The Hot Tub

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John and Janet loved the Log Cabin they had chosen for their Honeymoon. It had everything they wanted, a warm cosy bed, a Jacuzzi, and best of all the Hot Tub on the porch outside.

John held Janet’s hand as he helped her over the edge of the Hot tub out on the porch. The cool air was making her nipples stand out, big and hard from her lovely breasts as she was already naked. She could feel her skin starting to tingle as she left the warm of the cabin, but some how the adventure in the hot Tub they were about to embark upon made the cold seem insignificant. She knew that she want to make love to John in that Tub outside there on the open porch at the back of the cabin. She could hear the birds singing their pretty songs and hear the leaves rustling on the few evergreen trees that surrounded their cabin. In the distance she could see snow covered mountains and she loved the scene.

Janet held on to John’s hand as she descended the steps into the warmth of the bubbling waters of the Hot Tub. She could feel the cool air that had been blowing across her naked body on the Porch, being replaced by very warm and fiercely bubbling water. A she inched lower into the Hot Tub she felt the water splashing up against her pussy and she loved the feeling it gave her as the water randomly hit her lips and sometimes her clit. Each splash caused the hot water to run back down her body and drop back into the tub creating a warm river across her skin that tantalized her senses and drove her wild.

John released Janet’s hand as he started to climb into the Hot Tub himself, now that Janet was safely inside. He had not wanted her to slip and had held her hand lovingly as she climbed into the Tub. He slowly eased himself over the edge of the Tub and began to climb down the few steps into the water. The water hit his naked body and he did so and he jerked back as the initial heat of the water startled him.

Janet was sitting on a step in the Tub, she was watching John as he got himself into the Tub with her. She was laying with her back against the sides and her shoulders were still out of the water causing the splashes from the bubbling water to cascade around her neck and down her chest. She smiled to herself as she noticed John jump as the hot water found his manhood. She reached her hands up and smoothed the hot water across her breasts, loving the feeling of her own soft skin and how firm her breasts felt. She knew that John loved her Breasts, he had always said how beautiful they were and how gorgeous they felt to him. As she moved them she could feel exactly what he meant as she too was turned on by their feel and was teasing John by touching them as he was only just getting into the tub.

John looked across at his new wife Janet. She was radiant and oh so beautiful and he knew that he loved her more than he could ever tell her in words. He took in the scene before him as he looked at her and thought how lucky he was to have such a lovely bride. She was lay back against the side of the Hot Tub before him. She had her lovely hair gently moving about her neck as the cool breeze caught it, now and again. He looked at her gorgeous smile and those very pretty eyes as they looked back at him. He saw her lovely breasts just out of the surface of the water, each one had tiny rivers of foaming water running down them as the bubbles burst and sprayed her sexy body as she fondled them with her hands. He loved how she looked and loved for her to touch herself as it turned him on so much and he soon had a stiffening cock as he looked at his beautiful Princess before him.

Janet saw John slip down into the water and noticed his cock as it began to grow, before it slipped out of sight into the water of the frothing Tub. She saw how John was looking at her and she knew he liked what he saw. She too liked what she saw. She knew he was no muscle man or skinny athlete, but she loved his body as it belonged to him and so to her. She reached forward towards him her arms out stretched across the Tub.

John reached out and took Janet’s out stretched hands in his. He pulled her to him and they embraced in the bahis firmaları centre of the Tub.

Janet wrapped her arms around John as he pulled her to him. They held each other close and hugged so tight.

John moved him head and his lips found Janet’s moving towards his and they touched and kissed passionately for several minutes, before they both broke the kiss and looking directly into each others eyes, said “wow”.

Janet was so in Love with John, she could not help herself and loved his kisses and the way he was so gentle and kind towards her. She loved the way he treated her like a Princess and how he was always so romantic. She turned herself around and moved her body backwards so that she nestled her butt into his lap as they stood in the Tub. She could see across the mountain as she was not looking directly off the porch.

John loved Janet and everything they did together. He was so in love with her that he would do any thing for her, as long as she was happy. He loved to treat her like a Princess and he knew she deserved it. He loved that she treated him good to and he loved that she had just turned and snuggled her butt into his lap. He could feel his hard cock pressing between her butt cheeks and she wriggled about in the Tub in front of him.

