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Big Dicks

Stunning was the only way to describe her. Tall, dark haired, dark eyed and pale (but tanned) skin. A goddess in human form, whose razor-sharp wit kept all but the bravest and foolhardiest away. She’d never been seen outside of the office, seeming to vanish into thin air at the end of the day. She’d never been to any of the parties or events we’d had, not birthdays or celebrations. She was a mystery in many ways, and despite this it seemed to increase her allure.

Work had been hell leading up to Christmas, and everybody seemed to be pulling in extra shifts by the week and partying all weekend. Everybody except for me, it seemed. My work partner had been given the elbow, leaving me with double the load and no way to get it done in normal hours. Every day was an early start, a late finish, and no time to party — the last thing any of us wanted in the festive season.

Friday was usually a superb day all round. Less work, early finishes, and late late nights. Today though was not one of those days — another late finish. Six o’clock came and went, with the rest of the basement leaving me to finish up at some ungodly hour.

I kept my head down, trying to get done and out in time to join whatever party was going on. I was frustrated nobody had stopped to help but that’s the way it is in the city. My surprise at the tap on the shoulder was doubled when she asked if I needed a hand, if I wanted to get out before the weekend.

Happily I accepted, and handed over a few odd jobs. She looked at me, smiled and said she’d be right back. Some practical joke! I got stuck in again, to be interrupted by a clinking glass. She’d returned with wine and glasses, her hair down and clearly ready to settle in for the evening. This might just be bearable.

Pouring a glass each, we discussed what had to be done. It was boring work, and clearly neither of us was willing to get on with the work at hand. I found myself plucking up the courage to ask her if she was single, and she laughed and said she was. She then coyly looked at me and asked the same. I had to admit I was, having been too busy to even consider dating anybody, let alone make something work.

She looked me in the eyes, and moved toward me. Her lips, soft and sensual, touched mine. Gently, then firmly, she kissed me. I put my hand behind her head, feeling the softness of her hair, could smell the perfume she was wearing. Her hands wandered, running over my back, my shoulders, and down my arms to pull my hands into hers. She looked at me briefly, then stood and flattening her skirt with her free hand, led me back across the room to my desk.

She sat up on the desk, her perfect ass on my desk, pulling me into her embrace again, more roughly than I’d expected. She pulled me in between her legs and held me there tightly, pushing herself against me, her hips making small grinding motions and arousing me rapidly. I had no idea how this had happened, but I wasn’t going to stop it for all the tea in China.

Breathing heavily, she began to undo my trousers. Her long legs now unwrapped from me, and she pushed me away a little to remove my belt. As she undid it, I pushed her back bahis firmaları onto her back onto my desk. Standing over her, I let my lips linger on hers again, the across her jaw, her neck, gently biting her as I did so. She sighed and moaned gently as I did so, her nails now working into my back as I did so. I then bit her hard, and she squealed in delight, moving against me yet again. I let my hands roam across her, feeling her skin, her tight stomach under her shirt. I stood back from her a little, so I could begin unbuttoning her, one at a time, never taking my eyes off of hers.

I pulled it open, and her lacy bra barely contained her full, pert breasts. I bent down and nuzzled into them, my hands now holding to her hips as though to stop her going anywhere. She held my head against her chest, then reached back and undid her strap. I took her bra from her and, repeating what I’d just done, traced the contours of her with my lips, followed by the tip of my tongue. I traced across her nipple, lingering as it stood beneath my touch. Looking up at her face briefly, I took her nipple into my mouth and bit it — harder than I’d intended. She yelped again, and dug her nails into me yet again — much harder than I thought she even could!

Momentarily distracted, she took advantage and pushed me away and jumped off of the desk. Standing in front of me, she kissed me hard, her hands finding the join in my shirt — then ripped the front all the way down, and pulled it off the back of me. In the same movement, she dropped to her knees and deftly undid me, and dropped my boxer shorts. I sprang to attention, and without a moment’s hesitation she took hold of me, using her hands and working the length of my shaft. I could barely stand, and knowing what it was doing to me she then licked from the base to the tip, the flat of her tongue running along me and causing my knees to tremble. She did this again, and as she reached the top, opened her mouth and ran her lips down me, taking me deeper inside, slowly, warm and wonderfully. Her head slowly then went back up again, her tongue tracing inside her mouth while her lips held onto me so exquisitely. I held one hand on her head while she continued this excruciatingly slow movement, her occasional moans and vibrating against me and making this easily the best I’d ever had. She kept working along me, her hands where her mouth couldn’t reach, never slowing, always sucking and moving.

Stopping abruptly, she stood up in front of me and leaned back against the desk, and in a voice that was barely a whisper said “Fuck me. Now.” I put her back onto the desk, and kneeling down I ran my hands up her long, smooth legs. My fingertips quickly found the edges of the soft material, and I hooked a finger under each side of her thong. Feeling this, she put her feet up onto my shoulders, and lifted herself up so I could pull her thong out and off, down her legs and dropped them casually behind me. She kept her feet on my shoulders, and then relaxed, putting her calves there as I moved in toward her sweet mound. Before I was even close I could feel the heat and wetness emanating from her, how much she wanted kaçak iddaa this. I planted a kiss on the inside of her thigh, then on the other. Placing repeated small, light kisses, I worked higher up her legs, one side then the other, until my lips met her softness. Again she moaned, and pulling my hair held my head against her. I responded by placing my tongue against her, and holding it with the tip barely inside her, the flat pushing her clit. I could tell I’d hit the spot as her hand no longer pulled my head but gripped with an intensity that left me in no doubt not to move. Her body tensed, thighs gripping me, leaving me almost unable to breathe.

