The Cycle Ch. 03

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I could feel warmth enveloping me as I drifted into sleep. It felt rather cozy and felt nice as I slept.

Strange… I’m aware I’m asleep? Is this a lucid dream or something?

“It is similar, but no. That is not what this is,” a loud melodic voice resounded all around me.

“What? Who was that?” I asked, snapping my eyes open and spinning around, seeing nothing but gold light in every direction. I realized I wasn’t standing on anything, but floating.

This is weird…

“Yes, this is quite different from the physical world,” the voice said. I realized it sounded feminine… and pleasant. “To put it simply, this is the space of your imagination. It is similar to the idea of being a separate world that is linked to your mind. We are currently using this space to converse.”

“…uhm. Ok. Maybe I am dreaming,” I said out loud.

“No, I’m afraid not. Would you feel more comfortable if I created an avatar to converse with you?” the voice asked.

What? Like she’s going to be visible?

“In a word, yes,” she answered my unspoken question.

“What the hell! Why can you hear what I’m thinking?” I asked, both annoyed and uncomfortable.

The gold light shrank itself together, leaving behind white light. The gold light became the silhouette of a woman, and then solidified into a naked woman. She had sun kissed skin, long luminescent gold hair, and bright yellow eyes that had literally glowing irises. She had an hourglass figure;, flat smooth tummy, wide hips, large tits that were bigger than DD and centered with pink nipples. I noticed she had no hair anywhere other than her head, which flowed down to her ass in a wavy fashion. Her glowing hair was weird, but it worked for her. I looked her and up and down, and found myself wanting to kiss her plump lips, which smirked as I thought this.

“Your inward spoken thoughts are no different than your outward spoken thoughts in this realm. Even your thoughts that are not formed with words come across… rather clearly,” she finished with a wink. So she knew that I was in complete awe of her beauty and was nearly convinced I had died and gone to heaven, as this could be nothing but an angel in front of me.

“You aren’t too far off. But no, you have not died, and you have not gone to what you thought of as a place named heaven. I am what has inspired the idea of angels, but that is not a term we use for ourselves,” she said. She paused to give me a moment to digest before continuing.

“You will come to remember all of this in time, so there is little point in explaining it now. I have come to you now because the situation has changed. I can no longer keep the stability ongoing without your intervention and guidance, and maybe even your strength,” she said. Her face was filled with a mixture of sorrow and worry. It was a heart breaking sight. Then I realized what she said.

“What? None of that made any sense at all. I don’t even know you, how could I have been helping you before? And… everything else. Just, what?” I was rambling. I didn’t understand what she was talking about at all. She gave a sigh.

“I see. I will have to slow down and ease you into this,” she said. She closed her eyes, considering how to proceed. After a moment I found myself feeling awkward.

“Excuse me, uh, miss… angel?” I started. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“Well this is as good a starting topic as any. My name is Meekale. I am often referred to as the Archangel Michael in this current time, and have been the source of many similar roles throughout time. I am the First Servant to the One Before All. In other words I could be called the second in command of the Firsts who serve the One Before All. Yes, I know what you’re going to ask. The One Before All is what humans refer to as God. Or some variation such as Odin, Zues, Allah, whatever the less popular ones were… You’d really need to ask a record keeper if you wanted to know them all,” she started going on a tangent. Her eyes widened as she realized she was wasting time.

“Ah, we will have to discuss this another time. More time has passed than you notice in this realm. You should be waking soon and I have pressing issues to handle. Until next time…” she said as she faded away.

I woke up with a feeling of fading warmth. I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling.

What the fuck was that? I think I preferred the nightmares…

I looked over at Lexi lying next to me. She had her back to me as she lay on her side. I rolled over and pressed up against her, and put my right hand over her tummy as my chest pressed into her back.

“Mmm, hey lover,” she said and pushed her bum back into my crotch. Her delicious ass immediately elicited a twitch from my cock and it started to grow. I happened to be angled just right for my growing erection to press into the crevice between her thighs, poking through to the front of her once it reached full mast. The top of my shaft rested against her pussy lips, which I could feel getting more bahis firmaları wet by the second.

“Well that was easy,” she said as she smiled. She moved her hips and grinded on my dick a bit, getting a gasp from me and a throb from my cock.

