Tim’s Company Christmas Party

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Black Stockings

The company Christmas party was always a stuffy affair, but this year, they had hired a few new people who I felt would make it much more interesting, but the one thing is, that the party also included our parent company, so there was always 500 or more people in a large ball room, drinking, eating, and dancing, and 99 percent of the people I didn’t know.

This year there is no one special in my life, so I would be going stag, you know like stagnant, still, alone. How unfortunate for me, but then I remembered some of those new hires they brought in, and one particular female, who I wanted to get to know a little better.

Her name is Justine, and her and I don’t have an opportunity to see each other that much in the office, but when we do, we are always laughing, and talking, and she is so friendly, and I just wonder what kind of chemistry could be created if we had more time, and maybe the Christmas party would be the perfect time to find out.

As the day of the Christmas party approached, I learned that Justine would be bringing a guy with her, and that made my heart sink, because I was hoping to grab a dance with her, and I told her this, and she just laughed.

“Tim, I will save you a dance, and it will be my honor to dance with you.”

That left me beaming for the rest of the day, and I had trouble getting back to my work, but I ended up leaving work early, because I just couldn’t concentrate.

Let me explain, Justine is about 5’5, Italian, and always baking or cooking something and bringing it into the office. She has that soft sultry voice, even though it has a hint of high pitch to it, you can tell that there is something behind that voice.

Her hair is long and black, with hazel brown eyes, and she is in shape, because she always is telling me about how she goes to the gym to work off stress.

I try to stop worrying about the party, by playing video games, and just watching sports center, but I start thinking about what she will be wearing, and it ends up causing me to lay back on my couch with my thick ten inch cock, and begin to slowly start stroking it, and as her body type begins to flash through my mind, I picture images of her in my office, on her knee’s with my cock in her mouth, or with her skirt lifted to her hips and her bikini panties pushed aside, and my hardness buried deep inside a tight pussy taking her from behind, and her bent over my desk.

That image just plays over in my mind from different angles, and with me releasing her breast from a heavy sweater, and a thin bra, I proceeded to feel her hard nipples, and she squealed with delight, making me feel my come boiling from deep within my body, and her pussy gripping me, and almost milking me, and just as I come in this vision, I feel my seed spray a wide arch all over my stomach, as I snap back to reality and take a deep breath, realizing I have to keep myself under control.

I do my best to go ahead and get a haircut, get a nice suit, and preparing for the party, making sure that my designated driver bahis firmaları is all set up. As I straightened up the house, and put the finishing touches on my look, I called around to see which co-workers would be there, to see if anyone would specifically be going, and four out of five people would be going. So I had an idea of who I could look for, and who I may be able to sit with.

For my purposes the right was uneventful, but once I got there, that is when the party was to begin; I found an empty spot to just lean, until the ball room was to open, and unfortunately it wasn’t to open for at least another hour.

So I took some champagne, and some appetizers, and waited. Before I knew it, the place was full, and friends had arrived, and we were making small talk about business, with handshakes and air kisses being passed around everywhere.

Then finally, after 45 minutes of my being there it happened, Justine showed up, and god, when she spoke, my heart melted, and she smelled heavenly.

“Tim, how are you, I see you made it?”

“Justine, absolutely, I am all about Christmas parties, you should know that.”

“Tim, I want you to meet my date for the night, Bill.”

I felt like I had been stabbed in the gut, but I did the manly thing, stared him right in the eye and smiled, and gave him the manliest handshake I could.

“Justine before you go, I need to ask you a couple of questions.”

I decided I am going to go for it, and going to make sure she knows that I am trying to get her alone, an let her take it from there, but if I fall flat, I am kind of stuck, because my ride back home is in this mass of people, probably having a good time.

So I just took a deep breath, and held my composure, and pulled her closer, and tried not to inhale that intoxicating scent of vanilla, which is one of my favorites, and asked:

“Justine, I am trying to find a perfect Christmas give for this girl I am interested in, and I would like for it to be like a bracelet or necklace, and I know you are excellent at picking out those kinds of gifts, so I was wondering if you could give me a couple of idea’s about jewelry over the next couple of days, so that we could pick something out?”

Being that close to her almost made me pass out, because I was holding her forearm, and her skin was so soft, I was whispering in her ear, and I could have just nibbled her neck and ear, and I swore, I felt Goosebumps on her arm, and as I said that vanilla scent was driving me wild, and it made me want to just push her up against the wall, and show her how hard I can really get.

I backed away to gage her reaction to my request, and she just smiled, and touch my hand gently asking me to wait where I was.

There was nothing I could do, because I felt like I had cement in my shoes, and I would be waiting right there for her. I heard her laughing and greeting other people around the floor, and as one of my male friends came by, he just commented about how Justine and I were talking, and how hot she looks.

He kaçak iddaa told me that she is wearing a red scoop neck dress, which flows out at her knees, and a pair of high heels, which accentuates her curves. Then he says, the best feature would be the breast which looks like a 36 c, no sag, and a waist line with just some curves to it.

