Touching Nina

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For the last six years, I’ve watched Nina perform over three hundred sex shows. Per our arrangement, she does whatever she wants, and I don’t have to pay as long as I obey her rules. Five years ago, she started breaking the rules and testing my restraint.


Nina has one hand on her bouncing breast as the other works the vibrating rabbit between her intimate lips. I lean back in my chair and watch as she turns the vibrator to full power. Sitting in my naked lap facing me, she whirls around on her vibrator. Her voluptuous, toned body ripples as tremors pulsate from between her thick thighs.

It takes all my willpower to keep my hands off her and let her thrash in ecstasy. I nearly pass out watching her curvaceous figure shudder and sway as she cums hard. Radiant streams of juice trickle down the inside of her thighs like rivers of gold flowing through the legendary City of El Dorado.

As her orgasm subsides, she removes the vibrator and rubs her slick slit against my cock. She grinds and gyrates on the tip of my cock like she wants to fuck, but I know she just wants to tease me. Her lips taste sugary as she kisses me before sliding off my lap and sitting on the couch behind her.

“I’m so glad your office is on my way home,” an out of breath Nina gasps. “I don’t know if I could’ve gone another week without performing.” She closes her eyes and hums as she plays with her swollen labia.

Nina loves performing just as much as I love watching her perform, but for weeks, she’s been unable to meet me. I offered my office as a backup spot for our meetings to make it easier on her, and she’s been more than appreciative.

“As much as I’d love to watch you play with your shiny pussy; the storm’s getting close and if you don’t leave now…”

“Oh shit, I forgot. Sometimes, I hate winter.”

Due to the looming blizzard, my office was empty, which is why I suggested she perform here. Now, my only worry is getting Nina home before the storm hits.

We quickly dress and I gently place her toys in her bag. While she’s getting dressed, I can’t help but stare at her bubbly booty wiggling into her tight jeans. After putting on her big winter coat, she kisses one last time, grabs her bag and rushes out the door.

As I hear her car slowly pull out of the parking lot, I begin cleaning up what’s left of her mess. When she performs at my office, I get to clean her juices off the floor with my tongue. At her place, she throws me out as soon as the show’s over. Here, I get to taste her delicious cum juices off the floor, savoring every drop.

When the floor is licked clean, I mop and sweep. I move the furniture and fix the cushions and pillows back the way they were and spray air freshener to reduce her sweet aroma.

Just as I’m about to leave, there’s a big boom and the entire building shakes. Instantly, I know the storm has arrived. I walk to the front door and look out and see the entire street buried in snow; a few cars eagerly zip and zoom through the thinnest areas of snow, desperate to get home before it gets worse.

I live in Melody Lake, the countryside, so I know I’m not making it home. Luckily, I have an in-office home on the second floor, fully furnished with a kitchenette, bedroom and closets, and a full bathroom.

As I open the door to feel the winter breeze, the wind picks up and slams the door in my face. Taking the hint, I shut the door, twist the lock, and close the curtain.

Suddenly, my phone blows up playing Alpa Chino’s heartfelt song, “I Love Tha Pussy”. I dance for a bit before answering, “Hey, Nina!”

“Arr-rr-rr you s-ss-st-st-still at your off-ff-fice?”

“Yeah. Are you okay?”

“O-oo-pen th-th-the d-d-dor-door.”

I quickly turn to unlock and open the front door. Nina rushes by me, shaking and throwing snow off her coat. As I lock the door, she explains. Someone ran her car off the road, and she’s stuck. She hadn’t gotten far, so she ran back to my office.

I lead her upstairs and sit her on the bed and wrap the covers around her. “Are you okay? Do you want anything; hot tea or cocoa?”

“Co-co…” she stutters.

I walk to the kitchen area, pull a big cup out of the cabinet and mix up her cocoa. When the cocoa’s ready, I turn to see her lying in bed, buried under the covers. I sit her cocoa on the bedside table and head back bahis firmaları downstairs.

