The Converse Chronicles Ch. 06

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Introduction: If you haven’t read Chapters 1-5 of “The Converse Chronicles” I suggest you do so before diving in here. The backstory and characters are reaching the point where a blind read of these later chapters will leave a new reader wondering what has happened.


Chapter 6: Building A Bridge

(immediately following the end of Chapter 5)

Carmen gathered a week’s worth of clothes and other accessories into her travel bag. Brushes, toiletries, other essentials… packing like this felt so wrong. She knew she had probably gone too far with Jade, but still… if Cordelia was old enough to make her own choices as Carla had stated, wasn’t Jade, 6 years her senior, the same?

Carmen tried to think about how she’d feel if she walked in on Carla face first between her tiny daughter’s legs without any sort of explanation and… well, she got a brief flash of how Carla must have felt. It wasn’t pleasant… at first.

Carmen was honest enough with herself to admit she wasn’t a faithful woman. She had an ongoing tryst with Deanna, the mother of Cordelia’s best friend Angela. She also wasn’t above using her considerable assets to close a deal, and she wasn’t picky about the gender or even the attractiveness of those she seduced into deals. That was about the money, and she would do whatever it took to keep that coming in.

Now, however, she realized that her open and predatory instincts had finally come back to cost her, dearly. Still, though… she knew she would have done the same thing over again, given the chance. It was simply her nature. She was a vigorously sexual being and she regularly shared that with whomever she could when the feeling struck her.

Jade’s story of what happened had also struck her because she was certain she KNEW the people involved, which made it all the more intense. Deanna had openly discussed her family, as had Carmen, during their post-sexual interludes. Moreover, due to their daughters’ friendship, they had met each other on more than one occasion. Carmen had no idea that the rest of the Converse family was so debased, and it inflamed her all the more.

All of this and more ran circles through Carmen’s mind as she drove the familiar route from the Alamo Heights manor house she had just been run out of to the quiet northeast side suburb where Deanna lived. She wasn’t even sure how she was going to explain her need for a place to stay, since the facts of the story would lay bare the activities of Paul and Angela while Deanna was away.

As she pulled up to the house she saw Paul out front working in the yard. Carmen’s eyes flicked to the black Charger in the driveway and she could just imagine it in the back of a darkened parking lot, the rear door thrown open, Jade staring at the lascivious display in the back seat. But instead of Angela riding her step-father, it was Carmen…

Carmen bit her lip to bring herself back to reality. Paul gave her a quick wave and lay down the rake he was using and made his way over to her custom pink Jeep Wrangler.

“Hey Carmen, long time no see. Deanna just got back the night before last.”

“I know, and I know you guys probably need some time, catching up and all… she’s been away for months now. But I… um… I hate to have to ask this, but I kind of need a place to stay.”

Just then the front door opened and Deanna came flying out to greet her ‘friend’. Carmen was absolutely stunned, and incredibly turned on, by the woman who hurled herself into her arms.


“Dee… what… what in the world happened to you? I… I can’t believe this is even you! What did you do while you were gone???”

“Oh, just a little touch-up work, nothing major.” Deanna giggled as Paul admired the two beauties entwined before him.

“More than a little… holy hell, honey. Your tits… your legs… your tits… your tummy… Jesus, your tits.”

Deanna quickly clamped her hand over Carmen’s mouth and indicated Paul standing right there with her eyes. Carmen’s eyes glazed over and Deanna quickly removed her hand, “What is it, Carmen?”

“I… I’ve had… a rough… day, and now this… I…”

As Carmen started to collapse, Paul quickly lunged forward and caught her and his wife, as Deanna couldn’t extricate herself from her embrace with Carmen before she passed out.

Paul looked at his wife with barely contained amusement, “Well sweetheart, the new you sure has an effect on people!”

As luck, or fate, would have it, just then Angela and Cordelia pulled up in Angela’s baby blue Mustang convertible after they spent the early part of the day at Splashtown water park. The girls tiny bikinis barely hid their incredible bodies as they both bolted from the car in surprise. Cordelia’s eye caught sight of something in the Jeep, but she was far too concerned to give it more than a passing thought.

“Mama!” Cordelia cried, running up the driveway to where Paul was starting to carry her inside.

Deanna reached out a hand to keep Cordelia from plowing straight into Paul as he was hauling bahis firmaları the prone and altogether out of it Carmen into the house. “I’m sure she’s fine, honey. She just needs to get in out of the sun.”