Presently she relaxed, letting out a long barely audible sigh. I began now to move my tongue against her, the tip of my tongue from the lowest point I could reach to her clit, pausing and pressuring enough to make her begin to tense, then removing and repeating again and again, each time less gently than the last. The more I licked her, the more so moved with me, each movement making her tense more than the time before. I could feel her building up again, so I slowed down again to prolong the moment. Her body was now trembling, her hands alternating between pulling on my head and gripping the sides of the desk, every breath seemed to be torn from her. I used the tip of my tongue on her, tracing the contours and shapes of her lips, flicking her clit as softly as I could. She was moaning with every breath now, barely whispering “fuck me… fuck me…” while she did so. As I felt her breathing speed up I returned to longer, harder tongue strokes. She responded to this with her entire body going into spasm, one long loud shout coming from her mouth, her hands, legs, midriff, all shaking and tensing. Her juices were now running as fast as I could lick them up, and I couldn’t wait for her any longer.

Taking her legs from my shoulders, I stood up in between her legs, and pushed myself against her. She pulled me inside her in one motion, again moaning as she did so. We stayed perfectly still, savouring the moment. I then moved slowly away from her, until just the tip of me was inside her. Face flushed she tried to pull me into her, and I let her, watching the relief and pleasure hit her like a wave, ripples running across her perfect body. She moaned again, louder, abandoning herself to what was happening. I pulled out of her again, her wetness glistening on me, and plunged back into her again and again, harder, deeper with every thrust. I leaned forward, my body over hers, my hands pinning hers down, her moans with every breath just inches from my face, seeing her face contorting with a mixture of pleasure and defiance — almost as though she didn’t want to admit how much she wanted this. She pushed me away gently, opening her eyes to look at me while she did so. As soon as I was out of her, she jumped off the desk, turned, and leaned forward over it again, not once taking her eyes off of mine. Standing up straight — and stiff — I slowly slid inside her from behind. Her hands were now out of my reach, and I saw them curling up as I did so. Holding her hips, I slid out, and in, deeper again than kaçak bahis I’d been, and again until every last inch of me was inside her. I wanted to be a sensitive lover, but the moment was here and I wasn’t going to waste it, and she *had* told me to fuck her after all… I put one hand to the back of her head, and the other gripped one side of her hips. I pulled her hard onto me, and pulled on her hair, causing an incredible muscle spasm inside. All she could say was “Yes…” over and over, as I proceeded to fuck her as deep and hard as I could, pummelling her, feeling her tensing as I slammed into her.

I held hard to her hair and pulled on it in time with each thrust, hearing her give in again as I felt it. Her body went into a huge convulsion and I had to use both hands on her hips just to stop her from pushing me out. She was biting her lips in a failing effort not to scream from the pleasure now ripping through her, as I held her hips, barely able to continue this movement. Her body eventually gave way and her body and face lay face down, quivering, every exhalation a sigh or a moan of pleasure. I moved one hand to run through her now tousled hair. She finally managed to open her eyes, gave me a smile, and said when I was ready I should tell her — and not to stop until I got to that point. Not needing to be told twice, I slid inside her once more, taking a few slow strokes, before once more hammering her hard in a frenzy to reach my own orgasm. Seeing this woman surrendered to me was almost more than I needed, and after only a few minutes I could feel myself coming to a release. As I went to try and tell her this, she was moving already, standing up and turning to face me. She pushed me back a step and knelt down, once more taking me into her mouth. This time though any restraint was well and truly gone — one hand working my shaft, the other cupping my balls, her head bobbing up and down the length of me, bringing me closer and closer. I could feel the familiar sensation of release and could barely even gasp as ream after ream went into her mouth, and she swallowed every last drop as it hit the back of her throat. Spent and barely able to stand, I looked down at her as she licked the remains of both of our juices off of me, which she did with immense gusto, the satisfied look on her face telling me that it’d been worth the wait.

She looked up at me, stood and put her arms round me, and I did the same to her, savouring this moment. As we parted from the embrace, we each began collecting our discarded clothing. I couldn’t help but watch as she pulled her thing back on, fitting it back against her prefect form, and her bra with quick deft movements. As I put my shirt on, I realised I wouldn’t be able to button it up, so did up my jacket to cover it. She pinned her hair up again, and threw her own jacket on. As she picked up her bag and headed for the exit, she looked back again, smiled, and told me to go home. She laughed when I asked if it was with her, told me that the projects could be late, and closed the door behind her as she walked out. As I finally got myself composed enough to leave, I realised it was always going to be between just us, and that was the way I liked it. No fuss, no awkwardness, no worrying about the next day. If anything happened again, it’d be the same deal. I just hoped that I’d get an opportunity to repeat the situation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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