The Women of Honey Hollow Pt. 11

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Chapter 55

We had all settled into a steady schedule of sex and good times and the next few years went by pretty quick. The twins 18th birthday finally arrived and I knew I was going to be in for a wild night, they had been held off for the three years since I arrived.

Julie planned the party and we all had a great time and because they were the last ones to come of age in our group. Everyone gave them great presents and I had gone into Knoxville to find something special for them. I decided to get them I-Pads and they were beside themselves when they opened them up.

As usual everyone ended up naked and all the women lined up to kiss the twins on the pussy as their welcome to adult times. By the time they were done they had cum a few times and looked a little ragged. I decided to wait until we were alone to do what they had been waiting for three years for. Around 11 pm everyone had left and they came to me and sat on my lap.

I had already started to get hard and when they reached out to stroke me it didn’t take an awful lot to get really stiff. Carrie stroked me a few more times and I was waiting to see how far she would go. She would stroke down with a light grip and grip me hard on the upstroke. It didn’t take a lot before a drop of precum appeared on the tip of my cock. She bent down and instead of licking me she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me hard. Kim threw a fit because Carrie had done more than she had done and now Kim wanted equal rights.

Julie didn’t bat an eye when Carrie sucked me and Kim came over and knelt down by her sister. Carrie let my cock go with a pop and held it so Kim could get suck me also. Their tits were about a c cup and I was amazed that they still had puffy nipples like they had when they first developed, talk about suckable tits, they sure had them.

My libido was rising as they traded my cock back and forth. Julie sat in a chair opposite me and was playing with her cunt lips and clit. I had a fleeting thought about Carol and where she might be hiding. Julie got up and came over, bending down and giving me a passionate kiss. I sucked her tongue and she did the same to me and it felt like she was sucking it like a cock.

I felt the twins shift positions and hands were stroking my cock and cupping my balls. Another suck from someone and I could feel their soft hair on my belly. I knew it had to be Carol because the twins had short cropped hair. I wondered where the twins had gone when Julie released my lips and Carrie took her place. Carol and Kim traded places and Julie was back in the chair fingering herself.

I had a fleeting thought that I had been a victim of a set up but it was too late to do much besides go with it or run for my life. I knew everyone was on birth control so I didn’t have to worry about getting anyone pregnant and I was sure tonight was the night that Carrie and Kim were going to get their wish for a real cock.

I felt someone grasp my cock and someone straddling my hips and then my cock entered the smooth wet tunnel of a cock virgin pussy. Carrie stopped kissing me so she could watch Kim riding my shaft. The look on her face was something to behold as she was cumming constantly from the first touch of my cock on her pussy lips. She lowered herself until she was fully impaled and just sat there squeezing me with her youthful cunt. Her clit was extended and Carrie reached down and stroked it like it was a little cock.

I was doing my best to hold back because I knew Carrie would want her share so I just let Kim ride and get herself off. They would get a chance for some one on one fucking in the future but today it was just their first real cock in their pussies.

Kim had a good orgasm and reluctantly got off me and Carrie didn’t waste any time taking her place, taking me fully as she dropped down on my rod. She didn’t just sit and massage my cock like her sister did but used her hips to fuck me like she had been doing it all her life. I thought maybe that her and Kim had strapons and had practiced with one another.

Her tits were bouncing around and I tried to capture one so I could suck it but she was so wild I couldn’t get to it so Kim held one of hers out to me and I gladly sucked her puffy nipple hard taking most of it deep in my mouth. Carrie was fucking me hard and had gotten off a few times, squirting little bursts with every orgasm she had. She finally collapsed against me and I slipped my cock out of her so she could slide off me onto the floor.

Kim pulled me to my feet and lay down on the couch pulling me to her spread legs. She raised her knees to her chest and gave me a good target as I sunk my cock in her pussy until my balls rubbed her ass. I pumped my shaft into her hard and fast and she had an orgasm before I stroked her a dozen times but kept fucking me back like a possessed demon. These girls would be the death of me and I hoped I could stay with them for the remainder of the night.

