The Elevator

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Helen arrived at work at her usual 7:20 time. She was surprised to find the plant manager right behind her as she parked her car. Getting out of the car and grabbing her purse and lunch bag, Helen waited for John to do the same.

“Good morning!”

“Good morning to you too!” Helen responded cheerily. “How do you like this snow we got overnight?”

The plant manager smiled and shook his head “Snow in April. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.”

“This is just Mother Nature’s sense of humour.”

They made their way to the plant door, walking through four inches of fresh wet snow. Once inside, John pressed the elevator button. Both of them worked at shaking as much snow and moisture off their boots before going up to the offices on the fourth floor.

The elevator arrived and they both walked in. Helen let John drive and he pressed the button for the fourth floor. The elevator crept up. It was an older elevator but it worked. Except for today. All of a sudden, the elevator stopped and the lights went out.

John asked “You’re not claustrophobic, are you?”

Helen shook her head then realized he couldn’t see her and said “Nope. You?”

John replied “No. Thank God.” He then picked up the phone in the cabin and tested it. “It’s dead.”

Helen reached for her cell phone and said “I still have this.”

John laughed and said “I forgot to charge mine last night so it’s useless. Why don’t you call the control room and let them know we’re here?”

Helen started dialing and then said “I’ll call the lab instead as the control room must be just crazy if this is a plant wide power outage.”

“You’re right.”

The lab operator answered “Lab.”

“Hey Gerry, it’s Helen. John and I are stuck in the elevator without any power. Is this plant wide?”

“Yeah, everything is dark here too, except for emergency lights.”

“We don’t even have that.”

“Oh. Are you okay?”

“We’re fine. If the power doesn’t come back within say 20 minutes, can you go check what’s up and call me back on my cell as soon as you know how long this will be?”

“Sure thing!”

Helen hung up the phone and made small talk with John. Eventually, they both decided to sit on the floor of the elevator and lean against the wall. After half an hour, Helen’s phone rang.


“Helen, it’s Tom.” Tom was the electrical department manager. “We just found out that a truck lost control and took down the feed line to the plant. It’s going to be at least two hours before they can restore power to the plant. Can I talk to John for a bit? He’s not answering his phone.”

Helen handed the phone over to John.


“I forgot to charge my battery last night. Helen’s phone is all we have.”

“No, we’re good in here. I think your time will be best spent on changing out those starters we discussed.”

“All right. We’ll wait for your call.”

John handed the phone back to Helen after closing it. “They offered to wire the elevator to the generators but aren’t sure it would work so why waste the time. They’re going to take advantage of this outage to change out those starters that have had the intermittent problems. So you and I are stuck in here for a while. Not that I don’t like your company but I sure wish I’d stayed in bed this morning.”

“Still having issues sleeping?” John had mentioned the troubles a few days before. They had discussed how it was difficult to sleep when the brain refused to shut down.

“Yeah. Can’t seem to sleep more than half an hour at a time lately.”

“Well, it’s not like we can do much in here, why don’t you lay down and I’ll help you relax and maybe you can have a bit more sleep. I’ve been reading this book on relaxation techniques and I think it might help.”

“You sure?”


John took off his outer jacket and made himself a makeshift pillow and laid down on his back. Having her eyes adjusted to the darkness, Helen could make out John’s form and she laid down beside him.

“Close you eyes and imagine a white board. On it, there’s all your to-do list and your concerns and your worries.”

“How’s canlı bahis that going to help stop my brain?”

Helen put her hand on his stomach and said “Trust me.”


“Can you see the white board?”

“There’s not much of it still white, it’s pretty full.”

“That’s okay. Now I want you to take the brush and erase it. Keep erasing it no matter what pops up on there.”

Helen waited a minute and the said “Now I also want you to focus on your breathing. Count as you inhale and then again as you exhale. Keep erasing the board. As soon as something shows up on it, erase it without reading it. And as you breathe, keep counting.”

Helen waited a few minutes and then moved her had to John’s lower abdomen. “Now when you inhale, I want you to push my hand. This is diaphragm breathing and is deeper than chest breathing. So you should count a bit longer. When you exhale, try to push the air out for one or two counts longer than when you inhaled.”

After a few minutes, John sat up and said “I have a bit of a problem”.

“What kind of problem?”

“The kind that grows. And it’s very distracting.”

At first, Helen didn’t realize what John was saying.

“Your hand below my belt is like a magnet for my growing problem if you know what I mean.” John said as he gently removed her hand from his lower abdomen.

