Thor’s Story Ch. 01

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Thor sat at his computer desk reading a story from MySpace on his computer. He sighed. He really wished that he could meet this girl. He’d been talking to her the past few weeks, and well, he really liked her. And her stories and everything were very creative and talented. Especially the story he was reading now.

Hidden Love it was called. It was part three where the Hero/main guy asks her out on a date, and well, it got pretty hot. He was getting to the part where she was about to give the guy head as he stood in front of her.

Thor grunted in pleasure and pain, as his cock stood straight up and throbbing for release. He closed his eyes, trying to think it was him and the heroine was her. Maxe, she wanted to be called. Just the thought of her bobbing her head down on to him made him shudder.

He gulped and was just about to give himself the release he wanted, someone knocked on the door. He grunted again, but this time in annoyance. Why now? He asked himself.

He pulled his jeans back on, and answered the door without his shirt. At the door was girl that reached below his chin. She had dark gold hair with highlights, framing her oval face nicely. Her dark brown eyes gleamed up at him with curiosity. She looked familiar to him, but he couldn’t put his finger on it, how he knew her.

“Hey Thor.” She said with a shy smile. Her voice was a little husky and sexy, which sent another stirring in his groin area. “Do you recognize me?” She wore a long sleeved shirt from the chill outside, but her breasts curved nicely outwards. He guessed about a C-cup. And blue jeans revealed nice long legs that seemed to go on forever.

“Umm . . .” He mumbled, his curiosity peaked from this beautiful girl. “I’m sorry . . . but no.”

She giggled lightly, eyeing his broad muscled chest. “I’m Maxe from the MySpace thing.” Now he knew who she was. He checked her pictures on there before, and thought she was freaking hot, but she didn’t have anybody shots. He never thought she would be this slender and perfect.

“Hey. . .” He wasn’t sure what to say. “You want to come in?” He gestured inwards, and she smiled at him and stepped forward. He them smelled her musky floral perfume and he realized it suited it her.

As she walked in, he watched her. She seemed graceful like a cat, hell even acted like one. Her gaze looked at everything, looking for any possible danger. A crazy thought interrupted his thoughts then. Even if she did find something dangerous, güvenilir bahis she’d probably jump it so she could have fun or something. Her becoming the dangerous thing in the room, he gulped in anticipation.

“So what brings you here?” He asked lightly.

She smiled showing her perfect white teeth. “I was in the area.” She giggled. “I finally got my license, and decided to take a road trip with friends. I got many other stops to go to. I just figured I’d look you up and well . . . come see you.” She trailed off.

He smiled then. “What about your boyfriend?”

“Couldn’t come. He had to stay with his parents and blah blah blah. Plus he didn’t have that much money.” She looked pained as she said this.

“Ahh. . .” He mumbled as if he understood. “So what do you want to do?” He grinned as he pictured what they could do but shook it out of his mind.

“Umm. . . I don’t know.” She giggled again. She breathed in deep as if steadying herself. She then saw the computer against the wall. “Oh!” She sat down in front of it, and read a few lines. She grinned mischievously. “Were you doing what I think you were doing?”

Thor blushed red and hid his face trying to hide it. “Maybe.” He half laughed, half grunted.

“Where did you leave off?” She asked curiously.

At first he thought of masturbating, but then realized she was talking about the story itself. “Oh . . . umm . . . there.” He pointed and flushed a little bit more as she read the part as the girl in the story took him in her mouth.

“Haha . . . I bet you would like that don’t you?” She giggled and looked at him. He then caught her eyes catching small glimpses down at his crotch. He caught himself looking down, and well there was a slight bulge there.

“Any guy would.” He answered finally looking deeper in her eyes, wishing he wasn’t so nervous and anxious around this girl. As if she intimidated him.

Her eyes glinted darkly with dangerous delight and wondered if he was doomed. “May I?” But she didn’t gesture towards anything and he wasn’t sure what she was talking about.

“What?” He asked curiously.

She grinned and he wondered what she was up to. For he couldn’t even figure her out across the internet, she always surprised him with something totally random. “Close your eyes.” She whispered. He did, but before he did, he saw her lick her full lips. As he waited, he felt her small hand work his jeans loose. His pants then fell to the floor.