As Justine comes back over to me, she whispers to me:

“Tim, I think we will have some time to go and take a look at some jewelry right now, if you want to go, they won’t be opening the ball room for another half hour or so.”

Feeling her lean up on her tip toes, to whisper in my ear, and feeling her body press against me was just about all I could take, so I knew that this was a moment I wanted to capture, but I just had to ask.

As I stare right back into her eyes, giving her all of the heat and passion which has started to stir in my body.

“What about your date?”

“Bill? Oh, he and I are friends, and I didn’t have anyone to come with me, so he offered to bring me.”

This brings a smirk to my face, and Justine noticing the twinkle in my eye, she whispers “What are you smirking about?”

“Oh, I thought you and Bill were dating, because honestly, I thought you were looking hot tonight, and I was looking forward to my dance tonight.”

“Why Tim, You are looking handsome yourself, and I am looking forward to that dance as well, and maybe it will be a slow dance as well.”

This makes me smile a big smile, and she takes my hand, and we head toward the elevator, and start to go toward the jeweler. As we enter the elevator, and there is no one on the elevator, and being that the ballroom is on one of the lower levels, I corner Justine and pin her to the wall, and put my face right next to hers, giving her the sense that she is about to be kissed.

Also letting her feel the heat of my body against hers, and my cock begins to grow, and I can feel her breath quickening, and her hands go to my chest, as I give her a soft yet passionate kiss.

Hearing the chime for the main level, we exit the elevator, and head for the mall, and the jeweler, knowing that things are changing between us, and hopefully for the better.

As we enter the mall, I recognize that it isn’t as busy as I thought it would be, and as we wander through the mall, we find a couple of different jewelers to check out, and she enters the first store, and asks me if I was looking for a bracelet or a necklace, and I figured that a necklace would be much more powerful.

So moving around the different counters, she finds gold, silver, and one with a diamond heart pendant on it as well, and I ask her to try on all three to see which one fits well, and which one complements the look on a ladies flesh, and as of right now, she still hasn’t figure out, that I am trying to get close to her.

So after trying on the gold, I didn’t like the way it looked, because it was to much of a choker around her neck, and even though the silver fell nicely around her neck, and kaçak bahis seemed comfortable for her, I loved the necklace with the pendant , because it fell right to her cleavage, and as I was investigating the necklace and seeing how far it fell on her chest, I noticed the pendant ending between the swell of her breast, and that caused me to look directly at her, trying to keep her from focusing on my hardening cock, and to just lightly graze the back of my fingers across her chest as I was letting the necklace go, and I ran the same fingers across her face as well, feeling the same Goosebumps raise on her skin, as I felt earlier in the evening, and it made me lick my lips, and making me want to kiss her right there, but I decided against it.

“Justine, I want the diamond pendent necklace, and I should let you know, it is for you.”

“Tim, thank you, it’s beautiful, and I want to let you know I will cherish this forever, and make sure that this beautiful moment is etched in my memory forever.”

We paid for the necklace and left the jeweler hand in hand, and began walking the mall, but before I knew it, she pulls me into a back hallway, pushes me up against a wall, and kisses me hard and with a lot of passion,, and begins moaning into my mouth, as she puts my knee between her legs, and grinds up and down. Then she goes to the other wall and pulling me behind her, she lifts her dress, and puts my hands on her hips, and I know what to do next.

I rub her ass for emphasis, and taking my long thick shaft and placing it on her ass, I run it up and down her pussy lips to coat it with her juices, and she begins to moan louder:

“God Tim you feel so good, and you dick feels so hard, now get it in me!”

I hold on to her hips, and slowly and inch by inch, I slide home until my balls are up against her ass, and we begin to rock back and forth,, and then as we find a rhythm, I begin to slide in and out of her, and she bends over at the waist, and we really start to give it to each other harder.

Then instead of her being up against the wall, the force of her thrust push me back to the wall, and you can hear our hips echoing through the hall, but we don’t care, and we keep giving each other everything we have:

“Come on Justine, give me that ass, you know you want this black cock.”

“Yes Tim, I do, and you keep giving me that cock, and I am going to come!”

She kept grinding her hips and riding my cock up and down, and before I knew it, she was telling me that I was hitting her spot.

“ooooooo Tim! You are going to make me come, keep hitting that spot right there!”

Finally she squeezed her legs together, and I felt her pussy grip me tight, and I went off like a shot, and I almost collapsed from the power of the orgasm.

We both gave one big sigh of relief, but I just had to take a sample of her nipples before I let her go.

I just wanted to make sure that we were in a more private setting to enjoy this delicious Christ present.

Unfortunately, we never made it back to the Christmas party, but from what Justine told me, when she left Bill he was hitting on a couple of our co-workers trying to find someone he could take home for the evening, so we wouldn’t have to worry about him.

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