The Animal Within

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We’re out somewhere, in a secluded park or elsewhere where there aren’t many people around. I walk up behind you and throw my arms around you, holding you for a minute. While I’m behind you, like when you were playing pool, I start kissing your neck slowly and sensually. I can feel you letting go as I caress and massage your shoulders, across your shoulders and down your back. My hot breath against your skin as I gently kiss right below your earlobe. I give you a little nip. A shiver goes down your back.

You turn around, but don’t say anything. I start kissing your neck again, your hands slide down my side to the curve of my ass. You move your fingers around my flesh and pull me closer to you. As I continue to kiss and nibble, your hands slide up over my hips to my breasts. Lifting them, you press them together gently. As my kisses start moving towards your shoulder, your fingers start to tease my nipples, pinching lightly. As you’re squeezing them ever so slightly, I can feel your hardness pressing against me. I trace a line down the middle of your back with just the right amount of pressure with one of my fingertips as I feel you throb against me.

You start kissing my neck and quickly move lower til you’re on your knees, your hands falling from my breasts, your kisses trailing over my navel to my hips. I’m wearing a mini skirt so it sends a jolt through my body as I feel your breath on my outer thigh. Your hands grip my hips as you quickly move your kisses to my inner thigh, making me gasp with anticipation. You take your pinky finger and slide my skirt up a little, just enough to move my panties aside.

Your thumb finds my clit and you press down hard, while taking two fingers to rub against my lips, up and down. Your thumb flicks my clit and I jump. You look at me and shake your head, then seperate my lips with your fingers, exposing my glistening pinkness. As you slide in a finger, you smile as I squeeze. You exhale deeply as you feel my pussy walls hugging your finger as you curl it inside me. “You’re so tight, so fucking wet” you say. As your face moves forward, I bite my lip. Your hot breath on my clit is making me shiver and giving me fever at the same time. I feel your tongue playfully slide in and out of me. Gripping my ass, you pull me back and forth over your tongue, flicking it off my clit, curling it inside me, making me tremble uncontrollably.

“Jon…,” I start to say, but before I can get anymore out you quickly stand up, grab my shoulders, and kiss me deeply. My knees go weak, and yet I take all my strength to push myself against you. I can tell you’re turned on by the way you’re breathing. I break away from the kiss and state,” It’s my canlı bahis şirketleri turn now.”

Looking at you with eyes full of hunger, I slowly kneel running my hands down your chest, across your stomach to your belt. I keep eye contact as I unbuckle the belt and start to unbutton your pants, but before I pull them down I give your bulge a little kiss. Just because I love to hear you inhale sharply. After the pants are yanked down, I gingerly pull your underwear down, just enough for your throbbing cock to come out. I kiss up and down your shaft, flicking across your head with my tongue.

As I wrap my lips around your head, I can’t help but smile as you moan,” Oh my god.” I stop for a second quickly so I can kiss your thighs, moving up to suck on your balls, all the while my hand is moving up and down your shaft. After a few more strokes I place your head back in my mouth. I slowly run my tongue around the head of your cock while holding it in my lips and holding the base with my hand. Suddenly I open my mouth wide and swallow as much of your cock as I can, my lips sealed tight around it.

My hand doesn’t move until I start to come back up again, slowly, and at this point it comes up with me. Everytime my lips get to your head I look up at you, because I know you’re watching me. I start alternating between gentle sucking and taking as much of you as I can in. Everytime I look at you I can tell you’re enjoying it just as much as I am. Turning my head sideways I place my lips on the side of your erection and slide sideways back and forth. My tongue licks at the veined length. Once again I engulf you deeply and suck hard as I pull back to the tip. I repeat the plunge and suck motion several times, then stop as you begin a deep moan.

I stand up slowly, keeping my body touching yours. Once I’m standing, I tiptoe and position myself to where your cock is in the right spot, not to where you can slip in, but just to where you can feel how wet and hot I am. I place a finger on your mouth and lean in to whisper in your ear.

“How bad do you want me, Jon? How much do you want this pussy? I want you to make me scream…” You start trying to say something but I hush you. You exhale deeply and I can see the animal in your eyes, dying to be set free. I can feel the flames wanting to consume you, but I’m not ready for it just yet. “You know you want to take me. All you have to do is…,” in mid-sentence I lean in and kiss you, wrapping one leg around your waist, letting your head slip inside of me.

