The Bionic Stud: Me Lance, You Jane

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NOTE: For those of you joining us for the first time, this story is a vignette from Rubirosa’s series “C*ck Star.” The chronicle focuses upon the private life of a public figure.

As the most accomplished porn star of modern times, Samson lives out popular male sex fantasies on a daily basis. This story focuses on our hero’s early adventures when he was just an everyday high school gigolo and championship bodybuilder by the name of ‘Lance Leo.’

Lance has just turned 18. Like many seniors at Peoria Tech, he plays football, smokes pot, and dates cheerleaders. He listens to hip-hop but prefers heavy metal bands. He scored in the 38thpercentile on his SAT’s. His GPA hovers just below a 2.3. Lance wears Magnum XL condoms and is able to sleep with any woman he desires. This is his story.


August 31, 2013: Peoria, IL

“Let me ask you once last time,” stated the naval officer. “Do you understand the consequences of becoming Lance’s guardian?”

Jane rolled her eyes. She knew he would tell her the same thing as his superior did yesterday. However, Jane had served under guys like Lieutenant Smith so she just nodded. The Iraq vet knew their meeting would end faster if she kept her mouth shut.

“Lance Leo is not a child anymore, Ms. Hawthorne. He turned eighteen years old as of last week. Therefore, you are under no legal obligation to care for him. I know you knew his father so this is a very generous offer on your behalf. We respect your devotion to Captain Leo, God bless him.”

Jane stifled a sigh of exasperation. Smith was staring at her tits. Despite two daughters, the blonde cougar still had the body of a twenty-five year old. Jane had kept up her military exercise regimen long after she received her honorable discharge.

“I need hardly mention that Lance has undergone some difficult years,” he continued “However, we can’t discuss his background in too much detail. His work with the government remains classified.”

Indeed, it was. The recruiting officers nabbed him at an early age. His father died in the Middle East so they didn’t need a consent form. And Lance didn’t go to basic training either. The CIA knew he had inherited his father’s genetic makeup. Besides shooting up to six-and-a-half feet tall by 16, he possessed very low levels of Myostatin in his blood. Scientists believed the protein set a limit on an individual’s muscle growth. Without Myostatin, Lance experienced a rare condition known as ‘muscle hypertrophy’ that resulted in reduced body fat and increased muscle size. As a teen, he acquired twice the usual amount of muscle of a Navy SEAL at peak fitness.

Lance would have made a formidable warrior but Uncle Sam got greedy. They tricked him into participating in a medical study for engineering biologically enhanced soldiers. The experimental drug boosted testosterone levels far higher than any known steroid on the market. Indeed, Lance acquired nearly superhuman strength by the end of the program. However, the drug carried side effects. He experienced a condition known as ‘macropenis.’ While most dudes wouldn’t consider a ten-inch cock to be a bad thing, the drug also affected his personality. His high testosterone count boosted his sense of confidence and well-being. However, it also made him aggressive and disobedient. Neither trait served him well in the military.

Worst of all, his libido grew along with his big dick. A friend of Jane’s had leaked his disciplinary reports to her. During classified missions in the Middle East, he incurred dozens of infractions relating to sexual relations with female military personnel. After countless reprimands, his C.O. recognized his behavior could jeopardize the safety of the high-risk missions they sent him on. Moreover, Lance did not seem particularly enamored of his regimented lifestyle. But a discharge would be tricky. Without any family to look after Lance, a guy like him could wind up dead or in prison. And the ex-soldier could spill the beans on the classified experiments he underwent.

In short, Jane was a godsend. She would take care of the teen until he could live on his own. The government could wash their hands of him at last.

“We think the best thing for Lance would be an education,” continued the colonel. “His IQ tests scored way above average but he hasn’t attended school since the tenth grade. 18 or no, we decided to enroll him as a transfer student at Peoria Tech. We developed a cover story that you both will memorize.”

“So you’re basically holding him back two years,” she noted.

“A year in high school will help him adjust to the demands of being a socially productive individual. I advise you keep his age secret from others. Lance perceives himself as an adult but his behavior remains immature. His lack of impulse control and

maladaptive tendencies make him unfit for a more demanding educational environment.”

“Are you done?” she asked quietly.


“Just give me the fucking bahis firmaları paperwork. I’m the one doing you a favor.”

