The Affair

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Week 1: Monday

Julia was on the treadmill when she first saw him. She couldn’t say what it was that made her look at him. He wasn’t as young, fit or good looking as some of the other men at the gym. In fact, he looked very much like he could be a friend of her husband’s, or a husband of one of her friends. He looked to be around 40 and he was exercising hard, presumably to do something about that burgeoning middle age spread that was starting to appear.

Julia kept running. She was did a 30-minute run on the treadmill every Monday. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was 36 years old and after 3 pregnancies her body wasn’t as pert as it once was. She had hips now, and her c-cup breasts hung rather lower than they used to. But hard work kept her stomach almost flat and the few grey hairs she’d found were safely hidden by the magic performed by her hair dresser every month.

She looked up and saw that he was now on the treadmill next to her. She smiled and he smiled back. With a quick movement of his eyes he gave her body a once-over and he smiled appreciatively. As Julia went home she felt an unfamiliar tingle in the pit of her stomach. It was a tingle she hadn’t felt for over 10 years.

Week 1: Wednesday

She was on the cross-trainer when he walked in. His eyes scanned the room and locked on hers. She didn’t need the mirrors to know that her face was red and dripping with sweat. He casually walked over and started rowing on the rowing machine in front of her. When her 15 minutes on the cross-trainer were up she headed for the exercise bikes. There was only one available, next to his rowing machine. She sat down and started pedalling.

“Hi!” he greeted her.


“I’m Dan.”


He was doing weights as she left the gym. He smiled and nodded as she walked past him and she smiled back. She picked up the kids from her sister who’d been babysitting. That night she dug out her vibrator, but for the first time in over a decade she wasn’t seeing her husband Terry’s face as she masturbated.

Week 1: Friday

He was already in the gym when she got there. She didn’t know if he’d seen her as they were doing different things. It surprised her that she was disappointed. After her shower she decided to stop for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Terry was taking the kids to the cinema and then they were stopping for pizza on the way home so she knew she didn’t have to cook.

“Mind if I join you?” said a voice as she’d finished ordering. She looked up and there was Dan, his dark curls moist from his shower.

“Please,” she smiled. “Be my guest.”

“It’s Julia, right?”

“Yes,” she sighed with relief that he remembered her name. “And you’re Dan.”

Dan ordered a cup of coffee as well and they chatted for a while. It gave her a chance to look at him properly. He had a quarter inch beard and his hair was probably an inch to two inches long, in a hairdo that she most associated with French men for some reason. He smiled a lot, revealing almost impeccable white teeth, but for a chip that she assumed was probably sports related. He had dark blue eyes and a few wrinkles around them that told her that he probably laughed a lot. When he finished drinking his coffee, Dan grabbed his gym bag and got up.

“I better get going,” he said. “We’re having friends over for dinner tonight and my wife will kill me if I’m late.”

He left and Julia wondered to herself why the news that he was married disappointed her so much. She was also married. She finished her sandwich and drove home. That night she and Terry made love for the first time in nearly a month.

Week 2: Monday

Julia went straight for the treadmill when she got to the gym. Soon afterwards Dan got onto the one next to her.

“Did you get home in time?” she asked him and he looked confused. “For the dinner, on Friday?”

“Oh yes,” he chuckled as he remembered. “I had a full five minutes to spare!”

They finished exercising at the same time. As she was heading for the shower Julia heard Dan call her name.

“Fancy grabbing a cup of coffee?” he asked.

“I’m sorry,” she declined. “My husband’s away on business so my sister has the kids. I need to get them home and into bed.”

“Maybe next time?”

“Yeah, that’d be nice. I’ll be here on Wednesday.”

“That’s a date!”

Week 2: Wednesday

Julia felt the butterflies in her stomach as she pulled up outside the gym. She knew it was foolish, but she’d been out during lunch to buy a new pair of jeans and a blouse to go with them. The jeans were glued to her butt and the blouse showed off a daring amount of cleavage. She hoped she still looked casual. She’d hate it if it was obvious that she’d made such an effort. She was only going to the gym after all.

She saw him as soon as she came in from the changing rooms and he nodded in recognition. They kept looking over at each other while working out and he finished a little while before her. He walked past her on his way out.

