The Cabin (Day 03)

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Note from Slickman: Please read “The Cabin (Day One and two)” to get up to speed with this story. I received a lot of nice emails asking for this story to continue and to take it slow. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.

Sometime during the night Tisha and Maria changed sleeping bags as the fathers were lost in deep sleep. Their hands explored the sleeping men’s bodies until they both ended up with their soft penises in her tiny hands.

Tisha pulled back the sleeping bag so Maria could watch as she sucked in the soft spongy tip of Raul’s shaft. She moved her lips all the way down and then slowly back up. Even though he was in a very deep sleep his body’s natural reflexes soon had his flag pole at full mass.

“Oh Maria,” he moaned without opening his eyes. Tisha didn’t know if he was awake or asleep and it didn’t matter as she slid her naked mound up and over his prick. She held his tool up as she slowly dropped her hot hole downward.

Maria was just enjoying the scene in front of her as she pushed her naked body up against John’s. She toyed with his limp noodle and could feel it stirring to life. It wasn’t until Tisha’s loud moan that John’s eyes opened and he looked directly at his young daughter fucking the man next to him. If she was doing that then Maria must be……..he grabbed her hand as she stroked his meat and turned to see her smiling at him.

“You little nymph…” he laughed. His arm moved up under her body and pulled her until she was lying directly on top of him. Her lips found his hand his hands roamed over her smooth back and ass. Her legs opened automatically and he guided her body upward until the hard tip of his shaft pushed into her tight hole.

“Go slow,” she moaned realizing he was thicker than her father. When she reached the bottom of the pole she was stretched to the max. “Now fuck me,” she whispered in his ear as she lightly nibbled on his lobe. He did.

As Maria’s body rose and lowered on his John glanced at Tisha as she did the same to Raul. Their eyes made contact and their lips smiled at each other. They both knew that their futures had to include more and more of this. Tisha felt the flood gates open first as her body shivered and she climaxed. Raul had waited until she came and he was right behind her.

However, Maria and John were taking their time enjoying every touch and kiss. Her pussy had gotten used to the larger shaft and was now milking it. The girl managed to keep her passion in check until his middle finger pushed gently into her virgin anus. Her eyes opened when she felt the double insertion and she came. John slid her body off onto her back and pulled her legs around his hips. He was now in as far as he could go as he pumped into her body with all of his energy. He felt his hot juice racing up the tubes and gripped her ass tightly as he climaxed. Suddenly his body fell flat onto hers.

“Mr. Davis,” Maria’s voice groaned from under him. “You are crushing me.”

“Sorry,” he laughed as he pulled out of her dampness and onto his back.

John fell asleep again trying to remember when the last time he made love twice in one night. He knew this was the first time with two different females.


Tisha and Maria woke up about the same time and staggered out of their sleeping bags to go to the bathroom. “Do you think we can get them to do it all day?” Maria asked Tisha as she sat on the toilet next to her.

Tisha giggled. “We can try.”


Mary Davis had made it to the office early on Saturday morning and had most of the work caught up by 2:00PM. The office was empty and the only noise was the copy machine near Mary’s desk except when the elevator door opened and Diane walked out. She had managed to get away from her husband and kids for a few hours and had hoped that Mary was still there. She moved quietly through the office and up behind the busy woman facing away from her towards the copy machine.

“I see you are still here,” Diane said as she moved up close to the startled woman.

“OH GOD!” Mary said as she placed her hand over her heart. “You scared me.”

“Sorry,” Diane said smiling. Her eyes moved down Mary’s tee shirt and her tight jeans. “You look very nice in jeans.”

“Thanks,” Mary blushed. Her heart was still pumping quickly as she thought about being alone with her boss.

Diane smiled as she moved her index finger up to the small gumdrop pushing out on top of Mary’s shirt covered breast. She gently pushed the hard nipple one way and then the other. “When you get finished why don’t you come into my office?”

Mary took a deep breath as she walked away and notice she was wearing loose shorts and a halter blouse. Her whole plan of finishing early was out the window now because she knew they would be there for at least other hour and maybe even more. She quickly picked up the last bunch of papers and put them in the box.

Mary placed the box on bahis firmaları her desk and noticed Diane’s door was closed. She smoothed down her tee shirt and knocked.

“Come in,” Diane said. Mary turned the knob and pushed open the door. Standing by the sofa was her boss wearing only her black bra and bikini panties.