Smith handed over the clipboard. Lance would be her problem now.


They drove home in silence.

Jane lived in a non-descript suburban home. She worked as a nurse in a local hospital. Her Corvette pulled into the garage. She tapped the clicker and the automatic door rolled down. Lance got out first.

Jane admired Lance. She only had seen photos of him before today. His hair had grown out dramatically. The black mane of wavy locks almost reached the middle of his back. He refused the regulation buzz cuts that were part and parcel of military life. His insubordination pissed off the officers something fierce.

“Nice wheels,” he told her, admiring her cherry red sports car.

“Thanks,” she answered before walking past him to a mysterious veiled object that stood on the other side of the garage. Jane yanked off the sheet to reveal a vintage 1974 Harley Davidson Sportster. The bike looked to be in mint condition.

“Your father wanted you to have that,” she told him. “Do you ride?”

“Sure,” he lied.

“Bullshit. But I can teach you.”

“Teach me what?”

“To ride.”

“I reckon we’ll be doing a lot of that,” he grinned and let the salacious comment hang in the air. Lance opened the trunk and pulled out his luggage. Each canvas bag weighed more than Jane did but the muscular teen slung them over his shoulders and carried them up the stairs without so much as a grunt of exertion.

Jane gave him a tour of the house: kitchen, living room, storage area, and his father’s old weight room. Lance casually picked up a 100 lb. kettle bell and curled it a few times with the ease with which she handled a 2 lb. free weight in her aerobic routines. His left bicep blew up to the size of her head with each lift. Jane had served with some pretty big guys in the military but none of them had guns like Lance. He had the body of a comic book superhero.

“You going to show me the rest of the house?” he asked her.

“Oh, right,” said Jane, snapping out her trance. “Come upstairs.”

She led him up to the second story of her tract home. His quarters were a clean and non-descript guest room.

“You’ll be sleeping in here,” she told him.

“No, I won’t,” he answered without hesitation.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean there’s one last room you haven’t shown me, Jane. I want to see your bedroom.”

“Well, I never…”

“Cut the crap,” he said firmly yet politely. “We both know why we’re here. Back in the service, I gave female personnel something they couldn’t get at home. And now you’ve brought me here so you CAN get it at home. I just turned 18 so whatever we do behind closed doors is 100% legal.”

Jane didn’t argue with him. In fact, she didn’t say a word. The cougar took a step back. He took a step forward. She took another step back. He was so close that Jane could taste him. Her shoulder blades lightly touched the wall. Lance took both her hands and pinned them against that wall. He closed in on her for a kiss. His manner was not so much predatory as familiar. Lance acted as though they had kissed like that a thousand times before. Or, perhaps, he had kissed like that with a thousand women before.

“Every rumor you heard is true,” he whispered in her ear. “The government engineered my body for military operations. However, it seems I prefer to make love, not war.”

Before she could answer, Lance slid one arm around her back and the other behind the bend in her knees. Without a second thought, he literally swept Jane off her feet. Lance strode down the hall with his female burden. “Which way to your bedroom?” he smiled. Jane pointed to the second door on the right. The teen did not seem like marriage material but he definitely knew how to perform a bridal carry.

Lance kicked open the door and deposited Jane on the bed. He crawled in from the other side and rolled on to his back. “You want to see what the government did to me?” he winked. Jane couldn’t help but smile. Ever since she first decided to adopt the young stud, the cougar had entertained the possibility they might end up in bed. However, Jane never thought it could have happened so quickly.

Taking the initiative, Lance tore off his tank top. He looked like his father but even more cut and ripped. The teen boasted an intimidating physique. She heard that it took six soldiers to wrestle him to the ground after he got into a fistfight with a drill sergeant. His handlers wanted him to stay on but the base commander insisted he leave. The young tough scared his superiors. On the other hand, his pronounced pecs and sculpted abs elicited a more intimate emotion in the attractive but sex-starved cougar.

“I heard a man’s core muscles boost his sex life,” he noted as he knelt over her. “They increase stamina and help strengthen his thrusts.” Lance rolled his kaçak iddaa eight-pack abs with the skill of a professional belly dancer. Jane watched him silently. “Take a photo,” he finally told her. “It will last longer.” Despite his vulgar tone, Jane couldn’t help but gawk at his sensual display. The stud got her hot. She felt soaking wet.

