The Brat Ch. 03

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As Lily reached out to accept her mother’s boots, her eyes grew wider & wider as the touch, smell and feel of the leather in her hands swept over her. She didn’t rush to put them on, more savoured the moment. Her fingers delicately felt the cool soft shaft of the boot as she traced the outline to the heel. Her eyes glazed over as the touch swept through her making her tingle.

Shifting onto her bottom, she gently bent her knee and extended her foot – pushing her toes into the dark cavity of the boot. As her toes glided into position, she felt the leather wrap itself coolly around her foot. She slowly pressed with her ankle, and the rest of her foot popped into place. As she continued to softly manipulate the leather between her fingers, she pulled up on the boot as it moulded itself to her ankle & shin, rising up towards her knee.

Her fingers softly smoothed out any wrinkles or creases and she reached towards the zipper. Tugging with her fingers, she looked directly up into Bob’s eyes as she pulled the zipper taught up to her knee.

As the zipper closed and the leather encased her leg, she couldn’t help her eyes from rolling. She felt a pang of tingling shooting through her body like an electric surge.

She swiftly moved onto the other boot and repeated the process. Again, taking her time to savour every moment.

Finally encased in her mothers knee high stiletto boots, she stood up. As the 4 inches made her stand proud, she felt her calf muscles adjusting to the height. The accentuation gave her a more demeaning posture, forcing her to compensate her hips and back.

‘How do they feel Lily?’ Bob asked his step-daughter, smiling as he watched her.

‘Fantastic Daddy. The way they cling to my legs, wrap themselves around my feet, they make me stand tall and feel amazing.’ She replied, deliriously admiring the glistening leather now adorning her feet and legs.

‘Parade for me.’ Bob demanded.

‘Yes Sir.’ Lily answered, and began to take slow sauntering steps across the room.

As she walked, she instinctively felt her hips sway. Her whole body now swayed in the rhythm of her slow strides. Feeling her heels pointing down into the carpet as her body weight shifted, she couldn’t help but feel incredibly sexy.

As Lily reached the far side of the room, she spun on her heels and returned to where her step-father was standing.

He was still admiring the way his wife’s boots looked on this sexy little 18 year old. He noticed that her nipples were rock hard, pointing upwards at straining point. Her breasts shimmered ever so slightly with every step, and she swayed her hips in unison with her stride.

He also inhaled the strong aroma of flowing pussy juices.

As she reached her step-father, Lily instinctively returned to her knees in front of him.

‘How does that feel now Lily?’ he asked.

‘Amazing Sir. I never knew quite how much it would affect me.’ She answered, her eyes shining with excitement.

Bob reached down and put his finger under her chin, lifting her face eye and looking directly into her dark, smoky, sexy eyes.

‘So you see now, the appreciation of things we care for and look after.’ He said.

‘Yes Sir.’ She agreed excitedly.

‘That’s good. We will carry on the lessons but first, I am hungry.’ He continued.

‘Yes Sir. Me too Sir.’ She agreed.

‘Good. It’s a bit late to cook now. Why don’t I nip out and get us a Chinese take away. Now, find yourself something suitable to wear. And if you promise to be a good girl, I will let you keep your mothers boots on.’ He said.

‘Oh thank you daddy!’ Lilly exclaimed, genuinely excited at the prospect of keeping these sexy boots wrapped securely around her feet.

About half an hour later, Bob returned with the food. He dished it up and called Lily as he made himself comfortable. Sat on the sofa in the living room with a beer, he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Lily glided into the room wearing a little denim skirt that barely covered her thighs and a tiny crop t-shirt that barely covered her breasts, and of course her mothers boots.

She walked over to the sofa and knelt in front of him.

‘Is this suitable Daddy?’ she asked him.

Bob looked down at her and smiled.

‘Probably not if your mother was here with us, no!’ he said, laughing. ‘Come here’ he finished, beckoning her to join him on the sofa.

‘Eat your dinner, there’s a good girl.’ He said to her.

As they sat and ate, Bob noticed Lily shifting her legs. She couldn’t help but keep glancing down admiring the way her mothers boots looked wrapped around her own legs. He had to admit to himself that she did wear them well.

After tea, they both washed and dried the dishes. As they stood in the kitchen, both step-father and daughter worked together to get everything cleaned up. Afterwards, Bob extended his hand out towards Lilly and pulled her close to him.