“Who are… Mrs. Converse? WHOAH! Um… wow.” Cordelia covered her mouth with her hand as she took in the new Deanna for the first time herself. “Angie, you bitch! You said your mom had ‘done a little something with herself’. This is NOT ‘a little something’!!”

Angela giggled and wrapped her arms around her friend from behind, looking up at her mom over Cordelia’s shoulder and said, “Mmmm… it’s enough, I think. Mom and I have totally made up and are on the same page like never before.” Angela noted that her step-father was carrying the unconscious Carmen upstairs to the spacious spare bedroom. “In fact, I think there’s something Mom should know about you and I, since we’re alone here for the moment.”

Cordelia turned her head sharply to look at her friend and lover in surprise, and as she did so, Angela firmly and deliberately planted her lips on Cordelia’s, and slipped her hands inside her bikini top to tweak her nipple.

Deanna smiled indulgently at the pair, wishing she could join them, there and now. However, she was very concerned for the woman she loved upstairs. “Alright you two, that’s enough of that right now. I’m sure Cordelia would like to check on her mother, and so would I.”

As Angela released her passionate kiss from Cordelia, the tiny cinnamon-skinned angel looked to Deanna in surprise, “You’re not mad or anything? You’re OK with this?”

“More than OK,” Deanna replied, “but for now, let’s go inside and make sure everyone else is OK.”

The girls ran inside, hand in hand, and Deanna quietly followed them, shutting the front door behind her.

Upstairs, Paul had gently laid the tall, lithe form of Carmen on the queen size bed they kept in the spare room. Heading across the hall to the bathroom, he wet a washcloth with cool water and returned to lay it across Carmen’s forehead. He could hear the girls coming inside and called out to them, “Up here ladies.”

A movement at his waist caught his attention as Carmen’s hand had moved up and was resting in his crotch. Not wanting there to be the chance of this inadvertent act by the more or less unconscious Carmen to be misconstrued, Paul quickly stood up and moved to the window bench in the breakfast nook that overlooked the driveway.

As Deanna, Cordelia, and Angela quietly entered the room, Carmen began to stir. “What happened?” she asked.

Deanna sat down on the bed beside her clandestine lover, “You passed out, sweetheart. You were saying something about a long day and, BOOM, down you went. Fortunately for you, we were still more or less hugging so I was able to support you long enough for Paul to keep you from banging into the pavement.”

“Mama, are you OK?” Cordelia asked, then remembered what it was she saw in the Jeep, “And why do you have packed luggage in the Jeep? Are you going somewhere? You didn’t say you had any out of town deals this week.”

Carmen’s eyes got wide again, and her bottom lip started to quiver. All the emotions from this morning, coupled with seeing her lover completely made over, and the love and care of the Converse family for her, everything bubbled over and Carmen burst into tears.

“I… I’ve ruined EVERYTHING! Cordelia… I… Jade… didn’t mean to… just happened… she wanted it, though… Carla caught us… furious… yelling… couldn’t say anything… tried to explain… Jade and I both…”

As Carmen wailed on, Angela’s eyes narrowed in speculation. The name, along with knowing what she knew of her best friend’s home life (Cordelia preferred to come over to Angela’s place, she rarely had Angela over and never when her family was home), led her down a very dangerous path in her mind… one that left the secrets of EVERYBODY exposed. It wasn’t the place to go right now, she didn’t think.

The problem as Angela saw it, however, was that her step-father was nearly as completely informed of all this as she herself was, and was an exceptionally intelligent man. It wouldn’t take him long to deduce the missing pieces and put this picture together himself, and she had no idea whether he would blurt something out in the moment of discovery that would be ruinous to them all.

Deanna held Carmen’s head in her arms, pressed to her chest, letting the storm of weeping and emotions roll over her until she could compose herself. Cordelia sat on her other side, holding her mother’s hand and looking up at Deanna with concern and a sense of helplessness to do anything.

Seeing there was a lull in their needing to be there, Angela quickly grabbed her father’s attention and motioned for him to follow her over towards her room. When they got out of whispered earshot of the spare room, Angela’s eyes asked the questions she couldn’t form on her lips.

“Yes,” Paul replied, “I know exactly who she’s talking about. We seem to have started something that we didn’t know where it would go…”

Angela snorted kaçak iddaa in disgust, “I should have known I recognized that waitress from somewhere. Her pictures, albeit younger ones, are up all over Cordelia’s house. I just never really spent that much time looking at them, we were always busy doing… other stuff.”

