The Haircut

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Mike had been in the darkroom most of the day. He found he was much more productive when Judy was at work. They would chat when time allowed throughout the day, short phone calls just to say ‘hi’, ‘I miss you’ – or when he knew someone was in her office, waiting to talk to her, he’d tell her his plans for her that evening – lewd, dirty thoughts that had her blushing and wanting to respond, but unable to. Her pat answer when that happened was always ‘me too – looking forward to it’ before telling him she loved him and hanging up the phone. He would smile, knowing she’d come home, prepared to give him ‘what for’ for putting her in such a precarious situation, but he’d smile, laugh and kiss her and she’d melt against him.

He called her earlier, asking what she would like for dinner and knew she was having a rough day. She needed to complete the annual property report for the Housing and Urban Development Department but as seemed to happen more often then not, her boss had a pressing proposal that ‘had to be done today’, typed, proofed, copied and 15 bound booklets prepared before she left the office.

“Hey, babe – take a deep breath,” he told her and she stopped, smiling at the softness in his tone. Even when she was short tempered, he knew it wasn’t aimed at him. She did so and whispered:

“Thank you, my love, I needed that.” They talked about dinner, something simple on the grill. Then, they could sit on the back deck and eat, and afterwards Judy would cut his hair as they caught up on the day’s events.

Mike made a fresh pot of iced tea and tossed a salad. The steaks were on the grill and Judy could smell them as she parked her Jeep and got out. She looked tired, defeated from a rough day as she joined Mike on the deck, wrapping her arms around him from behind and resting her head on his back for a moment.

“Smells good,” she whispered, inhaling deeply.

“Steaks always smell better on the grill,” Mike smiled, rubbing his hand over hers, clenched on his stomach.

“Not the steaks,” she assured him. “You. I love how you smell.” Mike smiled again and turned, kissing her.

“Rough day?” He asked, nodding towards the table. Her iced tea waited along with a bowl of sliced lemon.

“Oh, I do love you,” she sighed, rubbing her hand up his arm as she kicked off her shoes and sat at the table, taking a long swallow before reaching for the lemons and squeezing the juice into her tea one at a time before dropping the wedges into the glass. She was unaware of Mike watching her, as she licked the juice from her fingers – making his mouth water. Simple, mundane acts, such as Judy cleaning lemon juice from her fingers, were a turn on to him.

As he tended the grill, he asked Judy about her day, listening to the problems and frustrations. She asked about his, they needed developer. She smiled at that. Mike had been so patient teaching her the detailed process and timing involved in developing his film. She loved their time in the dark room – talking and learning, sharing time together. Or when the sharing got intense and they ended up naked. Mike would bend her over the sink and part her legs, fucking her from behind. Judy had never been adventurous until Mike – but she found so many positions more stimulating than she would ever have imagined.

Being taken from behind, she couldn’t touch Mike, but he would reach around and touch her clit, making her orgasms so much more intense. She shook off thoughts of the dark room. She was hungry, having missed lunch, and the steaks smelled so good. She offered to help with dinner, but Mike told her to relax.

“I got it – almost done anyway. And you’re giving me that haircut, remember? Or are you too tired?”

Tired? Judy studied him, yes she was tired – but not of him, touching him, even a haircut and time spent talking would be welcome. They would chat about their days, he often told her to quit her job, stay home with him and she’d laugh. Seriously, she would say, you’d get sick of me around you all the time.

“No, I’m never too tired for you. I know where the scissors are and I’ll grab them after we eat,” she smiled.

They ate, sitting close at the table on the deck. Mike liked close, so did Judy. She ran her bare foot over his canlı bahis ankle and up the calf of his jeans as they talked. Mike ate half of Judy’s steak off her plate that she left in favor of her salad. He made the salad just the way she liked it – cheese, croutons and snap peas. Her foot found the front of his pants, rubbing lightly over his fly, her toes tracing the outline of his penis, even as she held an innocent conversation about the need for more coffee when they went shopping again. Mike seemed to stumble for certain words, having trouble concentrating on what Judy was saying, and she smiled. The thrill of arousing him, making it hard for him to focus, aroused her.

After they finished dinner, they sat for a bit, just talking and she felt his hand on her foot, massaging gently where she had let it rest on his thigh. He rubbed her ankle, his fingers moving lightly over the scar on the inside. She squirmed a little, her feet were incredibly ticklish but Mike held her firmly, but gently, continuing his massage. He ran a finger lightly over the scar, knowing it bothered her. The one on the outside of her leg was longer, more jagged and noticeable, but it didn’t bother Mike. He’d kiss his way along her leg, his tongue tracing the scar and Judy would squirm in delight – but that would be later. Now he was enjoying the lazy touching, talking and just being alone with her.