Jane took off her heels. She tossed one of them at Lance. It missed his ear by a couple inches and hit the floor with a loud thud. “You throw like my grandmother,” he said. Jane picked up the other heel and clocked him in the nose. She broke out in laughter. Lance seemed generally startled for a second before his cool demeanor returned.

“I think I’d like to see a little more skin than just your feet,” he told her flatly.

“Then kiss them.”

“Kiss what?”

“My feet.”

“I’ll kiss something else.”

With that, he bent down and planted another kiss on her lips. Her mouth parted. Their tongues dueled. Her pussy melted. Lance finally broke contact.

“Now I’m gonna kiss something even nicer.”

He crawled to the foot of the bed, grasped her ankles, and spread her legs. Jane wore a short skirt and black panties. She chose lace-trim briefs. Cute but nothing fancy.

Jane hadn’t dressed up for a date. She didn’t expect to be seduced that night. Lance gleefully inhaled the aroma of moist cunt. He made yet another cougar cream her panties. The teen Lothario could take his time with her. They weren’t on the base. They were in her bed and had all the time in the world to explore and enjoy each other.

“Let’s get you out of those wet clothes,” Lance murmured as he deftly peeled the waistband of her briefs down her hips. Jane signaled her consent by slightly lifting her ass off the bed to help Lance with the undressing. As he rolled them down her legs, the teenage ladykiller couldn’t help but note that she soaked the gusset of her panties. The extra layer of material supposedly caught vaginal discharge but Lance summoned a deluge.

Lance yanked off her skirt. She was stripped below the belt. He dove between her thighs headfirst. Her back popped into an arch. She clutched a fistful of bed sheeting in either hand. Jane positively trembled with anticipation. But Lance started slow. He teased her mercilessly, circling his tongue round and round her pulsing clit. His movements felt precise and practiced with the delicacy of a feather. As Jane’s body relaxed, he impulsively flicked the hood of her clitoris. The contact was brief but electrifying. A moan passed her lips. Yet he maintained the same slow and steady rhythm, letting the throb of desire pool in her loins.

Lance could not have felt more content at that moment. He barely knew this woman but sensed an immediate intimacy with her. After becoming an orphan, sex was the only way Lance could connect with another human being. Though the teen stud affected a macho stance and made risqué jokes, nothing mattered to him more than the pleasure of his partner. He constantly refined his techniques to become an ever more satisfying lover. It seemed to be working. Jane gasped with each intake of breath. She loved the languid pace of his osculations. Guys never took enough time to explore a woman.

Finally, Lance changed up his game. He began to move his tongue up and down in one long motion. The oral virtuoso increased the pressure of his strokes, edging her closer to the brink. Lance felt her legs begin to quiver. His tongue rapidly sped up. Jane moaned louder. He picked up the pace until his tongue blurred like a hummingbird’s wing. Jane marveled at its speed. So did Lance. It felt as if his tongue became motorized. The amazing organ seemed to be moving of its own accord. Since the military experiments, Lance recently had experienced many changes in his body and this appeared to be yet another discovery.

At 40 licks a second, Jane’s climax was swift, certain, and intense. Her entire body seized up for a moment. An instant later, she was gasping for air. Lance met her gaze with a big smile. He appreciated the magnitude of her pleasure and seemed quite pleased with himself.

“Nice,” she teased him. “But I want more. A lot more.”

Without hesitation, he buried his face between her thighs once more. She felt his tongue probing her labial folds. The tip burrowed its way into her wet pussy and stroked her vaginal walls. He grazed her G-spot. Lance had a very loooooong tongue. Fully extended, the organ measured an astonishing nine inches. The mutation enabled him to give mind-blowing head to females.

Jane was impressed. Lance maneuvered his augmented tongue skillfully enough to stimulate her glorious Gräfenberg. What other guy could reach her sweet spot? With a finger? Maybe. But not just with his mouth. Better yet, her XXL boy toy simultaneously ground her clit with the flat of his licentiously long box-licker. She couldn’t see what he was doing under the hood but it felt incredible.