“A latte?” bahis firmaları he asked.


She showered quickly and sat down next to him just as the coffees were served. He was relaxed and sat back with his arms on the back of the seat in the booth he’d secured for them. His hand just about touched her shoulder and it sent a fire bolt through Julia’s body.

“So who’s looking after the kids tonight?” he asked.

“Terry, my husband. Do you have kids?”

“Yeah, two boys. They were doing their homework when I left.”

They talked for a while longer and then they walked out to their cars. They’d parked next to each other. Dan leaned forward and gave Julia a peck on the cheek as they parted.

Week 2: Friday

Dan wasn’t there. Julia couldn’t hide her disappointment. She had no enthusiasm for her exercise and was pleased to see the end of it. She went home and watched TV with Terry and the kids. She and Terry made love again and Julia surprised herself by imagining that it was Dan’s cock sliding in and out of her. She had her most violent orgasm in a long time.

Week 3: Monday

He was there again. Julia felt immediate relief when she spotted him on the treadmill. She went over and started running next to him.

“Do anything nice at the weekend?” she asked him, surprised at how casual she sounded.

“Yes, my wife and I took the boys hiking. We left straight after work on Friday and came back yesterday. It would have been perfect if it hadn’t rained all weekend.

Julia laughed, more out of relief than anything. She just didn’t know why she was relieved. Dan was waiting with a cup of coffee when she came out of the changing rooms.

“Do you come here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week?” he asked.

“Yes. You?”

“The same.”

They left together. Just as Dan was about to give Julia a peck on the cheek she turned to say something. Their lips collided. Dan parted his lips and slipped his tongue between Julia’s. Then he broke off the kiss and headed for his car. Julia sat in her car, licking her lips, still tasting him. The fire in her belly had spread to her breasts and down between her thighs. There was a pool of wetness in her cotton underpants.

Week 3: Wednesday

Julia parked next to Dan’s car in a dark corner of the car park. She hurried inside and did her exercise. She couldn’t keep her eyes off him and kept meeting his eyes. They smiled. Afterwards they skipped the coffee and went straight to the car park. It was cold and windy and they were the only people there. Dan threw his bag into the car and wrapped his arms around Julia.

He soon invaded her mouth and their tongues wrestled passionately. He pulled her shirt out from the waistband of her jeans and his hands worked their way up inside, ending up cupping her breasts through the bra. She felt her nipples stiffening in his hands and his thumbs kept circling them. When they finally broke the kiss they were both panting harder than they had during their exercise.

“This is crazy,” Julia said as she caught her breath. “I’m a happily married woman.”

“I’m a happily married man,” Dan replied, his hands still cupping Julia’s breasts.

Then they kissed again. Hungrier than before. When they finally broke apart and Dan’s hands slid out from under Julia’s shirt they nodded in agreement that they’d meet again on Friday.

Week 3: Friday

Neither of them would ever remember working out that night. Julia finished first since Dan had been a little bit delayed. She went out to her car and sat behind the wheel. She knew that the sensible thing would be to simply drive off now. But she didn’t. Instead she pulled her coat off. Soon the door opened and Dan slid into the passenger seat.

He pulled her into his arms and started kissing her. They ended the embrace for long enough to recline the seats and pull off their t-shirts. Soon Dan was on top of her and he’d unclasped her bra. She could feel his hard cock against her thigh as he sucked on her nipples. Then her tits were crushed against his chest as he once more devoured her mouth.

Then they were on their sides. Dan wrapped his lips around her nipples again as she cupped her hand around his bulge. He felt so strong, so virile, in her hand. He slid one hand between her thighs and started massaging her through her jeans. They kissed again. Hungrily they devoured each other. Then Julia came. It almost took her by surprise. She hadn’t come from so little in a long time.

Dan hugged her tight and she relished the feeling of his chest hair against her soft breasts. They looked at the time. They both had to go. They put their t-shirts back on and kissed one more time.

“Monday?” Dan asked as he left the car.


Week 4: Monday

It had been a long weekend. Terry had wanted to make love on Friday night, but Julia hadn’t managed to get horny again after the car. The result had been their worst lovemaking ever. Not even fantasising about Dan’s hard bulge had managed to kaçak iddaa give Julia an orgasm. Finally she’d resorted to faking it, for the first time in her life, just to get it all over with.

