Tuition Ch. 10

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Double Penetration


After I knocked I was so nervous I thought about turning and running. I might have, had Mary not been behind me. Happily he didn’t keep me waiting long. The door opened, and my gaze met his shoes.

I was frozen until I felt Mary’s hand on my back, gently urging me forward. He stepped backwards, not turning, just walking back. I followed, almost stumbling, matching his slow pace, eyes downcast, every muscle in my body tense. I nearly jumped when he took my hand, but at the same time I felt some of my tension begin to go.

I could tell that, confident in his control, he felt no need to speak. Effortlessly he grabbed me and pushed me down onto the bed, covering my body with his.

And then we kissed

I might have thought, in the past, that my mind had gone blank. It genuinely did at this point. Anything that happened in the next few delightful moments or minutes (or months) happened by pure instinct.

So I blamed instinct for what happened next. When he stopped kissing and rolled onto his back I impulsively reached out my hand for the thing I most wanted in that instant, the thing I craved above all else — his cock. When my hand touched his shaft I felt it twitch in my grasp, warm, alive, huge and hard. I shivered and my cunt gushed as I held it. I waited for the merest instant for him to indicate I was transgressing and then I threw caution to the wind. I decided I was going to suck his cock; that I was going to give him the best blow-job I was capable of.

This man had proved for himself that I had been ‘virgin intactus’ when he took me on the library desk. But whilst I had (perhaps naively) been ‘saving myself’ for ‘Mr Right’ I was not totally ignorant about the mechanics of sex, specifically oral sex.

I’d read some of the more explicit romance novels, I’d done some almost academic reading about what was expected and required. I’d heard my girlfriends and my sister (especially my sister) discussing their exploits in lurid details. On top of all this I’d found myself unaccountably drawn to some sites on the Net that offered free porn films, when I was feeling especially ‘naughty’. So I felt I knew what I was meant to do when it came to cock sucking. But before now I’d never been with anyone whose cock I had the least interest in sucking.

But bahis firmaları my plans for a ‘proper’ white wedding were gone now. I smiled to myself at the image of Kat, the ‘scarlet woman’, ruined by the Lord of the Manor. And I decided that those ‘Mills and thrilling. He kissed me intensely, pressing me down on the bed as he did. Then his mouth began a tour of my body. He seemed to find every sensitive spot on my body with his lips and tongue. Mind you, EVERY inch of my body was sensitive when this man was kissing me. I began to giggle and writhe almost instantly as he nuzzled the skin between my neck and shoulder, then I squealed when he took my earlobe between his lips.

I was shocked when he stood suddenly. I was worried that I had displeased him. I saw him looking around, frowning before he smiled and bent over. Then he loomed over me on the bed and I felt something pressed against my lips. For a second I nearly resisted, then I opened my mouth and felt the lace of my panties on my lips as he gagged me with them. I blushed deeply as I realised I could taste my own sticky excitement on the material.

Bastion carefully moved so that his knees were on either side of my waist, sitting on me without placing any weight on me. The feeling of his magnificent, semi-erect cock against me made every muscle in my stomach cramp with excitement. Then he grasped my wrists and pinned them to the bed on either side of my head as he gave me such a wicked smile, full of evil intent but also laughter. That smile made me…..made me……dissolve.

I breathed heavily through my nose, my lungs struggling to be full. My skin flushed, my nipples ached with hardness and my pussy almost literally gushed. All of that was before he began to torture me again with little bites and licks and kisses around my neck and shoulders and the top of my breasts. In slow swooping licks he traced the contours of my boobs, moving closer and closer to my nipples without ever touching them, until all I wanted in the entire world was for them to be touched. And when I had reached exactly that crescendo of desire he took the hard bud of my nipple into his mouth and sucked and nibbled and bit until my senses were overwhelmed.

