The Green Albatross Ch. 02

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“Hey babe, how’s everything?” Rachel started the conversation as she was FaceTiming Theodore over the phone.

“Wonderful baby, how’s your holiday in Avory going?” Theodore asked about Rachel’s overseas trip.

“Oh I’m having a great time here. But…I wish you came along though, I miss you baby,” Rachel cutely sulked Theodore.

Theodore replied, “I miss you too, Rach. I just want to rub that cunt of yours, spank that little ass of yours and shove my cock down your throat.”

“Aww, stop saying such cute stuff, Teddy!” Rachel was blushing.

“You’re right, I really shouldn’t, with all these people around me in this vicinity,” Theodore got to his senses.

“Where are you right now?” Rachel was wondering why Theodore was in a crowded place.

“I’m in the gym, just finished my morning workout,” Theodore told her.

“Can I see your abs?” Rachel asked.

“Take a good look because five seconds is all you got,” Theodore pulled out his shirt and flashed his phone camera.

Rachel bit her lower lip looking at her boyfriend’s toned abdominal muscles. She was starting to get lusty while she was outside in the streets.

The five seconds were up, Theodore let his shirt back down. “They’re beautiful!” Rachel expressed. As she was about to continue the conversation, her parents were signalling her to come back inside the car. “I’ll talk to you again. I need to go,” Rachel ended the call.

Theodore looked at his phone lock screen. Fifteen minutes before seven in the morning, a bit of time to shower and start his day. School was quite a challenge for him, resisting drowsiness and dealing with being humiliated by Stephanie and Natalie, the class bitches. However, the clock quickly hit four in the afternoon and he finally got to leave the school and attend to his next objective, applying for monthly welfare checks.

As Theodore arrived at the hometown community center, he got his documents ready and joined the long queue for submission. After an hour of surfing the internet on his phone, it was his turn to be attended to. He sat down by the submission table and the person he saw before him caught his eye immediately. The clerk was a lady wearing an overall grey coat over a light blue collared shirt. It was obvious from the bulge behind her shirt that she had a pair of big breasts. Her hair was blonde which she combed backwards into a ponytail. Even though her lips were a little too thin, her eyes were soft which made her look angelic whenever she smiled. On the left side of her coat, she wore a badge with the name ‘Gladys’ written on it.

“Hi, good afternoon,” Gladys greeted Theodore with a smile.

“Hi, this is my application form for the monthly scheme,” Theodore broke out of his daydream and showed Gladys his papers. As she was checking every page of his application form, he was checking out every detail of her beauty.

When Gladys was finally done looking through Theodore’s papers, she flipped back to one it’s pages and asked him for one final signature. Theodore took one of the pens and tried to sign at the spot but the pen turned out to be dry. He then took the other pen, also dry. “Are you serious?” he muttered.

Gladys chuckled. “Here you go,” she handed Theodore a pen of her own. Her chuckle hit one of his soft spots, his hard on grew there and then while he was sitting down in the crowded hall. He thanked her and used her pen. This time, it worked.

“Thank you so much, will that be all?” Theodore asked Gladys, smiling sheepishly.

“That’s all for now. We’ll call you back for updates. Thank you so much,” Gladys thanked Theodore.

“T-thank you. I-I’ll see you a-around,” Theodore was already in lust with this woman. If anime logic was real, he would have nosebled right there and then. He left the building and went to Samz Friendly Mart to start his shift. Once his work was done, he headed straight back home.

Once he was in his bedroom all showered and clean, Theodore took out all his lottery tickets and checked the weekly results online. To his disappointment, his numbers were unlucky. His disappointment only grew as he crossed out each combination that was not the winning number. He went to the Green Albatross’ scroll and wrote down:

“I have two issues.

1. I have done as you have instructed with regards to buying the lottery numbers. None of the numbers were winning numbers. What’s happening?

2. There’s a lady named Gladys who works at the neighborhood community center. She’s gorgeous. What can I do to get her and I better acquainted?”

Theodore closed the scroll and went to bed. The next day, he opened it up and read the message:

“Mr Lawrence,

In regards to your lottery numbers; I do not have the power to give you a huge winning immediately on your first purchase. Keep buying the same number I have instructed you to buy and you will see the results in time to come.

