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“Do you trust me?”

She had come, dark, through the doorway, pushing her way in from the rain. Her hair was a mess and her coat tucked around her jaw and lips. He stood there, one hand at his side and the other extended toward the door he hadn’t had to open. Dumbfounded, he stared, and she pulled down the collar of her jacket.

“Do you?”

He hadn’t seen her in three months. She’d stormed at him and disappeared, left for underground, and all he’d heard were whispers of her whereabouts and her indulgences. She was beautiful still, but wild, and the rain was streaming down her cheeks like tears, black with makeup.

“I…” he stammered, unsettled and a little afraid. “I don’t understand.”

She undid the three loose buttons on her coat and let it fall to the floor, around her feet, in the doorway. Underneath her shoulders and arms were bare. She wore a simple black dress but he had always loved her shoulders. “It’s a simple fucking question,” she said, her lips wet. “Do you trust me?”

He backed up a step and looked down at his hands, now twisting together several inches from his bellybutton. “I… yeah. I do, I mean, you’ve never given me reason not to.”

He looked up at her, his soft blue eyes wide. She looked back and for a moment the hardness in her face broke as a smile slipped through. It was over quickly but her cheeks were more flushed than before. She pursed her lips. “Promise?”

Her voice was low and quiet. Something in him snapped and he threw his arms around her and pulled her close.

“I missed you, Ivy.”

She whimpered and pressed her face into his neck, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. “God, I missed you, too.”

They clung close and tight for what was at the same time an eternity and only a second. She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him away, hard, causing him to stumble slightly as he stepped back into the couch behind him. Her greenish eyes were angry. illegal bahis She raised a hand and slapped him roughly across the face, her aim off, clipping him in the jaw. His eyebrows pressed down and he glared at her. She raised the other hand, clenching it into a fist, and went for his face again, but he grabbed her tight by the wrist.

“What are you doing?” He whispered loudly, afraid to be too noisy, her wrist still in his grip.

She pulled away from him, twisting out of his grasp. “I’m angry at you!” She whispered, indignant, her eyes and cheeks violent. “Now you listen to me –“

“No,” he interjected, grabbing her shoulders. “You listen. I’m not taking any of your shit tonight.”

She turned so she was one-quarter facing him, her eyes still on his. “I’ve taken your shit for too long,” she hissed, and leaned forward, biting him sudden and hard on the lower lip. He pulled away with a yelp, sucking his newly-bleeding lip into his mouth.

“You fucking bitch!” He cursed at her. The two stared off for several agonizing moments before he pulled her in and pressed his lips roughly against hers. She refused to return the kiss for a second but soon gave in, pushing her tongue forcefully into his mouth. The kiss was violent and passionate, angry, and she tasted the blood from his lip flowing into her mouth. She pulled back and spit his own blood on his face, angry.

“Get off of me,” she growled, testing him. He wiped the blood from his face with an open hand.

“You slut,” he spit, and grabbed her, kissing her again. This kiss was longer, deeper, less angry. His hands were forceful on her waist and hips, and she pressed her thigh into his crotch, feeling his erection grow against her. Her hands were in his hair, pulling, and on his face and then tearing at his clothes. She pushed him backward on to the couch behind him, and they tumbled together, breathlessly trying not to lose the kiss.

“Fuck illegal bahis siteleri you,” she breathed hot into his mouth.

“Bitch,” he whispered low, nibbling her lower lip. “Whore.”

The rain-water dripped from her hair down on to his face, sliding around the curve of his nose and settling with the sweat on his upper lip. He grabbed her tits with both hands, squeezing, and then pushing her dress and bra down to pinch her nipples hard. She let out a short, loud sound, and he kissed her hard to shut her up. “Keep your fucking mouth shut, whore,” he said, and she kissed him back more passionately, pushing his shirt up over his tiny tummy and flat chest. Her hands roamed his torso, cold and damp against his warm skin. Soon his shirt was up and off over his head, the kiss only breaking momentarily.

She moved up, straddling his abdomen, and pressed one of her small, round breasts to his lips. He pulled the nipple in, licking it gently, and she left out a soft moan — until he bit down hard. She could see the grin in his eyes and on the corners of his mouth. She pulled her breast away, raised a hand and slapped him violently across the cheek, leaving a thick red mark. He groaned and grabbed a fistful of her wet hair, pulling her head down for a kiss.

In a moment her hands were at his throat, and he looked at her with panic in his eyes as she cut off his breathing. “Your jeans,” she whispered, smiling, and raised herself up on her knees. His hands moved down his sides, around her, and he undid his belt and jeans in a hurry, pulling out his thick, hard cock. She continued holding her hands against his throat and he let out panicked choking sounds. “My panties,” she hissed at him, and fumbling, he clumsily pushed the crotch of them to the side. She pulled her hands away from his throat and he gasped for breath.

“F–uck– Ivy–” he choked, and she grabbed his cock in her hand, shoving herself down onto canlı bahis siteleri it. He gasped and let out strangled moans as she started to ride him, her rhythm slow, pushing down all the way and then riding up until just the tip of the head was inside of her. She placed her hands on his chest and paced herself, fucking him hard, engulfing him with her warmth and wetness. The cotton of her panties rubbed against one side of his shaft as she lifted herself up and down on top of him.

Soon he was pushing his hips up to meet her, their rhythms working together. She gasped softly and sped up, moving her hands from his chest to his shoulders, pinning him down into the soft couch. His groans heightened and she began to whimper softly as she neared climax. “Oh fuck, God, it’s been too long,” she moaned quietly, and he did nothing but nod and swallow. She leaned down, pressing her exposed breasts against his chest, and as they both flushed and neared release, she kissed him hard. Their mutual orgasm rocked them both, illiciting gasps and low moans, as her muscles clenched around him and a shudder wracked her body.

He exploded into her, hot and wet, and she felt all of him coursing through all of her as if they were made for eachother. She removed her lips from his and laid her warm cheek against his sweaty collarbone, feeling him grow limp inside of her.

They laid like this for what was at the same time an eternity and only a second. And then she moved up and off of him, adjusting her panties and pulling the top of her dress back up. He laid half-naked on the couch, his eyes closed, his chest heaving, as she pulled her coat back on. She smiled at him.

“I really did miss you,” she said, her hand against his forehead. He gasped and nodded.

As she stepped out the door, back into the rain, a soft sound came from the bedroom. “Ash?”

It was his girlfriend.

“Who’s at the door?”

Ash stood up, shaky, did his jeans up and pulled his shirt back on. He knew he smelled like rain and sweat and blood and sex and Ivy’s soft perfume, but he hoped she wouldn’t notice.

“Nobody, honey. Just someone trying to sell me something. I’ll be right there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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