Julie and Carol were in a 69 and they casino siteleri sucked at each other leaving me and the twins to do our own thing. I had the feeling that Julie was relieved that the twins were finally getting fucked now that they were no longer underage. They fucked me as good as any of the women save Sue or Amanda, they were a breed of their own and they sometimes scared me with their intensity during sex.

Carrie got her second wind and climbed on the arm of the couch so my mouth could suck her sweet youthful pussy. Just a few pussy hairs tickled my nose as she ground against me capturing my face in her wet pussy. Her juices were flowing on me and I was trying to swallow as much as I could but she was flooding me so much that it was impossible. Kim was still fucking me hard, locking her legs around my waist. She reached up and locked her arms around Carries legs so she had some more leverage and her hips battered mine as she orgasm long and hard screaming and crying as she reached the top of her mountain. Carrie was cumming on my tongue and as she reached her peak she slid down off the arm of the couch and settled on Kim’s face for a sisterly lick.

I didn’t think that Kim was aware of what was going on but I was wrong as I heard her say what a sweet pussy Carrie had. I was still fucking Kim and Carrie pushed me back, my cock popped out of Kim’s pussy and Carrie engulfed it with her mouth sucking her sister’s pussy cream, cleaning me from tip to balls. She scooted down and lay on top of Kim so their pussies were on top of one another. I slipped into Carrie and she voiced her appreciation as I stroked her as hard and fast as I had done to Kim. She had an orgasm right away and I pulled out and fucked Kim a dozen strokes and then went back to Carrie. The moans that were coming from them told me I was doing a good thing so I stayed with the program fucking both of them until I was ready to cum for them.

I could feel the pressure building up in my balls and told them that I was going to cum and they pushed me away and got on their knees in front of me. I stroked my own cock as they waited patiently for the cum bath they were about to receive. I grunted as the first volley of cum spurted from my cock and it landed right on Carries tongue, I aimed the next one at Kim and she got the next spurt. Carol came over and pushed them away from me and sucked me deep and took the rest on my cum in her mouth. She got up and went over to Julie and kissed her, sharing my cum with her.

We all just fell where we were and rested. Eventually we were a mass of tangled bodies and we shared the warmth and closeness that great sex gives you. I had some time to think about what just happened and was surprised that I didn’t feel any guilt about fucking the twins. I had held off until they were of age before I fucked them and I knew we would talk about it in the morning. Julie got up and we all went to bed. I stayed on the couch and Julie got me a pillow and covered me up with a blanket.

I could smell coffee brewing so I knew it was morning without opening my eyes. I got up quickly so I could use the bathroom to clean up and pee. I thought I would burst before I got to the toilet and thought I would break the bowl I pissed so hard. Smelling better after a quick shower I went to the kitchen still naked but relaxed. Julie was up and naked as well and as I sat she poured me a cup of coffee. She was silent except for a warm good morning and I felt she needed some time to compose what she was going to say.

“Mike I have to say that I am glad what happened last night. I know how you felt about the twins when they were underage but now they are 18 and were getting desperate and I didn’t want them going somewhere to find some boy who would just fuck them without any feeling except lust. I know that you love them as one of your own and want only the best for them. I know that now that they have had a taste of your cock they will be after you for more just like their sister and me.”

“Julie you know I love all of you and want nothing but the best for everyone. I hope you will remind them that I am not eighteen years old anymore and I have my limitations. I would love to be able to make love to all of you over and over but you know that isn’t possible. Last night I was lucky that you were satisfied to see your daughters get my attention. If you had joined in I am sure I would be dead today.” I replied.

Julie laughed and said one of them would have been pumping on my chest while the others were pumping my cock, they weren’t going to let me off that easy. We heard some noise from another part of the house and figured that someone was getting up or getting off. We didn’t go to see what was going on and Julie said it was par for the course every morning. They needed their tongue and dildo wakeup.

