The Fishing Trip

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It is a beautiful sunny afternoon. You came home from work and asked what I was up to. I told you nothing you asked me if I would like to go for a boat ride? I said sure, you wanted to do a little fishing and I wanted to lay out in the sun. Off to the boat we went. We get out away from shore a ways, feeling quite safe that I would not get caught, I get naked. You find a spot and stop the boat and drop anchor so you can fish. Not knowing that only a few feet away I am naked.

I will enjoy the sun beating on my bare body. I lay up on the deck while you are fishing in the back of the boat. Yes, I did bring my toys with me {knowing that I would be horny} a few vibrators and some butt plugs, Anal beads and a cock ring, some lube. You are busy fishing not paying any attention to me or what I may be doing. I am laying on my back with the sun shining down on my bare body. My body shines because of the sunscreen on it. I love the smell of the sunscreen that I use. It smells like oranges. An hour goes by and I decide to turn over.

I come to you and ask you to please put some sunscreen on my back and the back of my legs and butt. {I would hate to have a sunburn on my full little bottom}You are surprised as this is the first time you have seen me since throwing anchor and not realizing that I was naked. You do as I ask and I leave you to your fishing. You cast out and reel it in but nothing is biting.

You illegal bahis do this for a while and then you get bored. So wondering what I am up to you put away your fishing things and come to the deck where I am laying. I am not paying attention so you just kind of sneak up along the side and sit down and watch me. You know that laying out in the sun is one of the fastest ways to make me horny. You notice that I have my bag of toys out and you can hear this humming noise but you are not real sure where it is coming from so you just sit there and watch. I flip over onto my back again.

Not knowing that you are there, My hands are wondering and rubbing my large breasts, pinching my hard nipples. I am so horny that my back is arched and finally my hand slips down to my clean-shaven pussy. I rub my clit a little but that just is not cutting it. So I take out a vibrator and turn it on. I slide that over my clit and jump because it feels good. I rub the vibrator over my nipples and over my clit. I am moaning and am extremely excited.

You are sitting there just watching me do myself. You are loving what you see, your cock is so hard that you would love to jump right in and help me out but decide to watch a little longer. I have my legs spread wide and you can see my cunt is wet and you can see my pussy just throbbing waiting for attention. You take your cock out of your shorts and you illegal bahis siteleri start to rub it. Your cock is harder than it has been in quite a while. You need to get in on some of this action, your cock is just dancing with excitement. So you come to me and you take another vibrator and you turn it on. Running it over my nipples and down into my cunt and over my clit.

This jumps me but I smile and invite you to help me out. All the while with my vibrator I am now running it over your nipples, over your cock and balls, and around your asshole. You position yourself at my head and I put on the cock ring, it is tight around your cock and balls but it will help you last longer. You kneel over my head and drop your cock into my mouth like a fisherman dropping a line in water. I suck on it and it is deep in my throat you can feel the tension building but you do very well by not unloading your load down my throat.

You want to wait and unload it into my hot tight pussy. Your cock is in my throat and I am sucking on it I have taken a butt plug out of my bag of toys and placed it at your asshole after lubing it up with oil. I am starting to push it in. You are pushing back against it. You like having your ass full. Me too. You take the anal beads and lube them and start placing them into my asshole, one bead at a time. Oh goddd does that feel good. You take your vibrator and you have canlı bahis siteleri placed it in my pussy and are working it in and out with rhythm.

I am getting into this and you know that I am about to cum, because I am sucking on your cock so hard that you are about to blow your cum down my throat if I do not stop. You move and we reposition ourselves. You lay down and put me on top of you with your finger inside the ring of the anal beads as I ride you. You are inside me so deep that I think you are touching my liver.

I start moaning because I am really liking what is being done to me. Every once in a while you reach up and lick and suck on my nipples. Oh Godd I know I am going to cum and I tell you this. I am fucking you like there is no tomorrow. Slamming down on you hard, you keep slapping my ass and just about the time I start to come you tug out the anal beads one at a time making my orgasm extreme. I scream from the pain and excitement of the beads being pulled out one at a time.

I am grinding you so hard that with your butt plug purring away inside your ass and my grinding your dick and sucking your nipples you explode inside of me shooting hot cum into my pussy. We then just lay there together in the glow of the afternoon and let the sun bake our naked bodies. We put the toys away for now and decide that it is time to go home. So we get dressed. As I am sitting next you on the ride I ask you if you enjoyed the day, reaching over and laying my hand on your semi erect cock? You look at me and wink telling me you enjoyed yourself very much. I tell you good, then squeeze your cock. Then I tell you wait till next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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