“If you keep that up, I’ll fall asleep where I sit…” she told him. He smiled and ran his hand up her calf. When she had left the house that morning, she had been wearing form fitting, faded jeans. He remembered them well – they were a bit snug and cradled her crotch – but now, she wore a skirt. When had she changed – why had she changed?

“Special meeting?” he asked. No stockings, also unusual for those times she dressed up.


“New man?” This troubled him – a 16-year age difference bothered him at times. He had told her to find someone else, but she refused, always telling him he was perfect for her. That she always wanted an ‘older man’, though she saw nothing ‘older’ about him. His sexual appetite rivaled hers. If he was younger, she might not be able to keep up with him.

“Never,” she replied, firmly – but a bit thrilled by the hint of possessiveness. She knew he could do so much better. She wasn’t a model, her breasts weren’t as firm as they had once been, she had some weight she still wanted to lose, but he loved her and for that she was grateful.

“Then why the skirt?”

“You don’t like it,” she asked. She moved her foot off his lap and placed both feet on the deck, looking down at her lap. “I thought you might like it – you’ve been so great, making dinner and teaching me about the dark room and I know you like my legs – and the view a skirt affords…”

As she spoke, Mike watched her deliberately knock a fork onto the deck and raised an eyebrow as if she expected him to retrieve it. Leaning down, Mike reached for the fork, just as Judy parted her thighs, opening them just wide enough for him to get a glimpse of her panties. Judy watched him swallow – his eyes transfixed as she brought her knees together and then opened them again, a bit more widely – repeating the motion until her legs were wide apart, allowing him to look his fill.

The fork was forgotten – he pushed his chair back from the table to get the best possible view as Judy sat there, splayed open for him to just admire the nest of long thick hair in the lace of the boy cut panties she wore. She watched his face – scooting her hips forward a bit to part her legs even wider, allowing the seam of her panties to part her pussy lips and slip into the crack of her butt.

With her elbow on the arm of the chair, she began to stroke her breast through the white material of her blouse. Her bra was a thin lace that clearly showed the dusky outline of her areola and nipple. Her nipple hardened immediately – more from the effect of Mike’s gaze on her crotch than her own touch.

The voices of the neighbors could be heard as they argued about the placement of a lounge chair but the fence obscured views just enough unless someone wanted to take the time to look over it. Maybe another time, Judy would find the courage to seduce Mike in bahis siteleri the openness of their deck and risk the neighbors watching – but not tonight. Tonight she wanted him to herself, totally to herself.

“Touch your clit, Judy,” Mike growled.

“Haircut,” Judy shook her head.

“Clit, now,” he stated and she knew if she didn’t touch herself, Mike would touch her and there’d be no chance of privacy. She hitched her skirt up a bit revealing her panty covered pussy to Mike’s full view and moved the material to one side, rubbing her middle finger over her now swollen clit.

His eyes never moved as he watched her dip her middle finger into her opening, drawing out enough fluid to lubricate herself and she rubbed clit again. Her thighs drifted shut but Mike ‘tutted’ alerting her to keep them open. She opened her legs again and added another finger to her masturbation, glancing over her shoulder to make certain the neighbors didn’t suspect. They weren’t paying any attention. Next time, she thought – next time she’d surprise Mike with a little too much noise and draw an audience.

“Mike, please,” Judy whimpered, knowing she would come for him, here on the deck. But just as she was about to, he stood up and said:

“Haircut, right?”

“Wha – hair – what?” Judy looked up at him, her hand on her pussy, skirt up to her waist with her legs wide open to him.

“You promised me a haircut, woman. Let’s get it done before it’s too late…”

Mike busied himself with the dirty dishes while Judy righted her clothing, wet and disappointed that she had failed to keep Mike’s interest. Standing up, she swore hotly as she stepped on the discarded fork. So much for teasing him, she thought, tears burning her eyes as she followed his retreating back into the house.

She found the scissors in the bathroom medicine cabinet and grabbed a large beach towel from the top shelf of the linen closet and returned to the kitchen. Mike had removed his shirt and brought a chair to the middle of the floor so she had room to move around him as she cut his dark curls. He was quiet, not saying anything as he sat in the chair and she wrapped the towel around his shoulders. Judy wasn’t sure she trusted herself to speak, certain that she had done something horribly wrong to anger him, or worse – repulse him.

“How – umm – how short?” she asked, hoping her voice didn’t tremble from the unshed tears.

“Short enough that it’ll take a while to grow back,” Mike answered, not looking at her. She ran her fingers through the curls, watching them wrap around her fingers as she pulled them straight and began cutting. She loved his hair – loved to run her fingers through his curls when it was longer. She loved to muss it when it was short and straighter. She stood behind him, taking her time to make sure the length was even, her fingers caressing his scalp much longer than would be permissible for any barber to do.