After their workout they got into Dan’s car. It wasn’t as comfortable as Julia’s people carrier, but they didn’t give themselves time to move across. They were in each other’s arms, kissing violently and pulling each other’s shirts off. Julia had taken great care in choosing the lacy black bra she was wearing, but Dan didn’t waste any time. Her naked breasts were soon in his hands. Her hands wandered down to his zip and she could soon wiggle her hand into his boxers and wrap it around his wonderful cock.

She pulled it out and kept stroking it. He was so big and hard. She looked at it. Probably not much more than 6 inches, but oh so thick. She moved down and started sucking him. She hadn’t sucked a cock since she and Terry were dating, but it was like riding a bicycle, it all came back to her. Dan kept fondling her tits as she sucked him. His grunts and sighs told her all she needed to know.

Soon his hands were in her hair and she could tell that he was close to cumming. There was no way she was going to let him shoot his load on the leather upholstery so she kept sucking, teasing his cock with her talented tongue. He groaned out loud as he shot his load down her throat. When he was done cumming he pulled her up and kissed her. They kissed for a long time and he caressed her breasts with his fingers and his lips.

For someone who hadn’t cum, Julia felt oddly satisfied as she drove home.

Week 4: Wednesday

It had been a long day and Julia was still wearing her work clothes when she headed for the gym. When she finished showering she slipped back into the skirt and blouse. Dan was waiting outside her car and they smiled as they got in. This time Dan took time to unbutton her blouse and unhook her bra. Then he pulled off his own shirt before lying down and pulling Julia close to him.

They lay together and kissed for a long time. Dan’s hand caressed Julia’s thigh and her skirt rode higher and higher. Then she felt his fingers hooking inside her silk underwear and slowly pulling it off. His hand then returned to her pussy and caressed her soft bush. One finger worked its way between her pussy lips and started stroking her clit. Dan kept kissing her as his hand worked its magic on her pussy.

Julia parted her legs to give him more access. Soon he’d slid two fingers into her dripping wet cunt. He slowly finger fucked her as he kissed her tits. Just as Julia thought she was going to cum he pulled his fingers out of her and brought them up to her lips. She sucked them into her mouth and tasted her pussy juices. Then she felt Dan’s hands on her cheeks as he lifted her further up. He parted her legs wide and buried his face between her thighs.

Nothing could describe the feeling as Dan’s tongue licked the length of her wet slit. He parted her pussy lips with his fingers and gave himself full access to her cunt. He lapped up her juices, sucked and bit her clit, and then he started tongue fucking her. She bit her lip not to cry out loud during this divine pleasure. And then, as she’d taken his load in her throat two days earlier, he drank her cum as she squirted it all over his face. They kissed some more.

“I guess we’ve done foreplay now,” Dan smiled a crooked smile as he opened the door to get out. “I’ll see you on Friday.”

Week 4: Friday

Julia was on edge all day. Had he really meant what she thought he meant? She bought a box of condoms and put them in the glove compartment of her car. After her workout she made sure that she was still smoothly shaved and her bush neatly trimmed. They walked out to her car in silence. It was a cold and dark night and the rain was pouring down. Julia was parked in a corner, with Dan’s car blocking anybody’s view of it.

They kissed and undressed each other. Soon they were lying naked, side by side, caressing each other. Julia sat up to get the condoms out and watched with a smile as Dan slid one across his thick cock. She got on her back and he lowered himself on top of her. He slid into her without a word, filling her wet cunt with his hard meat. He sucked on her tits as he started fucking her. She wrapped her legs around him

They fucked hard and fast, each desperate to feel that orgasm. It took its time, teasing them, making them feel every inch of each other. They were dripping in sweat, clinging on to each other and Dan kept slamming into Julia’s cunt. Then it came. Like a slow river of sweetness it took hold of Julia first. Her toes curled and her cunt cramped around Dan’s cock and then he cried out as he finally let go, shooting his load as she milked him dry.

They cuddled and kissed for a while and then changed into their gym clothes. It was better to pretend the showers weren’t working than to explain why they were all sweaty. As Julia drove off she couldn’t wait for Monday.

