The Good Doctor

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Summer loved attention, any kind of attention. She especially loved the attention of older men who could not resist checking out her body. The body she kept thin and toned just to lure those stares from the men who were old enough to be her father. She was twenty-two years old and already had several guys underneath her, and she wanted more. She was good at getting what she wanted.

It was a hot July day. Summer was on her way to an appointment with her therapist who she had just recently began to see earlier last month. It was warm, and the sun beat down on her. She was glad she wore her wrap dress that day. It was thin and soft, and almost nearly see through. Behind her tinted glasses she could see the eyes of several men turn her way as she walked by, but none of them were to her liking. No, the man she wanted was inside in the cool air, and the comfort of his office.

Doctor Elliot Greenway was fifty-three years old. His hair was all white by an early age, and was of average build. He was a very professional, spending the last twenty years in psychology helping all who came to see him. Out of the office he enjoyed playing racket ball and watching baseball on television. He was married to Helen, and they had been together since high school. Together they had raise four children, settled into an easy marriage with separate interests.

After twenty-eight years together they were no longer intimate. Helen hit menopause and her desire for sex went away. Dr. Greenway spent most of his nights looking at internet porn in his office, masturbating to images of women who were old enough to be one of his daughters. He gave up trying to convince his wife to come to their marital bed after the first year. And Helen ignored the grunts and groans coming from his office at night. She did not expect him to go chaste just because she didn’t want anything to do with sex anymore. Though sometimes she gave in and allowed Elliot to mount her. A quick fuck and she was done.

Dr. Greenway was in his office, checking his appointment log when he saw Summer Bradbury as his next appointment. He groaned just slightly. He could not figure out what was wrong with her. She came in once a week to talk about what was going on in her life and once a week they never got any closer to determining if she really needed help for something. And once a week after every appointment, the good doctor would spend his thirty minutes between appointments stroking his dick while he imagined little miss Summer Bradbury on her knees in front of him. He could see her taking his dick into her mouth, pumping her head up and down his shaft, her spit mixed with pre-cum seeping down the side, until he came hard in her throat as he shoved her lips to the base of his dick. Or he would imagine her bent over his desk, her tight ass in the air while he pressed his cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy. Or the times when he would slowly pump his rock hard cock into her little asshole, pushing until the entirety of his member was inside her, and he could feel the grip of her anus snug tight about his thick dick.

With fifteen minutes before she was due in the room, he closed the windows and told his secretary not to disturb him until it was precisely one o’clock. With the door locked and his pants laid across the couch, he sat at his desk and pulled up a video he often watched alone in the office. It was of a young women, on her knees in front of a guy you could not see except for the base of his cock, as the rest was shoved as far down her throat as it could go. As she sat there with his dick in her mouth, pumping rapidly, Dr. Greenway pulled his fully swollen member out of his boxers and began to rub. He imagined the girl in front of him, her lips on his dick, he could feel her tongue sliding up and down his shaft. He spit into his hand for lubrication, pumping harder and faster. He needed to find release and he needed to finish quickly. He had no time to fully savor the fantasy of such a young girl sucking his dick. Sitting up and staring straight at the girl on the screen he pumped faster still, but he also imagined Summer there, sucking his dick. He could see her shove his cock deep into her mouth, could feel the tip of his dick on the back of her throat. He wanted to feel that in real life. Dr. Greenway wanted to feel those young plump lips sucking his cock. Rubbing his dick as hard and quickly as he could, he could feel himself peaking. Grunting, he stood up, bracing his hand on the wall above the trash, can he shot his cum inside. Pumping until every drop was out, he stood there, not really relieved at all, knowing that Summer was about to come into the room.

Knock, knock. “Dr. Greenway, Summer Bradbury is here for her appointment.” Ms. Kinsington spoke through the door.

After wiping down his dick and putting his pants back on, he opened the door. Seeing Summer there in a dress so see through, his dick got hard again instantly.

“Hello Ms. Bradbury, please canlı bahis come in. Oh Ms. Kinsington, are you still going to take the early lunch today?”

“Yes Dr. Greenway, I am on my way out right now. I will be back in two hours.”