She felt his head tip back, brushing her breasts as he gave her easier access to the top and she leaned into it. The heavy feel of his head against her made her nipples tighten and it was with great reluctance that she moved to trim the sides and around his ears, but her fingers couldn’t help but continue the gentle massage of his scalp. By the time she moved to stand in front of him, her pussy was dripping with her desire for this man. Just touching him like this, cutting his hair she wanted more – so much more.

Mike parted his thighs so she could get closer. He still hadn’t spoken since telling her how short to cut it. She hoped for playful murmurs and whispers, but he was so distant that she worried over what she had done outside that caused him to walk away from her.

Her breasts were even with his face. Judy stood as stiff as she could, trying to maintain a bit of distance, afraid to touch him. But for some reason Mike tipped his head back, away from her and she had to lean in, bringing her breasts in direct contact with his heated breath. She felt a dampness around her nipple as it hardened and realized that Mike was tonguing her through her shirt and bra – the wetness from his mouth making her nipple visible through the thin material. He turned his attention the other nipple, repeating the bahis şirketleri process until Judy moaned.

“Oh, God, Mike. I’m sorry…”

“Sorry, for what?” He asked even as his hands slid beneath her skirt, lifting it high enough to see her panties.

“You were angry – upset with me outside…”

“Angry,” he laughed at this, looking up at her with passion glazed eyes. “Honey, you kept fingering yourself like that and I was going to pull out my dick and jerk off in front of the neighbors and make you lick me clean while they watched.”

Judy met his gaze and felt her pussy twitch at the thought of someone watching her lick Mike’s dick and balls, cleaning the cum from his fingers and belly. He traced the seam of her panties – pushing it farther into the slit of her pussy and she made an almost ‘yelping’ sound at the pleasure that shot through her.

“Why didn’t you?” Judy shocked herself, asking him out loud what she had been thinking. “They – they act like they could use a good show – maybe loosen the sticks up their butts.”

Mike laughed at this, even as he leaned forward to run his tongue along the seam of her panties, using the point of his tongue to rub her clit.

“Next time – I’ll give them a show they’ll be selling tickets for,” he promised her. “You’ll scream so loud that everyone on the block will hear.”

He stood up, pulling off the towel as he reached for her blouse, tearing the material in his need to touch her breasts. Judy didn’t care, she’d gladly let him tear every blouse she owned to feel his hands on her breasts. He cupped her through the thin lace, her nipples puckered and hard, straining and visible against the fabric.

“I love your breasts,” he told her, edging her back towards the kitchen table. A big sturdy oak table that many a family dinner had been held around. Mike recalled every time Judy had stroked his cock through his jeans while her sister sat across from them, totally unaware.

“You love all women’s breasts,” Judy pointed out.

“To look at – but these belong to me,” he told her, squeezing them as he ran his thumbs over the rock hard nipples.

Judy felt the table on her butt cheeks and came to a stand still as Mike undid his jeans dropping them and his shorts even as he pulled her skirt down her hips, slapping her ass hard enough to sting – make her jump at the surprise even as he pushed her back onto the table and forced her legs apart with his knee.

“Don’t ever think I don’t want you,” he told her. “Ever.”

Judy raised up on her elbows, watching him as he pulled her panties down and tossed them on top of her skirt. Grasping his dick, he ran the head over her lips, the hair of her pussy tickling his sensitive shaft and fingers before parting her. He massaged her clit with the head of his cock, causing her to groan loudly. He braced himself with one hand on the table as he pushed roughly inside her.

Judy wasn’t quiet when he was inside her. There were times she was so loud she was sure she might have embarrassed him, but Mike liked it. The sound of her cries turned him on even more.

He fucked her hard, and she met each thrust, wild with her need for him. She yelled and groaned, called his name. Mike knew he was close but he wanted her to come first, wanted to watch her pleasure first and then watch again when he filled her. His come inside her brought her great joy, sometimes just the feel brought on a second orgasm. Mike was the only man to make her come – her first multiple orgasm with him rocked her so deeply she almost fainted.

“Oh, damn it Mike, I’m cumming – oh please, I’m cumming…” Mike continued his movements. Pushing as deeply inside her as he possibly could before he let lose, his semen filling her as he collapsed on top of her, kissing her forcefully but it was alright – she kissed him back just as hard.

A movement out of the corner of her eye caused Judy to turn her head. Over the top of the fence she saw someone watching, but they disappeared before she could make out whom – the husband or the wife? She blushed hotly – Mike had just fucked her in front of the patio door – on the kitchen table – and someone saw them.

“What’s wrong?” Mike turned his head to follow her line of vision.

“N – nothing,” Judy shook her head. Mike had no clue they’d been seen, hadn’t planned on it. “Nothing’s wrong – but I think you might be gaining a fan club,” she smiled, raising up to kiss him deeply.

The End??

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