“I save them for you to remove,” she smiled.


“Come on get up!” Tisha and Maria both shouted at the same time.

John turned over and smiled. “I can’t move.”

“Me neither,” Raul laughed. They both stared at the naked bodies standing before them.

“Please get dressed,” John laughed. “You have to give us some time to rest.”

“We are going to take a shower outside,” Tisha said as she turned and grabbed Maria’s hand. As they ran out the door completely naked with towels in their hands John yelled, “PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!” He was too late.

“Do you think we will survive this weekend?” Raul asked John as they quickly got dressed.

“I’m not sure. As much as we will try to keep this under wraps something will happen.”

“At least I’m divorced,” Raul said. “Your wife might be a problem.”


“Do you have a boyfriend back home?” Tisha asked Maria as her soapy hands moved over the dark haired girls back.

“Not really,” Maria answered. Tisha’s fingers were causing tiny sparks up and down her spine.

Tisha’s fingers moved down until her fingers caressed the smooth round buttocks. “Have you ever…you know…with another girl before?”


“Do you wanta?”

The soapy fingers moved under Maria’s ass and through her thighs until they parted the girl’s swollen pussy lips. “Yes,” she replied as her legs opened to allow the fingers to search and explore.

“Touch me too,” Tisha whispered as she turned the other girl around to face her. Their fingers moved downward at the same time.


“This might be dangerous here in the office,” Mary whispered.

“No one is here and I put the alarm on at the front entrance,” Diane responded.

“I’ve never…you know…with a woman before.”

“I have,” Diane laughed. “Come here.”

Mary walked up to the chair her boss was sitting in and stopped. She jumped back when Diane’s fingers grabbed the waistband of her jeans and pulled. She quickly released the snap and jerked down the zipper. “Pink, I like pink,” Diane said looking at the woman’s bikini panties.

Mary looked down in a trance as Diane pushed down her jeans. “Step out of them.” She did and smiled as Diane’s fingers caressed their way back up to the waistband of her panties. Slowly, very slowly, she pulled the skimpy silk undies down her quivering thighs.

Diane watched the panties pull out and away from Mary’s light brown bush. She had a bikini cut that needed a slight trim but was cut short enough for her to see the pink gash and the small pink tower sticking up waiting for her touches. “Patience,” Diane thought. “I want to see you totally naked.” She stood and pulled the tee shirt up over her head and released the clasp on the front of her bra. When the bra fell to the floor with the rest of her clothes Diane stepped back to see what she had just unwrapped.

“Beautiful,” she said aloud. “Turn around.” Mary smiled as she turned to show her boss her prize body part. “Lovely.”

“Come here and take off my underwear,” Diane ordered. Mary did as her boss said and looked down at her shaven pussy mound. “What do you want to do to me?”

Mary stopped and froze. “I’ve never done it before.”

“That’s not what I asked. What do you want to do to me?”

“Touch you?” she said softly.

“Well go ahead,” Diane laughed. She moved her legs wide and sat back in the large chair. Mary’s fingers started at her knees and moved north until they were inches from her hot swamp. “Don’t stop.”

With the legs spread and the pussy shaven Mary could see the open rose before her eyes. She moved her fingers slowly until she pushed the outer lips outward. The clit stood proudly waiting. It didn’t have to wait long.

“Good,” Diane moaned when the fingertips explored over her pleasure knob. She wanted Mary to touch her some more but couldn’t wait for what she really wanted. Her hands pulled Mary’s fingers from her slit and grabbed the woman’s wrists and pulled.

Mary felt her body coming forward causing her naked breasts and hard nips to rub over Diane’s thighs. Her face was over her stomach when Diane’s hands moved to the top of her head and pushed downward. Mary’s eyes looked down at the pink target and aimed her mouth and lips to the wet pussy.

“OH YES!” Diane screamed. “Right there, move your tongue.”


“I’ve got to head back to my cabin,” Raul said to John as he walked from the front porch. “I’m expecting a carpenter at noon.”

“You are leaving me with these two alone?” John said.

“You can handle it,” Raul laughed. “I’ll try to get back as soon as I can.”

“Hurry,” John replied.

John moved down to the kaçak iddaa small dock and pulled out the lounge chair.