She moaned even louder than kaçak bahis before. Lance took the hint. His tongue flickered against her G-spot as she ground her crotch against his face. “I’m coming already!” she piped before a shockwave of pleasure rocked her body from head to toe. Her mouth gaped open in a silent scream. Jane came so hard that she saw stars. Without a doubt, she had just experienced what girlfriends called The Big ‘O’. What surprised her most was its speed. A major climax usually required a lot more buildup. Jane could ride a dude for hours and still not reach a peak like that. The harder she tried, the more it eluded her. But this fucking kid had a magic touch.

Lance lifted up his head. His face was covered in her goo. But he didn’t seem to mind at all. After letting Jane catch her breath, Lanced ducked between her thighs and began to chow down on her pussy once more. He might have been a thug but the teen knew how to treat a lady. As Lance dined on her like an all-you-can-eat buffet of love, Jane learned that orgasms came in three sizes with him: large, extra large, and ginormous.

By the fifth climax, however, she got a little restless. Her hips drew back from his lips just a bit.

“Don’t you want to…”

“Anytime you’re ready, babe,” he smiled. “You know I love eating pussy but not just for kicks. In fact, you might call it more of a requirement for a guy like me.”

Jane didn’t quite follow him.

“Let me show you something,” said Lance as he knelt up.

The bulge in his jeans wasn’t just large. It was obscene. When checking out a prospective lover, Jane always had trouble making out a man’s exact shape and size. She couldn’t tell if he was limp or hard. Hell, some guys even padded their crotches! Lance didn’t need to do that. His bulge left nothing to the imagination. First of all, he definitely was hard. Very hard. The goddamn monster pulsed visibly beneath the denim. Secondly, the thick shaft traveled down the inseam of his pants almost to his knee. Finally, his massive organ did not just tent his jeans. The fabric hugged his manhood so closely that she actually could see the outline of his fist-sized knob.

“Do you feel me, Jane? I really need to prep a girl before she can handle me.”

Jane didn’t answer. She needed a moment to take in the view. If Lance popped a boner like that in public, he stood a decent chance of being arrested for indecent exposure. Jane sought the company of well-hung men but her new bedmate appeared to be a human stallion. She wondered what it would feel like to have him inside of her.

“Can I touch it?” she asked him finally.

“You can do anything you want to it.”

Jane sat up and slinked over to him. Her finger traced the length of his weapon from head to hilt.

“Oh, babe,” Lance gasped with lust on his breath. “It’s been so long.”

“Yes, it has,” she purred.

“I haven’t had a woman in two days.”

For Jane, her dry spell had lasted two years.

“Sure. I jacked off five times a day but I would do that anyway,” he continued “You would do the same thing if the government gave you a bionic dick.”

“So it’s true what I heard about the drug.”

“Yeah. The experiments transformed me. You know how your body changes during puberty. Like you go from a boy to a man. Well, the process I underwent with the drug felt like a second puberty. My voice got even deeper. I gained another 50 pounds of muscle. And my cock grew four more inches in a single year. You want to see it?”

Jane responded by unzipping his jeans but pulling it out would require some help. The beast had gotten stuck along the inseam of his pant leg. Lance shimmied out of his jeans. The label claimed the pair to be ‘loose-fitting’ but his trunk-like quads and big dick stretched the denim skintight.

Lance resumed his confession as he struggled out of the garment: “To be honest, the metamorphosis was a lot more fun than puberty. Puberty can be awkward. The drug was just the opposite. It made you grow from a man into a superhuman alpha stud. Not just physically but mentally. You still can experience fear but the emotion is muted. And the way it boosts your self-confidence… You can do no wrong. The psychologists said the drug made me ‘aggressive’ but that didn’t really describe what happened. I felt… powerful. Like you can take anything you want and no one can stop you.”

During his speech, Jane slowly unrolled Lance’s jeans down to his knees. But she encountered another obstacle — his overstuffed boxer briefs. The teen’s anaconda jutted out so far that his knob nearly ripped a hole in the undergarment. Jane pulled out the waistband with one hand and reached inside with the other. She wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. He was so thick that her fingers couldn’t touch. Jane tried to work the tool out of his boxers but Lance stayed her hand. A line of buttons ran up the front of the garment. Lance undid a couple and his fuck club sprang into the air.

The organ throbbed with excitement. Even though Jane already knew Lance packed a python in his pants, the sight still knocked her head over heels. She only had seen guys like him in porn.

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