The realization washed over Helen and she was grateful that it was dark for she must have been a very bright shade of red. But then, an interesting thought arose in her mind. What better way to relax then using the endorphins that nature has given us?

“John, lay back down and trust me. You need to relax completely and let things happen and then you’ll sleep.”

Helen had had fantasies about her plant manager and now was an opportunity to make one happen. She put her hand on his belt and told him again to focus on his breathing. When she felt him breathe deeply, she lowered her hand. When he tried to protest, she leaned up against him and went “Shhhhhhh. Just relax and let things happen. I promise you’ll sleep.”

She then let her hand go even lower, until she felt the tip of his hardness. As soon as she touched him, she felt him twitch under her hand. She stroked him up and down through the fabric a few times. Once again, John tried to protest. “Shhhhh. Relax. Nature gave us the most powerful endorphins, let me release them for you.” As she said that, she moved her hand up past his now rock hard cock and felt his disappointment. It was short lived because the only reason she’d left was to get his belt undone and then his zipper.

Helen reached in and freed up his cock from his pants and briefs. To her delight, he was circumcised. She stroked him a few times. Again, he tried to protest. “Shhhh. You have to be quiet, we can’t risk anyone passing by the elevator doors to hear.” She then shifted around so her head was closer.

Still stroking the shaft, Helen bent down and licked the tip. She felt John’s hips buck up and smiled. She then put her lips around the head of his cock and let the tip in. She circled her tongue around the tip and that got a moan out of John. “Shhh.” John’s hand went to the back of her neck and he pushed her down with just enough pressure for her to understand that he wanted her to continue.

She took him in her mouth and moved up and down his thick shaft, taking as much of him as she could without choking. With her hand, she alternated between stoking his shaft up and down and caressing his balls. His balls were nice and big, something she suspected, having peeked at his crotch on occasion and having seen a rather interesting lump.

Helen continued stroking, caressing, licking and sucking until she felt John’s balls start contracting. He whispered “I’m going to come.” She clamped down on his cock tighter and sucked, rubbing her tongue on the sensitive spot. This was his final undoing and he let go. Helen swallowed his come and continued to gently lick him until she’d had the last drop. Then, she tucked him back into his briefs and pants and returned everything to its original state. She laid down next to John and whispered bahis siteleri “Turn on your side, keep focusing on your breathing and let the endorphins do their thing.”

Within minutes, he was asleep and Helen smiled. Mission accomplished.

Two hours later, Helen felt her phone vibrate. “Hello?”

It was Tom, saying that the power was going to be turned back on within five minutes. He was telling her that the elevator would need to go down to the bottom floor and reset itself before being available to take them back upstairs. “The elevator doesn’t remember what you wanted and always goes back to the bottom. I didn’t want you to be scared when it starts going down.”

After thanking Tom, Helen turned to John and gently shook his shoulder “Wake up sleepy head. We’re about to get power back.”

John sat up. “Wow. I haven’t slept like that in ages.”

The lights came on and John gathered his things as did Helen. Both of them stood up as the elevator started to move down. Helen spoke first “If anyone asks, tell them only about the whiteboard and the breathing. Nobody needs to know about the rest.”

John nodded and said “Thank you.” And just then, the elevator doors opened and Tom was there, smiling. “Did you have a nice snooze?”

John was surprised “How do you know?”

Tom laughed “The side of your face has an imprint of your makeshift pillow.” Tom joined them in the elevator and they all went up to the fourth floor.

The day went by quickly and Helen and John didn’t see each other for the rest of the day. This was not abnormal; several days could go by without Helen running into her plant manager. For the next two days, John was at the regional office and so was not at the plant at all. Then, it was the weekend. On the Monday, Helen again didn’t see John. She was almost disappointed. Oh, who was she kidding, she was indeed disappointed. She’d had so many fantasies about John and she’d finally had one come true and it was like it had never happened. She felt let down by the fact that he hadn’t really acknowledged the event.

On the Tuesday, after a restless night, Helen made her way up to the fourth floor. When the elevator doors opened on Helen yawning, she came face to face with John. “Good morning!” John called out. “You look tired. You okay?”

Helen smiled and said “I’m fine. My turn to have a bit of trouble sleeping I guess.”

“Well, have you tried those breathing exercises and the white board cleaning?”

Helen laughed “not yet but if I have trouble falling asleep tonight, I’ll try that. Thanks for reminding me.”

Helen and John went their separate ways and the day went by quickly. Helen went home at the end of the day, fully intending on going to bed early. After having a light dinner, Helen took a nice warm shower and pampered herself. She was just finishing up when she heard the door bell. She quickly put on her robe and headed to the door. She opened the door to find a surprise. John was standing at her door.

