The Day After – Mom’s Take

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I was standing in the bathroom, shocked, just trying to figure out what had happened. I mean, not only had my son pulled out his penis for me to inspect, but it had turned me on. I mean he had the largest cock I had ever seen, and then when I touched it to get a better look at his monster engorged member, he came all over me. I inspected myself more closely in the mirror. There were gobs of cum on my cheek, a big glob of it was dripping from my chin. It felt strange but I didn’t want to wipe it off, I just watched it stretch down toward the sink. I just couldn’t get over it, my own son came on my face, and my shirt and my cleavage. It will take some work to get it off of my blouse. The off-white semen really stood out against the silk forest green blouse I was wearing. I’ve never seen a load so thick and huge.

The glob from my chin was about to drip into the sink. I wondered what my son’s cum tasted like? With my index and middle finger I swiped off a large swath of his seed and stared at it. My curiosity was too strong, so i scooped what was on my chin and cheek up with my hand and put in in my mouth. It’s like a warm oyster. I savored it for a moment and the slurped it down.

I smelled my fingers has a faint smell of ammonia, but also a sweet smell to it too. I lick my fingers clean and then take another swipe with two fingers across my breast and greedily suck the cum off of them.

I wanted to be so close to my son. I had just held his huge throbbing member in my hand and he had cum in my face and on my chest, and now I have ingested his very seed. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I thought about him. His dick was so big and thick, I could only imagine what it would feel like stretching my tight underused pussy. I could really feel the juices flowing. I slipped my fingers underneath my skirt and under the band of my panties. I felt my own soft hair down there and then traveled further to my puffy labia. Hmmm it was ready down there. I used my free hand to try to wipe more cum from my face and chest, so that I could smell the bitter sweet aroma of my son as I masturbated. I brought myself to orgasm as soon as I put my finger to my nose.

I couldn’t wait to see him again in the morning. I knew it could be awkward, but i was so excited to think of this new aspect of our relationship.

When he came down for breakfast the next day. He wouldn’t look at me.

“Josh, what are your plans today?” I was hoping he didn’t have any outside plans, and maybe he and I would be home by ourselves today.

“I’m just going out.”

“You are going out? Do you have job interview?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, I’m just going out,” he answered.

“Does this have anything to do with yesterday, with the accident that you had on Mommy?” I said. I tried to give him a sexy but comically funny look, to let him know that it was all right that he had exposed himself to me and then “accidentally” come all over me.

I must have hit a sore spot because he got up to leave and started walking out the door. I jumped up out of my seat and grabbed him by the arm. Something in me snapped a little too, and I went into full momma bear mode, “You bahis firmaları aren’t going to walk away from me like that, I’m still your mother.”

He looked me straight in the eye and said, “I will do whatever I want. I don’t have any respect for you anymore.”

“What did you say young man?” I was indignant.

“You heard me. I came all over your face and I don’t respect you anymore. I want to be left alone.”

“Well, I never…” I started to say, but then he left.

He came back later that afternoon, but I didn’t have a chance to talk with him. That evening at the dinner table he was acting very hostile towards his father too. Josh was being short with him and not looking him in the eyes. It was as if he didn’t respect him either. Yes, Joshua’s cock was twice the size of his father’s and yes, I told him that when he pulled his pants down in front of me, but something was going to have to give.

I resolved that this momma bear was going to put her bear cub back in his place.

His father and I went back to the bedroom that evening, and I started to develop a plan. I was going to fuck my husband and make my son jealous. It wasn’t hard to get my husband hard and ready. I reached down and grabbed his average-at-best cock and gave him a blowjob. I was of course thinking of Josh the entire time. I had held his cock in my hand, but I wondered what it would be like to have it stretch my lips and throat.

I turned around for my husband and pulled my pants and underwear down and guided his cock into me. It was a below average fuck for sure but it was getting him off. For my plan to work, I had to have my husband cum on me. I could tell that it was about time by the grunts so I flipped around quickly and pointed his smallish head at my neck and chest. He came, it wasn’t a lot, but you could tell. The cum was on my exposed skin inside the v of my v-neck shirt.

“What was that about,” he asked.

“Oh nothing, I just felt like a little cum tonight. You know me dear, I get a little dirty sometimes.”

He nodded but was completely uninterested now that he had shot his load. I knew he would be asleep in minutes. I walked into our bathroom and pretended to be looking for something. “Oops, it looks like all the towels are gone. I’m going to have to sneak into Josh’s bathroom to look for a towel,” I said. Then I stuck my head back in the door to see his reaction, but sure enough he was sleeping.

I eased out of the bedroom door, and went upstairs to Josh’s bathroom. When I entered I made sure that I made enough noise that Josh would know someone was in here. A minute later the door cracked open.

“What are you doing in my bathroom?

“Young man, this is my house and I will go where I please,” I don’t think he was expecting that tone of voice. He opened the door a little bit further and peeked his head in.

“Come in here right now, I told him,” and he did, he came into the bathroom, “now close the door behind you.”

He was looking a little bewildered, he immediately looked at my deep v-necked shirt and the small amount of cum I had there.

“Josh, do you see this semen all over my chest? This is a real man’s semen. kaçak iddaa I’m your father’s now. He has marked me with his seed.”