As for Miss Gladys H. Cooper, you need to find the location of where she lives. Try stalking her. I can bahis firmaları cast an illusion spell on her to make you invisible. But with the both of you being away from me, my powers are limited to be able to blind her for only an hour. Once you’ve located her house, take a pair of her clean undergarments, masturbate onto them and hang them back when you’re done. Do this for every time she washes and hangs a new batch of clothing. I will make her fall in love with you.

Good luck, Mr Lawrence.”

“This is a little bit more difficult. Well, at least I got my work cut out for me,” Theodore said to himself.

And so Theodore waited until his day off on the weekday to stalk his adult crush. Once that day had arrived, he went back to the neighborhood community center waited outside the building for Gladys to leave. After a few minutes of waiting, Theodore finally saw the beautiful woman come out from the entrance and again, his heart stopped. She was wearing a tight black office skirt and a green long sleeve blouse. She was making quite the noticeable clicking sounds with her black heels as she was walking. Theodore then snapped out of his trance and opened up the scroll of the Green Albatross. It read:

“I will start the illusion spell on Miss Cooper now. You have one hour, use it wisely.”

Theodore looked at his phone watch, it was half past five. ‘Well, it’s now or never!’ he thought to himself as he got up his seat and followed Gladys. She unknowingly led him to her car and as she entered the driver seat at the left side, he opened the opposite door of the car. He thought that she would notice the car door open or at least the sound of it but she remained clueless. The illusion spell was working just fine. He sat his invisible body right next to her as she began driving home. He grinned to himself, this was going to be one hot, steamy ride.

As Gladys’ car left the car park, Theodore unzipped his pants and started stroking his cock. This was probably the quickest hard-on he had ever had in his life; he was just so turned on by the fact that he had his cock out exposed beside this sexy lady who had no idea he was there. He ejaculated quickly with a few rounds of fast, intense strokes and sprayed his semen on the window. After recovering, he used his fingers to take the still wet semen on the window and stain it on the stick shift of the car. He chuckled to himself as he waited for her to change gear.

Gladys and Theodore then reached the highway and that was when she went to the semen stained stick shift to maintain the speed. Gladys’s hand felt the wet and sticky sensation on the gear shift. ‘What is this?’ she thought to herself as she frowned slightly and rubbed her fingers on the stick shift further to get a feel of what the gooey substance might be. She took a look at the stick to see what the stain was. Nothing. The stick shift looked completely clean to her. As much as she wanted to stop the car to inspect for any damage or outside sources of the sticky substance, she was already on the highway and the car seemed to be working just fine. She decided to take her fingers from the stick shift and put it close to her nose to smell it. Her eyes widened, it was definitely the smell of cum.

Gladys’ shock distracted her from her driving. Theodore was thinking to himself, ‘Since this sexy bitch already knows it’s cum on her gear shift, I might as well fondle her.’ He used his hand to grope her boobs. She gasped, completely being taken by surprise. At first, she thought someone might have gone to her and jerked off into the gear shift handle but it is clear now that there was something or someone in the car with her. But she could not see anything, it had got to be a ghost. He rubbed his hands on her boobs in a very slow circular motion, feeling his cock quickly get an erection again feeling those big soft balloons in his palm. She turned her head to the right and looked at the rear view mirror to see who was there. Still nobody, she told herself it was just a ghost. Theodore smirked as he moved his hand down to her navel, he knew that as much as she wanted to look around for clues of who was molesting her, she needed to keep her focus on the road as she was driving on the busy highway. He used this to his advantage to keep teasing her boobs and her flat tummy.

“Uh, uhmm,” Gladys was in discomfort, having her upper body played with by what she thought was a ghost. Theodore made sure he was not too aggressive in his fondling, the last thing he wanted was for her to get too aroused to the point of a distraction that would cause an accident. He put his other hand on his cock and started stroking it again.

Theodore felt the burning sensation in his penis as the dried cum from the previous jizz was causing friction between his dick and his fingers. But he was not going to let the pain stop him, especially when he was with this hot lady right next to him. He went further down to her thighs, stroking his cock faster now. Gladys started breathing faster kaçak iddaa now, her eyes still on the road. Theodore’s fingers reached under her tight skirt and went inside toward her panties but before he could go far enough, his cock burst with his cum toward the car window again.