Margaret Davis sped up the small dirt road to get to the cabin as soon as she could. She had hoped to surprise her father and younger sister before most of the day had vanished. She finished her last class and drove for almost eight hours before she had to stop to sleep. The three hour drive in the morning went pretty quickly. She wanted to see Tisha before she left for college.

John did not hear the car drive up to the cabin or the door when it closed. He was in a deep sleep from all the physical exercise that had taken place last night.

Margaret opened the door to the cabin ready to say “SURPRISE” but found out she was the one surprised. She put down her bag and moved back to the porch. The sun was so bright she could not really see if anyone was down by the boat dock but she could hear water running somewhere. The shower.

“He, he, he,” Tisha giggled as Maria’s fingers soaped deeply between her small buttocks. “Your fingers are tickling me,”

Margaret heard her sister laugh and then the comment about the fingers. Surely her father was not in there with her. She moved up closer and listened some more.

“Oh God, don’t stop!” Tisha moaned in response to the fingers pushing in and out of her honey pot. “It feels so good.”

Margaret gasped and tried to peek into the shower but couldn’t see anything. She tried the door and it gave just enough to see pink bodies. She still couldn’t tell who the other person was. That’s when she heard Maria’s voice.

“You have to touch me too,” Maria complained. So far she was doing all the touching.

Margaret put her hand over her mouth and pushed the door open another inch. Before her eyes was the other girl’s dark bush with Tisha’s fingers rubbing down into her pussy. “This can’t be my little sister,” she thought as she quietly moved back and around to the front of the cabin. The sun was now behind a cloud and she could see the lounge chair on the dock and her father’s head. She hurried down.

“Daddy,” she whispered so as not to scare him from his sleep.

John was dreaming about Tisha and Maria being in bed with him. “Come to daddy baby,” he moaned.

Margaret again froze. “Who was he dreaming about?” She thought as she glanced down at the large bulge in his shorts. “Holy shit, he is huge.” Her steady boyfriend was a lot smaller than he was.

“Daddy,” she said louder.

“What?” he said suddenly as he sat upright. “Tisha not now.”

“It’s me daddy,” Margaret said as she put her hand on his arm.

“Margaret?” John asked. He turned to see his older daughter. “What are you doing here?”

“I thought I would surprise you and Tish,” she answered. “Who is in the shower with my sister?”

“Oh that’s Maria,” John said nervously. “Her family has a cabin over that way.” He pointed.

Margaret thought about telling him about what she had heard and seen but didn’t. She decided to confront Tisha later. “Aren’t you glad to see me?”

“Well yes,” he said smiling. He reached his arms out for a hug and she moved around and sat on his lap. He tried to push her forward but she landed squarely on his hard-on.

Margaret felt it right away but was too embarrassed to move or comment. She stayed where she was and hugged him to her. Her breasts pushed against his upper arm.

“Did you come alone?” He asked hoping his condition would go down.

“Yes,” she smiled. “It was funny feeling him against her butt this way. She had never thought of him as a man before but did now,” she thought.

“I missed you,” he said as he kissed her soft cheek. He could feel the hard nipple pressing into his arm and was wondering if she was wearing a bra.

“Me too daddy,” she replied. She shifted her hips slightly until the tip of his shaft was now pressing up into her ass crack.

“I think we need to get to the cabin before it rains,” he said looking up at the dark cloud overhead.

“Too late!” she screamed as a loud crash of thunder shook the air and a drenching of rain smashed down upon them.

John tried to catch his daughter but couldn’t. By the time they got to the porch they were dripping wet. Margaret laughed as she pushed open the door but froze when she saw the two naked bodies standing before her. “TISH!” she yelled. “Daddy don’t look.” She moved inside and closed the door.

“Are you nuts?” Margaret said to her young sister. “Put some clothes on. Daddy will see you.”

Tisha knew she was taking a chance. “It’s not a big deal. He’s seen us before.”

“Us?” Margaret repeated as she looked at the other dark haired naked girl who stood shamelessly naked before her.

“Hi, I’m Maria,” she said holding out her hand to shake.

“Daddy has seen you two naked. Have you seen him too?” Margaret suddenly felt the room spinning. When she heard Tisha’s answer she fainted. “Yes.”

Tisha and Maria grabbed her before she hit the floor. kaçak bahis “Get daddy while I take her to the sofa,” Tisha said to Maria.

“Is she alright?” John asked as he moved into the room to the sofa.

