The Babysitter Kaitlin , I

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Author’s note: all person’s depicted in this story who are engaged in sexual activity are fictional and over the age of 18 years old.


My wife and I had a three year-old son, Toby, and on those occasions when we needed to go out, we would usually call on the daughter of my next door neighbor, Frank. Her name was Kaitlin and she was a typically cute and bubbly teenage girl next door. She was usually available when we needed her, got along well with Toby and we’d never had any problems. So, when my wife went out of town and I had an unexpected work dinner I needed to attend, I ran over to Frank’s place to see if Kaitlin was around. My thoughts didn’t stray for one second to anything other than the perfectly innocent need to have someone watch my son. Not at first, anyway…

I knocked and was pleasantly surprised when Kaitlin answered the door, looking hot as hell. She was in little short shorts that gave her a sweet camel toe and a tight top that showed off her midriff and accentuated her breasts, small though they were. I stood there in dumb silence for a second, flummoxed by this vision of young sexual loveliness before me. “Hey Mr. Cooper,” she said and pulled a cute pose, pushing her titties together with her arms, a gesture I assumed was subconscious on her part. Her nipples made little points on her shirt and I couldn’t help but look down.

“Oh, hi…er…Kaitlin…um…how are you?”

“You here to see my dad, Mr. Cooper?” Kaitlin asked me.

“No, actually…um…I wanted to see you, er…I…”

“Me? What would want with me, Mr. Cooper?” she said coyly, smiling sweetly.

“Oh. Um, yeah. I…are you free tonight?”

“Am I free, Mr.Cooper?”

“Um, yes.”

“Whatever for?” she said with a mischievous grin.

“I mean for babysitting.”

“Um…sure, I can be,” she said, somewhat cryptically.

“I can pay a little more because it’s short notice. I’d really appreciate it.”

“Well…” Kaitlin said, and she appeared to be toying with me.

“Alison is out of town and…”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Uh huh.”

“And you’re alone?”

“Yes. And I…”

“You need someone to come over and hang out with Toby while you’re out on some important errand?”

“Exactly. I can give you 12 instead of the usual 10 bucks if that’s OK. 6 o’clock?”

“OK, Mr. Cooper. It’s a date. I’ll see you at 6,” she said, smiled cutely, gave me a little wave and shut the door.

As I walked back to my house, I noticed that I had started sweating a little, my heart was racing and I had a partial erection. She had really had an effect me. I went home, had a shave, then got ready for my dinner meeting, all the while hanging out with my baby boy. I was feeding him dinner when Kaitlin came to the door, a little early. I called to her that the door was open, and she let herself in.

I immediately noticed that she had done her hair, put on a little make-up and changed. She was wearing nice shoes and a small dress, short and cut low to accentuate her legs, ass and bust. She looked incredible and I sat there with a dumb look on my face as she walked over to me.

“OK, so. You’re here. I should…er…go,” I said awkwardly. “You have my number?”

“Yes I do,” she said and I walked over to her. A lock of her hair, a jet black ringlet, fell in front of her face which I instinctively tucked behind her ear, a pretty inappropriate gesture given our situation. I started to apologize but she interrupted me, apparently not fazed.

“So, your wife is out of town, Mr. Cooper?”

“Yes, she’s gone all week. Thanks for watching Toby on such short notice.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Cooper,” she said, and I caught a glimpse of her nipples poking through her dress. She noticed me looking, blushed, then put her hair up, accentuating her tits. I stood there mesmerized and she smiled at me.

“OK…I gotta go,” I managed to say, trying to exit.

“What time will you be back?”

“Um, around 10:30? Is that OK?”

“Yes, that’s fine. Please text me to let me know you’re on your way.”

I nodded, then left. I briefly wondered why she had asked me to do that, but shrugged it off. As the dinner went along, Kaitlin left my thoughts and other issues filled my mind, with the company of my boss and co-workers distracting me. It was a fun night and after a couple of glasses of wine, I was in good spirits. As the meal wound down, I texted my wife Alison to say hello, then sent a message to Kaitlin to tell her I’d be back in 15 minutes or so.

Alison replied “night night” and Kaitlin responded with a little heart, which I thought was adorable, but made me feel a little strange, seeing as it should have been my wife who had sent the heart. I drove home, then let myself in and called out.

A little gentle voice called out from the other side of the house. “In here,” she said and I followed her voice. The door to my son’s room was ajar and I poked my head in and made sure he was OK. He was sleeping soundly.

