced.

His breathing was getting erratic now and I could see that we were going to have to take this a step further very soon. Glancing around I saw a sign that said, “Staff only”. I took him by the hand and we moved quickly through a door into a hallway. To our right was kaçak iddaa a staff room. Further along the hallway I saw another door. We opened it and discovered a storage room. Shelves were filled with boxes of books and other materials.

But the best find was in the far back of the room. A large chair that was obviously being sent out to be repaired. We smiled at each other because we knew this was perfect. He turned and began to move a few boxes in front of the door, blocking it so that no one could enter. As he turned I pulled my top off and exposed my round globes to the air, the nipples tightening in excitement. He returned from the door and I lifted them up with my hands and offered them to his touch. His deep groan filled the air as he grabbed their fullness and bent over to lick the nipples. He sucked them deep into his mouth nursing on each one so hard I could feel the tugging in my womb.

Oh yes! That was so sweet! My nipples were changing color from the sucking. Small bruises were being formed around them, love bites that made me so fucking wet! The nipples were hard and aching as was my clit between my legs. I was dripping wet, but knew I must taste his cock. I pushed him back into the chair and I knelt down in front of him, unzipping his pants swiftly. His hard cock was pushed tight down his leg and I slid my hand inside and gently bent it so that it stuck straight out of his pants. I looked up at him and smiled.

“Shall I lick your balls just like the picture?” I asked innocently. His grin was more confident now as he tugged his pants and underwear down so that they pooled around his knees. His legs spread wide so that I could see his huge cum-filled hairy balls. I leaned forward and licked the head of his cock, savoring the taste of his salty pre-cum. My aching tits rubbed against his thighs, the hair scratching them and making them even harder. I leaned forward again and engulfed the entire length of his cock in one smooth motion. He was average in length and very thick, filling my mouth to capacity. I deep throated every inch, until my nose was buried in his pubic hair.

I then lifted my head and took his balls into my mouth as my hand stroked the now wet length of him. “Oh my God! It feels even better then I ever imagined!” he moaned. “Suck them in your mouth for me! Please suck them!” I obliged and gently sucked each ball into my mouth, warming them with my tongue and teasing them. I took them both into my mouth and as I did I felt his hips lifting as his hands grabbed my hair and he pushed his scrotum into my mouth. But I wanted him inside me before he came!

After a few minutes of teasing I gently released his heavy balls from my mouth and I stood in front of this man, this stranger. He reached forward and slid his hand up my leg and cupped my dripping pussy. A long finger slid inside and begins to stroke the walls of my pussy, gently but firmly. My knees buckled and kaçak bahis I fell forward. I straddle his thighs as his hand fucked my wet pussy and his mouth began to lick my swollen tits again. Now it was my turn to beg. “Play with my clit. Make it swell and dance.” His smile was followed by a second finger plunging inside me. And then suddenly his other hand was down at my wet box, his fingers gently twisting and teasing my clit. My hips lurched forward as the shocks hit me and I began to make small grunting sounds as I moved my hips against his hands. I was so close to cumming….so very close. My eyes were like slits as I sought that plateau of ecstasy…..when his hands left me and my grunting turned to moans of despair.

“Just hold on pussycat,” he said. I watched as he reached down and took the head of his cock and rubbed it against my pussy. Impatiently I pushed his hand away and as I looked him in the eyes I plunge myself down on his rod of steel. My shorts were still on, pushed to the side and soaked as I waited….waited for the feeling of fullness and completeness to settle over me…..but he was impatient and his hips begin to roll. His pelvic bone was smashed against my hard clit and I could feel my juice dripping down onto those swollen balls. Deeply and firmly he pushed, as he grasped my round ass cheeks and lifted me up and down. My breast was in his mouth, my clit rubbing against his pubic hair and that cock deep inside. It was too much for us…

I began to spasm and my moans turned to cries of ecstasy. Oh God it felts so wonderful! As I began to cum, my contractions excited him beyond control and he began to spurt inside me! In seconds we were done but it feels like hours as the spasms went on and on. Breathing heavily I collapsed against his chest noticing that we never even got around to removing his shirt! I climbed off and licked that softening cock clean in swift tongue lashing strokes. I could feel his cum dripping down my leg, and I scooped it with my fingers and sucked it off!

We dressed quickly, the storeroom quiet and the aroma of cum everywhere. We smiled at each other, a little embarrassed as we realize what we had done! As we moved the boxes from in front of the door, his hand reached out and gently grabbed my arm. “ My name is Mike by the way. Mike Anderson,” he said. “ Can I call you sometime?” I opened the door and glance into the hallway, making sure the coast was clear. As we walked hurriedly back into the store I passed him a business card. It read “The Adventure Begins…” followed by a telephone number. “Here is my number Mike. I would love to hear from you sometime.” I walked away and took my purchase to the counter. I was aware of the smell that must follow me as well as the wetness between my legs. And I didn’t care!

As I strolled towards my car I heard Mike’s voice as he said, “But you didn’t tell me your name!”

As I opened the door I called out to him “What ever you want it to be Mike. Whatever you want it to be.” I closed the door and drove away, leaving behind a satisfied yet curious man.

Perhaps next time I’ll look for a woman!

I love bookstores!

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