The Failed Interview

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The interview was a disaster. She was late because she lost the detailed directions. The new outfit was ill fitting and she nervously shifted around in her chair the whole time. Apparently, no one had told her you need to find some empathy with the interviewers. Afterwards, my PA, who was leaving, shook her head sadly. The HR staffer said, “we’ll find more candidates for you, Jeff.”

A little later, as I walked through the lobby on my way out for the day, I noticed her sitting at the bar which occupied one side of the lobby space. On a whim, I turned and went in. She was staring at a double martini which looked as though it had yet to find its way to her lips.

Standing close behind her, I said, “Karen, why don’t you skip the gin and let me buy you dinner?” Her head jerked up, face frozen in fear. “Mr. Anderson! I didn’t expect to see you again.”

Putting a reassuring hand on her shoulder, I said, “Some days are better than others. A bad interview is not the end of the world. Let’s get some food and talk about your future.”

“Oh gosh, what is an important guy like you doing being nice to me? I completely blew that interview.”

Our eyes met in the mirror behind the bar. There was more there than I expected to see. I gave her shoulder another squeeze and nodded to the barman that the tab should go on my open account.

“Come on, I don’t bite.”

The barman said, “You’re fine, miss. Don’t turn down a free meal. You are safe with him.”

She was carrying an unfashionable backpack, which I took control of. My favorite grill was a block away, which was a bit of a struggle for her with the uncomfortable heels.

“You have sneakers in here?” She nodded and I ducked into a storefront recess, extracting them from the pack. She quickly changed and held the heels to me. “Thank you. They really hurt. I never should have bought them. My roommate said interviews in the city are always in heels.”

After we were seated in the restaurant, her anxiety level was dropping. Conversation revealed she was a field hockey player and surprised I knew about the game. “My wife played for Syracuse, back when it wasn’t a recognized sport.”

The waiter came for a drink order and I asked, “What would you like?”

“You said I couldn’t have that gin. What about a margarita?” Her eyes actually teased me. This was progress.

“Terrible idea,” but I told the waiter, “The lady will have your special margarita, and I will have scotch on the rocks.”

It didn’t take long for Karen to find more conversation with me, providing lots of useful background. I thought about all the young college graduates who did poor interviews but could be great employees. She was the older daughter of a couple on an upstate dairy farm that was barely making ends meet. She needed the job because her younger sister was dyslexic and enrolled in an expensive program that was helping a lot.

Halfway through dinner, I was thinking about giving her the job and wondered how much trouble I would be in with HR. A plateful of food had disappeared in a hurry, and my dinner companion was looking one hundred percent better.

Until I asked her where she was staying the night. The tense, fearful look was back. “Gosh, I know this sounds dumb, but I thought I could stay with my uncle. I didn’t check and it turns out he is away and there is no housekey available here. I talked to him on the phone and he said I could break in if I wanted.”

She looked up at me, “Doesn’t that sound bad? What if a neighbor calls the cops?”

I shook my head. “Very bad.”

“Do you think there is a hostel I could find at this hour?”

“I’m sorry miss, but I think you are stuck with the extra bedroom in Jeff’s house.”

She stared at me, unbelieving. “You are not kidding around?”

I shook my head and stood to pay the bill. “Let’s go. It is about a fifteen minute drive.”

When we got to my car, I said, “You need to call your Mom, don’t you?”

“Yes, but my phone died.”

“This should work while we drive. Buckle up and make the call. I guess you better not say you are sleeping at your new boss’s house. What about ‘a friend at the office’ is putting you up?”

Karen’s spunk surfaced. “If this is a joke, I am going to hit you!”

By the time we got to my house, Mom was satisfied that life in the big city was going to be ok, and had been promised a weekend visit as soon as possible.

Jean and I live in a restored Craftsman style home on the edge of town. Aged shingles and the whole bit. After we got in the house, I said, “We need to call my wife. She is at a conference but probably free by now. I’ll tell her what’s happened, but you should introduce yourself.”

I pointed to the sofa and sat next to her. Jean answered on the first ring, “Hi there.”

“Hi yourself. I am sitting next to a very attractive young woman who is going to be my new PA. Just got hired over dinner and is a bit nervous. Here she is.”

“Hello. He is right, I am super nervous. My name is Karen Phillips. I thought I flubbed canlı bahis the interview but he says I am hired anyway. I would like to meet you if that is possible.”