I breathed a sigh of relief and Julie laughed again saying that if they were busy maybe she could have me all to herself. She came over to me and straddled my lap canlı casino kissing me good morning and rubbing her cunt and boobs on me. My cock stirred a little and bumped her pussy as it raised his head. I didn’t think I had it in me but stiffy thought differently as it pushed at her pussy. Julie was wet enough so I slipped in without any trouble and she settled down until I was firmly encased in her warm cunt.

She just sat there and her pussy massaged my cock like a hundred fingers traveling up and down my shaft. Her hips were moving in small circular motions and I could feel her contractions as she had little orgasms from time to time. I sucked her nipples and that set off a few more clenches of her pussy. I knew she would explode in a powerful cum without too much action on my part.

I was right as suddenly Julie stiffened and her cunt spasmed around me soaking me with her juices as she orgasmed powerfully. She wouldn’t let go of me so I just flexed my cock to let her know something was still in her and she came again. She finally was done and got off of me and finished cooking breakfast as if nothing had happened. My cock just bobbed up and down because I hadn’t cum yet but I knew I would sooner than later.

The girls finally came out from the back of the house and they were also naked as Julie and I was. They looked hungrily at my half hard cock and I calmly asked if they wanted any breakfast. They all laughed and said a sausage would be fine if I had one they could eat. Julie said they had better get something to eat because they had used up a lot of calories last night. Carol reminded her that she had a big serving of protein but needed some carbs to go with it and went to sit at the table. The twins followed suit and Julie served up bacon, eggs, toast and jam with coffee on the side.

We all ate like there was not going to be another meal and for my part I didn’t think that thought was far from the truth the way that they were looking at me.

I finished my meal and sat back to appreciate the beauty that was before me. The twins had blossomed into beautiful women overnight and Carol was the unbelievable image of her mother.

Carrie was looking back at me and I could see the lust in her eyes, she wanted to fuck and that was all there was too it. Kim was all but drooling looking at me and Carol was licking her lips.

“Ok girls, how are we going to work this, do you want to draw straws or is there going to be a cat fight, winner take all?”

Julie said if there is a fight where winner takes all she is in, and I laughed knowing that at some point she wants her share of my cock again.

The three girls got out of their chairs and took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. Julie followed behind and I hoped she had my back if things got rough. They pushed me down on the bed and all four attacked me with kisses, sucks, nibbles and groping.

I thought I had died and went to heaven with all the feminine bodies smothering me. No matter where I moved my hands there was a pussy or a breast to fill it. Julie straddled my chest and moved forward until her clit was in my mouth. I pulled her a little closer and sunk my tongue in her pussy, savoring the cream that was leaking from her.

A pussy was in each hand and I pushed a few fingers inside and found the g-spots. I felt a pussy engulf my cock and the heat drove me nuts as the lips closed around the root of my shaft. Juice was leaking from her and running down over my balls. To say she was wet in an understatement.

I knew who was on my face but I didn’t know who else was where. I had a feeling that Carol was on my cock and the twins were just waiting their turn. I had the feeling I was on a turntable and they would just revolve but whether it would be clockwise was anybody’s guess. The two girls on my hands were easily taking two fingers each and they surprised me when they both turned around so I was entering them from behind. I wet my thumbs in pussy juice and teased their ass holes. I felt them push back and I slid my thumb deep in their asses. That made a difference and they squirmed and wiggled as I finger fucked them in a double penetration.

Julie was close to having her first climax and I concentrated on getting her off. I sucked her clit and she pushed forward and my chin rubbed her cunt spreading it wide and my scratchy stubble drove her over the edge.

Carol was fucking me hard, her cunt soaking me and the bed as she came over and over. I drove upwards as much as I could without using my hands as they were busy elsewhere. I loved it when the woman is on top because they can do what feels good to them. I felt her turn around and it was a completely different feeling fucking her from behind at this angle. Julie had rolled off me and I could see who was where. My guesses were correct so I just let everyone have their own way. Kim noticed that my mouth was available and she took advantage of the empty spot riding my face like her mother had done.

Carrie kaçak casino must have thought that Carol had enough of me and coaxed her off my cock and quickly taking her place. She reached around Kim and was playing with her breasts and I reached up to massage Carries firm tits.

