The Cucumber Ch. 01

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Jill had just finished pleasuring herself; she had a body-shaking orgasm with only using her fingers. In the shower, Jill then showered she thought of Jack, her twenty-two-year-old son; she was always thinking of Jack, especially when she was playing with her hungry pussy. It was now four years since her husband had died. It was well over four years since she last had a man; she was still an attractive woman. She was full-bodied; she kept herself in good shape with her yoga and keep fit classes. She noticed that her pussy needed trimming, she liked to keep it smooth, it was always more sensitive when she pleasured herself. She got Jack’s razor and shaving foam; this excited her, she applied the foam, then carefully shaved her swollen vulva. When she had finished, she rinsed her pussy, then she spread her cunt lips open, her huge hooded clit popped out. She then directed the powerful jet on her clit; she hosed it up and down until she came again.

Jill thought back to over three years ago when Jack had asked her if it was ok if he brought his then-girlfriend over to watch a film with him. Jill had allowed it, ten minutes after they had arrived, Jill heard the bed squeaking, Jack had fantastic stamina, he banged her relentlessly for over three hours. Jill would lie on top of her bed, pleasuring herself as she listened to Jack fuck his girlfriend, this aroused her intensively. Jack had many girls; they were all attractive with curves. None of them stayed overnight. They then started to come sometimes in the afternoon. Then Jill noticed older women were beginning to visit. Jill recognised this one as the mother of one of Jack’s girlfriends.

She became a regular afternoon visitor when Jack had no afternoon lectures or when his classes finished early in the afternoon. Jill had come home one day; she had seen the woman’s car parked in the street. Jill had entered the house quietly; then she heard the woman say, “Jack, ass fuck me, I want you in every hole today. I love your magnificent cock; you give me the best fucks of my life.”

She left just before five, at seven, her daughter arrived. Jill had made Jack’s supper; Jill was trying everything she could to get close to Jack. She was dressing differently now; she was wearing a much younger style of clothing. Jill was now wearing push up bras; she was showing lots of cleavage. Jack didn’t appear to notice. Jill asked him about his girlfriends; she asked one day, “Jack, how many girlfriends do you have?”

Jack smiled then said, “I don’t know; it just happens. I know one thing, none of them cook as well as you mum.”

Jill gave Jack a big hug; she made sure that he could feel the weight of her massive tits on his chest, she then said, “Jack, thanks for saying that, it makes me feel so good.”

After Jill had overheard the mother talking about anal, she had never had anal in her life. One night she lubed a small dildo then slid it up her tight ass. The next time she was in the city at her sex shop, she bought some butt plugs. When she pleasured herself now, she always had a butt plug up her ass; it gave her more intense orgasms. Jill loved going shopping with Jack; she loved buying him clothes; she liked to spoil him. If she had a big food shopping, she wanted Jack to be there to help her. One Friday afternoon, she and Jack went to the supermarket. It was a big shopping. Jill saw a long thick cucumber, they didn’t eat much salad, but Jill knew exactly bahis firmaları what she was going to do with the cucumber.

After supper, Jack went out; he told Jill that he wouldn’t be late. Jill was on her fourth glass of wine. She went upstairs to her bedroom, she switched on her Smart TV, she typed in her favourite porn channel, she got into her favourites, she selected ‘Mummy Loves a Big Cock’. She looked at the colossal cucumber, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to take all of it, but she knew that her hungry pussy would be filled with it. The initial scenes were very arousing, Jill lubed her butt plug, then slid it up her tight ass. She sipped her wine as she watched mummy, getting fucked with a massive cock.

Jack arrived home just after ten; he saw that mum’s bedroom door was open, her bedside lamp was on, her TV was on, the screen was paused at a scene where a mature woman was sucking a massive cock of a younger man. Then Jack saw his mum lying naked on top of her bed; he then saw the cucumber that mum had bought this afternoon, her legs were spread wide open, half of the cucumber was inside mum’s pussy. Mum was fast asleep; she had a contented look on her face. Jack then saw the butt plug sticking out of mum’s ass. Jack didn’t know what to do. Mum had a beautiful body; she looked gorgeous, even with the cucumber sticking out of her pussy.

