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She’s wearing nicely tailored gray slacks and a turquoise sweater. The sweater is tight fitting and low cut showing off her firm full breasts and the soft skin of her chest. She has long black hair and dark eyes. She has an exotic, sexy look like most Philippine women. We’ve exchanged a couple of glances, and smiles. And have held eye contact long enough for the flirtation to be clear.

After the incredible night last night with you, and the episode in the hotel this morning it doesn’t take long for my excitement level to build. I notice that I’m slowly opening and closing my legs and I feel my growing hardness against the inside of my thigh. As my cock gets harder its outlined becomes obvious through my pants. Lost in thought my hand slides up and down my phone…mimicking the way I’ve stroked myself so many times for you.

I stare in her direction, looking at her but in a way removed, lost in fantasy of her. My thoughts are interrupted when she asks if she can sit next to me. Apparently her seat is uncomfortable. Its then I notice something in her eyes that tells me she’s been watching me too. She stands to cross the aisle and stares at into my lap whole time.

She sits down and without warning, covers us both with her blanket and puts her head on my shoulder. Under the blanket I feel her long fingernails begin to rake my thigh through my slacks. I love her fingers. I noticed them immediately. Slender, nicely manicured, very feminine. I always look at women’s fingers and imagine them erotically wrapped around my cock. The feeling of a woman’s hand on your cock is one of the most amazing. In many ways, even more amazing than the feeling of her lips. Hand jobs, the forgotten art. But as I would soon learn, this woman was an expert.

My mouth was dry and my heart was pounding in my chest. I was cuddled under a blanket with a woman to whom I had barely said three words. I could feel her hair tickle my neck as she blew short quick breaths against my ear and lips just grazed my earlobes. Under the blanket, with each stroke of her fingernails her hand moved further and further up my leg until her nails were stroking the inside of my thigh canlı bahis and her wrist was resting on my crotch. Under her wrist my cock throbbed and my breathing was rapid. A slight sigh escaped my lips. “Take it easy…” she whispered into my ear.

I felt her fingernails continue their journey up my leg, across my thigh, and then down along the underside of my hard cock. Instinctively I pushed my hips against her hand but she pushed back and politely, but firmly, told me not to move. Her free hand grabbed my wrist and guided me between her legs. She pushed my hand firmly against her crotch. I could feel the heat, and I’m almost certain, wetness. She squeezed her legs tightly together completely securing my hand and began to pulse her leg muscles so that her contractions would rhythmically force my hand against her pussy. At the same time, she had expertly undone my fly and was now snaking her fingers inside of my underwear. The first touch of her fingertips against the skin of my cock sent electrical shocks through my entire body.

For what seemed like hours, her fingers danced around my cock inside my pants. Touching, occasionally scratching or tickling, but never apply the pressure I so badly wanted. Despite her previous instructions I tried to push against anything I could to increase the contact. I was trying desperately to hump her arm. Her fingers, and in fact her entire hand, worked their way inside my pants. Her fingers now gently cupped my balls and wrapped up and around my cock. My ‘package’ was nestled safely in her hand. In one swift, expert motion, she lifted my cock and balls out of my pants through the fly so that I was now completely exposed under the blanket.

With her other hand, she undid the buttons and zipper on her slacks and guided my hand inside her pants. She wore no underwear and as she pushed my hand farther down I could feel the soft downy tuft of pubic hair. Trimmed very closely. Her fingers, still on top of my mine, curled downward forcing me against her clit and slightly inside of her soaking wet pussy. Once again, she tightly closed her legs and again began the contractions that pulsed my hand and fingers against bahis siteleri her clit and in and out of her moist pussy.

Throughout that maneuver, her other hand never stopped tickling my cock. She was making a little claw with her fingernails and lightly grabbing and scratching the head of my cock. Pre-cum leaked freely from my hard-on and I felt on the verge of cumming. My right leg was bent and the blanket was draped over my knee and across our laps creating a little tent that hid some of the movement beneath. However, it wouldn’t take much to figure out that some serious playing was going on.

With my hand buried in her crotch, and her constant contractions stimulating her over and over, she got wetter and wetter. Her left hand reached across our bodies and grabbed my balls. She gently squeezed them and rolled them between her fingers and used her nails to tickle that most sensitive spot underneath. With her right hand she finally began to stroke me. Her hand wrapped loosely around my cock. Again too loose to provide the friction I needed to get off but more than before and enough to increase my arousal to a fever pitch. With my head back and eyes closed I began to fuck her hands. I needed to cum so badly now. But this was happening on her terms not mine.

Her hands forced my hips under control. And she again told me to take it easy. “Don’t worry” she said, “I’ll take care of you but I’m going first.” As she said that she buried her face in my neck and began to lick and suck my neck as her body convulsed. Her hands tensed around my cock and her legs squeezed my hand so tight I thought my fingers would break. Her body writhed and her hips flexed as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her. I’m still surprised that I didn’t shoot my load right then and there. Watching her, feeling her, hearing her cum was unbelievable. She was a completely sexual being, with every fiber in her body alive and pulsing.

I began to say something but she put a finger to my lips to quiet me and then quickly replaced in with her mouth. She kissed deeply, hungrily and urgently still pulsing and contracted against my hand. Her hands held me firm. One bahis şirketleri squeezed my balls and the other wrapped firmly around my cock. She broke the kiss, rested her chin on my chest and stared up at me. She looked deeply in my eyes as her hands went to work. She stroked me now, the way I needed, firmly in long slow strokes from the base to the head and back down. While she did that her other hand squeezed my balls and tickled the skin near my ass.

Her stroking became more urgent, faster, and I stared right into her eyes as I pushed my cock deeper into her hands. Before very long, my body began to tense and my cock twitched as I felt my orgasm start deep inside. The muscles in my cock and ass tightened as they forced my orgasm to a peak. My inner thighs became sensitive and my toes curled. The skin in my throat tightened and my ears flushed with excitement. This was a complete and total orgasm building. Brought on by the expert, teasing hands of this amazing woman whose name I didn’t know. With a final push, my back arched and I exploded all over her hand and the inside of the blanket. She continued to stroke me, milking the cum from my body, prolonging my orgasm and making my entire body quiver. Her fingers scratched my balls sending spasms through my entire body. The head of my cock became so sensitive that I almost screamed. My body was bucking under the blanket, trying now to get away from the stimulation I wanted so badly. It was too sensitive I couldn’t handle it. The light seemed to close off and I felt a darkness settle around my eyes. The intensity was so much that I felt close to passing out.

Slowly, sensing I was really on the edge, she loosened her grip a little but continued to stroke. The reduced friction made it more bearable I found myself pushing against her hand again and I felt the hardness surge in my cock again. Her hand, soaked with my cum, focused on the very tip of the head of my cock. She made little short strokes up and down and very fast. My body was screaming and my hips frantically trying to keep up with her strokes. I was somewhere between pain and ecstasy but moving in the right direction. In seconds my body tensed and another orgasm, less severe than the first, started to build. What little cum was left in my body shot from the head of my cock. She stopped stroking and held me firmly in her hand as I tried to catch my breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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