Theodore chuckled lightly to himself, ‘That was a good jizz.’ He decided to be even more of an asshole and took his jerking hand that he had used to jerk off and spread his semen onto Gladys’ blouse.

Gladys’s finally had enough, she pleaded out loud, “Stop this! Please…I’m begging you…” Theodore came to his senses, he knew he had gone too far. He withdrew his hands and sat quietly in the car for the rest of the journey. Playing with that woman without getting caught was a big turn on but what was he thinking, taking full advantage of her without creating an attraction first? The rest of the journey was quiet, with the both of them exiting the highway and going into her hometown. Finally, they had arrived at her apartment. He followed her path which led to the sixth floor of the building. Outside of her house was her laundry which she had hung three rows of clean clothes from three different poles. At the right end of the font pole laid Theodore’s target, five pairs of clean panties. After Gladys had entered her house and locked the door, he looked at the timing on his phone. It was fifteen after six, another fifteen before the illusion spell wears off. He better hurry up before the neighbors could see what he was about to do.

Theodore quickly snatched all five of those panties and dashed to the nearest staircase. Once there, he pushed down his pants and underwear and stroked again. He looked at all the five panties and found his favorite, a black lace thong. He wrapped that thing around his cock and focused all of his energy on that underwear. “Gladys…oh Gladys…ohhh…so fucking hot yeah!” He thought of her dancing sexily, sucking his cock, bouncing her sexy ass on him, whatever that could quickly heighten his arousal. Rubbing her panties on his cock was not only a useful jack-off material, but it also reduced the frictional damage done to his cock after rubbing them hard and fast twice in the car.

When he felt that he was about to burst, Theodore took the other four panties and covered his pillar. He unloaded onto them and switched each panties around his cock quickly with different shot of ejaculation. He rubbed all the panties with each other to spread his seed equally among them. ‘Ohohohooo…this sexy woman is going to have my juice covering her cunt for the whole day while she’s at work for the rest of the week. Hehehe…’ Theodore grinned as he finished wiping the last bit of cum onto Gladys’ panties. He realized that the illusion spell was about to end and went to get a move on. Pulling his pants up, he brought her panties back to be hung at the laundry pole before finally dashing off. He reached the end of the avenue panting, taking out his scroll to check for any updates. It read:

“Well done Mr Lawrence, you’ve managed to carry out the whole plan undetected. Just continue to do the same whenever Miss Cooper hangs her laundry outside her house. Leave the seduction to me.”

Theodore smiled to himself and closed the scroll. He called it a day and went home. The next morning, he was in school preparing for his next lesson when he decided to go online to check his lottery results. One of the numbers he had bought was ‘733501’, which came close to the starter prize number which was ‘733511’. ‘Darn it, that was so close!’ he cursed to himself. But on second thought, that combination which he bought was the same one he had been buying for weeks. So it was true, the power of the Green Albatross was starting to show results and all he needed to do was be patient and stay true to his number combinations. ‘I will hit the jackpot, I know it,’ he reaffirmed his determination. Just as he was about to take his Chemistry notes out, his phone rang. It was a landline call.

Theodore answered the call, “Hello?”

“Good morning, am I speaking to Mr Theodore Lawrence?” it was the voice of a very familiar lady.

“Oh y-yes it is, w-who am I speaking to?” Theodore fumbled at the erotic voice of the woman over the phone.

“Hi, my name is Gladys and I am calling from Pearlington Community Center. You have submitted your documents for the financial assistance scheme to us. I would just like to check with you, who is living in the same household with you?” Gladys wanted to clarify with her perverted stalker.

“Yes,” Theodore was delighted to hear his new potential lover on the phone. “I’m currently living with both parents and a tenant.”

“Are both your parents working?” Gladys asked.

“Only my dad is,” Theodore answered.

“And your tenant is supplying your household with monthly income, am I right?” Gladys asked.

“Yes,” Theodore answered.

“How much is she or he paying you monthly?” Gladys asked.

“Seven-hundred, Miss,” Theodore told her.

“Alright, kaçak bahis your documentation should be complete and handed to my managers to be processed. But before that, I need your Identification number,” Gladys requested from him.

“Alright, ‘V’-zero,” Theodore started with the first two characters.