Paul smiled at Angela’s needlessly evasive description of her and her best friend’s ‘other stuff’. “So, how do we fix this? CAN we even fix this?”

Angela quickly shook her head. “There’s too much going on here right now. One meltdown at a time. First thing’s first, since we’re apparently going to lay bare the whole train wreck… I think Mom knows about us.”

“Umm… you said what now?”

“Yesterday morning, she confronted me about it here in my bathroom. Well, it was a little more than that. I, um… well, I kind of snuck downstairs and I watched you two her first night back. What I didn’t know was that she saw me… and she said it made her hotter.”

Paul stared at his step-daughter/lover dumbstruck.

“I know, I know… it doesn’t make any sense. She should have gone nuclear, but all she did was get hotter and wetter. I’m just saying… at this point, I think maybe we, the three of us, need to have a little talk. I mean, outside just now, when you were carrying Ms. Flores upstairs, I told her about Cordelia and I and she didn’t even bat an eyelash.”

Paul shook his head, “Somehow I don’t think she’ll be quite as forgiving about Cordelia and I as she is about you two girls, or you and I for that matter.”

“I don’t know, Paul… this is a version of Mom neither one of us is really used to. I don’t know from one minute to the next WHAT she’s going to do.”

“Me neither, baby girl… me neither.”

As step-father and step-daughter made their way back to the spare bedroom, they saw that Carmen had rolled over and was now curled up and holding on to her daughter, and Deanna was standing by the bedside, her arms wrapped around herself in frustration.

“Hey, Dee… um, I think your daughter and I need to have a talk with you.”

Deanna turned to her family with a raised eyebrow, “Now? Really?”

“Mom, this is really important… and it has to do with exactly what’s going on in here.” Angela tried to explain. On hearing that, Cordelia’s head snapped over to look at her lover. Angela held her hand up, covered her heart with it, and then covered it with her other hand. A sign the girls had agreed upon long ago to let the other know that no matter what, they would never do or say anything to WILLINGLY hurt the other. Only this time, Angela wasn’t so sure she could stop the hurt from happening, even if it came about unintended.

“Cordelia, honey… you let us know immediately if you or Carmen need anything, you understand me?” Deanna stated.

“Yes, ma’am. I will, and thank you all so much.”

Deanna led the way downstairs to the dining room table, and the three of them sat around it, an awkward silence growing between them as everyone struggled to find the way to start.

Finally, knowing it would have to be her because everyone else had too much to lose to be the first one to open their mouth, Angela blew open the doors on everything. “Mom, you know Paul and I have been fucking. And I just showed you Cordelia and I are lovers. Well, Paul and Cordelia are also lovers. And the other night, after we three cleaned the house, Paul and I went out to dinner and I tried to seduce our waitress, who turned out to be Jade, who is Carmen’s wife’s daughter.”

Paul kept his head hung down, waiting for the worst. Deanna, with a look of surprise, blinked a few times, shook her head ruefully, and said, “Well, since it’s all out there now… Carmen and I have been lovers for years.”

“Wait, WHAT?” Paul and Angela said in unison.

“You haven’t been the only one with a secret to keep, my husband. And mine has been a lot longer than yours.”

Paul wanted to be mad, but it would have been hilariously inappropriate, given all that was going on. “So, how did this happen?” he asked without the slightest bit of anger, just a mild curiosity.

Deanna kept her face turned down to the table as she spoke, “She brought a client in to set up an insurance policy. I don’t normally work directly with the customers, but a few people had called off for the day and we needed ‘all hands on deck’, as it were. We worked very well together, and it was obvious that something ‘clicked’ between us. She left me her card and asked me to call her later when I was off work. I did, we went out for drinks, and the more we talked, the more we realized there was something missing at home, for both of us.”

“It had been years since I’d felt like that with another woman, back to my modeling days, I guess. I couldn’t believe she was even interested in me, you know my self-esteem issues. But she never turned away, she never shied away. She was so honest, so loving. We went back to her car and we climbed in back like a couple of schoolkids.” At that, Paul and Angela shared a guilty look and smile. “Oh dear, really you two? kaçak bahis That’s just silly, you have a whole house for that. Anyway, she touched me all over. Softly, tenderly, then with more and more passion and hunger. Our fingers and lips and tongues were everywhere.”