After making sure the downstairs office is in order, I head back upstairs and find Nina sipping her cocoa. All of her clothes are thrown on the floor except her panties and bra.

I pick her clothes up and smile at her. “Sorry, I was too cold to get out from under the covers.” She smiles back as I hang her clothes up to dry.

“It’s all right. I like cleaning up after you; trust me!”

“I’m so glad you were still here. I probably would’ve frozen to death otherwise.” She takes another sip of cocoa. “Why are you still here?”

“I live in Melody Lake. I never would’ve made it home before the storm buried me.”

“Melody Lake? You rich motherfucker! I should’ve been performing at your house.” She shivers a little and pulls the covers tighter. “Is the heat on?”

“Yes, the heat is on,” I chuckle. “Do you want me to run you a hot bath?”

“You have a bathtub up here?” She downs the rest of her cocoa and hands me the cup. “Thanks for the cocoa. And I’ll take that bath as well.”

I walk into the bathroom, press the automatic fountain and start her bath. As I exit, she pulls her bra and panties off. She hands her discarded garments and grins, as she knows I’m always turned on by her sexy lingerie. While walking to hang them next to her drying clothes, I secretly sniff her panties.

When her bath is ready, I help her to the tub, admiring her beauty every step of the way. Once in the steamy water, Nina grabs my hand and thanks me again. I leave her to warm up and head to the kitchen to start dinner.

Her bath lasts about an hour, and by the time she comes out, dinner is ready. Chicken udon soup with bok choy; something I whipped up. Since her clothes are hanging, she’s tightly wrapped in the damp towel she dried off with. Throughout dinner, I ogle her sexy curved figure, her bright blue eyes, and wet blonde hair tied up in a ponytail.

“No TV or bookshelf up here? How are we supposed to entertain ourselves?”

“This is my office-home. I only sleep here when I’m too tired to drive home.” I explain while taking our bowls to the sink and washing them. “I’m usually here alone and too tired to do anything but sleep.”

“Well, you’re not alone tonight, and I’m not tired.” She pulls her ponytail loose and tosses her hair into tiny, damp locks. “What do you think we should do?” Her wet hair makes her look wild and sexy.

“If you really want something to do, you can give me another show.”

She laughs and tosses her hair back. “As exciting as that would be, all of my toys are in my car, which is buried in the blizzard.”

I put our dishes up and look back at her. “Use your fingers.” I go and sit next to her, giving her a devilish grin. “I would love another show, as thanks for saving you.”

She smiles back and hops into my lap. I look on, mesmerized as she seductively slides the towel off her tight body. Her firm muscles and soft, sensual curves flex and jiggle in all my favorite ways as she rocks back and forth on the bulge growing in my pants.

I grip the edge of the bed and stare at her beautifully bodacious curves. Her DDs dance in my face as she twirls and twists in my lap. Her thick, trimmed bush catches my attention, as its wetness leaves spots on my crotch. Little trails of dazzling honeydew trickle down her thighs, leading from her luscious slit.

“I love how wet your pussy gets,” I moan as she presses her gelatin-soft tits against my neck.

“Being that this is an impromptu performance and you’ve been so nice, I’ll let you suck one nipple for five seconds, but you have to get naked while I’m still on top of you.”

As she hovers above me, I lie back and pull my shirt up and push my pants and briefs down almost simultaneously. My throbbing cock springs free and collides with her bulbous, wet lips.

“Good boy. You’ve got five seconds.” Wasting no time, I sit up and take her left nipple into my mouth and suck for three seconds before pulling away with her nipple tautly pinched between my teeth. “Fuck, you naughty boy,” she exclaims. “Ooh, that felt good!”

She puts her tits on either of my face and rocks side to side. I love the softness of perky, natural globes. Her nipples, like two pinkish thimbles poking out from her dark areolas bump against my ears. kaçak iddaa I want to suck her other nipple, but she instead kisses me while sliding her slippery slit up and down my shaft.