I was a helpless mess, turned on to new levels of horniness, shrieking kaçak iddaa into the gagging knickers as I was teased and tickled into a lather. When he wriggled the tip of his tongue into my left ear I arced my body so violently that I almost threw him off like I was a bronco in a rodeo.

Again he stood — and I again I started to panic. Had I angered him with my reactions? Then I felt one wrist grasped again before being pulled upwards towards the top corner of the bed. I felt something encircle my left wrist and heard the unmistakable ‘scritch’ noise of Velcro. I looked to the side and saw a black circlet round my wrist. A second later he took my left ankle and in a moment it was restrained as well. I let my body go limp, allowing him to secure my right leg and arm in the same way. Within a few seconds I had been spread-eagled on the bed, helpless and exposed like a star-fish washed up on a beach.

Then he knelt on the bed between my splayed legs and studied me. I pulled gently against my restraints and felt an inexplicable pleasure in knowing that I couldn’t free my self from this bondage. The smile on Bastion’s face told me that he recognised my reaction and it pleased him.

Then he was coming to my like the predator he was. Oh my, he was glorious. He sprawled on the bed and moved his face close to my leg. I shivered at the heat of his breath on my skin, warmth I wished to feel all over me. My head was propped on the pillows making it possible to watch as he moved up the inside of my legs. He repeated the tongue torture he performed on my neck and shoulders — with similar results. As he gently bit the inside of my thighs I writhed. Even with my wrists and ankles bound he had to press down on my knees to avoid getting one of them in his face. When his tongue traced patterns on my skin I whimpered and begged uselessly into the panties that muffled my noises.

He paused for a second, waited until I craned my head and looked down at him. I watched his dark head lower, his eyes keeping me transfixed as he approached the centre of my yearning need. When the tip of his tongue finally touched my clitoris I nearly passed out with the intensity of the sensation. Again he patiently waited till I was watching before he teasingly drew my aroused flesh against his lips, his tongue kaçak bahis and his incomparable talent. His fingers parted my soaked, swollen folds, his tongue sinking deep, drinking from me as I moaned in and twisted in my restrains, trying to thrust my hips closer and closer to him.

He slipped his arms under my bound legs, my thighs over his shoulders and had me at his oral mercy. I could see his eyes, now fierce with passion. I could see and feel that he had completely given himself over to giving me pleasure, teaching me again the joys of being helpless and taking joy from my helplessness. Despite the gag he could hear me mewling and groaning as he silently ate my cunt, increasing his attentions. Long strokes of his tongue centred over my clit, which sent me instantly over the edge of the cliff he had built for me, launching me into the void, my cunt spasming, almost lamenting it’s emptiness in my alone orgasm. I shuddered against his mouth and my orgasm was intensified by pulling impotently against my bindings.

For a few moments I was conscious of nothing, floating in a post orgasmic bubble of bliss. As I came back down to earth I sensed that the restraints around my ankles had been removed and that one wrist was also free. For a moment I wasn’t sure if my Master was still in the room. When the other wrist was loosed and I felt his fingers brush over my tender nipples, I knew he had not abandoned me. Leaning down his fingers smoothed my hair away from my face, brushed my cheek and touched my lips before curling around the object in my mouth. With a smile, he gently tugged the intricate lace of my knickers from my mouth before he lay down beside me and kissed me. I tasted my juices on his tongue, his lips and his cheeks and groaned into his mouth. I wanted to touch him, to give him pleasure, to take his lovely cock in my hand. But he stilled me gently, kissed me softly, and stroked me tenderly. I hooked one leg over his hip and he allowed me to draw his groin as close to mine, feeling his half erect-cock press against me, making me tingle, and he was happy with that contact. Face to face we lay and I studied his face whilst his eyes were closed.

I heard his breathing slow and realised with amazement that he was falling asleep. With each deeper breath it seemed to me that his face relaxed and some of the lines of worry on his proud brow lessened or disappeared. With moments it was obvious that my Master was asleep. I lay there wondering what I was expected to do in this situation.

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