Without thinking, Angela’s hand had slid under her bikini top and was pinching and pulling her nipples slowly and gently.

Deanna caught the movement out of the corner of her eye, and she looked up and smiled, “Later, honey. Let’s not start something we can’t finish.”

Paul was watching his step-daughter’s movements himself, but his wife’s comments broke the daze he was lost in. “Honey, I think we all need to go upstairs and see about Carmen and Cordelia. This involves more than just us at this point, and since we’ve all decided to be calm and rational about this, I think we need to lay everything out for everyone to look at and decide what to do.”

“You’re probably right, dear. I just don’t want to shock Carmen anymore. She’s obviously been through a tremendous amount of stress today.”

Angela considered the problem and said, “Why don’t we just jump straight to what we know? Paul and I will take Cordelia to my room and we’ll ‘talk’, and you can stay in the guest room with Carmen until she’s feeling better.”

Paul and Deanna considered it for a few minutes, talking over the advantages and disadvantages, and it seemed to be the best plan available to them.

As the Converse family made their way back upstairs, they could hear low voices talking in the guest bedroom, and it was with some relief they found Carmen was fully awake and sitting up in bed. She started to get up as the trio entered the room, but Cordelia, using all her tiny force, pushed her back down to the pillows, “No mama, you stay. You need to rest up.”

“Nonsense child, I’m fine. Estoy bien.” Carmen shooed her daughter’s hands away and tried again to rise. Deanna quickly climbed into bed with her and placed her hands on Carmen’s shoulders to hold her in place. Carmen looked up at her lover, dominating over her the way Carmen usually did to her, and felt that familiar rush in her heart and her pussy tingled with desire.

Angela came around the bed and grabbed Cordelia’s hand. “Come on, baby. My mom and yours have some things to talk about, and so do we.” Carmen’s head turned slightly at Angela calling her daughter ‘baby’, but Deanna quickly placed a finger beside Carmen’s jaw and turned her head and eyes directly back onto her.

The girls left the room with Paul in tow and he shut the door behind them. Carmen looked up at her lover, the nearly perfected version of the woman she had been sexually dominating and taking her own frustrations out on for years, and said, “OK, where do we go from here?”

“Well, first, we get comfortable.” With that, Deanna quickly pulled off the t-shirt she had been wearing and unclasped the bra holding back her exquisitely modified bosom. Carmen’s eyes bulged as she beheld the firm mounds of flesh that were nearly the same size as her own, and now actually looked like it. Deanna unzipped the open, flowing skirt she had on and slid it off her now supple and unmarred legs, quickly followed by the thong panties beneath them.

She held out her hands towards her slightly invalid partner, and as Carmen took them, she pulled her forward and lifted the tube top Carmen was squeezed into off of her. Deanna slid her hands all over the light skinned woman’s flawless complexion. Deanna ran her hands down Carmen’s body and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her capris, and with only a moment to allow Carmen to raise her butt, she pulled them off in one tug.

Carmen, Deanna noted, was not wearing any panties. Carmen flushed for a moment and said, “The ones I was wearing when I went to Jade’s room were absolutely soaked, so I took them off and I only had enough clean ones in the drawer for the week. I didn’t even think to put any of them on as I was leaving, it was just too chaotic.”

Deanna smiled and laid down fully on top of her lover, crushing their ample breasts together and placing a single, loving kiss on Carmen’s full-lipped mouth. As their lips parted and their tongues began to lap and swirl over one another, Deanna slid a hand down Carmen’s body and between their bellies. Her deft fingers parted the skin at the top of her loins and expertly fingered her clit to erection.

Carmen moaned into Deanna’s mouth, and the lashing of her tongue became quicker and more frenzied. Deanna continued her firm, rhythmic strumming of Carmen’s love button, but as she drew her knees up to sit upright over her, she clamped her other hand down over Carmen’s throat.

Carmen’s eyes shot wide open, and she briefly began to struggle… but Deanna applied more pressure to her neck, and stopped fingering her as she did this. Carmen understood, and relaxed. Deanna maintained the pressure on her lover’s neck and once again began that firm, measured rubbing and tapping of Carmen’s engorged clit. Every time Carmen squirmed in pleasure, Deanna tightened the grip on her neck ever so slightly. Carmen’s breaths were coming in short, choppy gasps now. Her pussy was pulsing and as the air and blood to her brain were being slowly cut off, every nerve ending in her body came alive like a circuit board.

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