The Lawyer

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You stand in the doorway of my office. My secretary has just phoned me to let me know that a new client is here to see me. I look up to see this curvaceous beauty. Your breasts swell in your tight button down white blouse. Your black skirt makes you look even more alluring with the sun gleaming behind you. If I would not have known better I would have thought you an angel or a goddess. “Come in Miss Bolinger.” My voice is steady as I beckon you into my office.

You quickly look me up and down. Thinking I was just checked out I quickly remember if I am presentable. At a little under 6 feet I am shorter than most guys. But what I lack in height I make up in breadth of shoulders, muscular arms and legs, and a piercing gaze. You shiver as you walk in. “Hi, I am Rose. You are Attorney Blackbourne correct?”

Your voice is a melody that lingers in the air like the soft chirping of a song bird. “Please call me Don. Have a seat.” You quickly pull up a chair and stare at me, mesmerized by my Irish steel blue eyes. Gazing upon you I notice how beautiful you truly are. You have a soft warm glow from your curly brown hair with streaked with a deep auburn hue. We chat for a little bit as I learn more about your legal problem. You are concerned that your business needs to be incorporated to protect you from personal liability. I allay your concerns and show you step by step that it is a simple legal process.

As our meeting progresses you become increasingly warmer. You unbutton the top three buttons on your shirt. Your firm breasts strain even more to be released from the confines of your bra. You catch me staring and you smile. “Don, I seem to be loosing your concentration. Perhaps there is something that has caught your fancy?” I stammer and apologize. You smile, blow me a kiss and say, “Perhaps we can arrange payment some other way than by check or money order.”

I quickly stand up and walk to my office door. You were my bahis firmaları last appointment for the day and I check to see if my secretary Karen has left. As I turn back to you, you have already stood up. You are stretching and I gaze longingly at your fimr supple ass. I walk back towards you.

I place my hands on your hips and pull you back into me. I wrap my arms around you and you tell me that you have something that I want. I smile softly and tell you I know and I will give you everything you ask for… My arms tighten and I feel your smile. You turn in my arms and kiss me. Your lips are so soft and gentle but they are demanding. They demand my love, my touch, my devotion. You have all that and more.

As we kiss, I slowly back you up to the edge of the desk. I raise your arms and slip off your blouse. I whisper “beautiful,” and smile. My hand lingers and caresses your breast. Your nipple awakens and tightens for my touch. I reach behind you and undo the clasp of your bra. You kiss my shoulder softly as I slip it off. You kiss me again as I set you down on the edge of my desk. I lower myself to your knees in front of you. As you sit and look at me, I wrap my arms around your waist and bury my face in your chest. I inhale your perfume. “Mmmmmmm,” I say. You gasp as my mouth takes your breast and I suckle from you as if you held the very thing I need to live. You wrap fingers in my hair and press me to you and moan. You close your eyes and tell me that it feels wonderful. My touch always feels wonderful. I run my tongue down your stomach to your navel and push you down on the desk, scattering legal pads and paper. I unzip the side of your skirt sliding it down. I trail kisses down your bared skin.

I stand up and slip off my shirt. You raise up on your elbows to watch. I take your breath away. My strong shoulders and chest catch your eyes. I take off me suit pants, standing there in just my boxers. As you start kaçak iddaa to take off your skirt I playfully slap your hand away and start taking them off myself kissing down your hips and legs as I go. I ball up your skirt; tossing it into a corner of the room. You grin devilishly at me and as I start licking up the inside of your ankle, all the way up to your knee. I then start kissing your skin, making it tingle. I kiss almost all the way up inside your thigh. I push your legs apart, look up at you and kiss you there…. the most delicate and sensitive part. My tongue runs up and down. I lick you. You whimper and your hands fist up in the bed sheets. I find that spot. I take it into my mouth and suck gently which makes you gasp and your back arch. I run my tongue around it continuing my assault on your senses until you start to climax. I stop when I sense you are close. You cry out for me not to stop. I hold my mouth right over your clit and allow my tongue to continue its dance of passion. AS your climax hits I begin to suck even harder. A finger traces light circles along the rim of your rosebud. You moan softly pushing my head further into your tight pussy.

I pull away from your wet cunt. Your juices still connecting us by glistening strands. I move my body up to kiss you. AS our lips meet you moan against my mouth. As you do, I take that moment to enter you. I fill you so completely. You can feel yourself stretch to accommodate me. You are so tight around me that you gasp and grit your teeth to keep control. You take a deep breath and moan. Once you have regained your composure I start to move inside you. You feel me slide in and out. You feel so wonderful. I am dizzy with the pleasure we are giving each other. I feel your nails as you run them down my back and when you grip my shoulders. You wrap your legs around me so that you can take me deeper inside your warm silky essence.

It doesn’t take long at all for you kaçak bahis to start to reach your ends. I feel you tense and cry out. I feel your body contract around me. It drives me almost to the brink too, but I am determined to hold off as long as I can. As you regain yourself, I kiss you. You kiss me everywhere you can reach. You push me off of you and I roll off, but take you with me. As you lay on me, pressing me down onto my desk, you run your hands down my side softly tickling me. You slide your body down…. kissing my stomach… tonguing my bellybutton.

You slide down farther. Taking my hardness in your hand. It has started to get a touch soft from not getting the attention it deserves. You kiss the tip softly to tease me then stroke it once or twice to get it hard again. Now you place your lips on the tip of it, gently sucking. You run your tongue around in circles on the tip, paying attention to the hole, the ridge. Then you take as much of it as you can into your mouth, running your tongue up and down the shaft. You softly lick and suck me. You cup the rest of me in my hands and gently massage as I start moaning. I wrap my fist in your hair and you moan. The vibrations make me jump and whimper softly. You slide your hands up under my hips and squeeze my ass cheek. Your index fingers slides slightly into my ass making me gasp. My breathing gets heavier and I jerk you up to my chest. I tell you, “I have to be inside you Right Now!” I kiss your lips hard and slip up into you and the instant I am inside you I sigh in ecstasy. You sit up and rock once or twice. God it feels so good….

You feel so good. You lean back till your hair brushes my thighs. I fondle your breasts as you ride me. You start to moan as I feel you around you. You rock back and forth and we start to cum. I reach up and grab you to me as we moan louder and I come inside you. You cum with the force of a volcanic eruption. We continue to spasm feeding off each others’ pleasure. You cry out my name, your hoarse voice shattering the still night. You can only imagine where else I will place my tongue, lips, and cock in the course of our long attorney client relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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