Week 5: Monday

There was a kaçak bahis blizzard and Terry pleaded with Julia not to go to the gym. He didn’t like the idea of her driving there on her own but she reassured him that she was going to be OK. And she was. It was too cold to have sex in the car, but Dan had seen that the squash courts were all empty.

He took her against the wall. It wasn’t elegant, but he rocked his hips fast and furiously, shoving his cock repeatedly up her cunt and she held on for dear life. She came twice before he let himself release the load that had been building up since Friday.

Week 5: Wednesday

She was starting to feel guilty now, but she couldn’t stop herself from going to the gym. It was still freezing outside and the squash courts were in use. They found an office that had been left unlocked by its daytime occupant. Dan sat on the chair and got his cock out. Julia kneeled before him and started sucking it. When he was bone hard she wrapped a condom on his shaft and stood up.

She took off her jeans and underwear and placed them on the desk. Then she straddled him. He guided his cock into her sweet wetness and they sighed as their union was once more completed. He unbuttoned her shirt and sucked on her tits as she rode him. They stayed like that for a long time until Dan reached down and started massaging Julia’s clit. It didn’t take her long to cum and he was right behind her.

“What are you doing on Friday?” he asked as they were getting dressed.

“I was planning on going to the gym as usual,” she replied.

“No, during the day,” he said. “I was supposed to go on a conference and I have a hotel room booked, only it’s been cancelled. Is there any way you can join me for a couple of hours?”

He gave her the details of the hotel and left after Julia had promised to try and make it.

Week 5: Friday

She told her boss she was going to visit a new prospective supplier and got into her car. She drove to the hotel and got there just as Dan came out to his car to get his laptop bag.

“You came,” he smiled. “I’m in room 614, give me 5 minutes and then just walk straight through the lobby to the lifts that are around the corner to the left.”

She did as he said and nobody challenged her. He was already naked when she reached his room. He undressed her quickly and made her lie down on the bed. He parted her legs and kneeled between them. With his tongue and fingers he went on to caress and pleasure her in the most intimate way. When she was done cumming he moved up her body, kissing her breasts before his lips made contact with hers. She could taste her pussy on his beard.

They kissed for a long while and she felt how hard he was. She was ready for more. He rolled them over so that she was on top and soon he was inside her. She rode him until she came again and then he pulled out and she got on her hands and knees. He stood on the floor, impaling her on his shaft over and over. He cupped her tits and pulled her up against his chest. He sucked her neck as he continued his rhythm. She was lost in the passion.

After a long, hard, passionate union he finally whispered to her that he was about to cum. She reached down for her nub and started rubbing it. They exploded together. Her cunt milked his balls dry before they collapsed together on the bed. They slept for a while and then they fucked again.

Before Julia left they fucked against the tiles in the shower. In some ways it was the best orgasm she’d had with Dan and it made up her mind. It was going to be the last.

“I won’t be at the gym tonight,” she said as she was getting dressed.

“No, we’ve had enough exercise for one day,” Dan chuckled.

“I won’t be there next week either,” she continued.

“Why? Are you going away?”

“No, they’ve opened another gym nearer to my house. I think I should start going there instead.”

“And where do you want me to go?”

“I think you should continue at our old gym. Dan, this has been great. I’ve had a couple of wonderful weeks with you and the sex has been fantastic. I’m just afraid that…”

“I think I know… You don’t want it to go any further.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I could have sex with you every day. But sooner or later we’d get caught, and I love my husband and kids too much to do that to them.”

“I understand. I’ll miss you, but I understand.”

“I’ll miss you too.”

They kissed one last kiss and then Julia went home. She talked her sister into babysitting the children overnight and she cooked up a romantic meal for two. That night she and Terry found some of the spark that had been missing lately.

A year later a heavily pregnant Julia was cursing the Christmas shoppers as she manoeuvred her three children towards the pizza restaurant where they were meeting Terry.

“Julia!” she heard a voice she recognised and she turned around to see Dan with his arm around a blonde woman.

“Dan…” she smiled and protectively wrapped her arms around her children.

“Julia, this is Helen. Helen, this is Julia, we used to work out at the same gym.”

Pleasantries were exchanged and then Julia and the kids continued. As they sat down in the restaurant her oldest daughter spoke.

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