She hurriedly added, “Oh, this is really stupid. I was supposed to stay at my uncle’s, but he is away and the house is locked. The bartender at the office said I was safe with your husband. He says I have to call him Jeff.”

From the kitchen doorway, I held out chocolate and vanilla ice cream containers. She pointed to chocolate and I smiled.

When I came back with the dishes, they were still talking and Karen was relaxed into the down cushion.

I reached for the phone. Jean said, “She sounds very nice. You are behaving?”

I growled and said, “You are still going to be home for dinner tomorrow? If you don’t mind, Karen and I will fix dinner and she will stay another night. You are needed for a shopping trip to buy work clothes. What she has on is new and awful.”

“Put the phone on speaker.”

“Karen, he can be so nasty at times. Punch him for me. We will find several outfits and he will pay as punishment for being rude. The accountant will be told it is a signing bonus. You are welcome to stay as long as it takes to find a place of your own. Bye now.” Click.

She gave me a long look and stood up. “I can smell myself. Is there a shower? And something better to wear than this outfit you don’t like?”

I took the ice cream to the freezer and led her down the hall to our bedroom. The Football jersey was suitably long, and when I held up underwear from Jean’s drawer, she grabbed them and swatted at me. I pointed to the bathroom door.

I was watching the news when she brought back the ice cream. The hair had been shampooed and needed work. I took the brush from her hand and arranged the body between my knees. She shivered and I handed over the sofa blanket.

After a few minutes, she mumbled, “I don’t understand how the rejected applicant gets treated this way?”

“My wife and I take in strays all the time.” Finishing the hair, I arranged her across my lap, but the eyes were already closed, so she got a ride to the extra bedroom and a quick tucking in.

In the morning, I was starting eggs when she appeared in the kitchen doorway. The football jersey looked great. “The Boss is not supposed to cook for the PA.”

I pointed to juice and coffee. “Put a muffin in for me and whatever you would like for yourself. Scrambled eggs ok? Soft or hard?”

“Yes. Soft, please.

The eggs were great, even if I did make them myself. We sat on adjoining stools and she seemed a lot more relaxed than yesterday.

“I have to protect your virtue, so am going to the office on time, but will bring stuff home at lunch for you to read. Don’t worry about going into work until tomorrow. I have to explain my foolish decision to the HR people and Sandra, the woman you are replacing, who is going on maternity leave and moving to California with her husband.”

“Protecting the virtue of your foolish hire? The girl who couldn’t get one correct word out of her mouth yesterday?”

“Stage fright. Very common, especially among recent college graduates applying for PA positions.”

She climbed into my lap. “If I have to put up with teasing all the time, there has to be an immediate raise.”

“You don’t even know what your salary is, and you are asking for a raise?”

My phone chimed and I saw it was Jean. “Good morning.”

“I’m tired of this darned conference. Ok if I come home now? You are not still in bed with her?”

“He fixed me eggs for breakfast and said he has to protect my virtue. I am sitting in his lap.”

“He is good at protection, at least until the second date. After that, hang on to your underwear. I will see you for lunch and we can go shopping.”

“He is being awfully nice. Is it ok if I give him a kiss as he goes to work?”

“Yes. Tell him it is a down payment on the better stress relief he gets tonight. Bye.” Click.

Her lips were soft and demanding. After more contact time than I deserved, she said, “Your wife sounds hot. I will find a movie to go to so there is private time this evening.”

“You are pretty hot yourself, but thank you for that. I’ll skip lunch and see you both for dinner.”

At the office, Sandra stared at me accusingly. “A little bird tells me you kidnapped her from the bar downstairs?”

“It’s much worse than that. Close the door and come sit in my lap.”

She was stiff. “I am a pregnant and happily married woman. What is this lap business?”

“I told Karen I had to protect her virtue when I left for work this morning.”

“You are hitting on every woman in sight. What has happened?”

“I just realized the clock is ticking, and my skirt chasing days may be ending.”

She picked up my phone and clicked on Jean’s number. “He has me in his lap and says he is worried his skirt chasing days are over.”

“He is acting up because you are leaving.”

Sandra leaned down and kissed me gently. “You know, he has never hit bahis siteleri on me the whole time. With all the stories about Bosses and PA’s, I used to worry.”