We both gasp as she pokes her lust tunnel with my tip. I fight the urge to cum and hold myself steady as she begins bouncing and rocking. Her thick hips and thighs tremble, wriggling her pussy on my tip as she slowly slides around, occasionally passing her safe point and taking more than an inch.

I grip the bed tighter and bite my tongue, fighting the urge to yank her down my length and fuck her senseless. She puts her left hand around my neck as her right drops between her legs and finds her erect clit. Using her middle finger, she circles and strokes her little, fleshy pink button until her body tenses and she’s bucking on the tip of my cock like a wild woman.

“Oh… my… fucking…” Nina’s eyes roll into the back of her head. “Sh-sh-hh-shi! Shit!” Her moans turn to soft screams as she cums. Her enchanting pussy drips hot juice onto my wanton rod, drowning my head in her saccharine tonic. “Oh fuck! Fuck!”

She falls against my chest, rubbing her hard thimbles against my nipples. The sweet smell of hair fills my nostrils, overpowering her divine womanly aroma. I so badly want to wrap my arms around her and hold her tight until she comes down from her blissful rapture.

“That was sooo fucking sexy!” I whisper.

“I think that’s the first time I’ve cum on your cock,” she raspily adds.

“What’s next?”

She giggles. “Since you’ve been such a good boy and you did such a good job getting my left nipple hard; you to touch me anywhere you want for ten seconds.”

“Anywhere I want? What’s the catch?”

“No catch! You’ve got ten seconds.”

With no hesitation, I grab her hips and pull her down the full length of my engorged erection. She lets out a loud yelp, and I slide my right thumb over her clit and rub furiously for ten seconds. I’ve seen her stroke her clit more than a few times, so I know exactly how to make her cum.

“Whoa-ooh-ooh…” She tries pacing her breaths. “Hwoo! Haa! Hwoo! Haa! Hwoo!” Her meditative, intense breathing fails as I rub side to side and up and down. She tries not to scream, but her calm gasps turn into euphoric shrieks.

I rub her clit well past the count of ten, and she stops me by hopping off my cock. As my dick flops free, she rubs her pussy open and squirts her succulent juices all over me. She splashes me with her wetness until her legs give out and she falls into my lap, huffing and puffing, gasping for air.

“Was that better than the five seconds?”

“Fuck yeah! That’s the first time I’ve ever cum on a real cock.”

“First time?” I look at her shocked. “You’re a virgin?”

“No, you idiot,” she laughs between gasps for air. “I’m a lesbian; ordinarily.”


“Well, I’m clearly not being very lesbian right now.”

“You want to continue not being lesbian?” I raise an eyebrow and she growls in response.

I roll her on the bed and climb between her honey-thick thighs. Her sexy curves sway and swoop like an endless country road. We kiss, and she moans in my mouth as my cock thumps against her ecstatically blooming gateway.

She opens her legs wide and sighs as I enter her again, driving myself to her celestial nadir. She fucks massive dildos and vibrators all the time, so I know her pussy can accommodate my length and girth. Still, her pussy feels tight like a virgin; yet I want her tighter on my cock. I want to feel her pussy form around my dick like a plaster mold.

I take deep, long breaths in and out, each lasting three seconds or more. “Nhhhh!” In through the nose. “Haaaa!” Out through the mouth. “Nhhhh!” Through the nose. “Haaaa!” Out the mouth. “Nhhhh!” In; I pull my cock nearly out, leaving just the tip. “Haaaa!” Out; I push my cock all the way in, hitting her deep spot. “Nhhhh!” Pull out. “Haaaa!” Push in.

Long, deep inhales complement slow outward thrusts. Deep, slow exhales complement long inward thrusts. I keep that pace until she’s moaning and rocking in unison. When she incoherently moans for more, I quicken the pace. I breathe and thrust faster. One-second breaths replace three-second breaths, but I’m not thrusting hastily. I continue breathing and stroking serenely, taking the full second to drive kaçak bahis deep before taking the next full second to slide nearly out.