“Awesome, tell Peter I said hello.”

“Will do, thank you.”

Dr. Greenway was hoping his secretary was still taking her lunch, because if she was going to be gone for a couple of hours while the only appointment he had was with Summer, he would have more time to get rid of the hard on he had in his pants. A hard on he knew would persist throughout the entire appointment, like in every appointment since the first.

He could see the perfect outline of her breasts through the material. He could tell how dark the areolas around her nipples were, how hard they were pressed against the thin material. And if he had diverted his attention any lower he assumed he could see the lines of her pelvis area and the shape of her lips. Summer’s dress wasn’t just see through but it was short too. As she passed by the doctor, as he looked back at her, he could see the curves of her ass below the line of the dress. Thinking of her tight young body, his dick pulsed in pleasure, pushing harder against his clothing.

Every appointment was the same. She would come in dressed seductively, tempting the doctor with her young body. He was convinced that she did it on purpose, but was not certain why she would do it. He often wondered if it was part of the reason that Summer thought she needed therapy. Some underlying condition with sexual abuse or paraphillias.

With no other choice he sat in the chair opposite of Summer, placing the yellow notepad on his lap in hopes of covering the bulge that was surely sticking out of his pants.

“So Ms. Bradbury, how have things been this week?”

“Oh you know, things are okay, I guess. I’ve been a little lonely.” Summer said this as she tucked a lock of golden brown hair behind her ear, following the strands with her fingers all the way to the tips, right above her breast, rubbing the back on her fingers over the soft curve of her flesh.

Seeing this but doing his best to ignore it, Dr. Greenway continued on with their session. It was difficult though. She was never fully open or even honest with what she said, and all along all she did was make the cock in his pants throb even harder against the cloth with just the simple motions that would seem alluring and seductive. After the first thirty minutes, Dr. Greenway couldn’t take it anymore. He had been tempted for far too long. Too many sessions spent seeing the young girl sitting there, enticing him without much effort on her part, and he was about to lose control. He could not take another session with his cock hard in his pants, yearning to bust free. He wanted her, and for the first time he did not think he cared if she was his patient as he had been telling himself this whole time.

But being the professional mad he was, had been for the last twenty years, he decided to end the appointment instead and send Summer on her way home, telling her he could no longer she her as a patient. It was a tricky situation. How would he explain it to her? Dr. Greenway would think of that later. But for now he had to jerk off again and he had to get her out of the office. It was just best to end the appointment and deal with his hard on first.

In a brisk tone, “Ms. Bradbury, why are you really here? We’ve been seeing each other for almost two months and we have not even come close to determining if you really need psychiatric help. So just tell me what the problem is so that I can help you.”

“Well Dr. Greenway, there’s really nothing wrong with my head. Just my body.” She said so matter of fact, smiling and twitching her shoulders forward.

“Well there is nothing wrong with that either,” Dr. Greenway said, pure male amusement in his eyes. “Oh my God, I am so sorry, I did not mean to say that in such a manner. What I meant to say was,”

But Summer interrupted the doctor, “Oh no, Doctor, I don’t mind that. I love getting compliments on my body. I work hard to keep in shape, so that men such as yourself,” she smiled again, fluttering her lashes, “will appreciate it.” She paused then continued, “And want it. See Dr. Greenway what I really want is for you to fuck me.”

Dr. Greenway was convinced he heard her wrong. The fantasies he was weaving about her because of his sexless marriage were playing tricks on his mind. He was most obviously hearing with the ears on the wrong head.

Summer, scooted closer to the edge of the couch, shifting her body just enough to have her breasts jiggle just a bit underneath the material of her dress.

“You see I saw you on the street a week before I started seeing you. I just thought you were so gorgeous and you looked so professional. I like older men. They’re more experienced. More dominating. Able to give me what I want in a man. What I want in bed.”

Summer bahis siteleri licked her lips, tucked her hair behind her ear, trailing down the strand, her fingers caressing her breast. “So I followed you here and saw that you were a doctor. So I made an appointment so I could meet you. I’ve only been coming here so that I could get you alone. I figured after enough temptation you’d want me too.”