‘You have done very well today Lily. It is so much better & nicer when you co-operate & do as you are told.’ He said.

‘Yes Sir. And thank you bahis firmaları Daddy for helping me today. I don’t know what I would have done without you.’ She replied as she wrapped her arms around him, cuddling him tightly.

As they embraced, he felt her trace her hands up his back and her fingers teased his neck. He shivered as her nails softly scraped across his neck and onto the back of his ears.

‘Do you remember that box in your mothers wardrobe?’ he whispered.

‘Yes Sir?’ Lily answered, inquisitively.

‘Would you like to see what is inside it?’ he asked.

‘Oh yes please Sir!’ she said excitedly.

‘Ok, but only because you have been so good today. Remember, these privileges can just as easily be taken away and replaced with punishment!’ he stated, ‘And also, you must remember that this is between us. No-one else is to know, especially your mother. Do you understand?’

‘Yes sir, I understand, Thank you sir.’ She replied, hugging him tightly.

He took one of her hands in his and guided her to the stairs. Leading her up to his bedroom, he directed her to the closet where the box still sat outside, and suggestively pushed her down to her knees.

‘Are you sure you want to explore the box with me Lily?’ he asked her, already knowing that her curiosity along with her new found obsession with her mothers wardrobe guaranteed her answer.

‘Oh yes please Daddy. Please, more than anything.’ She answered quickly.

‘Then strip off your clothes’ he demanded.

‘Daddy, can I please keep mummy’s boots on though?’ she asked.

‘You may, for now.’ He answered, smiling.

Lily quickly pulled her top off to reveal her breasts. Already her nipples were erect and standing proud. Next she shimmied her skirt down past her ankles and pulling it off. Bob admired the fact that she neither wore a bra or panties when he had told her to get dressed earlier.

Returning to her knees beside the box, the now naked Lily awaited with excitement.

Bob stood up and walked around her a few times. He looked down to see that beads of sweat were forming on her forehead and she was shifting uncomfortably / nervously.

As he produced a key out of his pocket, he bend down next to her and placed it in the lock. Before turning the key, he looked directly at Lily.

‘Remind me, how much do you want this?’ he asked.

‘Oh please daddy, please…’ she wailed.

‘Give me a kiss and I might allow you.’ He teased, bending down to his knees beside her and the box.

‘Yes Daddy!’ she exclaimed.

Leaning forward, she reached her lips out to him and locked them onto him. He felt her soft tongue penetrate his mouth and swirling around in unison, she had him. Her hands reached out around his neck, holding him next to her, while his hand instinctively reached up and grabbed a handful of hair. Holding her tightly, not allowing her any leeway to escape, their passion started to fill the air. His other hand reached down and stroked her boot from her ankle to her knee, instantly making her shudder with excitement.

He sensed that the touch of the boots electrified her. He did it again, this time streaking back and forth and felt her body shift in excitement.

Not wanting to give her too much, too soon, he broke the embrace off and smiled down at her. He could see and feel that her body was on heat.

As he turned the key, the lock clicked open & Lily squealed with excitement as her eyes grew bigger and bigger.

Bob removed the now unlocked lid of the box and stood it against the wall. He stood upright and towered over his step-daughter who was now peering directly down at the box. Inside she could see that there was a purple silk cloth covering items which filled the box to the brim. As she started to lean towards the box, the waft of crisp leather filled her nostrils making her shiver in anticipation.

‘Now Lily, I must ask you again. You’re sure about this? Once we start, once this begins, things can never be the same again.’ He asked her.

‘Yyyyesssss Sir. I am sure.’ She replied, still excited and still smelling that strange aroma that made her whole body buzz throughout.

‘Good. Now, let us start. Come kneel beside the bed and I will show you what we have.’ He ordered.

Lily shuffled on her knees until she was next to the bed. She arched around to watch Bob lift the box and carry it to the bed, which he placed it on the bed near her and then sat beside it.

As he removed the silk covering, her eyes grew wider and wider as she peered over the top of the box. Very slowly, as if to draw out the intrigue & excitement Bob started to remove items and place them on the bed in front of her.

First out came an assortment of leather, pvc & rubber underwear. There were various corsets, basque’s, bra’s & suspender belt’s all in either red or black. Next out came various pack’s of stockings and tights, again in a multitude of varieties ranging from silk lace topped to seamed fishnet.

