The End of High School Ch. 07

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Big Tits

The next thing I realized it was morning and the alarm was going off for us to get ready. Jim went to the bathroom while I got the shower ready. We both took a quick one together. Yeah, we groped each other but it wasn’t as frantic as the last time. I was getting our clothes out when the phone rang. I couldn’t really hear when Jim was saying but I got the idea something about room service.

We wore matching island print shirts and khaki/tan shorts. Well, mine was a skirt but it matched his outfit perfectly.

Jim paid the cab driver and we both got out. It wasn’t that far from the hotel especially cutting though, vacant lots. This time, however, we want to impress the man and women that were going to interview us. We decided to act as a couple rather than sister and brother since Christine didn’t know that at the time.

The gate at the end of the driveway was open and we walked up to the house. Their front door featured leaded glass and some clear cut panels on either side. Jim rang the doorbell and Mrs. Wentzler came to the door carrying her youngest child. Apparently she’d been giving her a bath. Jen and I were holding hands as we introduced ourselves to her. She told us her name is Mallory and his name is George and that he’d be out in a minute. Mallory was wearing a light cotton print sundress and, obviously, nothing else. Jim was enjoying that. George came out wearing a pair of shorts and introduced himself and Mallory told him our names. They both had a glow from their deep tans.

“Christine saw us out front and told us she knew some people that might be interested in helping us.”

“Well, sir, I think she’s trying to help us out. We didn’t know anything about it until she told us you wanted to interview us.”

“But we’re really interested. It sounds like it could be a good job.”

“That’s good. Mallory and I do a lot of traveling and it costs a lot to take the dogs with us and it’s expensive to board them at the kennel. There’ve also been a few break-ins in the neighborhood so we thought it would be good to have someone live her full time.”

I immediately looked around the room and down the hallway.

“He doesn’t mean here in this house. We have a guest house in the back. If you’re interested we can take you on a tour in a while.”

“Oh, yeah! I think we’re interested.” Jim wrapped his arms around me and we hugged.

“I think this might be what we need.”

“Well, you certainly seem like a nice couple. We’re looking for an honest couple that can work for us for a couple years.”

We both blushed a little.

“Um, are you in school now.”

“We just graduated and Mom and Dad they want us, er, they told me I have to get a job this summer to help out with college expenses.”

“Um, yeah, and I have to get a job, too. I’ve had a paper route for a long time but I gave it up right before graduation.”

“I’ve got to be honest with you. This job won’t pay a lot. We can pay you about $100/week for groceries. Other than that you shouldn’t have any expenses. We pay the electricity and other utilities, the phone and cable. At that is taken care of.”

“So you mean basically we get free room and board to look after your house. You said something about your dogs?”

“We maltepe escort have two golden retriever mixed dogs. They’re very gentle and well behaved. You’ll need to make sure they have food and water. They have pet doors so they can come in and out of the house whenever they want and it leads to a secure part of the yard. Actually, almost all of the yard is fenced in with a high security fence. We’ll give you the alarm code and instructions but, other than looking after the dogs and the house, you won’t have any need to come in here. You’ll have your own place in the back.”

“It’s a small house. We had it built for occasional guests but it hasn’t been used that much. That’s why I suggested to George it would be perfect for someone to look after the place. We had considered an older retired couple but Christine was so excited about you two. Are you married?”

There it was: the question. “Um, no, ma’am.”

“It’s OK. How long have you been dating? And, are you engaged?”

“Well, it’s not like that.”

“Christine told us you were sharing a room at the hotel and here with your parents”, she was looking at me, “So I guess it’s OK with them that you’re sleeping together. They must be great parents to give you so much freedom.”

“This might be awkward. Christine didn’t even know til last night.”

“Yeah, we just told her. Jim is my brother. We’re sister and brother.”

They both smiled. “It’s OK. We kinda figured that when we saw you two. Couples start to look alike after they’ve been together but it takes a couple years. You two look like twins.”

“We’re not twins, we’re 10 months apart but we’ve always been close.”

‘That’s right, Jen and I are very close.”

“Yeah, I can see that but, don’t worry, it’s OK with us what you do. Since you just graduated, and I guess you mean high school, we will want to know this is OK with your parents. See, there’s only one bed in the guest house and it’s a queen bed.”

“Don’t forget, George, the sofa in the living area makes a bed.”

“Yeah, but it’s not that comfortable for more than one night or so.”

“It’s OK. I mean we sleep together about all the time now.”

“Your parents don’t mind?”

“Well, um, they don’t like some things and sometimes they tell us to sleep in our own rooms but, on this trip, we’ve had to sleep together.”

“They’ll be OK with it I think.”

“Well, here’s another idea for you. I know you’d like to make more money and I have an idea how you could do that.”

“Yeah, Dad wants us to work. I mean we’ve got a bunch of money but he wants us to add our own to it.”

“What you’ll be doing here won’t take all that much time. You’ll be looking after the dogs, checking the house and so forth. We’ll let you know when we’re coming back and ask you to buy groceries for us. We have a golf cart you can use to go to the shopping center.”

“That doesn’t sound like a lot.”

“No, it’s not so it should give you plenty of time to work another job.”

“George and I think you could easily get jobs at the big resort hotels.”

“You mean like Christine does?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“That would be great.” Jim was excited. “Between both of these jobs we should really be able to save a lot of tuzla escort money.”

