The Harley

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Who would have thought that buying a new Harley could have so many fringe benefits.

I am a 51 year old man, who many might say was going through a mid life crisis. I have always wanted a motorcycle, for as long as I can remember. I have ridden a few different ones, Honda, Suzuki and of course Harley Davidson. I have always had the mind set that if I bought one it would be a Harley. They are simply the best.

My dream of owning one of those hogs has finally come true. I recently purchased a Super Glide.

I’ve noticed a lot of people waving, nodding at me as I ride past them. The thing I really noticed is the women who smile and wave. I am not a very good looking man at all, so it has to be the bike that they like. That is just fine by me.

It was a cool Saturday morning when I just had to get out and ride. I got the bike out and fired her up so she could warm up, while I went into the house and put on my cold weather riding stuff. I knew I would have to stop from time to time and take the chill off.

I had been riding for about an hour [going no place in particular] when I spotted a restaurant and decided to go in for a cup of coffee and warm up a little. There weren’t many people in there, mostly older people my age and older. I got a few looks from them, but no one said anything to me, they just looked. As I sat down and ordered my coffee, one guy ask me if it was cold riding that machine. I answered simply, by saying a little and adding, it was worth it. He just shrugged his shoulders and turned away.

I had just about finished my coffee, when the waitress [who bahis firmaları was about 40years old and looking pretty good] came up and refilled my cup for me. After putting the pot up she came back over to me and started asking me questions about my bike. We talked for a few minutes, when said it would be cool to go for a ride. I might be getting old, but I am not dense. I immediately asked her if she would like to go for a ride with me after she got off work? All she said was “I get off in about 10 minutes”.

That gave me a lot of time to look over this woman. She was quite pretty and built well to boot. Large firm looking breasts, tight looking ass. My thoughts turned to wandering what it would be like to have hot sex with this cutie. I am just a dirty old man, what can I say.

She got off work and came over and sat down beside me and started talking about riding. She was wearing a skirt and flimsy blouse. I asked her if she had a pair of jeans and jacket with her by chance. She said she did not. I had to ask her if she was sure about going for a ride as it is pretty cool outside. She just nodded yes and said lets go for it.

Outside I fired up the hog and then asked if there was anyplace in particular she wanted to go? No was all she said. Wherever the road takes us I guess. Before we pulled away I told her to tell me if she got cold and we would stop for awhile somewhere. She nodded ok.

She had her arms wrapped around my waist pretty tight. We had been riding about 15 minutes when her hands suddenly dropped down and she started to rub on my cock with both hands. I kaçak iddaa have to say it felt pretty good. My cock started getting hard from her rubbing, the harder it got the more she rubbed. We had now been riding for about an hour and I could feel her shivering against my back. So I started looking for a place to pull over for awhile. Not an easy task since we were on a small 2 lane country road. After a few minutes I spotted a creek running along the road and decided to pull off up ahead on a gravel bar I spotted. Once we got off the bike she immediately gave me a deep passionate kiss, that kind of caught me off guard. I of course returned the favor. Before I knew it she had my pants undone and was going down on me. WOW I thought, this is great. She sucked on cock like a pro. Her tongue was working my balls the whole time she was sucking it. I finally couldn’t take it any more and blew a massive load in her mouth. She didn’t drop any as she swallowed every bit of juice and continued sucking my cock until it got hard again. I reached down and pulled her up to me and started taking her blouse off. I was right, she had exceptional breasts, very big and quite firm. I of course just had to have one of them in my mouth. I started licking around the nipple and slowly started sucking her sweet breast. She started moaning and moving and started rubbing me again. I moved my right hand down under her skirt and started rubbing her already engorged clit. As she started to buck on my hand a little, I dropped down to my knees and promptly started licking and sucking her wonderful looking pussy. She tasted very, kaçak bahis very sweet.

It wasn’t long until we were on the ground in a very pleasurable 69. Licking and sucking each other like there was no tomorrow. She quite suddenly started shuddering and came long and hard. She then got up and positioned herself over the top of me and slowly lowered herself down on my swollen cock head. She went up and down very slowly and seductively at first and all at once she began riding me like a wild bucking horse. I have never been fucked like that before.

Just as I was about cum, she slowed down to a snails pace. Very enjoyable, I might ad. We continued fucking that way for a while and suddenly she was fucking me hard again. This time she did not stop as I was ready to come. We both came at the same time, very hard climaxes for us both.

We both started getting dressed and chit chatting. After we got dressed, she said we better get back and I agreed. All the way back she continually rubbed on my cock.

We pulled up in front of the restaurant and I shut the bike off and put the stand down. I told her I needed a cup of coffee and we headed in. once inside she disappeared into the back somewhere. The new waitress asked if I wanted anything. I told her I just wanted a cup of coffee and she brought it to me.

I wanted to ask the waitress where the woman was I came in with, but suddenly realized she never told me her name.

I was just finishing my coffee when she showed up from the back and came over to me and said her friend wanted to go for a ride and wandered if I was up to it. Of course I said I was and she promptly went to the back. I was paying for my coffee when this beautiful woman came out from the back and said she was ready. Here we go again I thought.

It has to be the bike.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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