“When he hired you, I told myself I needed to make sure he got plenty at home.”

“It is very comfy in his arms. What about the new girl?”

“I am stepping into that situation. The two of us are going shopping and having girl time this afternoon. She can’t believe he hired her after the flop of an interview.”

“He is pointing to his watch. I have to go.”

“Give him a special kiss. You have been a great team.”

“I think I am going to cry. Bye.” Click.

I stood up and hugged tight. “No crying in the office. I am going to miss you.”

After a moment, I said, “Your going away present to me is saving my butt with HR for hiring Karen.”

“You are sure about her?”

“She has a lot of spunk under all that anxiety. When she gets some confidence back, she will be almost as good as you.”

Sandra poked at my chest, smiling. “Damn, Jeff, with this kind of flattery earlier, who knows how far you would have gotten?”

I reached for my wallet and pushed two hundred dollar bills into her hand. “I want you to leave early, get gussied up and take Alf out for a nice dinner. Leave your underwear behind and see if you can get him excited with a few teases.”

“My god. You just get worse and worse.”

“Or better and better, depending on your point of view. Now go solve my HR problem.”

By early afternoon, there was no peace on the executive floor. Every female in the place had an excuse to wander down the corridor and peek at my office, whose door was normally open. Sandra was smiling ear to ear, and marched in with Andie, the head of HR.

“Sir, you’ve broken half the rules in the employee handbook.”

“Andie, that’s why you are in charge down there. To see we don’t let a few rules get in the way of doing the right thing.”

“When do I get to meet miracle woman?”

“Not until she has been at work for at least a week. Everyone deserves a chance to settle in.”

The two of them sashayed out, whispering and giggling.

By now, I had totally lost my concentration. I stuffed today’s mail in my briefcase and left a few minutes after Sandra, telling the receptionist down the line to take messages.

I was in my board shorts, sipping a beer and cleaning the edge of the pool when Jean and Karen showed up. My wife looked out the kitchen window, her mouth open in surprise. I pointed to my suit and to the water. They got the message and disappeared.

I didn’t get a chance to check the bikinis as they dashed across the patio and rolled me into the water. Pentup energy was released in all directions. They splashed and teased, I groped and kissed. There was a fifteen year age difference, but it was hard to tell with two muscled bodies under my hands.

They relaxed in the shallow end while I fixed drinks and came back. The board shorts had thick fabric, which was a good thing. There was a bulge anyway. They smiled at each other.

“I told Karen she was not permitted to leave the premises, especially for a dumb movie. I asked if she had ever heard her parents having sex, and she said lots of times. So there you are, I can scream my head off and she won’t mind.”

“Sounds like the two of you have had an interesting afternoon.”

Karen leaned in for a kiss, “She said all her friends told her to be insanely jealous of any female assistant you hired. I told her I would come over and be her sub any time she wanted.”

“My god, you two really did hit it off.” I sipped my gin and looked at the two of them nestled into each other. Jean gave me her bedroom eyes look and nodded at the upstairs bedroom window behind us.

“Believe it or not, your new helper insisted on making the dinner and made me promise to take you out of circulation while she does it.”

They walked ahead of me to the house, wiggling their mostly bare behinds, which I pinched. Jean guided me to the stairs, saying to Karen, “If you need help, just come up to our room and ask.”

We were hardly inside the door when I had her against the wall and the top off. “What’s happened to my proper wife? You are hotter than a pistol.”

Jean had my cock in her hand, squeezing and twisting. “She is on the rebound from a romance with a guy who turned out to be useless. You and I are demonstrating that there are guys in the world who know how to make their women happy to see them every evening.”

I made the kiss against the wall long and leisurely. The squeezes on me got more intense. I decided that if we were back in college, she was going to take me standing up. My trunks were already on the floor and it took just a moment to cup my hands and raise her hips to the required height.

“No, you can’t do this. No!”

Just what I wanted to hear, especially since the door was open a few inches.

I was loud, almost shouting. “Quiet woman! Or else!”

“Damn, you are a beast.”

Beast or not, she had a liquid bahis şirketleri center, and took me all the way in one shove. “Oh god, Jeff, I’m coming!”

Walking to the bed, I kissed and licked as Jean shook in my arms. “Damn, damn, damn.”