Slowly and softly our bodies rock and sway. When I thrust in, she hisses and whimpers. When I pull away, she whines and sighs. Over and over, in and out until her legs are trembling uncontrollably with every concentrated plunge. I grab her hips and hold her, feeling her body quake as her orgasm slowly consumes her.

“Nhh!” Through the nose and to the tip. “Haa!” Out the mouth and to the base. Long, deep strokes match long, deep breaths. Her pussy creams around my yogic thrusting; rivers of juice flow down the inside of her thighs like The Nile.

“Hwoooo!” She takes a deep breath through her mouth. “Haa-aa-aa-aa-aa!” Her moans stammer as she feels her orgasm explode. Her body hardens as she inhales deeply and vibrates as she exhales orgasmically.

Over and over, for thirty minutes straight, I thrust; repeatedly bringing her to orgasm after orgasm until her pussy is sopping wet and sensually tender. Our lower halves are soaked and slicked with her juices.

When her intimate walls constrict tighter, I exhale and graze the depths of her nadir. “Your pussy feels amazing,” I whisper.

Barely able to speak, she responds, “Don’t hold back. Fill my pussy with your hot liquor.”

I giggle. “We’re hours away from my orgasm.” I exhale again, pressing my body against hers, feeling her euphoric tremors. “I just wanted to get to know your pussy first. Feel how it constricts and quivers and learn how to make it cum on command. When you’re ready…” I whisper in her ear. “…I’ll show you what I’ve learned.”

Her eyes half open and body still convulsing, she commands, “You’ve got one night!”

Permission is confirmed by swirling hips that rub my deeply placed cock against her smooth walls. One soft thrust ignites her tender cock-filled hollow, and she erupts into fanatical cries of jubilation. The thirty minutes I spent transforming her pussy into my personal fuck hole was not an act of vanity or dominance. Now, I know how her pussy reacts to my every thrust, so I can give orgasms back to back with no downtime in between.

Scientifically, these relentless waves of elation are called Serial Multiple Orgasms. As her immediate orgasm subsides, she rushes into another. Her toes curl as her pelvic vibrations ricochet up her spine, spawning surges of pleasure. She screams louder and holds me tightly as her second orgasm turns into a third, and her third turns into a fourth. Back to back with no calm in between, she nearly faints from the orgasmic overload.

For ten minutes, I thrust at the perfect angle with the perfect speed and the perfect power. She cums again and again until, after the twelfth orgasm, she stops me.

“Oh fuck! What the fuck! What the fuck!” She lies half-conscious underneath me as I kiss and nibble on her neck. “Sh-sh-sh-sh-shit!” she whimpers as her last orgasm washes over her. Her mouth hangs open and she violently twinges, and her toes and fingers curl tightly. When her orgasm spreads throughout her body, she jumps and contorts and shudders like she’s turning into a werewolf.

“Haaa! Haaa! Haaa!” Her quavering exhales echo. “Oh my fucking god; I love you! I love you!” Nina slowly uncurls her body, tides of pleasure still thrashing inside her. “Lexi has never fucked me like that; not even with our biggest strap-on.”

“I would love to watch you and Lexi perform together.” I kiss my way down her chest and finally suck her other nipple into my mouth.

Nina runs her hands through my hair and arches her back, pressing my calm-thrusting cock against her spine. She quakes as another orgasm engulfs her, and her nipple hardens in my mouth. I love feeling her taut, supple curves convulse. When her nipple is satisfied, I pull away and kiss her lips, sliding my tongue against hers as I begin thrusting hard and fast.

Till sunrise, we fuck like horny, yet experienced teens. There’s rarely a moment she’s not shaking and contorting from a series of earth-shattering orgasms; no matter the position. I let her rest for a few minutes at a time, but whenever I want, I thrust into her tight treasure and make her cum as many times as I want.

Sex ends with her on top, digging her nails into my chest and screaming like a banshee. Almost eleven hours after I first penetrated Nina’s silky pussy, I feel my orgasm building. She’s riding me like a stripper working a pole when I grab her wide hips and explode, filling her intimate lesbian hollow with man cum.

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