Lily’s eyes were like a kid in a sweet shop. She couldn’t believe her conservative kaçak iddaa mother would think of any of these items, let alone wear them. She felt her bottom lip quivering as she gingerly glanced a look up at her step father, who himself was staring at his booted, naked teenager knelt before him.

‘So what do you think?’ Bob asked his slightly blushing step-daughter.

‘Err, I really don’t know what to say Sir.’ She replied.

‘Ha-ha, I thought as much. It’s not often you are speechless!’ he joked.

‘No sir, I suppose not Sir. Is this all mummy’s?’ she asked.

‘Of course. We have built up quite a collection over the years. Your mother loves dressing up for me, as well as for herself.’ He replied.

She looked excited, but at the same time lost for words. Almost like a child with five new toys and wondering which one to rip open first.

‘Lily remove your mothers boots please.’ He told her.

As she sat there on the bedroom floor, she slowly started to remove the boots. Firstly unzipping the left one and softly running her fingers over the leather, she eased it from around her foot. Next she did the same with the other one.

‘Bring the boot up to your face and inhale. Tell me how that smells.’ He said to her.

A little confused by his sentence, she slowly lifted the boot up towards her face. The pungent leather smell crept up her nostrils and almost knocked her senses when it reached impact.

‘Hmmmmmm’ was all she could reply as she inhaled.

‘Not the open foot. Put your nose where your foot goes and take a deep intake of breath.’ He said.

‘HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMM’ she whimpered as the smell continued to knock her senses out.

‘Do you like that honey?’ he asked her, smiling.

‘Yes Daddy! I like that a lot!’ she replied, with the sound almost muffled as her face was still buried inside her mothers boot.

‘It’s the chemical reaction of sweat & leather. Your mother is exactly the same & it has the same affect on her too.’ He explained, grinning.

He looked down upon her as she switched to the other boot, lapping up the aroma like a kitten lapping up it’s first ever bowl of milk.

As the senses kicked back in, she sat and looked up at her step-father – she too was grinning from ear to ear.

‘Now, would you like to try any of this on?’ he asked.

‘Oh can I Daddy? Are you sure? Can I?’ she answered immediately, excitedly.

‘I think so. As you’ve been so good today.’ He said. ‘What would you like to try?’ he asked.

‘Oh I don’t know, there is so much to choose from! What does mummy like?’ she replied.

Bob picked up a leather basque with suspenders attached. Small link chains hung around the cups alongside a neat row of studs that crisscrossed underneath and down the front.

‘Here, this is one of her favourites. And you’ll need these too.’ He said as he handed her the basque and a pair of black lace topped seamed stockings.

As she reached out to grab them, she leant in and gave her step-father a kiss on the cheek.

‘Thank you daddy.’ She said.

He watched her as she fumbled with the basque. Not knowing if she had ever worn anything like this before, he was intrigued to see how she would learn. As she eventually pulled it around the straighten herself up, she smoothed out the creases – sensitively caressing the leather that now encased her stomach and hips and ensuring that her breasts comfortably nestled in the half cups that prominently displayed her nipples through the hanging chains.

Next she sat on the edge of the bed and rolled up a stocking, pointing her toe into the opening. As she rolled it up her leg, taking extra care to ensure her seams were straight, he could see the sheer delight and excitement on her face as she became more and more aroused. She repeated the process with the second stocking and then stood to clip on the suspender straps. Again, ensuring that everything was straight, she stood tall and proud.

‘How do I look daddy?’ she asked, smiling.

‘Beautiful!’ Bob said ‘But there is something missing. Come and kneel.’ He continued, beckoning her back to her knees beside him.

‘Now, what do you think could be missing from your outfit Lilly?’ he asked suggestively.

‘I’m not sure daddy. How about some of mummy’s sexy leather boots to match this basque?’ she answered.

‘I think you are right. Would you like to pick yourself some?’ he said, grinning.

‘Oh yes daddy. Thank you!’ she replied excitedly, and with that shuffled on her knees across to where her mothers boots laid neatly in a row.

She picked up a pair of OTK black leather boots that had a zip running all that way from the back of the knee to the ankle. The heels on them were a chunky square with a three inch block heel. Suggestively raising them to her face, she inhaled deeply before excitedly unzipping one. Sliding her foot into the boot, she let out a tiny gasp as her foot easily slid into place. She then pulled slowly on the zipper, up towards her knee – encasing her leg in supple black leather. As the zipper reached the top, she kaçak bahis delicately ran her fingers up and down removing the tiniest creases and wrinkles.