And she was most obviously correct. The good doctor wanted her. His lust for her was growing even stronger. He didn’t think the bulge in his pants could get much bigger, but he felt his cock pulse. He could feel tip of his dick leak. Dr. Greenway was about to lose all control. He wanted her but he had never done anything with a patient to tarnish his reputation. And despite his desire for her, he knew he shouldn’t think in that fashion. He knew he she ask her to leave, and never see her as a patient again. It was his ethical obligation as a professional. Granted, he didn’t care about seeing a girl on the side, seeing as how his wife no longer wanted him. He did not care how it would affect Helen. He cared how it would affect his career.

“Ms. Bradbury,” Dr. Greenway started.

“Please call me Summer. Don’t you want me Dr. Greenway? Don’t I have just the right body. So tight and petite. I can see you want me from here. I saw you look at me when you opened your door. I want you too Doctor. Just let me have you inside me.” She almost purred it, her lips pouting.

“Summer, this is wrong, you are my patient.” Who was the doctor trying to convince here?

“But I’m not sick. I just want to fuck you. Don’t you want me?” She sat there, her eyes big and wanting, she licked her lips, stroked her hands down the sides of her body. With her hands on her knees, she spread her legs wide, rubbing her hands up her thighs, pulling the material of her dress farther up. Dr. Greenway could see her lips very clearly, see the slight sheen of wet on the skin. His hard on throbbed again.

“Summer, we can’t.”

“But you haven’t said that you didn’t want me.” So she stood up and unwrapped the soft fabric from her body. Pooling it in a pile on the floor she closed the distance between her and the good doctor.

Summer sat on Dr. Greenway’s lap with her back to him. She could feel his swollen dick against her ass. The doctor was stuck in the chair, unable to move without touching her. And he wanted to touch her. He thought of running his hands down her torso, feeling the smooth skin of her body, the tight muscles of her body that she kept in beautiful condition. Her body was even better than he imagined, even better than what he saw of it every appointment. And he thought of touching her, breaking those ethical rules he swore to protect the day he became a doctor. He wanted to caress her breasts, feel the mounds in his palms, flicking her nipples with the tips of his fingers. The doctor wanted to touch her until she got wetter. Until her juices soaked the pants he wore.

“Oh Dr. Greenway, you want me. I can feel the strain.” Grabbing his hands she pulled them to her breasts, he touch her but not in the way he actually wanted. “Don’t you like the way they feel? They’re real too.”

The good doctor tried not to give in but when Summer started to rock on his lap, and move his hand over her breast and down her torso, his right hand instinctively went for her lips.

“Oh Dr. Greenway, right there.”

Gripping her breast hard in his left hand, he used the fingers of his right to stroke her clit as she ground her body against his. He stroked her nipple like he always imagined, pressing his face into her shoulder, his teeth scraping against her skin just slightly. When she started to moan, he couldn’t take it anymore. She had to get him off.

“Summer on your knees now.”

Doing as she was told, Summer dropped to the floor in front of the doctor as he took his rock hard cock out of his pants. Shoving it into her mouth, she pumped away, licking the sides and the tip of his dick with her tongue. Groaning in pleasure, Dr. Greenway grabbed onto the back of her head, twisting his fingers into her hair to hold her where he had always wanted her, and pushed his dick farther into her throat. Feeling no resistance, he continued to hold her head as she sucked him hard. She slurped as she pumped and the good doctor began to moan. Already he felt some release from the sexual tension that had plagued him since he first met Summer. As she slurped, spit and cum dripped from her lips. Her face was pink from sucking so hard. After only a few minutes, he came hard inside her.

Swallowing his cum and licking his dick clean, “Oh Doctor, done already? I was hoping for more.” She looked up at him expectantly, her green eyes shining big and bright.

“That’s okay, I get hard very easy when it comes to you. Lay back on the couch.”