Jack noted the name of the website and the title of the movie. He switched off the TV, then took a couple of pictures of mum as she lay on top of the bed, he could feel his cock stiffen. Very carefully, he pulled the bed covers over mum. He noticed a half-full glass of wine on top of the bedside cabinet. Then mum stirred, her eyes opened, she saw Jack standing over her, Jack smiled at her, then mum said, “I’m glad that you are home Jack, I must have fallen asleep, I was exhausted, how was your night?”

Jack replied, “I’m just home, I saw your light was on, so I thought that I would say good night to you, but you were sleeping. I was tucking you in for the night when you woke up.”

“Jack, you’re a darling, I feel much better after my sleep, would you like to give me a fresh glass of wine, in fact, why don’t we share a glass of wine?”

“I will get the wine mum, is there anything else that you would like?”

“The wine would be good. There’s a couple of bottles in the fridge.”

Jack left, as mum pulled the cucumber out of her pussy, she didn’t know where to put it, it was too big to fit in her bedside cabinet. She slipped it under her bed. She then pulled her butt plug out; she put that into the cabinet. Jill then went into the bathroom; she used the bidet; she washed and rinsed her pussy. She then put on a red satin dressing gown, she pulled the belt tight, that showed her curves, she was also showing a lot of cleavage. She went back to the bedroom; she arranged the pillows then lay of the bed waiting for Jack to return.

Jack was in the kitchen; he couldn’t get the image of mum’s gorgeous pussy with the cucumber sticking out of it. Jack opened a fresh bottle of wine and two glasses. He then looked at the pictures he had taken of mum; his cock was so stiff as he examined them. Jack could see mum’s huge hooded clit; it was so suckable, he loved to suck clit. He loved the look of contentment on mum’s face; her tits were massive; he loved the full figures of mature women. His cock was so hard; he felt a little embarrassed about it. He kaçak iddaa got a wine cooler, put everything on a tray then went back to mum’s bedroom.

Jack was amazed at how sexy mum looked when he went into her bedroom, mum said, “I’m happy that you thought of the wine cooler, I love my wine chilled, pour me a glass darling. How was your night? Who were you with tonight?”

Jack poured the wine; mum signalled for him to lie beside her on top of the bed. Jack poured himself a glass then lay beside mum; Jack replied, “Nothing special, I was at Sue’s, we watched a movie then I came home.”

Jill knew Sue’s mum was visiting Jack in the afternoons; Jill was surprised with herself when she said, “Sue’s a lovely girl, I see her mum’s car here a lot in the afternoons, are you looking after both of them?”

Jack was surprised hearing his mum saying this; he knew it was true, he was also seeing several others of his girlfriend’s mums, he was also seeing one of their grans, Jack smiled, then said, “Mum, I’m only human, if it’s offered to you on a plate, then you’ve got to take it. They both know what’s happening. They both are prepared to share me. I enjoy looking after both of them. They both love what I do to them.”

Jill was surprised how honest Jack’s reply was; she also noticed the outline of his massive cock in his trousers. She then slowly and gently started to stroke and squeeze Jack’s erection, Jill said, “Have I caused this Jack, I’d be so happy if I’ve made you so hard?”

“You have made me hard mum, let me go and shower, I want to be fresh and clean for you.”

Jack then went into mum’s bathroom. Jill heard the shower running then as Jack was drying himself, he said, “Mum, could you slip your butt plug up your ass for me? I would love you to have it inside you when I’m with you.”

“I’m lubing my ass now for you; I’ll have it in for you when you come back. I’ll be naked for you, but I want you to be naked for me?”

“Mum, I’ll only be wearing a smile and a hard-on. I’ll be with you soon.”

Jill couldn’t believe the size of Jack’s massive cock when he walked into the bedroom. He was rock hard; he was long and thick; he had a bulbous head; it looked like a mushroom on the end of his stiff cock. All around his cock and balls, he was smooth. He was shaved, it looked so impressive, Jill said, “Jack, you’re cock’s massive, it looks magnificent, I love how smooth your cock and balls are, I think the same way, it’s much more hygienic to be shaved down there, it also makes it more sensitive. Let me make your beautiful cock stiff. Do you shave it yourself?”