Without a word, she took a step back and waved him in. As soon as she closed the door behind him, he turned on her and, grabbing her head with both hands, pulled her to him and kissed her. He kissed her deeply and she responded. When he finally broke the kiss, he told her “I’m here to help you fall asleep. Take me up to your bedroom.”

Without arguing, Helen grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs to her bedroom. Once there, Helen turned to John and asked “What did you have in mind to help me sleep?”

John smiled “I’m here to return the favor.”

Helen put her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on the lips and teased “I might need more than you did to fall asleep.”

John’s eyes sparkled as he smiled and replied “I’m up for it.” And he was. Helen could feel his hardness against her lower abdomen as he pulled her closer and kissed her again and again. He maneuvered both of them towards the bed until Helen had the back of her legs against the bed. There, he bent her back towards it, never breaking the kiss. Putting one knee on the bed next to her, he laid her on it and then started kissing her neck. With his free hand, he bahis şirketleri undid her robe and exposed her naked body to his gaze.

He lowered himself to take one hardening nipple into his mouth. He gently sucked on it, while teasing the other nipple with his thumb. Helen moaned loudly and he looked up and went “shhhhhhh”. Helen protested “Nobody’s going to hear us here!” John smiled again “If I had to be quiet, you have to be quiet too. Shhhhh.” And he returned his attention to her breasts. Helen bit her lips to prevent another loud moan from escaping her lips.

When he’d lavished her breasts to his heart’s content, he continued his journey down her body, kissing her lightly along the way. He stopped over her core and kissed her lightly on the trimmed outer lips. Helen spread her legs out, giving him access but he denied her a bit longer, kissing her inner thighs and the area above where the lips of her flower opened.

It was almost like torture, his delaying giving her what she wanted. When he finally opened both his and her lips and let his tongue play on her clit, her hips lifted off the mattress in response. John was obviously pleased with himself and he continued licking and sucking and pleasing her, having her tension build and build towards the beautiful release. Several times, he brought her close to the edge and paused, leaving her wanting. But then, not only did he bring her to the edge, he had her leap off in a powerful climax. Gently licking, he let her ride the waves of pleasure until she calmed down some.

He laid himself on the bed next to her, gathering her close to him and whispered in her ear “Think you need more?”

Helen could only moan and nod and pull him to her for another kiss. Then, she stopped, pushed herself out of his arms and pushed herself up to be completely on the bed. “Take off your clothes and join me up here where we’ll be more comfortable.”

John did as he was told. Meanwhile, Helen reached into her night table and pulled out a condom. When John was laying next to her, she kissed him again and reached for his cock. She stroked him for a few minutes. Not that he absolutely needed it as he was already rock-hard. Then, she stopped kissing and moved down to take him into her mouth. He laid back and moaned softly. She only spent a few minutes loving him orally before slipping the condom on his cock and moving around to impale herself on it. He was surprised that she would go for penetration so quickly but didn’t complain as he’d been ready and wanting this for several minutes already.

Her liquid hotness enveloped him and he felt how tight she was around his cock. She moved up and down a few times and then stopped. She lifted her body ever so slightly and said “Fuck me.” John grabbed her by the hips and started moving his hips up and down rhythmically, fucking her as she’d asked. Then she started moving also and he stopped, letting her set the pace once more. She leaned forward and had her heavy breasts dangle close to his face “suck on my tit and tease the other nipple with your hand”. John did as he was instructed. He gently sucked on her right breast while his right hand moved to her left breast and his thumb teased the nipple. Then, he used both his thumb and his forefinger to gently pinch and roll the nipple. “Oh yeah, keep doing that!” Helen pleaded.

Within a few minutes, Helen reached her second orgasm and John felt the most exquisite tightening of her pussy around his cock. He felt her tightening and releasing as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. The sensation was too strong and he couldn’t hold back much longer. Then she said the words he was waiting for “Fuck me until you come too baby. Give it to me!” He let go of her nipples, grabbed her hips and started pounding into her fast. It was only half a minute and it was his turn to achieve release.

After he withdrew, he gathered her in his arms and asked “Think you can fall asleep now?” All Helen could do was “Mmmmmmm” as she drifted off to sleep.

When she woke several hours later, he was gone. There was a note on her kitchen island that said “This was a one-time only thank you. It can’t happen again.” Helen understood.

So they went back to being plant manager and worker. Once in a while, when nobody else was looking he’d wink at her. Eventually, he moved on to another position, in another location.

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