Summer sat on the couch as the doctor stripped himself of his clothes that were already wet from Summer bahis şirketleri and himself. With her legs hanging off the edge of the couch and her ass right at the edge of the seat, the doctor started stroking his dick hard again. On his knees in front of her, Summer’s legs spread wide open, he could see the sheen of moisture on her skin, he could smell the perfume of her lips. Licking his own lips he pressed them against her clit, with his tongue massaging the hard little nub he stroked his dick until he was swollen and throbbing for her pussy. Summer began to moan in pleasure. The doctor continued to lick her pussy as she stroked her nipples, pinching because she liked a little pain with her orgasms.

Unable to take it any longer, the doctor leaned over her on the couch and pressed his cock deep into her pussy. Feeling the slick slide of his skin against hers, he wondered how he got through the last couple of months just beating his dick himself.

Starting to pump hard against her, Summer started to moan quietly, trying to keep her voice down.

“Don’t worry, this room is sound proof. You can scream all you want. You like it when I put my dick in you?”

“Yes Doctor.”

“Call me daddy. Every time, call me daddy.”

Dr. Greenway went home that evening in a much better mood. He finally felt some real release from the sexual tension that had been plaguing him since Summer walked into the room that first therapy session. He could still smell her on himself, could still feel the wetness that dripped off her pussy. He thought he should hurry upstairs to the shower, to clean himself off but as he got to the door of the house he shared with his wife, he decided against it. He wasn’t ready to end the interlude from his normally nonexistent sex life.

When he walked through the living room toward to kitchen he could hear his wife in the kitchen, singing lullabies.

“Helen, I’m home.”

“Hello Elliot. How was the office today?” Helen said as she turned and saw her husband walk through the threshold. She noted the satisfied look on his face but paid no real attention to it.

“It was the usual. How was the church meeting?”

“The usual. Dinner will be ready in about an hour. Steak and fries.”

“Fantastic. I’m going to go into the office for awhile. Do some follow up work.”

Dr. Greenway walked to his office on the second floor and shut the door. As he took off his suit jacket and pulled the shirt out of his waistband for the third time that day, the one thing on his mind was the taste of Summer on his lips. All he could think about was the way she moaned when he licked her perfectly waxed pussy, the taste of her juices on his lips, the way she called him daddy and did exactly what he wanted. He wished he could have another sample of her tonight. He wished he could have her underneath him, this time in bed. The fucking on the couch was pleasurable but a bed would have been a lot more comfortable, a lot more satisfying. There were a lot more possibilities in bed too. He would have to talk Summer into meeting him at a hotel. Away from the office. He would also have to stop seeing Summer as a therapist. If all she really wanted was to fuck Dr. Greenway, then there was no need to come into the office. Best not to mix their affair with business.

Dr. Greenway picked up his phone, the private line he used for work only, and searched for Summer’s phone number in the patient index. Dialing her number he sat in his office chair. The line rang three times before she picked up.

“Hello Daddy.” She purred over the line. “Miss me yet?”

Looking at the closed door, he stroked a hand over his hard dick, “I do. I wish you were here right now sucking me off. You have such nice lips. You want my dick in you don’t you?” The doctor continued to touch himself.

“Yeah, I’m already wet Daddy. I want you to fuck me so bad, like how you drilled me on the couch. That was amazing.” Summer was sitting in her bed, naked, her legs spread far apart. With her phone on wireless, her hands were free to touch herself.

“Yeah? Glad you enjoyed it. Its been awhile. I want you again. Tonight. But the wife is home.”

“I suppose same time next week?”

“About that Summer, we can’t continue a business relationship if we are going to see each other this way. Its not really ethical.”

“You’re right. But I want one more session with you. I’ve imagined you fucking me on your desk endless times. We haven’t got there yet. Oh god I want you so bad now. My pussy is so wet.”

“Are you touching yourself my little slut? My dick is so hard.”

“Yeah I have my fingers on my clit, stroking it. But its not the same since I’ve had your tongue on it. Is your dick hard? You touching yourself too Daddy?” She asked with her eyes clouding over from the impending orgasm she was slowly bringing into fruition.

“My hand isn’t as good as your mouth, my dirty little girl. And its very poor substitute for your pussy.”

“Oh Daddy I love that!” She purred as she laid naked in her bed at home, one hand flicking her clit and the other fingering her nipple. “I wish you were here now, licking my clit. I’m so wet for you Daddy.”

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