I had a feeling that Kim and Carrie would be switching back and forth each fucking me until they had an orgasm and then starting over again. Julie and Carol were again helping each other as I serviced the twins. Carrie tapped Kim on the shoulder and they switched places without missing a beat. I never saw two people so in tune with each other as these two. I wanted to cum in one of them and watch the other eat my batter from her pussy. As it turned I was the one eating cum from Kim’s cunt.

I had held off making sure that Carrie and Kim were getting orgasm after orgasm when I felt my nut starting its voyage up my cock. I held on to Kim as she ground down on me and spewed my seed deep in her pussy.

She held herself there so she could feel the pulse of my cock as it emptied into her. When I was done she moved up and placed her pussy on over my face. I could see the cum starting to drizzle out of her quim as she lowered it to my mouth.

I am not a fan of eating my own cum but I have not found it unpleasant in the past, mix it with girl cum and it is quite palatable. I stuck my tongue up her twat and scooped the rich mixture of our lovemaking from her. She squeezed her cunt muscles and another glob dropped on my tongue. I swallowed her offerings as quick as I could so I didn’t miss any while she had another orgasm that expelled what was left in her into my mouth. Carrie was behind her massaging her tits and masturbating my cock with her spread cunt lips. We finally fell in a heap with a tangle of arms and legs. Julie and Carol joined us on the bed, exhausted we held each other and we all took a nap.

I revived first and managed to extradite myself from the pile. I went into the bathroom to pee and clean up. I was hungry so I went to the kitchen to see if I could find something to fix for lunch and pretty soon Julie joined me. She looked totally fucked out and hadn’t bothered to dress, her nipples were still hard and I could smell her arousal even though she had washed. She sat and watched me fixing lunch and said she was happy that I had been understanding about the twins.

I said that I had a little guilt even though I hadn’t fucked them but I knew it was going to happen before they were legal because they were living in a permissive society and I resigned myself to be the ONE rather than them finding someone that would take advantage of them. I was glad that they had waited for me to do them when they turned 18. Julie agreed saying she knew I would make their first experience a good one. I finished my lunch with her and left before the girls awakened and wanted to start again.

Chapter 56

I had a few days to rest up before Carrie showed up at my door. I invited her in and was surprised when she turned on both porch lights.

“I talked with Kim and we agreed that each of us should have you all to ourselves from time to time. We drew straws and I won the lottery today. Now that you have had some rest I want you to fuck me like I deserve to be fucked. You made us wait 3 years and now you had better have stored up all the cum you could because I want all of it.”

I chuckled and took her in my arms and kissed her like a woman should be kissed. My tongue met hers and we dueled like a couple of swordfighters as our house of passion was built brick by brick. Carrie was naked in a flash and I didn’t realize just how little clothes she had been wearing. She had been used to me being naked around my house and grounds the past few years so whenever she and Kim had visited they stripped down to the skin, joining me in my new found nudism. Today was no different but before I had seen them so much I was able to keep my cock under control but today was different and it was a raging bull.

Carrie was everything I thought she would be, beautiful, outspoken, strong and sexually liberated with no hang ups about having fun with either sex. Having grown up with so much sex going on around her she was ready for everything.

“Well, are you going to fuck me or just keep standing there looking at me”

“Well I was going to spread your legs and eat your pussy for you but if you just want to fuck we can do that”

Carrie launched herself at me and we staggered back until we hit the couch. I sat down with a plop and she was already straddling my lap rubbing her cunt along my cock, kissing me at the same time. Her gash was sopping wet and she slid back and forth on my cock lubing me up for the first dip in her velvet tunnel.

She rose up and so did my cock nudging her hot wet flower. She sat down hard and I was glad I was lined up because if she missed I would have broken my cock off. I slid into her like a knife thru butter and she squeezed me hard and stiffened as she got a little cum. I held her hips and lifted her a little and dropped her back down. That set her off like she was probed with a hot poker. Her hips were a blur as she fucked me, grinding one minute and stroking the next.

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