The Ice Cream Conversation

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It was spring but the air was cool. Friday meant two days away from the stress and strain of the office. The two couples were sitting outside an ice cream parlor. The place was small with three tables inside and seven outside. Because of rain earlier in the evening there were fewer people walking the plaza. Cathy and Brenda worked in the same office, as customer service reps. Phil was a sales manager for a liquor distributer. Jim was a drug rep for a major pharmaceutical company.

Jim, Cathy, Phil and Brenda finished watching a movie and decided to stop at the ice cream parlor. Each was busy eating their ice cream. Cathy and Brenda looked over their banana splits.

“Looks almost as good as you honey,” said Cathy to Jim.

Jim who was licking on a double decker cone, smiled.

“Ok here is the question for the ages. Who is responsible for having condoms the man or the woman?” said Cathy.

“I would hope both partners have them; he in his coat pocket and her in the bed table; that is if you are in the woman’s apartment,” responded Phil.

“Ok then whose do you use, the woman’s or yours?” asked Jim.

“Well if this is a situation where a condom would be needed the woman would go to the bed table drawer and have the packet available. The woman needs to remain in control,” said Brenda.

“Brenda, what do you mean by condom situation?” asked Jim.

Brenda had her arms around Phil’s neck. She kissed him twice. “If you have gone out with a guy several times and decided that having sex with this person is a good thing; the first time is a condom situation. It is only after several months that you have sex with out protection. I mean you still have birth control but you decide to forgo rain coats,” replied Brenda.

Cathy’s hand slips under the table and rubs Jim’s inner thigh. “Having sex for the first time with someone is a sticky situation; pardon the pun. As a man you want it but you might not want to push it. Women have cut the balls off of males to the point that we are confused,” said Jim.

“So you were confused when you and I did it for the first time. I don’t remember you being confused or feeling that your balls were gone when you made love to me the first time. As I remember you had your shit together and took care of business,” said Cathy.

There was a little laughter from the other couple. The group fell silent but Brenda stood up and kissed Phil and then Jim. “I enjoy sex with the right people. The tension that is built up and then released takes care of my stress.”

Phil reached under the table and slid his hand up and down Brenda’s leg. “Building bahis firmaları a tent down there Mr. Major?” asked Brenda.

“What if I am,” replied Phil.

“Nothing, but it will be awhile before I can do something about it, darling,” said Brenda.

“I can deal with it,” said Phil.

“Next question: Use condoms for oral sex?” asked Cathy.

“Oral sex is a very touchy subject. Many folks have pre-marital sex but there is a significant number of both men and women that think oral sex is sinful,” said Brenda.

“I know but the question is does one us condoms for oral sex?” asked Cathy.

“I hate hate hate oral sex with a condom. I know that you need to be careful, but the taste of latex and lube is a turn-off,” said Brenda.

“You know that there are condoms that are not lubed. Holding the rubber in your mouth and applying some negative pressure and watching the cock put the rubber on is fun,” said Cathy.

Several more people came in to the shop some got cones and walked into the night other sat at the tables both inside and on the patio. Brenda and Cathy polished off their splits and the two men finished their cones. There were parents with young children and the group decided to take a walk.

They passed a bar but the band was too loud so they decided that Phil’s place was where they would pick up the conversation. Phil offered a sample of a new single malt whiskey as an inducement.

Phil poured the whiskey and everyone settled and got back to discussing the various sexual etiquette issues.

“So Brenda where did you and Phil have your first sex, his apartment, your place or a hotel?” asked Cathy.

“My first sex with a guy is always at his place. If the date goes south, I can call a cab or get a UBER and get out. So Phil and I did it at his apartment. As you can see it went well and I love his tool. I know that I surrender some control but the few times that I have needed an escape it worked out for me,” replied Brenda.

“How many times has a hook-up gone south on you and what kind of escape clause did you use, Cathy,” asked Phil.

“I was on an arranged date and it went well up to the end of the evening. The guy seemed nice and I thought what the hell; it looked like he had nice equipment and I was in the mood. I discreetly checked my purse to make sure that I had some raincoats and we went to his place. He was a little uncomfortable at dinner but I decided that it was nerves. It turned out that I was his first attempt to have sex. I wanted some loving but I did not want to teach a guy at that time and I suddenly decided that I had a kaçak iddaa test to study for and he took me home. Jim was nice, we did it at my place the first time no need for an escape clause.”