“Yes,” Gladys said.

“One-Three,” Theodore said the next two characters.

“Yes,” Gladys said again.

Theodore was starting to get really aroused at Gladys saying ‘yes’ twice in a row. Her voice was audio candy. He continued, “Five-five.”

“Yeess,” Theodore must have misheard her but Gladys sounded like she was stretching that ‘Yes’ in a seductive way.

“Six-two,” Theodore continued.

“Yyesss..,” Gladys said again.

‘Hot damn bitch it’s like you really want to get hot and bothered with me. Holy shit, I think the Green Albatross must be really working it’s magic on her panties,” Theodore’s thoughts were running wild as his hands were on his crotch just listening to Gladys. Finally, he said, “And ‘B’ to end it off.”

“Hmm…ok. Thank you so much Mr Lawrence, we will send you a letter after your application has been approved, around three weeks or so,” Gladys explained to Theodore.

“Alright. Thank you, Miss Gladys. Hope to see you soon. Goodbye!” Theodore ended the conversation.

“Bye!” Gladys said sweetly before hanging up the phone.

“Oh she’s fucking hot. Oh momma, I want to hear you say ‘Yes’ ‘ again, ahahaha!” Theodore fantasized to himself. Just then, he noticed someone was looking at him. He turned his head and saw Stephanie staring at him with his hand on his crotch.

“Creep,” Stephanie called him before walking into the classroom.

Theodore shamefully put his hand away before returning to his Chemistry notes. As much as he wanted to retire to the toilet to pull off a quickie, his dick was still sore from the road trip stalking the previous day.

Three days passed since that day and Theodore was now going to Gladys’ house to masturbate to her new batch of laundry. This time, there were seven pairs of panties just hanging there waiting to be taken by him. “Hehe, good thing I haven’t been jerking off these past few days. Now I have enough cum reserve to soak all of these panties,’ he thought to himself as he took all seven pairs and ran to the staircase.

Theodore pushed down his pants and wrapped Gladys’s pink panties against his tank gun and stroked right away. As he was maintaining a rhythm, he looked at the other six pairs; all of them were of different colors. There was a white lace pair, a purple one, the black one that he previously jerked off to, a pair of red one and two other turquoise pairs. “I want to cum into them, all of them,” he groaned as he was thinking of her. He imagined him and her going on a week-long partying vacation in another country and just making love with this vixen wearing each of the pair he was seeing on each different day. He did not take long to ejaculate this time; as he felt his semen reaching the tip of cock, he took the other six pairs and cum into each and every one of them. Once he was done equally spreading his huge load across those panties, he quickly pulled his pants back up and went back to the clothesline to hang them. He dashed off and took a taxi to Samz Friendly Mart to start his shift.

Five hours had passed since the start of Theodore’s shift, the store’s frequency of patrons had gone down, leaving him with nothing to do but wait until his colleague arrives and replace him for the midnight shift. Just then, he remembered to check his lottery results for the day. He took out his lottery tickets and checked his lottery app for the current day results. He saw a number in the starter pack section. It was ‘733501’. “Yes!” he cheered to himself with his fist in the air as he had won his first ever lottery prize. It was not much, he could only claim two-hundred and fifty in cash but it meant that the magic of the Green Albatross was starting to take effect and it was only a matter of time before he won that mega millions prize. Just as he was smiling thinking about his victory, a customer came in through the door and his expression completely took a turn. It was Gladys. Theodore stood up straight and smiled at her. She smiled back at him, looking sexy in those tight jeans and revealing white tank top. She took a bottle of mango tea and approached him at the counter for payment. He tried hard to keep his eyes off her chest as her white tank top showed him a generous cleavage right in front of his eyes. But just as he was focusing on counting the change, she adjusted her bra and gave one of her balloons a squeeze.

She gave him a second look before leaving the convenience store. She tilted her head and then asked him, “Hey, I’ve seen you before, haven’t I?”

“Have you? You know what, I’m thinking the same thing,” Theodore pretended to be clueless while stroking his chin.

“Ah yes! You’re the lady that works in Pearlington Community Center! Yes, I remember you attending to me when I submitted my- what was that…” Theodore pretended to struggle with his memories when he clearly remembered the instant hard-on he had when he first saw her pretty face.

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