Jack got himself into a position that would allow them to 69; Jill was already tonguing the head of Jack’s cock. Jack spread his mum’s cunt lips open, her huge hooded clit popped out, before he went down on her, Jack said, “Mum, you have a beautiful body too, Mrs Constable shaves me, she calls me her special one, mum, I’d like you to be my special one.”

Jack then started to suck his mum’s clit; he was finger fucking her with two fingers as he sucked her, mum was very wet. Jill couldn’t believe her ears, she came off Jack’s cock, then said, “Mrs Constable, Father Peter’s wife? Are you seeing her too?”

“Yes mum, she has a lot of problems with Father Peter, let me give you some pleasure now, we can talk about it later.”

Jill said nothing; she was so impressed with the way Jack was sucking her clit, he was kaçak bahis giving her the best oral; she had ever had in her life. Jill was slowly taking more of Jack’s cock in her mouth; it was enormous; she then angled her head; this allowed her to take his full length. Jill’s lips were now wrapped around the base of his stiff cock, the head of his cock was hitting the walls of her throat, as he pushed it in, Jill felt that Jack was giving her a mouth fuck as he sucked her huge clit. Jill was thinking about Joyce Constable; she was a beautiful woman, she was at least twenty years younger than Father Peter, helped him around the Parish, and did a lot of charity work. Jill was amazed that Jack was seeing her, she was so respectable, she gave an air of honesty and decency. Jill was looking forward to learning more about her.

Jack was loving what his mum was doing to him; she was giving him great head. Mum was pushing her dripping pussy against Jack’s mouth; Jack knew that she was close. He had been finger-fucking her with three fingers; mum had powerful cunt muscles; she had been gripping his fingers tightly. Jack then took mum’s butt plug out; her ass was well lubed. Jack then slid his index and middle finger up mum’s tight ass; his fingers could go much deeper than her butt plug. He started to finger fuck her ass as he sucked her huge hard clit, mum was purring with pleasure, she was now riding Jack’s mouth. Then from nowhere, Jack felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth. It tasted sweet and delicious; he kept as much as he could in his mouth.

He then took Jill in his arms; they cum kissed, Jill’s tongue working busily transferring her cum back into her mouth. As they kissed, Jack continued to finger his mum’s tight ass. Jack knew exactly what he was going to do. Experience had taught him that with every woman he had ever been with after he had ass fucked them, he owned them. He could give them such powerful vaginal orgasms with the head of his massive cock stimulating their G-spots, that they became addicted to it. As Jack positioned his mum on the bed, he had her on all fours, he would do her doggy style, as he slipped his cock inside her dripping pussy, Jack whispered in his mum’s ear, “Mum, you feel so good, your pussy is nice and tight, how is it for you?”

“Jack, I love it, you’re hitting my cervix. I’ve never had that before. I love how you fill me, you’re stretching me, but it feels so comfortable.”

Jack went in and out maybe ten times, mum was groaning with pleasure. Jack pulled out; his cock was lubed. He positioned the bulbous head on her tight ass hole; he whispered again, “Mum, I’ll go back inside your pussy later, relax, I’m going to do something very special with you now if you’ve any discomfort then let me know. I’ll go slowly and gently, to begin with.”

With a gentle push, Jack slid three-quarters of his massive cock up his mum’s tight ass; she loved it, Jill said, “Jack, I’ve never been ass fucked with a cock before, I love how it feels, I’ve no discomfort at all, my god, you’re hitting my G-spot now, I love it.”

Jill was now taking Jack’s full length; Jack stroked her clit as he ass fucked her. Ten minutes later, mum had her third body-shaking vaginal orgasm; Jack let her compose herself, then slid his cock inside her dripping hungry cunt doggy style. It felt so good; mum was tight, she was gripping Jack’s cock at the base and head of each thrust. Jill said, “Jack, it’s wonderful. I loved it when you ass fucked me, those orgasms were amazing. Empty your balls inside me; I want to be your special fuck, it feels so good, harder and deeper darling, you are going to make me cum again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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