Phil got up and refreshed everyone’s glass. He leaned over and kissed Brenda with his hand moved down to the area between her legs. Cathy suggested that they take it to the bedroom.

“Phil have you ever had a date go south?” asked Jim

“More times than I want to remember. Debbie lived down the hall from me and she dropped all the right hints and I suggested that we go out. She agreed and we took it slow. We went to a bar in the neighborhood had a drink and then returned. We entered her apartment and I was confronted by and older brother who did not like me. I exited as quickly as possible and for the next month I dodged her. It got so stressful that I moved out. Found out that Debbie was actually Samera and her family were strict Muslims and I was lucky that the brother did not kill me.”

Brenda pulled her shirt over her head exposing breasts that were not restrained by a bra. “Come on Cathy pull your shirt off give the boys a thrill,” said Brenda.

Cathy unbuttoned her oxford and pulled it off her shoulders. She reached and unhitched her bra and allowed it to drop to her knees.

“What are we going to do with these lovely ladies, Phil,” asked Jim.

“I think that my beautiful Cathy needs a kiss,” said Phil.

“You better not stop at just a kiss, and you both are over dressed,” said Brenda.

“Here is what I want to see; you two stand facing each other and you disrobe the other. One, Two, Three; if you two aren’t on your feet by the time I hit five neither one of you will get any tonight,” said Cathy.

Cathy refreshed her and Brenda’s whiskey glass and they sat together to watch the show. “Get going guys,” said Brenda.

The guys stood and moved the coffee table out from the couch and stood in front of the women. Phil leaned in and kissed Jim on the cheek. They separated and Jim pulled on Phil’s belt and unbuttoned his pants and allowed them to fall to the floor. Phil reciprocated and both men had their pants around their ankles. Jim got out of his shoes and was beginning to sit down when Brenda told them that the underwear had to be off. Jim pulled Phil’s boxer briefs down. Phil’s cock flopped down.

“Well I see that one of our Romeo’s is a little shy; are you sure that the women didn’t run away,” said Cathy.

Phil approached Jim and pulled his traditional briefs down to his ankles. His cock was building a significant erection.

“Well Jim you don’t seem kaçak bahis to be experiencing performance anxiety,” said Brenda.

The two women kissed full on the mouth. Got up and lead the men that they did not start with and they went to the single bedroom with a large king size bed. In the corner was a champagne bucket with a bottle installed in the center. There were four glasses on a dresser. Jim kissed Phil full on the mouth and manipulated his friend’s cock, which was showing signs of life.

“I figured that we would be asked so I just got it out of the way,” said Jim.

There was a sharp pop as Brenda opened the bottle and poured two glasses and gave one to Cathy. There were two lounge chairs that the women sat on and opened their legs.

“When did you two cook this up?” asked Phil.

“This afternoon when Brenda came into my cube at work; we speculated what it would be like to have some group sex and sex with the other’s partner,” said Cathy.

“We’ve been had Jim,” said Phil.

Jim moved over to Brenda and kissed her he moved down to her pussy and put his tongue between her lips. Cathy sat waiting for Phil to approach her. “Phil, my friend needs some attention,” said Brenda Phil moved over to Cathy and kissed her. He lifted the woman and placed her on the bed. Phil decided that Cathy did not need any preliminaries. He opened the bed table drawer and pulled a condom packet and handed it to Cathy. He stood and allowed her to slip the rubber on his length. He leaned down and kissed her and brought his cock to the entrance of her pussy and applied pressure. He slipped in and positioned her below him with his hands on her shoulders.

“I like a man that knows what he wants,” said Cathy as she felt him begin to fuck her.

“We may have been had Jim but I will take being had…” Cathy reached up and kissed him before he could finish.

Brenda looked over at her friend and became envious. “Jim, dear would you fuck me like my boyfriend is fucking your girlfriend?”

Jim got up and led Brenda to the bed and opened her legs he brought his cock to the entrance but paused as she sheathed his cock. When the condom was on he thrust his tool into her pussy and kissed her.

Both men brought the women off several times and finally came themselves. After a break Jim got next to Cathy and Phil got next to Brenda.

“Ladies, we went along with your plan and I have to say that it was fun. But and this is a big but…” said Phil.

“Like yours, darling?” said Cathy

“There will not be any questions about who is better. Nothing good can come from speculating,” Phil resumed.

Phil moved over and got on top of Cathy and kissed her. He brought his cock to the entrance of her pussy and she allowed it to slip in. Jim followed his friend’s lead and both couples were fucking.

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