“That’s right, our only expenses should just be clothes and other stuff we want to buy.”

“You say you’d want us for about two years?”

“That’s right. We’re going on a trip next week and will be back in a couple weeks. We could let you try it for those two weeks if you want. I know this is a big decision and it’s coming at you by surprise. Also, any time we know we’re going to be here for more than just a few days you’ll be free to go back home if you want.”

“I hope Mom and Dad go for it. We’ll try to bring them back later today if that’s OK.”

“That will be fine. We just don’t want to get caught in the middle of a family problem or anything. And we’d like to hear them express their confidence in you. Would you like to take a tour now?”

We both nodded eagerly. They showed us around the main house and introduced us to the dogs. They were very playful but at the same time they weren’t jumping up on us. They had a room in the house of their own and could come and go through pet doors in outside door to the mud room. We learned where their food was kept and how much to give them. They also kept birdseed in some closed tubs and pointed out what to use to fill the feeders. There were 4 bedrooms in the main area of the house and upstairs were 4 more. They’d had the place built to entertain but rarely invited enough people to fill it. There was an extensive entertainment center in the family room and we’d be welcome to use it when we wanted.

“But we must tell you we don’t want any parties or anyone else in this house. It would be just for you. If you want to have people over in the guest house that is OK but no wild parties and no drugs!”

“You don’t have to worry. We do grass sometimes but that’s all.”

“Well, we’ve done grass, too. Still, we prefer you don’t have other people over doing grass or any drugs. And don’t let anyone drive away from here if they’ve been drinking. Our insurance will not cover if they’re in an accident, and we have a lawyer that will keep us out of court.” We understood the implication that we’d be on our own.

Next we got to the guest house. While it was small and furnished simply, they had spared no expense. All the furniture looked brand new and of the highest quality. The living area had a sofa, a few chairs, a table and chairs, coffee table. On one wall was a small entertainment center with a 42″ TV! He explained how the whole property was wired for cable TV and there was wireless internet access. In the bedroom was a queen bed, matching dresser and chest of drawers, night tables, spacious closets with organizers and a 32″ TV built into a wall and a desk with a PC included. We wouldn’t have to bring ours.

The bathroom had a shower large enough to bathe at least 2 people at a time and a generous spa bathtub.

Mallory told us, “We have a tub exactly like this in our bathroom and I find it to be soothing whenever I need it.”

The bathroom had a 27″ TV mounted near the ceiling so both people in the tub could watch it as well as if you were using the toilet.

Next was the kitchen. It had completely new appliances and would be more than Jim or I could use. Well, we’d maltepe escort learn to prepare more food. The eating area had a table and chairs for six. I couldn’t imagine ever filling up the storage areas and refrigerator.

“When are you leaving next week?”

“We’re leaving on Friday morning and we’ll be back in a week and a half, on Wednesday. Then we’ll be here a week and then leave for maybe a month. A lot of times we don’t know what our schedule’s going to be more than a month in advance.”

“What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a travel writer.”

“Actually, we both are.”

“Yes, that’s right so that’s why we don’t know where we’re going mostly.”

“An editor will tell us he wants a story about traveling to the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica so we’ll fly down there and check it out and then write the best ways to do it.”

“I used to write a lot, too, but since we had the kids I’ve been busy looking after them. Now that Kerri is two it’s getting easier for me to get back to writing.”

“We would stay in touch through email and you’ll have our cell phone number for urgencies. They don’t work everywhere but you’ll always have a copy of our itinerary. Oh, we’d rather not have to start and stop the mail so we want you to get the mail from the box every day and bring it in the house.”

We were walking back towards the street.

“And if you’d walk the dogs and play with them periodically that would be great.”

“They look like nice dogs.”

“Oh, they are. They’re well behaved and will do exactly what you want them to.”

“And you saw that most of the yard is fenced so they can’t get out but still have plenty of room to play. It also is completely private.”

“What Mallory means is there is no place in the yard where the neighbors can see in.”

“I guess that explains your awesome tans!”

“That’s right. We enjoy our privacy and we like to lie out in the sun. Or, just be casual around the house and property.”

“That’s kewl! We’re used to that at home but we need to be careful there about our neighbors.”

“Well, you two, think about it and talk to your parents. I hope it works out but we’ll understand if it doesn’t.”

“Yes, we can understand how they might not like you two sharing a bedroom and bed like that for a long period of time.”

Jim started to say something but decided not to.

“We’ll let you know as soon as we can.”

They pointed out a hidden path next to their property that connected to the greenway and lead back towards the hotel. It saved us the trouble of walking out of the subdivision and around a few extra blocks. This must be how Christine was trying to tell us about the night of the party.

“And they’ll buy our groceries.”

“That’s right, they said to keep all the receipts and if they didn’t give us enough they would increase it.”

We had been telling them all we could about the job and the houses and everything. Every few minutes one of us would remember another item and that would get us going all over again.

“Your Mother and I will need to talk this over. When do you have to give them an answer.”

“They didn’t give us a deadline or anything but I guess they don’t want to wait long because they need to find someone quick.”

“That’s right, and they want to meet you and talk to you. Please say it’s OK”

“Well, I have another session this afternoon and then a break before dinner. Keep your phones nearby and we’ll give you a call.”

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