I moan in the kiss as your head throbs inside of me, you can hardly take anymore. I pull back away from the kiss, reveling in the deep growl that’s emitting from canlı kaçak iddaa your throat. I don’t know how much more you can take, it won’t be long, but I know I want to push. Slowly I back away a few inches, letting your head slip out of me, but not far enough to where it wasn’t still in my warmth. I bring my face closer yet again, and act like I’m going to kiss you, but my lips just hover over yours. Everytime you try to connect them I back away again. I kiss your nose and giggle, but then I turn your head and give you one final nip on your neck.

You growl again but this time I know you’ve had enough. Instantly your character changed, I knew what was coming. You grab my shoulders forcefully, wrapping your fingers one by one on my arms. For a moment that seemed to last forever I could feel the strength of your desire for me. Next thing I knew I was on the ground. You are no longer trembling, and in an almost imposing manner you pull your shirt over your head and throw it away. I see the flames burning in your eyes as you tower over me, with no clothes barring your need.

I bite my lip, because I know what I have done. I brought out your purest self, the animal instinct, the wild appetite that I loved to satisfy. I’m no longer in control. The heat is so much it’s like we’re inside an oven, yet I can still feel a slight chill in the wind. The fire in your eyes is almost overwhelming me as you inch closer. I try to back up, but my actions are in slow motion. Your hand tenderly brushes my hair away from my face, then goes around and grips the back of my neck, pulling me in to an assault on my lips.

You’re now kneeling over me, and with one hand on my neck, the other is yanking my skirt and underwear off. Under the spell of your kiss, I’m not giving much of a fight. You let go of my neck and break the kiss just so you can get my sweater over my head. As if waking up from a trance, I quickly leave you with my shirt and spin to behind you, but I’m not quick enough.

You toss my shirt and grab my waist and pull me to you. Your cock is hard and throbbing on my back, I give a little yelp as you position it behind me and impale my pussy. I fall forward as you start pounding me from behind. I’m loving every minute of it, yet at the same time you’re hitting my cervix. The pain mixed with the pleasure, hearing you grunt, growl. I’m so hot and wet inside, my breathing turns irregular. Then you grab my arms to hold me in a bent over position where I have no sense of balance, pounding even harder. The helplessness and loss of control is blowing my mind.

I moan and clench my fists, that alarm starts going off in my head, telling me I’m getting close. I start squirming canlı kaçak bahis and trying to push myself away, and you growl at me. I use the force of your thrust to wrestle free for a moment, turning to face you and attempt to crawl away. I know you love the chase.

Before I could move away you were on top of me again, grabbing my legs and placing them on your shoulder, ramming your cock inside my hot, moist slit. I cry out and begin to gyrate my hips in rhythm. With one arm holding my legs, your free hand goes to one of my breasts. You squeeze forcefully, then move your hand to my neck.

Clasping my neck, you start to shove

yourself deeper and deeper. The pressure on my neck is making me squeeze my pussy walls against your penetrating thrusts, and you start to slow them. My eyes are closed and rolling to the back of my mind, doing nothing but feeling you inside of me. The world around us seems to no longer exist as though we’re both alone. Your arm eases up on my legs, so I wrap them around you as we’re moving in this slower motion.

I pull you to me for a deep longing kiss, but this slowness isn’t making your need simmer. You let me kiss you, but then it’s time to take control again, your hand that was resting on my neck now moves to grab a handful of hair. In one single moment you yank my hair, forcing my face away from your kiss, and you begin plunging yourself into me again. this time you’re biting and kissing my neck. I try to move my hips with you, but our movements are becoming too frenzied. I know you’re getting close, and that alarm is sounding in my head.

I dig my nails into your back as I try to regain control over my body, but the biting and sqeezing is too much. You’re driving deeper and deeper, knowing that I’m at my breaking point again, and you aren’t going to let me back away this time. You’re so close, the squeezing is nearly making you explode, but you aren’t letting me get away again. I hold my breath, feeling my control slip away, then suddenly it’s like an explosion happens all over my body.

I squeeze you harder than I ever had before and you feel a gush of hot fluid against your cock, sending you over the edge as well. You cum inside me, the hot jets of lava simultaneously sending me into spasms again. You push deeper with every eruption, making your orgasm more intense. For a few moments, there are no thoughts, just the extraordinary aftermath of what had just happend.

I am sated, no longer wondering if I had pleased, I feel as if my life is fulfilled. I look at you and I can see the animal slowly fading away. You slowly sink down to me, my arms still around you as our beathing returns to normal. You’re still inside of me, but I can feel you slowly escaping. The chill in the wind makes itself apparent again, but I stay warm wrapped around you.

After a few minutes we become ourselves again. Worries and the stress come, but for a moment… I am happy.

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