“He illegal bahis looks happy and asleep,” I said quietly as I walked towards my bedroom, from where I’d heard Kaitlin. I wondered why she was in there, but then heard the TV and realized she had found a comfy spot to watch some cable. “You in here?” I started to ask as I entered, but cut off what I was saying when I saw Kaitlin there, lying under the covers. I stepped back, surprised. She then sat up, revealing her breasts to me, her face a picture of sunny innocence. She appeared to be completely nude, though most of her was covered up by the sheets.

“Oh, hi Mr. Cooper,” she said and didn’t move.

“Kaitlin, I…you…” I said, fumbling for my words. Trying to be a responsible adult, my body betrayed me and I went rock hard. I stared at her beautiful, budding breasts with gorgeous puffy nipples, as her cute black ringlets fell about her shoulders.

“Will you be requiring any further services from me this evening?” she said, in an absurdly flirtatious voice. Oh fuck. A dozen thoughts flashed through my head; my wife, needing to wash the bedsheets now that this raven-haired girl has been lying in it, Toby, her father Frank. But all the thoughts were swept away by this girl.

“What? No. I…yeah, er…” I couldn’t find words. I wanted to rip my clothes off and fuck her but it felt so wrong in so many ways, and I was attempting to say no. My rock hard dick was making it clear that I what I really wanted to say was yes.

Kaitlin pushed the covers aside and climbed on top of the duvet, fully exposing her nudity. She sat there, then lay back on her elbows and spread her legs, all the while looking at me. She was perfectly shaved and I’d never seen a more wonderful sight in my life. My eyes walked all over her, before settling on her face. I closed the door behind me and took a step towards her.

“Did you say you would be requiring further services from me or would you like me to go home, Mr. Cooper?” she whispered, arching her back and pushing out her perfect pussy. I wasn’t going to say no and I told myself that no man could have. Remembering my wife’s cold “night night” text, I walked over to the side of the bed and brushed my fingers through Kaitlin’s hair. She reacted like a cat being pet, smiling luxuriously.

The erection bulged in my pants as Kaitlin looked over as saw, her face blushing again. “And will your babysitting fee increase depending on the service, miss?” I said and she looked at me, her eyes flashing.

“I had thought it would be all included in my hourly rate, sir, but if you wish to pay me a bonus, I wouldn’t say no. I assume you intend to have your way with me, sir?” she said, batting her eyelashes adorably.

I loved how she was calling me sir. Everything about her was perfect, from her body to her pretty face, her voice and her manner. I was intoxicated by this gorgeous little teenage minx in my bed, tiny tits, slim waist, shaved pussy. Pushing any feelings of guilt aside, I let my hand fall and caressed her tit. It had been a long while since I’d touched a young lady and it felt miraculous. I very gently teased her nipples while we looked each other in the eye. Kaitlin bit her lip and spread her legs a little wider.

“Let me pay you,” I said, gently playing with her.

“Will sir be wanting me to suck his dick tonight?” Kaitlin said and I nodded, breathing deeply at the thought. “And will sir wish to partake of some pussy licking?” Again, I nodded, and started to sweat. “And will sir be wanting to fuck me in various positions?” she said, then started stroking the bulge in my pants.

I leaned down and kissed her, then said, “Yes, all of the above.”

I was still standing over her, my hand on her tit and her hand fiddling with my cock, as we slowly kissed, our lips grazing and teasing softly. “I…” she started to speak, then stopped. I sat down next to her, and we just gazed at each other for a second. She started fiddling with my fly, then said, “Mr. Cooper. I…I’m not a prostitute. I would fuck you for free, I’ve been fantasizing about you…” she stopped talking and caressed the muscles in my arm. “But…”

Kaitlin then unzipped my fly and, reaching into my pants, pulled out my cock. Her eyes lit up as my huge 9″ phallus, fully hard, flopped out in front of her face. I loved the expression on her pretty face just as much as the feeling of her small fingers around my thick shaft. I was a big guy and she was a little lady, and I saw her swallow in awe.

I reached for my wallet and took out $200. “How’s this?” I said, placing two bills on the bed next to her. She started stroking my dick from top to bottom, then looked up at me.

“Does that include my babysitting money?” she said, so I got out another 50. She glanced down at it, then moved her body over and took my dick in her mouth. As she did this, she undid my belt allowing me to slip off my pants, as she kissed the tip of my dick all the while.