Janet was teasing John, she knew how he loved to enter her pussy from the rear and she knew how much she loved the position too. She kept moving and squirming her body around and could feel that John’s cock was real hard now and she could feel it starting to slip between her butt cheeks. She began to tease him more and bent forward slightly to make her butt got deeper into his lap.

John was really excited by Janet’s actions. His rock hard cock was pumped full of blood and the veins were standing out making it look very uneven and rippled as it bobbed up in the froth of the hot tub each time Janet bent forward and let his cock slip from her cheeks. He reached around her body and using his hands he scooped up the hot waters from the tub and splashed it over her naked body.

Janet loved to feel John’s hands on her naked body. She could feel him splashing water all over her back and he then was sliding his hands under her as she was bent over and she could feel his hands gently cupping her breasts as they hung beneath her. His fingers were playing with her nipples, rolling them between his fingers and they were responding to the touch and becoming hard.

John toyed with Janet’s nipples, he loved to make them hard to his touch and he rolled them between his fingers before moving his hands lower down her body. He reached around her waist and slipped his hands between her legs.

Janet was holding the side of the tub as she felt John’s hand moving round her hips and felt them begin to seek out her pussy between her legs. She moved her feet further apart to ease his access to their target.

John felt Janet open her legs further and using his fingers he homed in on her pussy. He slipped his middle finger through her pubic hair and circled it around on her love button. He could feel her start to wriggle as he did so and knew it was giving her pleasure. His finger slide down and ran along the opening to her love tunnel. John dipped his finger into her briefly to get it wet with her juices. He noticed that she was very wet down there and realised she was very aroused.

Janet had felt John’s fingers working between her legs. She had already opened her legs further to allow him better access. She felt his finger rub over her clit and she shuddered as it did so. Then she felt his fingers moving down and felt one of his fingers slip inside her pussy lips. It only stayed there for a short while and she knew he would feel how wet she was already. She felt his finger moving back up and out of her pussy and could feel it trace a line back to her clit. Now very wet and slippery with her own juices, she could feel that finger begin to circle round on her clit. Every motion caused sensations deep inside her, she loved how he teased her clit and made her pussy ache for him.

John was working his finger on Janet’s kaçak iddaa clit, he could feel her body shudder as he did so and he knew what she liked him to do. He kept taking his fingers back to her pussy to get them real wet again and then returned them to the task of rubbing her love button with his slippery fingers. Round and round they went on her clit. Very slippery and pushing hard on her button. He could feel her body jerk every now and again as he really found the spot.

Janet was holding tight to the edge of the Hot Tub. She was till bent forward and was pushing her hips back towards John as best she could. She wanted more of his attentions down there and she knew he was going to give her all she wanted. She could feel the hot water splashing onto her as they moved in the bubbling tub. She felt the tell tale signs of her own orgasm approaching and pushed back hard against John’s crotch.

John felt Janet really push back against him as his fingers worked on Janet’s clit. He guessed that she was really getting worked up now and he knew her orgasm was close for her. He loved to make her orgasm and always felt really excited himself when she did even if he was not ready. He loved for her to have as many orgasms as she could before he could hold out no longer. He worked harder with his fingers, really rubbing her clit now in small circular motions.

Janet felt his fingers, which were constantly wet with her own love juice still working hard on her button. They were slippery moved in a way that sent electric feelings through her body as they worked on her. She tensed up as the feelings took hold of her. She began to shake and shudder and her orgasm hit her like a train. She screamed out across the mountain that she love him and fell forward against the side of the hot tub, gripping on for all she was worth.

John had lost his grip of Janet as her orgasm struck and she shuddered to a noisy climax, falling forward against the side of the hot tub. He reached out for her and steadied her as her orgasm subsided. He let her recover a short while before he raised her up and sat her on the side of the tub. Her feet were in the water but she was sitting on a wide ledge that ran around the outside of the tub. He spread her legs apart and set to work with his tongue. Lapping at her pussy lips and tasting the sweetness of her cum as his tongue probed inside her.

Janet lent backwards her arms reached out behind her and her hands were holding her upright against the ledge. She could feel John’s tongue darting in and out of her already tingling pussy. She could feel how he sucked on her tender clit and gently bit on it too. These feelings were getting her going again. So quickly after her first orgasm she was already building on the second.