“It’s because you’re so hot, woman,” I said. This was half true. It helped that I had been ogling Meekale the amazingly hot angel in my dreams, but that was not something I was about to say out loud. I also didn’t want to think about it. I reached up and grabbed her left tit with my right hand, getting a pleasured gasp for my efforts.

“Never tried wake up sex before…” she mumbled. I took that as an invitation. I pulled my cock away from her crevice slowly, feeling her pussy as my dick rubbed along her slit. She bucked her hips a bit at the stimulation, giving me an irresistible urge to thrust back into her crevice, hard.

“Mmm… that’s a nice feeling,” she groaned. I had to agree with her astute assessment. I pulled back again slowly until I was barely in her crevice, and then pressed back in. My cock head pressed against her pussy lip’s opening and she moaned at the pressure. At first we both thought it might go in, but it plopped out instead, getting a gasp of surprise for Lexi. I continued to rub in between her thighs and more or less slowly fucked her without entering her.

“Ohh… this is so different… but I love it,” she was saying while suppressing moans.

“Ya, try squeezing your thighs together babe,” I suggested. She moved her right kneed forward a little and let it drop, which allowed her thighs to press together, and then flexed her thigh muscles. The ensuing tightness was almost too much for me to handle.

“Oh fuck that’s tight,” I groaned. Luckily her pussy juices were all over by this point, so even though it was tight I still glided in and out of her legs nicely.

“Oh this feels amazing,” Lexi said hotly as she shook her thighs to get more movement between us. “I think I’m going to come just from this,” she mewled.

Thinking of making her come had me pressing in harder and faster. Pretty soon I felt my own orgasm approaching.

“Me too Lex, I’m coming!” I grunted. She was already there as she couldn’t move her hips anymore. She clenched them together and arched her back. I felt her crevice get more slippery as her juices flooded my pumping cock.

“Ohhh Shane I’m cominggg!” she practically sang. That was enough to send me over the edge as I started thrust hard and slow, squirting a load with each difficult thrust. Then I pressed in and held still as the rest shot out in front of her.

We were both sweating panting messes. We laid there for a while, cuddled as closely as we could until we almost fell asleep again. Lexi was the first to break the silence.

“I think I need a shower, Sir Cumsalot,” she said and giggled at her bad joke.

“Good one, sexylegs,” I replied, attempting to be as equally lame. Probably more lame really. She giggled anyway.

“I think I can believe you, seeing as you actually fucked my legs!” she said happily. She rolled to her back and smiled at me. I chuckled at her comment.

“I sure did. I’d it again too,” I replied with a smile. “But let’s go shower.”

We got up and went to the hallway. Lexi opened the bathroom door and walked in. I followed her and bumped into her butt as she stood there in the doorway. I was about to ask why she stopped when I saw the reason.

Standing out of the shower were our moms, dripping wet from having just showered. Momma was grinning while Mommy had only just raised her head from toweling her hair.

“Oh hi kids,” Mommy said.

“So, came for a shower eh Lexi?” Momma asked, looking at her legs. Lexi looked down and immediately turned scarlet.

“Kya!” she screamed and tried putting her hands over the cum dripping down her legs. Momma and Mommy both cackled at her reaction. I couldn’t help but chuckle along, which Lexi immediately smacked me on the chest for.

“We forgot to check the clock. I’m guessing it’s about 7am huh?” I said to our moms.

“Sure is. Don’t sweat it, it was a nice surprise,” Momma said, still smiling at Lexi. She looked at me and winked. “Nice coverage sonny boy.”

“Okaayyyy you two done in here?” Lexi said, still blushing and trying to cover her cum streaked legs. She wasn’t enjoying her being caught covered in cum like the rest of us were.

“Ok hun we’ll stop teasing… for now,” Mommy said. “Come on Kara, let’s go make some breakfast. I expect we’ll have two hungry teens on our hands soon.” She giggled and walked passed us, followed by Momma Kara. Only when the door was shut did Lexi stop trying to cover her legs.

“God that was mortifying!” she said. If only she could see how cute she was when she got all shy.

“Ya, that was a bit of a surprise,” I said, trying to avoid saying something to upset her. “Well we have the shower to ourselves. Let’s get cleaned up.” We got in the shower and actually cleaned ourselves this time. We had kaçak iddaa already sated our lust at the moment and were just trying to get clean.

“Oh, Shane… Did you have another creepy dream?” she asked. I froze. She noticed my stiffness and looked at me concern.