Repeating the process with the other boot, Bob just sat there admiring the way she had been ‘turned’. He was very pleased with his progress so far.

Once she had finished, she stood and paraded herself for her admiring step-father. Returning to her knees beside the bed, she looked up at him with adoring eyes.

‘How do they feel?’ he asked.

‘Wonderful daddy. So wonderful.’ She answered.

‘I think you are beginning to appreciate how good things can be for you when you behave yourself, don’t you agree?’ he said.

‘Oh yes daddy. I do. I promise, from now on I’ll be your good little girl if you treat me like this.’ She beamed.

‘That’s good. And I will. As long as you remember…’ he said.

After admiring her new look for a minute or two, allowing her to absorb the sensations that were now taking over her body, Bob stood up and leant over the box. He lifted out the remaining clothing items and neatly placed them on the bed.

‘There is another box in here my dear. This contains off of your mothers special ‘toys’. Would you like to see?’ he asked.

‘Oh yes please Sir!’ Lilly answered.

‘I do think these will really compliment your outfit.’ He said while teasing her, his hand running over the top of the case.

‘Oh I hope so Sir. If I am a good girl will you allow me to try these as well?’ she asked.

‘We’ll have to see how you behave now won’t we’ he replied.

‘Yes Daddy. I’ll be good for you. I promise.’ She stated quickly.

‘You promise?’ he asked. ‘Remember, you must submit to whatever I say!’

‘I will daddy. I will do anything you tell me to do.’ She replied.

‘That’s a good girl…’ he said to her, smiling down at her anxious, excited face.

Bob lifted the smaller case out of the main box and placed it on the bed right before Lily’s eyes. As he undid the tiny padlocks and flicked the two switches, her heart jumped as she saw the lid flip open. Bob smiled and very slowly started to produce her mothers ‘toys’.

As each item was placed neatly on the bed in a little row, Lilly resisted the temptation to reach out and start picking things up. She saw a wide array of leather & metal items – some of which had buckles, buttons and one even had a large red ball attached to some leather straps and buckles. One item in particular caught Lily’s eye as she glanced in amazement at the wide array of items was a hood. A big black leather hood, with two tiny holes where she assumed the nose went, two more holes for the eyes and a zipper for the mouth. She considered reaching out and examining the item more closely, but felt herself trembling at the prospect.

The next item’s she caught sight of made her tummy pang immediately. A neat row of rubber & glass cone shaped objects were placed on the bed. As she stared at them, strange thoughts started rushing through her head – trying to imagine what they were for.

Bob noticed her mysterious expression and picked up one of the smaller instruments.

‘Do you know what this is?’ he asked.

Almost looking ashamedly down at the floor, she answered him. ‘No daddy.’

‘Well, I can show you later if you would like? Your mother likes these very much. She says they give her immense pleasure…’ he said, smiling.

Bob smiled at her, and continued neatly arranging items from the box. He produced a pair of kid leather gloves and presented them to her. As she took them, the instant tingle in her fingers sent electrifying waves shooting through her.

‘Would you like to put them on?’ he asked.

‘Oh yessssss daddy.’ She stammered in her response, still in awe at the softness and smoothness of the leather gloves she now held in her hand.

She put on hand in and slowly worked her fingers into position. As she pulled the body of the glove tightly around her hand, she automatically clenched her fist to ensure tightness. Her other hand pulled the gloves up to her wrist and beyond towards her elbow, taking great care to roll & smooth out any tiny crinkles.

She proceeded to put the other glove on, again repeating the process slowly and softly. Once both were on, she started to touch each hand with the other.

‘Such appreciation & attention to detail’ Bob thought as he admired her new found love of leather.

Bob reached out and took hold of one of her hands and slowly lifted it to her lips.

‘Breath in, slowly and deeply.’ He whispered.

As she did, the same sensations as smelling her mothers boots shot through her again. Her nose met the cool soft leather and her lips softly brushed against it allowing the aroma to encapsulate her. She truly was now addicted.

Bob stood up and watched as Lilly knelt transfixed, still in a trance like state. He around her & over to the bed and picked up a studded leather collar. He knelt down behind her and slowly reached around, placing the collar around her neck and buckling it up, ensuring that it was securely in place. Then he reached across and picked up a chain leash with a leather holder at one end, and a clasp hook on the other. As he hooked the leash into place, he motioned for her to crawl towards him.

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