She was spread across my chest, wiggling hips and enjoying my cock entertaining her insides, when Karen’s head poked itself in the doorway. “He sounds vicious, do you need help?”

“Thank god! Get over here before he starts on my ass.”

Karen applied a kiss to Jean’s enticing globe as I reached for her bikini top, which was soon lost. Her hand joined mine on Jean’s tough behind. “The only one who gets to beat this tonight is me!”

Jean groaned as Karen kept talking. “Jeff, she flirted with me all afternoon. Even asked if my roommates hit on me at school.”

The next thing I knew, Karen’s bikini disappeared and the two of them were in very close contact. Jean rolled to bring Karen’s luscious bottom to my inquiring fingers, which found lots of moisture where you would expect to find it.

Jean’s voice was silky. “Karen, you need help forgetting that miserable boyfriend. I told him you required a special treatment. I’ve had mine and you are next.”

Jean wasn’t done talking when my slippery tool found a new place to explore. Karen got out one long, low “Nooo,” as I filled her completely.

My horny wife was enjoying the almost seduction, her hands on Karen’s hips providing that extra something.

I was turned on and not meek. Banging on Karen’s cunt was driving her pubic bone into Jean. Both of them were moaning and flailing when I lost it and came, blasting inside Karen but extracting him to spread more on Jean.

After several minutes, Karen was squeezed between us, eyes closed and breath still coming in short gasps. Jean’s arm curled over her side, rubbing the rosy breast and lightly pinching the fat nipple.

“I could tell last night he was falling for you. That’s why I came home this morning, to see what my new competition is like. There is one problem. After two hours talking and shopping, I am falling for you too. Just now was the first threesome of my life. And just about the best sex ever.”

There was another silent minute before Karen turned into Jean with a kiss and a whispered, “Jean, I am so glad we are going to be roommates. Let’s sign up for courses together. Do you think we can find a guy that is interested in two paired up coeds?”

In the shower, they hugged and laughed as I pounded and cuffed the gorgeous bodies. “Sluts, I can’t believe all this girl sex! It has to stop!”

Dinner conversation was mostly giggles. Jean, the new roommate, was enjoying the pretense. Her tee did not have a bra under it, and I guessed the short shorts were commando.

Dessert was served on the sofa in the living room. The roommates were pressing on me from two sides.

“He’s pretty nice, don’t you think? I heard a rumor he has enough money to support two girlfriends.”

Karen had a simply marvelous blank look that conveyed whatever she wished it to. “Do you suppose he would be interested in an offcampus pad? We could make it worth the rental cost.”

“We’re going to dump rush and just move in? The school will be upset.”

“Not when they find out he has a learning disability and we have special training to cure it. They will save big bucks on their health insurance policy.”

I pushed them across my lap, the impudent faces up and laughing. “Jeff, we have to invent a learning disability to keep the story going.”

I couldn’t decide whether to keep them face up, where my fingers could entertain the fabulous tits, or turn them over for discipline. More importantly, how was the CEO going to hide the fact that his wife and his new PA were shacked up in his house, making life worth living?

Jean tugged Karen and me upright. “Come upstairs, we need to talk.”

The tight behinds were sinful, and I pinched them the whole way.

In the space of one afternoon, the two of them had mastered the art of mutual undressing. While I was enjoying the twilight view of acres of luscious feminine skin, I was being stripped. In seconds, I was flat, with whacks keeping me down.

“You are to be quiet and behave while we discuss this new situation.”

Actually, they got serious and covered three bodies with a blanket. “Jeff, I wasn’t teasing about hanging onto your new PA. She is special.”

“But this was supposed to be just a job. Her first job out of college.”

Karen was in the middle and kissed in both directions. “I’ve learned an awful lot about life and jobs in twenty-four hours. If I can’t be a PA, what about house slave? I wouldn’t need to tell my mom, would I? When I said I was on a steep learning curve, it would be the truth.”

“The truth,” I repeated. “The truth,” Jean repeated. Our fingers were tickling here and there and the target was twisting and giggling. “Stop! Please?”

I said, “I’m going to sleep. You two figure something out.”

When I woke, sun was streaming into the room and they were gone. A shout came up the stairs, “Eggs in five minutes.”

They had underwear and sun dresses on. The coffee was fresh and hot. My regular place was set, with eggs arriving moments later.

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