He türkçe bahis heard her small gasp of surprise and wondered if he scared her. “You are a naughty boy.” He heard her softly say. Her words and tone jerked another stronger response from him.

Her hand then took him and slowly moved his shaft up and down through her fingers. Her hands were small, but strong, warm and soft. He groaned and managed to keep his eyes shut. He couldn’t believe this was happening. Just a few minutes ago, he was wishing this very thing.

He then felt her warm wet tongue flick across the head of his cock. He gasped, not believing his luck. He then felt her tongue slide on top, the bottom and the sides of his shaft. His eyes went wide as pleasure through him when he felt her mouth suck in one of his balls and then the next one.

He looked down on her, and she asked sweetly, “Am I doing this right?”

He licked his lips trying to get his mouth to work. He gulped and said, “Yeah, but with one small problem.” Maxe looked up confused for a second. “Take the shirt off.” He ordered.

She smiled innocently at him. “If you want it off, you take it off.”

He reached down and slid the shirt upwards quickly. Once it was off, he saw her breasts contained in a black lacy bra and saw she was telling the truth. They were a small c-cup. But they looked perfect and soft. He then unclipped the front clasp and took it off as well. Her nipples were hard with excitement and looked like they were waiting to be sucked.

He groaned inwardly and cupped the left breast in his hand. It was soft and firm. His thumb caressed over the nipple and it grew tauter. Her hand then moved and he wondered what she was going to do next.

“Eyes closed.” She instructed softly but firmly. Thor obeyed. After a moment of pulling and jacking of his shaft, he felt her mouth close over him.

He sighed and felt her mouth swallow him. He then disobeyed her and opened his eyes to see her taking him in like he envisioned. She looked magnificent. Her eyes were closed in concentration, her soft brown hair bobbing softly behind her, and her hand softly rubbing his boys.

She sucked him down more, still leaving a few inches to go. But she sucked him down slowly, massaging his shaft with her tongue. He groaned and again thrusted forward, surprising her in gulping more of him down. Her other hand then pushed him back at his hips.

She let his rod plop out of her mouth as she said, “Not güvenilir bahis siteleri so hard,” and smiled. She then sucked him in her wet mouth again, with her teeth zigzagging across his sensitive shaft. He moaned in pleasure as she continued again.

Then she was sucking only the head of his cock, while she pumped him with her other hand. He groaned and moaned. He felt like he was going to bust the load, it felt so good. But then she stopped and stabbed his cock in her mouth again and again, going farther in as she went. After a few moments of this she was deep throating him, nearly gagging on him. She kept this up several minutes as she played with his balls and massaged him all around his cock with her talented tongue.

He knew from her talented mouth that he was going to cum soon, and a big one with that. Her mouth slid slowly down his cock until she reached the head and jacked him off for a moment as she caught her breath. She then sucked him down again, but only sucking him half his length, but her hand kept on pumping him.

She sucked harder, her hand pumped faster, and her other hand tickled his balls, and he knew it was going to be over soon.

“Uhhhh!!!” He exclaimed as his hot cum splashed in her mouth. She swallowed it down, and waited for more. She just kept on milking him with her mouth and hand until he had no more to give.

She slowed down until she stopped, licking her lips seductively. The hand that held him and pumped climbed up his slightly defined abs, and lightly scratched down. He was trying to catch his breath, while it seemed she didn’t lose any of hers.

She smiled, and looked like the cat that ate the canary. “How was that?” She breathed.

“Amazing.” Thor managed to say.

She giggled and put her bra back on, and then her long sleeved top. “Wait! What . . .?” Thor wasn’t sure what he wanted to say to her, but he knew he wanted her to stay.

“Don’t ruin it.” She said softly in his ear as she got up from her chair. Her warm soft hands lightly touched his shoulders as she licked his ear. “I had a great time! Bye Thor.” Smiling, she left him standing there, still naked at his computer desk.

As she left, he watched her. Her hips swaying seductively and he wondered if he’d see her again. “Wait!!!” He called as pulled his pants up and ran across the room and into the hallway. “Will I see you again?”

She was just reaching the elevator doors as she stopped and looked back at him. Grinning she answered, “Maybe,” And stepped inside and the doors closed.

He wouldn’t know until she messaged him back on MySpace or if she just showed up out of the blue, like today. But Thor hoped for it soon.

. . . to be continued . . .

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