I unbuttoned illegal bahis siteleri my shirt and pretty soon we were both naked, on the bed where my wife and I sleep, where we had conceived our son. I looked over at the nightstand and saw a picture of Alison smiling, then looked down to see the back of my teenage neighbor’s head as she gave me a blow job. It felt amazing and I let my hands fall to caress her hair, closed my eyes and let out a moan of appreciation.

“You have a big cock, Mr. Cooper,” she said looking up at me, and I snapped out of my daydream.

“And you have lovely little titties, Kaitlin,” I replied. She sat up and pushed her chest out, smiling. I reaching out and touched her nipples again, then moved my hand over her arm, shoulders, waist and belly, marveling at the perfection of her youthful figure.

She moved up close to me and her nipples brushed up against my chest as she continued fondling my balls. She looked me deep in the eye, bit her lip and said, “Do you think this big thing is gonna fit in my tight pussy, sir?”

“If it doesn’t, will I get my money back?” I replied and we both laughed.

“I’m gonna make sure you get your money’s worth…and more,” Kaitlin said and then came in for a deep kiss, laying back down, allowing me to fall softly on her. We rolled around on the bed in a sensual embrace, our limbs intertwining and our tongues dancing together in a soft exchange. My hands roamed freely all over her body, taking in all her lovely lady parts. It had been so long since I had felt a petite, tight female under me, it was ecstasy.

Kaitlin pulled away from the kiss and looked at me lasciviously. She then opened her legs, inviting me to taste her. I moved down towards her and kissed along the length of her legs, over her calves, knees and up her inner thighs. She started giggled and moaning a little as I got closer and closer to her prize.

“I’m so glad that you wanted my extra special service, Mr. Cooper. I was so worried for you that you would be lonely with your wife out of town,” she said teasingly. I was wondering if she was trying to make me feel guilty about cheating on my wife, but I was so far gone that I didn’t care. Kaitlin was so young and beautiful, that I couldn’t pass on this opportunity, and I kept telling myself that no man could have resisted.

“I’m glad that you made your services available to me, young lady,” I said, then kissed her pretty pink flower. She reacted with a gasp, and when I teased her clitoris with my tongue she let out lovely high little sounds of appreciation. She spread her legs even wider, so that her knees were almost touching the bed and I dived in. It had been a long time since I’d tasted teen pussy and it was like chewing on fresh bubble gum.

I felt her hands caressing the back of my head and her sounds of pleasure increased as I worked on her cute little pussy. Her juices started flowing as my tongue started moving faster, licking and flicking against her little nub of delight. I held my hands around her in full appreciation of her slender figure, unravaged by time or childbirth. I felt her body tighten up and her hands started massaging her own breasts and I could tell she was close.

“Oh, sir, sir, I do believe you are…uh uh…going to…make me…uuhhhhhh,’ she said, then broke off as her orgasm hit. She let out a long, high squeal, though muted so not to wake the sleeping child in the next room. Waves and waves of ecstasy hit her and she arched her body like a cat and put her legs around my neck. “Mr…uhhh…fuuuuuck…here I go again…” she said again, this time losing restraint and screaming my name out loud.

Her body starting shaking as she tensed, then relaxed. “Perhaps…uhh…perhaps sir would like to…uh uh…proceed…to the main course now…please…”

I thought I would be coy with her. I sat up, wiped my mouth and said, “Whatever do you mean?”

“I mean,” she said, sitting up on her elbows, “Fuck me, Mr. Cooper. Fuck me now.” I didn’t waste any time. I lay down on her, though stayed above her body, as if in push-up position. My dick lay against her little pink pussy and she bit her lip, looking at me with heat in her eyes. I teased her by allowing the tip of my big, hard cock to push against the entrance of her pink box.

“I’ve been wanting you to fuck me for a long time, Mr. Cooper,” she whispered, and I gave her another inch, wondering how old she might have been when she started thinking about me that way. I lowered my body a little and her nipples brushed against my chest. “You like my titties, sir?” she asked and I gave her a gentle kiss.

“Yes I do, sweetheart. You’re perfect,” I answered her and slipped inside another inch. I brought my head down and gently sucked on her cute little nipples as I toyed with her with my dick. Sensing it was time to give her my full length, I picked my head up and looked her deep in the eye.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time too, Kaitlin,” I told her, canlı bahis siteleri though it felt dirty to confess to have desire for a young girl living next door.