John continued with his sucking and tongue fucking her pussy. He looked up and could see her gorgeous body. He could see her head was thrown back and her breasts were rising and falling as her breath quickened. He could see water droplets still dripping from the nipples as the water from her wet hair ran gently down the round mounds of her breasts. He reached up and cupped her tits in his hands as he plunged his tongue in real deep into her. He could feel her legs shaking again now and he kept on plunging his tongue in and out, in and out. Then biting her clit and sucking on it and heard her moaning real loud again.

Janet was near her second orgasm. She could feel John’s tongue going in and out of her pussy so deep. She could feel it wriggle inside her and loved the feeling that gave her as it did so. The feelings were so intense now and she was finding it difficult to hold back. She began to moan loudly. She did not care that they were outside on the porch, she did not care who heard. She shuddered as John’s tongue made a final lunge deep inside her and stayed they wriggling and he r pussy exploded it cum all over his face.

John lapped up Janet’s cum as she came on his tongue, which he had pushed real deep into her and held it there, knowing it would push her over the edge and make her cum. He let her relax and catch her breath, pulling kaçak bahis her back into the hot water to warm her up.

Janet was buzzing from her two orgasms and wanted more and more. She felt John pulling her back and she got back down into the water with him. She turned around and pushed her butt again into his lap. This time she felt him grip her hips and felt his hard cock nudging her pussy lips.

John was pressing his cock against her pussy now. He kept the pressure up until the moist lips parted slightly to let the swollen head of his stiff cock pass between them. He felt her lips encircle his dick and he continued to push until he had slid easily all the way into her pussy. Then he started to pull out again, then pushed back in and he set up a gentle rhythm fucking her with his hard cock. Janet could feel John’s rock hard cock between her lips as it slid so easily in on her wet juices. She could feel every vein along its length as it slid in all the way until his balls were slapping her butt. Then the cock withdrew and began a slow regular sequence of long deep in and out strokes. In so deep and back out it went. In so so deep and back out it went. She loved being fucked by his cock, she loved feeling him so deep inside her. Their love making had always made her horny and this was no exception.

John was pushing as deep as he could into her and she was pushing back onto him as he did so. Then he felt her pull away and she had turned and sat him down. He then reached up and felt her lovely breasts now visible as they were out in the fresh air above him. Her nipples were really hard as the cool air blew across them and he loved seeing her breasts sway as she moved over him. He felt her guide his cock to her pussy once more and she took control of situation.

Janet began to sit down on his cock. She loved to feel in control of his weapon. She slowly lowered her body down and felt his shaft sliding deep into her once more. She began to work his cock in and out of her, deeper and deeper as she went down harder and harder on him. She felt his hands on her breasts, they were so gentle and loving as they squeezed and fondled them. Then she felt his hands on her hips and felt him pulling her down on him harder. She removed his hands from her hips and placed them back on her breasts, she wanted to stay in full control of fucking him. She continued to push hard down on him and then she slowed down and just took the head of his cock into her pussy. She moved gently up and down making only the head go in and out of her lips.

John was now finding it hard to control himself, he had tried to pull her hard down on him, but she had put his hands back to her breasts. Not that he was complaining as he loved her breasts. He knew she was in control and he let her continue. She was doing too good a job as he felt the cum starting to rise in his balls. He started to make moaning sounds as this was about to make him cum if she did not stop.

Janet knew she was good at making love to John. She could tell that he was about to cum. She heard him start to moan and she began to push down harder and faster, building her own orgasm again too. She kept the pressure up on him. Pushing harder and harder, his cock going in to her deeper and deeper as she did so. Up and down she went, pulling way up his shaft and thrusting way down on him, his cock plunging fully back into her waiting pussy. She could feel the full length of him as he moist lips slide easily down the shaft only stopping its penetration of her when her butt met his lap. Then she felt it, what she had been waiting for, what she had been working for, what she loved so much, she felt his cock starting to jerk inside her. She knew he was coming now, there was no going back. He came in her and just then her own orgasm started and she shuddered on top of him as his cock spurted its seed deep into her womb. He body shook uncontrollably as her love juices pumped out around his stiff cock and mingled with his seed inside her.

John gripped Janet and hugged her close as his cock pump her full of his cum and he could feel her cum all over his cock too as they hugged together.

They both stayed in the tub for a while after that as they relaxed and enjoyed each other, until they both retired back into the cabin, but that is another story……

The End

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