“Yes, she was shocked to hear we’ve seen each other naked. You know how she gets sometimes.” Tisha said shaking her head. Her sister had a history of fainting when too exciting news was told to her.

“Why did you tell her?” John asked looking pissed.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t think anything was wrong.”

“Shit, now how am I …or we…going to get out of this one?” he asked.

“Take off your clothes and we will take off hers,” Tisha giggled. “She’ll see how great it is.”

John watched as his daughter and Maria quickly pulled off Margaret’s shirt. She was not wearing a bra and her small breasts and tiny pink nipples looked up at him. Tisha pulled down her shorts and Maria grabbed the basic white panties. They all looked at the huge growth of light brown pubic hair on her pussy. “Jesus, doesn’t she ever trim it?” Tisha laughed.

“Quick take off your clothes,” Tisha yelled at her father. They giggled as he stripped before them because his prick was rock hard when he pushed his wet boxers over it.

“If this goes wrong I’ll kill both of you,” he grinned. “Let me get her some hot chocolate.”

Margaret slowly opened her eyes and saw the fireplace blazing across the room. Someone had thrown a blanket over her body as she lay on the sofa. On the floor in front of the fireplace were Tisha and Maria sitting with their legs up to their chins with two blankets wrapped around them. “Where’s daddy?” she asked as she sat up. The blanket slowly slid down her body until her naked breasts popped out.

“Right here sweetie,” he said as she leaned over the back of the sofa.

“Oh God, I’m naked!” Margaret cried out when she saw her bare chest. She picked up the blanket and saw her pink stomach and dark mound. She quickly pulled it up to her chin.

“So are we,” Both Maria and Tisha said at the same time. They dropped their blankets and turned enough to show Margaret their breasts.

“Me too,” John said nervously as he walked from behind the sofa.

Margaret tried to close her eyes when she saw it. It was so huge. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it as he moved directly in front of her. Finally she pulled the blanket up over her head. “Did you see me naked too?” she asked from under the wool covering.

“Yes, and you are quite beautiful,” John responded.

Margaret slowly pulled the blanket down to her nose and peeked out at the long pink shaft. She had heard some men were large but never thought her father was one of them.

“It’s OK to look. Nudity should not be forbidden.” He hoped she would buy it.

“I don’t know if I can do it,” Margaret said realizing she was acting childish. After all her younger sister had no problems with it. She also felt a disturbing tingling between her thighs.

“I’m sure you will get use to it,” he said as he handed her a cup of hot chocolate. He tried not to laugh as she maneuvered to sit up without allowing the blanket to drop. She tucked it beneath her chin and took the cup from him. Right then she needed a cold drink.

“Hey stop,” Maria laughed as Tisha started to tickle her. “I can do it too.” Suddenly both girls jumped together with a combination of legs and arms trying to tickle the other one. John smiled when he saw Tisha’s legs opening wide showing him and Margaret her blonde pussy.

“Ah sis,” Margaret said laughing. “You are showing quite a bit down there.” She laughed some more.

“You think it’s funny?” Tisha asked. She whispered something in Maria’s ear and they both turned to look at Margaret.

“Oh no, don’t even think about it!” Margaret said as they moved apart and on their hands and knees towards her. “Please no.” Margaret placed the hot chocolate on the end table and grabbed the blanket to hold it tight against her body.

As she held the top tight against her chin Tisha and Maria grabbed the blanket at her feet. “Don’t,” Margaret said with a mad face.

“What’s wrong sis? Are you scared of showing us your body?” Tisha teased as she lifted the bottom of the blanket high enough for them to see her pink legs and dark forest over her pussy.

“TISH!” she screamed as she moved one hand out to push down the blanket. Her father had seen her naked before but she was unconscious. Suddenly Maria grabbed the top edge of the blanket and pulled it towards her. Margaret tried to keep from tumbling off the sofa onto the large soft rug but couldn’t. She felt her body falling and pushed her hands out to cushion her fall. Maria and Tisha pulled the blanket away and they all stared at Margaret’s back and ass as she lay face down on the rug.

“You two are going to get it!” Margaret said trying not to laugh. She was in a rough spot because if she turned over to get them her father would see everything. “Give me my blanket back!”

Suddenly Maria’s cell phone rang and she ran over to answer it. “Oh hi daddy,” she said. “Tisha’s sister showed up,” she said before listening to him. “Do I have to?” She hung up the phone. “Daddy is coming over to pick me up. I can’t stay.”

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