The Castle Ch. 06

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-You’ll have to excuse my English; it’s not my first language. I don’t think it’ll cause you big problems to read, but you’ll certainly find some mistakes. –

* * * * *

-The Second Interlude of the Castle Series-

After the Gong sounded midnight, a silence fell across the room: we were at Midsummer. And for some reason, in this Castle lost in mountains and forests, it meant a great deal. Don’t know why yet, but it does. But when everybody started to get up and leave the room, Lucia took my arm and took me to her room. When I turned back from closing the door, still mystified by all this, Lucia was letting her slip fall down around her ankles. The thin robe she had been wearing was now in a soft puddle underneath the slip.

I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent looking at, touching, tasting and even smelling Lucia’s body. But even now, exhausted by Roxanne, I realize that my pulse quickens when I look at her. Barely conscious of my staring, she frees her midnight-black mane from a simple ponytail and plays with her hair to loosen them up. Swinging in rhythm with her arms, her breasts seem to laugh and dance, a promise of youth fully realized. More subdued, the flare of her hips is nothing now but an invitation to slide my gaze down towards those impossible legs. Lean, tight, half an inch from being too long… As I look slowly back up, Lucia turns around a bit, revealing her equally impossible buttocks. But the black locks dancing just above those inviting curves catch my eyes and hold them.

Slipping her opened fingers around her neck and up over her scalp, she pulls most of her hair up before letting them fall back down. After that she whips her head left and right, making her hair tango from one side to the other. The rhythm changes as she slides her hands from her forehead all the way back to her nape, massaging her head slowly. Wisps of hairs fly around, locks shift from left to right, slip around from her back to lick her breasts, come back from those curves to fall back down along her back…

When she tilts her head backwards, the tips of the longest strands come all the way down to cover her buttocks. With slow, deliberate movements, Lucia turns her head from side to side again. From the top of her head to two or three feet lower, her hair smoothly whips left and right, teasing me with flashes of skin and their own mysterious, flowing darkness. After bringing her head forward again, she twists two huge locks of hair into bahis firmaları a soft braid. Seconds later she whips it apart and I watch, amazed, as the locks fade back into her full mane.

With her hands at her nape, she pulls her hair all the way up until she holds it on the top of her head. Still in awe, I loose myself in this sharpened, this raw nudity. This is not the weak, blossoming body of a girl: this is the full-grown body of a woman, albeit young, a woman who is fully conscious of what she is, of what she has. Lucia is not the mere promise of womanhood, she is that promise realized, fulfilled beyond anything I could have imagined or hoped for. Heavy with beauty and lush with sensuality, her body is a flawless dance.

Turning her head sideways just a bit, a hint of a green eye showing, she smiles and says: “Will I have to cut them off to feel your arms around me?” Unable to come up with any kind of answer, I quickly get out of my pants and shirt. When I walk behind her, she lets her hair fall back down between us. Bending down a bit, I bury my face against her nape and the back of her head. Taking a deep breath I manage to reach the elusive, intensely intimate smell that’s hidden by and in the veil of her hair. Incapable of resisting, I take another one before planting a kiss through that veil.

When I straighten back up and pull her against me, we both clearly feel my cock, rock hard, pressed between the cheeks of her ass. She laughs while I cup my hands around the two full-bodied nymphs on her chest:

“You’re impossible you know! How can you still be hard after that afternoon with Roxanne?”

I smile against her neck: I know she feels it. “Hmmm. You’re in my arms Lucia…”

Her turn to smile now, and to turn her head for a kiss. Through that kiss, I slide one of my hands down to her pussy. Sliding over that other patch of dark hair, I’m stunned to fin her lips drenched. Opening my eyes in surprise, I watch her own eyes opening and a small laugh breaking our kiss. “What? Why are you so surprised to find me like this? …Am I not in your arms?” My turn to laugh gently, before plunging back for another kiss. At the same time I bend my knees and feel my cock slipping across her anus and then further against her lips. Without even pushing up, I feel the head of my cock slipping inside her warmth. When I stand up once again, we both moan through our kiss. For some reason she breaks it, even though we had managed to find a comfortable kaçak iddaa position standing up. Whispering, she tells me:

“I have a favor to ask of you. Even though you seem to be unstoppable, you need to keep some of your energy for the Firedance. And I have an idea that I think will please you…”

“Hmmm, will it let me love you now and keep my energies up?” With my legs bent slightly and my cock already opening her lips, I try my best to stay coherent. But what she asks blows me away;

“Yes. Why don’t you love me, or fuck me, the way you were doing it when you were a teenager?”