Josh looked hurt and confused. He did care! I knew that he did! he just had a bunch of conflicting emotions, which is understandable. I still had to push him, to goad him, into acknowledging his primal instincts toward me. “That’s right son, your father fucked me just a minute ago, not 20 feet from where we are now, and then I took his cock in my mouth and then he cam on my neck and cleavage .”

Josh was just staring in shock.

“It’s called a pearl necklace. Do you like it? It was your father’s gift to me. It’s what a real man gives his woman.”

Josh stalked up to me and grabbed me by both shoulders and pulled up against him. My bare tits rubbing against his shirt and the cum on my upper chest and neck just centimeters from him.

“If I remember right,” Josh said, “I gave you a lot more than that woman!”

Fantastic! He was fighting back! His instincts were kicking in. I had to make him want to take me, make me his!

“All I remember is a little boy who came as soon as his mommy touched him. A real man can last as long as he wants and comes where and when he wants.”

“Oh yeah?” he replied, “What about this, does this belong to a real man?” he asked as he pulled out his cock.

He had been holding me close, so I had to pull when he pulled out his member. I was just as amazed this time as I was the last, except this time his cock was mostly flaccid. Still it was larger than his father’s erect penis.

“I thought you didn’t respect me, sure seems like you are trying to earn my respect now, pulling out that thick cock of yours.”

“I don’t have to respect you,” he said as he grabbed his member, the one eyed monster staring right at me. “I have to own you. I want you to be mine and only mine.”

He then began to stroke his cock a few times and it began to fill out to it’s full enormous size. He then walked up to me, and pushed me down. I thought he was going to make me service him orally, but he did something very unexpected.

I couldn’t believe it, he was using his own huge cock to wipe off all of his dad’s semen on my chest and neck. He was using it like some sort of window wiper, going steadily from one side of my chest to the other, he then would flick his dick so the excess cum flew into the bathtub behind me. I had never been so turned on in my life. I had never had something so primal and base done too me. I felt like a wild animal ready to fuck my conquering male.

“If you want this big dick any more, I don’t want you to have his semen in you or on you.” I nodded my head vigorously. Here was my golden son in front of me, waving his huge dick across my body, flinging all of the inferior semen off of me and telling me that I could no longer have intercourse with his father.

“You can jerk him off if you have to, but do not get his semen on you. Because you belong to me.”

I still had a card to play and I played it, “If you are such a big man, then take me. I fucked your father tonight, and honestly I barely felt it. If you want me to be yours, you are going to have to kaçak bahis fuck me into it.” When I said that, he grabbed me by the shoulders again and spun me around. He yanked my underwear off of my ass and down to my knees, since I was on all fours now. He swung his log and started whacking in me on my butt cheeks and thighs.

“Spread your legs mom, are you ready for this.”

“Make me yours, big man,” I said.

With that he shoved his cock into my pussy. I was dripping wet and had already had sex once, but I still wasn’t prepared for that. He was by far the biggest man I had ever had. I yelped and arched my back to try to accommodate his size. “Oh God,” I yelled.

“Yes,” Josh answered.

“Oh God, put it all in.”

I couldn’t believe how far his cock was going inside of me I had never felt anything like it before. His father only made it an inch or two in, but here Josh was hitting my cervix. It was extremely uncomfortable but exhilarating to know I was being dominated by someone with such animal instincts. He was fucking me hard and good. He reached up and played with my tits, he really pushed in far when he was doing that. With each long thrust I could feel my over stretched pussy aching to accommodate my sons manhood. I came the first time within a minute. He kept fucking me with long hard strokes, and it wasn’t long at all before I came for the second time. I knew he didn’t know much about such things, it was just all instinctual at this point.

“You just made your mommy come twice,” I told him.

“Good I want your body to know what your mind is learning, that I’m the alpha male around here now.”

When he said that with such a deep voice, I came again. I convulsed heavily and I could tell he was getting close to.

He pulled out and grabbed my chin with his hand and brought my head up to look at him. “I’m going to cum across your forehead, I’m going to give you all of my cum. I want you to rub it into your cheeks, your chin, your nose. I want you to rub it in like a face wash. I want you to rub my cum on your neck and on your chest. I want you to have me all over you, so that everyone will know your mine.”

It was such a wonderful idea, it was exactly what I wanted.

“You might go downstairs and sleep with dad, but you are going to be covered in me in my seed.”

I nodded vigorously.

Then he pulled my face into his crotch. My nose was shoved into the base of his cock and my my tongue began to greedily lick his balls. His cock was so big I know I went cross-eyed looking at the shaft, which cleared my forehead by quite a bit. Then he pulled my head back and began shooting all over my forehead. Right away some got in my eyes and some in my hair. Two things I would have been furious if it were anyone else. But it was my son and he had such a dominating cock I couldn’t help but be thrilled by anything and everything he saw fit to do to me.”

Go on, go downstairs, cuddle up with dad, with my cum all over your face. But know that you are mine now.”

I stood up and smiled at him. I couldn’t help but be proud. Proud of his big dick that I knew would please many women, and proud of his take-charge attitude. It turns out the momma bear was put in her place by her grown up cub after all. I kissed him. Like a woman kisses a man that she belongs to and followed his instructions and went downstairs to sleep with his father.

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