“Then give it to me,” she said, grabbing my ass and bringing me into her. I gave her the full length of my cock and her eyes and mouth went wide open. “Ooooh fuuuuck,” she said and I smiled as I started fucking her slowly. “I’ve never had a cock like this, holy…fuuuu…” she went on, then broke off, putting her head back in flights of pleasure as I gave it to her.

For the first time in a long time, I had to fight off the physical urge to ejaculate immediately during sex. I let my mind drift to other things; my cold wife, boring work, mowing the lawn, laundry, anything to prevent disappointing this young girl. After a few minutes, I had to stop and pull half way out. Kaitlin didn’t question me, only looked at me with heat, her chest heaving. “Your cock is amazing, oh my god,” she said and I felt much better.

I pulled out all the way, grabbed her round the waist and turned her over on her front. She tried to get up on all fours but I pushed her back down, spreading her legs with my knees, then getting my dick in between her. Teasing her a little, I entered her again and started fucking her harder than before, her face pressed down against the sheets. Judging from the wild sounds of passion she started making, I could tell she enjoyed the little moment of dominance.

After a minute of ramming her, I got my hands round her waist and pulled her up a little, encouraging her to get on all fours as she had wanted to before. “Yes…yes…” she said as I fucked her doggie style. It had been so long since I’d fucked like this, I’d almost forgotten what it was like to be truly thrilled by another person. My hands rubbed her little tits as I fucked her and we both started moaning in unison, loud and free.

“Want me to come, babe?” I asked her as I approached the point of no return.

“No, no…not yet,” she said and moved her ass so that I fell out. Thankfully, my orgasm subsided. We looked at each other for a moment, taking it all in; our sweaty bodies, so different in size and age. She sat there breathless for a moment. “This is better than I ever imagined, Mr. Cooper,” she said, pushing me back down on the bed. She crawled towards me, resting her pussy on my cock, teasing herself with my thick shaft.

“I used to watch you sunbathing in the garden, Mr. Cooper, and I thought about sitting on you like this,” she said, leaned over, giving me a sweet kiss. “I just didn’t realize you’d be so big and amazing.”

“I never even dreamed…” I said as she began to press down on my dick, forcing it inside her again.

“This is how I want to finish, is that OK?” she said and started wriggling and writhing on me. She gathered up her hair and danced on me, her arms up above her head, jiggling her tiny breasts as she used me as her plaything. My cock was deep inside her as she slid up and down, reveling in the moment. My hands caressed her budding breasts again and I just looked at her in wonder, my body on fire. She was perfection.

She started moaning again and I mostly lay still, just thrusting my dick inside her as she made love to me. Her moans turned to squeaks, then to screams as she started to come again. “Uh uh uh…yes…Mr…uh…Coo…per..uh…come…come…uhhhhh” she said, losing control in wild passion. I grabbed her waist and thrust inside her as deeply as I could, causing her even higher exclamations of love and lust. I felt the cum rise in me and impaled her with my cock as I emptied the contents of my balls inside her, filling her sweet box with my sticky goo.

As I came in her and the moments of ecstatic bliss passed, I became aware of how loud and reckless we had been, and felt self-conscious. I had no doubt that my neighbors, her parents and her younger sister Abbey, might have heard our love making. Kaitlin let out a long groan of appreciation as our bodies relaxed and she lay down on me. “Mr. Cooper…” she said, but that was it.

She put her chin on my chest and wriggled her ass, allowing my cock to slip out of her pussy., then smiled sweetly. “I don’t know about you, sir, but that was the best fuck of my life.”

“It was incredible. You’re incredible,” is all I could manage to say, my mind in a daze.

“My body is tingling. I came 4 times!” she said, excitedly and I brushed my fingers through her hair lovingly. “I want to give you that money back, Mr. Cooper. I don’t want you to think…”

“It’s OK, think of it as a gift.”

“No, I…”

“I want you to have it.”

“You sure? I didn’t want you to pay me for sex. I just wanted to fuck you, but…it was kinda hot to ask, so…”

“It’s fine, it was a little game. I want you to have the money. Buy yourself something nice,” I said and we kissed softly and tenderly.

“I don’t want to leave,” she said and rested her head on my chest.

“Stay for a while, if you like,” I suggested. Toby was sleeping soundly and Alison was half-way across the country, so I didn’t see any reason to kick her out.

“Let me just lie here with you for a little while…” she said and we cuddled up and dozed off a short time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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