“You did didn’t you?” she asked.

“Ya… Can we talk about it later? This one I know is going to bug me and our moms will notice so I may as well tell you all at the same time,” I said, having already thought that far ahead. I didn’t want to have to explain what I experienced multiple times. She looked and opened her mouth like she was going to argue, but closed it.

“Well ok…” she replied.

“Thanks Lex,” I said. I gave her a kiss before we got out of the shower. Once we were reasonably dry and had handled our bathroom business we went downstairs for breakfast. It smelled like bacon and pancakes today.

Mommy Malinda was setting the food out for everyone as we entered the kitchen. Momma Kara was reading the paper as usual. I swear she would find something to read even if she didn’t have a current newspaper to read. Must be a habitual thing. We sat down in front of our moms and prepared to eat.

Mommy was looking at Lexi with a weird look. I looked at Lexi and saw she had an unhappy expression as she played with her food.

Ah hell. Looks like we’re getting to the topic pretty quickly.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Mommy asked Lexi. Lexi looked up. Momma looked at Lexi.

“Shane won’t tell me,” she said, turning to look at me.

Damn, she put me on the spot right away.

I sighed and looked at our moms, who were already staring intently at me.

“Ok ok, you don’t have to ask,” I started. No point delaying. “So… I had a weird ass dream. I would say again… except it wasn’t at all like the other dreams. This wasn’t some realistic vision type thing…” I paused.

Mommy and Momma looked slightly concerned but not worried yet.

“Ok. Go on,” Momma said. So I did.

“Ok… Uh, this is going to sound mental. I think… Ok so I dreamed I was talking to an angel… No. I would like to believe it was a dream, but I was fully aware as I am right now. So I was not exactly dreaming I don’t think,” I was trying to explain. I may have been rambling a bit.

“Slow down Shane. So you had a dream, that you don’t think was a dream, that you were talking to an angel? Ok…” Momma said. “So. What did you talk about?”

“Uh… Well… It was a rather long conversation, and I don’t think I could quote it properly. Basically she reassured me that it was quite real, and went on to explain why we were talking. Sort of… She ran out of time and was kind of rambling too much for me to get the full picture. Anyway, the big thing I remember is she was scared of some responsibility she had that was not working out for her. She said she needed my help, not that I have any idea how I would help,” I finished and looked at each of them to see how crazy they thought I was.

Momma looked like she was listening intently. Mommy had her eyebrows raised, though I couldn’t tell what that meant. I looked at Lexi and saw her mouth hanging open a little, and almost laughed.

“Um… Do you… think I’m crazy?” I asked them. Momma and Mommy looked at each other before looking back at me.

“Honey, crazy is a strong word. What you are saying is difficult to believe, so maybe it was actually a dream like you think it may have been. You probably just had an incredibly lucid dream,” she paused, then smiled. “So what did the angel look like?”

“What? Why does that matter?” I asked.

“Oh… reasons,” she said with a smirk.

“Well. She was more beautiful than I could have previously imagined. So what?” I asked.

“Hmm. Perhaps you were just having a sexy dream with and interesting conversation?” she asked, still smirking.

Huh. I hadn’t thought about that.

“So you think I was just having a sex dream?” I asked. Momma giggled.

“You’re a young man. It’s pretty much expected that you have sexy dreams. Although yours was pretty creative,” she said. Lexi huffed.

“You should be dreaming about your hot sister, not some make believe angel,” she said with a frown. I wisely stopped myself from laughing at her cute reaction.

“I would probably have came all over you if I had a sexy dream about you, Lex,” I said smoothly. It was an obvious attempt to placate her, but nevertheless she smirked.

“Ya, like you didn’t do that anyway,” Mommy said with a chuckle. Lexi blushed a little at that.

“Ahh! Don’t remind me,” she said, clearly still embarrassed about being caught covered in come but our moms. I chuckled and took the last bite of my bacon.

I guess it was just a dream.

Just as I was about to accept this as the truth, I felt the room rise in temperature. It felt like our comfortable climate controlled house became the tropics, but not in an uncomfortable way.

“Did it just get warmer in here?” Mommy asked. Lexi gasped and I looked kaçak bahis at her. She was looking back in the kitchen. I followed her gaze and couldn’t believe my eyes.

There she was. The unbelievably beautiful angel in all her naked glory. Just standing there. In my kitchen. I heard Momma and Mommy gasp when they turned to see what we were looking at.

