The G.O.A.T

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It was 4 o’clock p.m. I was already logging out of work. I didn’t want any interference on the plans I already had in motion. Today was a historic day. The G.O.A.T was having his last game. This was epic in my world, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one. But I was out the door and headed to the store to grab a few things to accommodate me while I watched greatness take stage for one final curtain call. Just as I was backing into the parking spot at the store my phone started to ring. I backed all the way in and answered. “Hello.”

“What up big head?” Mykaell shot back from the other end of the phone.

“Shit just left work bout to head home. What’s good with you?”

“Ain’t nothing was going to ask if you wanted to come hang and play some 2K or whatever.”

“Naw I can’t miss Kobe last game Mykie.”

“Oh ok I feel you, if I were you I’d use that as my excuse too.”

“Oh hear you go with this shit again.”

“Naw I’m just saying, you know… I’m like legendary on the stick.”

“Legendary? No really, legendary? Man you for real wild.”

“I’m just saying I am to 2k what Kobe is to the NBA.”

“Get the fuck outta here.”

“Bruh I smashed you.”

“I wasn’t even really playing for real though.”

“Don’t matter you got this work. Now you dodging ya girl.” She knew she could talk some shit. I guess I was partly to blame for her knowing how to talk shit, hell even knowing how to play the game.

“You cooked?” I questioned. I was pondering going over there and shutting her up.

“I just finished prepping.”

“What you making chump?”

“Well some fish tacos and stuff. I have plenty.”

“You really want this ass whooping huh?”

“You mean you want this ass whooping.”

“You need anything from the store while I’m here?”

“Yeah some Margarita mix and some limes.”

“Aight give me an hour.”

Mykaell was Mike’s twin sister. Mike has been my best friend since 8th grade. He and Mykie, (that was my nickname for her) the shared a townhome. It worked for them, because most of the year Mike was overseas doing contract work. So it was almost safe to say it was Mykie’s spot. But since she broke up with her dude and bout two months ago we’d hang a little more often and even more so since Mike left for overseas a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve been kicking it with her more often. Been on some really cool laid back stuff. I messed around and let her beat me in 2K like twice, now I haven’t heard the end of it. Biggest mistake I made this year. She has taken every shot she got rub it in my face. Here it is I supposed to be gearing up to watch Kobe play his final game, and I’ve been swindled into a pregame of XBOX ONE. Truth be told I didn’t mind having or being company tonight. She was fun and we’ve been cool for forever, so why not.

I headed home after hitting the store. I actually grabbed a few more things that she hadn’t requested, guess I had a taste for fruit… Oh well. I showered once I was home. I threw on my Laker shorts and a white tee, some socks and Nike slides. I was poised and comfortable to say the least.

Me: Hey scrub you ready for canlı bahis this monkey stomp

Mykie: All talk

Me: I’m OMW

Mykie: Just hurry so I can get in that ass

I didn’t even ring the doorbell good before the door was opened, and by the time it was fully open I saw her trotting towards the living room. She was really on one, and thought she was about to put in some work. I peacefully walk into this warzone and politely put the items I brought with me away. The kitchen overlooked the living room. I glanced over at Mykie as I was still in the fridge and she was sitting on one foot, the other leg dangling off the couch not paying me any mind.

“Who you want?” She called out to me.

“Who you playing with?” I shot back.

“Bruh why it matter.” She was hella cocky and it struck me a bit.

“Man… Give me Philly and chill out.”

“Nigga you up there stalling and shit… Whats up.”

“I’m coming right now. I don’t know why you rushing this ass whoopin. All you going to do is get Golden State and try to shoot 3s all damn day.”

“Watch me 3 my way to victory.” She snapped back.

I made my way to the couch and sat next to her, where she had the extra controller. The game was paused at the tip off, or so I thought. But her lil cheating ass had muted the TV and had already had 4 points before I even picked up the controller. I just looked at her. She knew I was looking too, but she kept her eyes glued to the flat screen. “Ok I see your punk ass.” I said as I nudged her.

“Play ball my dude.” I in bounded the ball and began my assault. The first two quarters were back and forth she held the lead going into half time, she was up 6. I wasn’t worried though, knew I she would take her foot off the gas and I would gain the lead and never look back. It was hard not to notice how good she had gotten at the game though. Then again I was playing with Philly. By the time the 3rd quarter was up I had pulled even. Midway through the 4th I was in her head and had an 8 point lead. She was not happy. “You good over there?” I asked with an evil grin. She didn’t even look my way, she was fuming. “Damn it’s like that. Well it’s not going to stop this cut ass you getting.” I shot the first of two free throws.

“Man fuck you.” She said slapping the controller out of my hand as I was attempting the second free throw. I merely laughed at her hate. I stuck my tongue out at her as I picked up the stick. As the clock wound down she rolled her eyes at me.

“Who’s the legend now?” I questioned just to aggravate her.

“I’m still a legend on the stick. Rematch same teams punk.”

“Aight, let me used the bathroom first.”

“Still stalling aye.”

“After I just whooped that ass… Ha.”

I headed to the bathroom to handle my business and I heard her pass by the door and mumble “scrub” as she did so. “I won though.” I blurted out. I finished up and washed my hands and poured up a cup of the Margarita mix that she had me snag. She already had the Tequila. I poured her a cup too and headed back in the living room. The game was already paused at the tip off. I decided to pull one of bahis siteleri her numbers and cheat myself into four points. I one upped her though, I was still going to have the ball when she un-paused the game. I sipped my drink as I heard her coming down the stairs. I was trying my damndest to keep a straight face. But my god when she came into view it was clear to see she wasn’t playing fair. I swallowed hard and looked in my cup. Quickly I threw the whole cup back and headed right back in the kitchen. I poured up another drink and went back to the living room. I tried no to look but damn look how she was sitting facing the TV.

