The Assistant

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I drank her in as soon as I entered the office. Her black skirt held tight around her hips – pinstripes accentuating her curves and aiming in a tight vee that served as an arrow to the otherwise hidden zipper. The skirt ended high enough on her thighs that she could only have planned to turn heads. Her shoes betrayed the same intension – sandals with a thin, elegant strap across her toes, another which circled her ankle, and a heel that rose a bit too high for typical office wear – was it three inches – but accentuated her smooth calves perfectly? On top she wore the suit’s matching blazer, tailored in at her waist. White, oversized French cuffs accented her sleeves and matched the tips of her fingernails. The blouse’s white collar splayed wide over the blazer. Her ash-blonde hair was partially restrained with a clip behind her head, loose enough so that tendrils fell around her collar. She stood bending slightly over the printer, presumably getting my morning agenda organized.

“Morning, Lorri,” I said casually as the office door closed behind me.

“Hi,” came the cheery reply as she turned to face me. Her blouse and blazer were open far down her chest. Revealing nicely defined cleavage.

“Wow, you look great.” It was a calculated casual comment, almost off-hand. By lightly emphasizing the great I was able to show my appreciation without sounding like a slobbering maniac. I made a point to compliment her when she dressed like today – in a way that most women wouldn’t have the guts to do at the office. I also made it a point not to hit on her. I didn’t need any lawsuits.

“Thank you,” she smiled sincerely, as though the compliment surprised her. She smoothed the blazer down from her ribs to her hips. “So do you,” She added with a grin.

“Right.” I smiled in return. I was in full, mud-splattered mountain-bike gear, just having completed an early morning ride. Loose black shorts, a blue, zippered stretchy bike shirt with the pocket in the back. It clung to my deltoids and exposed my upper arms. I tugged the bike onto its back wheel in order to navigate through the cubicles to my office. The cleats on my cycle shoes forced a strange limp but as I past her desk I gave a quick flex of my calf muscles and lats, unsure if she was watching me from behind.

“I’ll have your stuff together in a few minutes”

“Great, gimme a few to get cleaned up.”

As I showered and changed in my private shower, I reflected on how good the last year had been. Our Internet company had grown significantly profitable, I’d been expanding our Silicon Valley bahis firmaları office hiring more staff, including recently Lorri. I probably didn’t need a full time executive admin, but she was a rock star, kept us all organized, and of course, smoking hot. So I paid her well for a 26 year-old glorified office manager.

I was still tucking in my button-down when I approached her desk, she was sitting looking towards the front door, on the phone and obviously didn’t see me coming.

“…yeah sooo hot.” She laughed with her friend, “yes money! You should see this place.” I held back around the corner and gently jostled the file cabinet. “Hey” she whispered into the phone, “gotta go.” By the time I rounded into her sight she was hanging up the phone. “Here’s all the stuff you wanted for the deal today.”

I had been heads-down working for several hours and hadn’t given further thought to her words when I emerged from my closed office to refill my coffee. Lorri was in our mini kitchen.

“Good ride today?” she asked as I filled my cup.

“Yeah, really pushed hard. We did about 12 miles, lots of hills today. And a bit of mud from the weekend rain.”

“That’s great. You’ve been working so hard lately. You gotta push your limits from time to time” as she spoke she bent down to adjust her shoe strap. Bent at the knees, her right leg forward, it was a quick move, not drawn out.

“Nice shoes.” Always compliment a woman on her shoes.

“I thought you’d like them,” she stood and playfully modeled her right foot, rotating back and forth with her thigh muscle taught. “They’re Manolo’s,” she smiled sheepishly, “the last bonus you gave me.”

“You thought I’d like them?”

“I have you so figured out.” her smile faintly devilish this time. With the comment she attempted to maneuver into a position of better power with me – watch, I know how to get your attention.

With a self-deprecating laugh, I took my authority position back. She was absolutely right, and you have my permission to continue your play. “Well, I guess we’ll have to make sure you get more bonuses.” I returned to my office with a raging hard on. The flirtation distracted me for much of the rest of the day. But I forced myself to return to my projects.

The next day I was in the office early, she arrived about nine and blew me away. I was behind my desk and marveled as she entered the room. Today it was a pair of almost-knee-high black boots that stretched around her elegant calf muscles, the heel tall and pencil thin. The leather shiny, almost patent but much kaçak iddaa more sophisticated. Her skirt today was suede, light and dusty tan – looser than yesterday’s, but shorter too. Slick, sculpted thighs vibrated as she strode toward me. Her blouse black, sheer – rayon maybe – tailored in at her waist and untucked, it highlighted that marvelous figure.