“What the hell? Who are you?” Momma asked loudly, clearly getting angry quickly.

“Meekale,” I said, looking at the angel. Meekale smiled and nodded at me. Her long wavy luminescent golden hair accentuated the movement, and her equally luminescent golden eyes held mine captivated. She was even more stunning in the real world, where the mundane contrasted her image sharply.

“What?” Lexi said. “Who is Meekale?”

“The angel from my dream. That’s her… Her name is Meekale,” I replied, looking at Lexi for a moment before returning my gaze to Meekale. “I’m not asleep right now am I?”

Meekale laughed at the question. Her voice was still just as melodic as in the dream.

“No, you are not. None of you are. I chose to come here as one of our appointed Tenders… or, someone who watches over your welfare, notified me that you may be refusing to believe in our meeting. I had her keep an eye on you after speaking with you, just in case. I don’t want to waste time with ambiguity, so here I am. Now you all know I am real,” she said, smiling warmly at all of us.

“What was in the pancake mix Malinda?” Momma asked.

“I think I need to switch brands,” Mommy replied. They were both wide eyed, staring at the beautiful angel.

“Come now, you can all see me. No drug would allow all of you to see and hear the same entity that was already seen previously unbeknownst to you. I hope we can accept that this is reality and move on shortly,” Meekale said. She was smiling a little less now, having become a bit frustrated.

“That makes sense, but this is kind of crazy. I mean, your hair and eyes are practically glowing! And your eyes are golden? Who has golden eyes?” Lexi finished her quickly spoken rant.

Meekale sighed.

“I can make my hair and eyes plain if that would help. It does distract me a bit though, so I would prefer not to if you can handle that,” she said.

“Ok,” I said. “Let’s get passed the ‘we’re all crazy’ shit and move on. We can think about it later.”

Meekale smiled widely at me.

“Well said. Do you remember where we left off?” she asked. I nodded.

“You told me your name was Meekale, and that you were known as many historical theology figures like the Archangel Michael,” I replied.

Her eyes lit up as she remembered.

“Ah yes. Well, I dealt with the little issue that popped up earlier, and you’re no longer dreaming. Shall we continue?” she asked.

“Wait. You’re an angel? An ARCHangel?” Momma asked. Her eyes were wide and she had a look of disbelief on her face. “No way. I’d sooner believe you were some illusionist with lights trained on you.”

Meekale’s eyes glowed brightly as a look of anger flashed over her eyes. She quickly calmed down and returned to her peaceful appearance. That quick look was pretty scary.

“Fine. Let’s cool off,” Meekale said, and smirked.

And then there was the blue sky above us, and a rush of air. I realized we were falling.

“AHHHH” four voices screamed for a second, followed by four simultaneous splashes as we landed in our pool. When we had all lifted our head out of the water, we could hear a melodic laughter above us.

I looked up, seeing Meekale floating down toward the edge of the pool, holding her sides as she laughed hard.

“Oh I’m sorry. I felt a demonstration might move things along,” she said with a smile. She let go of her sides and watched us as we made our way out of the pool. None of us spoke as we got out of the water. It isn’t easy swimming while having your mind blown.

Once we were all out, Momma rounded on Meekale.

“Ok. Color me convinced. You’re an angel. What the hell does an angel want with us?” she asked, becoming defensive.

“Ya?! What does some angel want with my man?” Lexi said even more defensively. I hadn’t expected that particular line. It made me smile. Meekale smirked at Lexi’s outburst.

“Oh, please don’t misunderstand. I do not wish to interrupt your lives. I am here to help you through what is to come,” she said cryptically.

“Great. So Angels are cryptic as well,” Mommy said.

“Actually… I’m not really an angel. Angels are an imagination that derives from mortals seeing us in some way. I am not positive, but the image may have come about from a I partook in with a sword. I hadn’t the time to worry about what mortals may be around, so one or two may have made a story up to explain what they saw. It has happened many times. Either way I am not an angel. I am One of the Firsts,” she said. Then she paused, and looked up thoughtfully.

“You know what. Calling me a ‘One of the Firsts’ sounds weird. I suppose angel works fine. He seemed to like the term the last time he was with us anyway,” she said, looking at me.

“He who?” I asked, having a bad feeling that I knew the answer. Meekale smiled, confirming my suspicion.

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