Let me tell yall a little more about Mykaell. She is a gorgeous dark beauty. Under any other circumstances, I probably would have put down on her way back when. But she was my best friend’s sister, twin sister. Back in high school when I’d spend the night we’d share stares but nothing was ever said. We respected the situation for what it was. She would just forever be my boy’s cute ass sister.

I sat on the adjacent couch, I knew I couldn’t be that close to her with her looking like that. That would be the equivalent of putting a gazelle in a lion’s den, we all know what would happen. She came down in just a Kobe jersey. Bruh how am I to focus? I sipped hard from my cup. “Yo, you ready?” I tried to sound calm and composed. I sat the drink down and picked up the controller. It was smooth in my hands, as it always was. But this time my mind made a correlation to how smooth her thighs would be in my hands. Fuck, this was not a good look.

“Thanks for my drink big head.” She leaned forward to the coffee table to grab it off the coaster. Man this shit was right. She sat back and pressed start. “Oh I see you pulled one of my numbers. Hmph… That’s not going to save you this time around.” She was right, my head was not in the game. She made up that small deficit in 3 quick possessions and took a sip of her drink like it was nothing. I was down the whole game but I managed to keep it close. In the final moments I had tied it up. She came down with Steph Curry and banged a 3 to try to seal the deal. I responded with a 3 of my own. I stole a pass she made and was headed down the court for an easy 2 when she lunged and knocked the controller out of my hands. Unlike last time, this time because of the distance she was sprawled out and the jersey hiked up above her chocolate cakes.

Her head hovered over my thighs, instantly making shit grow rapidly. The buzzer went off on the game, but a whole different game had begun. She crawled further into my lap, making intense eye contact with me. She methodically ran her hand along the shaft of my dick, making me bite my bottom lip.

“I told you I was legendary on the stick, now let me show you.” She slid my basketball shorts pant leg up, then raised then my boxer brief next. Her lips found the tip and began kissing and slurping. My head fell back over the back of the couch. I lifted it back up to gaze at her as she tongued the rim of my mushroom tip. I raised up and she slid both my boxers and shorts down freeing my dick. It didn’t even settle bahis şirketleri be for she was hungrily back on it. My god her mouth was everything. She started tugging on my balls lightly and I started moaning loudly. As she built her rhythm I slid down the couch on to my side. We ended up in a 69 position. And my word, if her pussy wasn’t already leaking like a faucet. I didn’t move, I just let the thick string of juice fall into my mouth. Mykie had my toes contorting every which way, it was time to return fire. I pulled her ass down to meet my face. As soon as my tongue hit her pussy my dick began trembling from her moans. She sieged on like a real trooper, while taking a lashing of my tongue. We fought for nothing short of 15 minutes she came 3 times to my one. But she didn’t let me go limp, as she sucked right threw that nut, not wasting a drop.

“Damn Mykie. Fuck is you doing?”

(Pop) “What I’ve wanted to do since 10th grade.” Right back to it she went. All I could do was pat her booty at this point. She was winning, oh my God she was winning. She released me with another (Pop) the mounted me quickly reverse cowgirl. Her dark brown ass got to bouncing and shaking on me. I was in awe of 1. How good this shit was feeling. 2. How this was my best friend’s sister. She was throwing that ass and she knew she was. I was holding back my moans. If I didn’t I knew she would talk shit.

“That pussy feel good Tony?” she started shit talking anyways. I was quiet though, not saying a word. She slapped the fuck out of my thigh. “Anthony I said how does this fucking pussy feel!” I gritted my teeth I was determined not break. In fact I bucked my hips upward, fucking up her rhythm momentarily and causing her to screech. That was my mistake she spun on the dick, now she facing me. Her nails dug through my shirt into my chest. My pain thresh hold was on 15 on a 1-10 scale right now. She slammed her pussy down on me and started talking through her teeth at me. “You… gon… tell… me… what… I… want… to… hear.” With each pause she dropped that shit harder and harder. Making me grow weaker and weaker. Truth be told her pussy was fire as fuck. I’m talking sloppy wet, like call my momma tell her “thank you for having me.” Cause this moment was worth living for. Her aggression was new for me and I loved it. I reached up and grasped her tittes through the jersey. They were nice and firm in my hands. She lifted her hands and slapped down on my chest once more. “Tell me how this pussy feels.”

“This pussy is the best.” I broke down. Her shit had me by the balls, I was literally on the verge of cumming. How she knew, I had no clue. She hopped off and readied for my next eruption. “Look at you.” I said. She didn’t budge. “You a real live cum monster ain’t you?”

“Give me what I worked for.” She slurped my dick and nut skeeted out and started running down my shaft. I fell back on to the couch as I watched my soul fight to stay with me but she clearly had no plans of letting me keep it. She sucked me til I was flinching at the slightest touch. I would have shed a tear but I think she sucked it thru my dick too. “I am a legend on the stick.” By golly, indeed she was.

I didn’t watch Kobe’s final game that night but I experienced The G.O.A.T preform up close and in person. And she was worth all the hype. Salute to the goat Mykaell.

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