“Wow” I said with raised eyebrows.

“I told you I had you figured out.” her smile was all devil now.

“You do indeed.”

“You know, I’ve been thinking” her strides brought her closer to my desk

“Yes…?” I backed my chair away from the desk and rotated, silently inviting her.

“I think you need more that ‘office’ assistance from me”

“You do, do you?” she stopped in front of my knees. Shoulders square to me, feet apart so her legs made a strong A up to that perfect waist. I was reclined slightly, my knees apart. Open body language.

“Yes. You’ve been stressed lately.” She spoke softly, directly. Her hands came to my knees and we locked eyes. “I know you’re not dating anyone. So I think you need a release.” Her voice had lowered to a whisper, her mouth was inches from my ear.

“Is that right?” My hand reached to her waist, thumb in front, fingers behind, grasping her hip. I guided here into my lap, her weight on my left leg. She leaned back slightly and raised her right knee to her chest. The boot’s heal between my legs on the chair, she stroked from her toes up her calf. Her skirt fell back towards her pelvis bone.

“It is. See, I think you need a little slut.” Her left hand caressed my chest, played with my shirt button. “Someone who knows how to touch this gorgeous body.” She squeezed my pectoral and lean completely into me. Her mouth next to my ear, her hand sliding down my chest to my pelvis. “Is that what you want?” She squeezed my rock hard erection. “You want me to suck your cock? You want to come on my face? Am I your little slut?” Wow, she got dirty quickly.

“Oh yeah, you are soooo hot.” I slid my hand up her right thigh, between her legs. Her damp panties burned with heat. I grabbed her thigh forcefully enough to make her gasp a quick breath.

Without another word she slid off my lap and down to her knees on the carpet. She looked through her brow and we maintained eye contact as her hands slid down my stomach to my zipper. She had my cock out and in her mouth in no time. Her soft tongue traced the shaft from base to tip and brought her lips over the head. As she bobbed she let judicious amounts of saliva lubricate the shaft, she stroked the base kaçak bahis with her hand in synch with her lips.

“mmmmph” she groaned as she bobbed faster. Her hair fallen partially over her eyes so she looked a bit ravaged as me regained eye contact. I had my hand behind her head forcing her into a gently hard face-fucking. “uunnnh.”

Faster and faster she went, wetter and sloppier. She continued to look up at me for confirmation, praise.

“That’s it, suck my cock. Oooh that is fantastic. God you look gorgeous.” She bobbed harder and came up for air. She kneeled low, her nose at my sack, my full erection bisecting her face up to her forehead. Her gaze upward to mine.

“You like that? I want you to come. I want to see that spunk hit me in the face.”

I stood and guided her by the shoulders back onto the leather couch. She climbed on, leaned back and stroked her legs up. She pulled her skirt up to her waist, black panties exposed. Her white-tipped fingernail slid up the edge of the panties and dove deep into her pussy.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned and arched her back. The other fingers traced with her loose hair the side of her face, cheekbone to her lips. She flicked her tongue on her white nailtip and stared at my full erection as I came to her.

“You are my little slut. My sex kitten. Look at you. Fuck!”

She laughed seductively and slid her panties over her boots and threw them aside. She parted her cunt lips as I whipped my shirt over my head.

“And look at those abs! I knew you had a six-pack. And look at that cock. I want to see you stroke that big cock.” She rubbed rapidly at her clit. “Ooohhh. Stroke it for me.” I complied and stood over her with my hand pumping rhythmically. Faster and faster we pounded in unison. “mmmmph. Ooohh.”

“Ohhh, Fuck me now. I want that big dick in me.” She lifted her leather clad legs up and wide. I grabbed the smooth leather and slid my hands up to her ankles as I slid my cock inside her wet pussy. Her feet were over my shoulders.

“Oh YEAH” she screamed. “That’s it, fuck me hard” My balls slapped against her pubis as we gained our rhythm. Out slow, hard in “unhhh!” Our pace quickened, faster and wetter.

“I’m going to come.”

“That’s it. Come on me. Come on my face.” Her left hand had pulled her blouse apart and was tugging furiously at her nipple. “Let me see you come!”

I jerked it out and spasmed towards her open face. It landed hard across her cheek and lips. She didn’t even flinch – she was in mid-climax herself.

“Ooooohhhh. Mmmmmph. Oooohhh.” She screamed and arched back as my knees buckled.

We collapsed next to each other on the couch. She wiped my spunk with those incredible fingers into her mouth.

“Now that’s my bonus for today.” She smiled wryly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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