Now I’m surprised! But she must know what this means as well as me. “If you really want to Lucia…”

“Oh yes… I just want to feel the raw, unrestrained fury of the male sexuality. Don’t love me Iann, just fuck me, fuck my brains out. And don’t think about giving me any pleasure at all, just plain fuck me!”

I let a low growl put an end to her pleading. “Put your hands on the bed.” Keeping her legs perfectly straight, she bends down at the waist, allowing for a complete penetration. While some of her hair stay on her back, most of it fall on her sides and on the bed. After putting my hands on her hips I slowly pull out and, a deep breath later, I push back in. Deep, quick, hard.

Changing the rhythm and angle I’m now used to, I shift my cock so that it slips in and out of her pussy as quickly as possible. After less than ten seconds I start grunting with each thrust, while the slapping sounds grow louder and louder. Her ass against my thighs, my balls against her lips and the clear sounds of her pussy slurping with each of my trusts. About thirty seconds after my first thrust, I know I’m close to cumming.

Pulling out without any warning, I push her down: “Get on your knees, on the floor.” When she does, I push her face back against the bed. With one hand pressed against her back, I push my cock back inside her and start fucking her again. Hard. Really hard. Each of my strokes pushes her against the bed, and I even feel the bed moving on the floor. Trying not to laugh out loud, I realize ten seconds later that I’m once again close to cumming.

I pull out just as quickly, and tell her to turn around on her back. When she does, I place her calves on my shoulders. While guiding my cock into her once again with one hand, I place the other one on her breast. Roughly. But when I do, I realize that she’s breathing very hard, very fast. When kaçak bahis I look up at her face, I see a barely restrained fury in those evergreen eyes. I’m shocked for a second or two, before understanding that she’s deep into this young-fuck game. In fact, she has one of her hands on my own and it guides my mauling hand to her other breast. Seeing that I’m looking at her, she tells me: “You won’t even be able to make me cum, bastard. You’re not worth that big cock of yours.”

When I pull back and lean down to smother her pussy with my mouth, she laughs through her fury and says: “No no, that’s cheating!!! Argh! Crazy bastard!” Seconds later, unbelieving, I feel her legs closing around my head and her whole body beginning to spasm violently: impossibly, she’s going to climax. Slipping free of her legs, I slip my cock deep inside her again and place my hand on her breasts again. While she twists her head from side to side, that fury and extreme breathing back from the previous laugh, I tell her:

“You dirty little bitch, you were going to cum anyway…” With one hand on the top of her thigh, I start fucking her again, all my raw passion exploding.

“Shut up bastard. Just fuck me…”

Moans and cries follow that command, but even those die out as pleasure arches her back upwards. Still mauling one of her flawless breasts, I feel her pushing up against my hand as her climax finally triggers from between her legs. The spasms that turns the heaven of her pussy into an overdose of bliss push me over the top of my climax too. Shouts and moans and cries overflow as I fall down against her and feel her arms and legs close around me.

Both breathing like bellows in an overworked forge, we eventually calm down, covered in sweat. Lucia suddenly begins to laugh in that silence and I join her…

“Did it even last an entire minute Iann?”

“Ah… I have no idea!”

“Thanks you…”

Burying my face against her neck, I kiss her gently. In my hear, she whispers: “we should shower and go to bed. We have until 3 and a half in the morning to get our strengths back up.”

Somehow we managed to keep our hands to ourselves… or at least away form any dangerous spots. As any healthy teenager knows, this sort of quick sex always has the same consequence: minutes later, the urge to do it again is greater than it was the first time. Luckily, perhaps, we’re not teenagers anymore and end up sleeping in each other’s arms, with the alarm ready to wake us up in a few hours. Dreams of the Firedance and of Midsummer fill my head as soon as I close my eyes and bury my head in Lucia’s hair.

* * * * *

-If you have the time, I’d like some comments. Thanks –

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