Unplanned 02: Announcements

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Beth and Jason had been together as a couple for a few months, although not out in the public too much. Grandma Johnson knew, and approved. She didn’t even care that they were having sex before marriage. Jason was a good man, and if her granddaughter gave him a little milk before he bought the cow, she didn’t care.

Some of Jason’s friends knew about him and Beth. Jason’s family had heard about her as well. Neither Jason or Beth were ashamed of the other, but not everyone in their circles would approve.

Where they were more careful was in ROTC. Jason was a senior- a cadet leader and future military officer and gentlemen, and while seniors whoring around with freshman cadets happened quite regularly it was not looked upon favorably by the adults in charge.

Jason was required by law to act a certain way in ROTC because he had signed a contract with the Department of Defense but Beth had signed up obligation free to take some classes so she could understand what Jason did and why he loved the military so much. One of the classes where they two would have some interaction was in the freshman lab where she was issued a uniform and some gear.

Jason was her commander, and that is where the first conflict of interest came into play. The second was when she agreed to go the 2 and a half day long evaluation exercise, known as the Field Training Exercise, or FTX. Only two of Jason’s best buds knew they were together, and supposedly none of the cadre did.

And as luck- or karma- would have it, Jason was not assigned to evaluate the juniors going through the course, he was assigned to be the Opposing Force Commander. In other words, Jason was tasked with taking just over a dozen freshman and sophomores to set up targets as the bad guys so the good guys- the juniors- could attack them and be evaluated.

And Beth was one of his soldiers.

Jason was a great leader and given the task because he would take a minimal amount of cadets and use them to give the juniors the best training value possible. But Jason was hard. He achieved his goals, but sometimes made underachieving cadets feel bad. This was the side of himself he didn’t want Beth to see.

And she would have a front row seat.

So the mission was set, the objectives identified, the brief training for the “bad guys” given, Jason deployed his cadets. And despite his better judgement, he took the last position with Beth. A small bunker and foxhole position, and about 2 hours to wait.

“Jason, why do you like this?”

“I love the camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment when I fulfill my duty. Just like you’ve said about your mission trips, the service to others in your chosen area of expertise gives you satisfaction.”

“I don’t do it because it feels good for me, I do it because we should help others,” Beth said. “Do you like how it feels, or because you should?”

“Hmm, good question.” Jason thought a moment, and said, “Both. I like to help people. Maybe I will be trained to kill others, but I will do that to help MY friends, allies, family, or nation. What I fight for and believe in is a Good greater than just me. And I guess I like the feeling of being a part of something bigger than me that is Good also.”

“Is there nything else that ‘feels good’ that you like, too?” Beth purred.

What Beth was leading them towards was dangerous, and honestly, not very sexy. They both had been up for almost 21 hours with almost no sleep. They were dirty, stinky, and had camo face paint on. Neither one looked attractive at all.

But somehow, Beth’s scent of arousal overpowered her dirty smell, and Jason got hard almost instantly. For a girl with a strict religious upbringing she had really turned into a woman with a voracious sexual appetite.

Not that Jason complained.

Beth reached over, feeling the front of Jason’s trousers for the expected boner. She found it and asked, “Wanna slip something inside me? How sexy would that be?”

Jason glanced at his watch, and knowing the timetable for the mission they were currently involved in, he figured they should have about 30 minutes. And knowing the closest people should be about 200 meters away, they the opportunity they probably needed.

And having dirty sex with this sexy cadet- his wonderful lover- in a situation that could get him into all sorts of trouble, really was pushing him towards the edge of the cliff. He wanted to jump, but needed to make sure the intended recon mission of their position would not end with the “good guys” reporting fornication.

“Let me check and make sure no one is around,” Jason said.

“Don’t be too long, I don’t want to cum alone,” Beth said, and pretended to finger herself.

Jason popped out of the foxhole, grabbed his weapon, and headed off towards the nearest fighting position 200 meters away. When the two freshmen in that position saw him, one yelled “A-tenn-HUT!” and both snapped to attention and saluted him.

Not returning their salute, he gently admonished them, saying, “We don’t illegal bahis salute in the field. Relax, guys, even though I put my pants on both legs at once, I am still human.” They chuckled since they thought they were expected to, and then he continued, ” Have you seen or heard of anyone coming by yet?”

One of them replied, “No sir. Nothing yet.”

“Okay,” and glancing at his watch, he said, “the first 6 missions will be recons only. 18 minutes, followed by a 7 minute After Action Review where you tell them what you saw. Heads up, they will come from a heading between 160 degrees to 240 degrees. Do either of you have a compass?”

One guy nodded. Then continuing, “Good. Now, after the 6th mission Cadet Davis will inform you that you have an hour of downtime before the 7th mission, which will be an attack on your position. Mix it up however you want, but you will be expected to die each time. On the 4th attack, I want one of you to lay on this,” and he handed one of them a dummy grenade, “and see what happens? Any questions?”

They both shook their heads “no”.

“Good. Have fun and remember any details you can. If you are tired, take turns resting, but one needs to be awake at all times, and both of you will need to go to the AAR so you won’t get a lot of rest.”

On that note, he headed towards his position and Beth. Which position? He figured one would work better than the others…

When he approached and climbed down in the foxhole, Beth had dropped her trousers below her knees, but still had her panties on. “I saw you coming, thanks for not making me wait any longer,” she said.

“You know…we really shouldn’t do this,” Jason said, and he set his webgear asside and started to unbutton his trousers, freeing his swollen cock.

Beth reached out to touch it, gave it a couple of strokes releasing some precum from the tip of his cock, and feeling her own loins moisten.

“I didn’t bring any condoms,” he said.

“So fill me up, then. I will hide the evidence,” she assured him.

Facing each other, both with trousers on, about the most they could accomplish was Jason siding along and inside her outer labia. Occasionally he could dip the tip of his cock inside her tunnel past the opening, but mostly her lips kissed his cock and his cock rubbed her clit.

It was enough. The sensations and thought that they might be caught or that they were being observed was so exhilarating for both of them. Beth came, and then shortly after, Jason’s load shot out, painting her legs and pubic hair. Both were satisfied but not fulfilled entirely.

But neither realized part of that excitement and fear was because they had been observed…


After the FTX life was supposed to more or less return to a normal routine. But three days later the senior enlisted member of the cadre, Sergeant Major Liddy saw Jason in the hall and called him into her office.

“Shut the door, please, Cadet Hansen.”

She seemed determined but not angry. She had been a drill sergeant at one point. You couldn’t bullshit her, but she was fair.

“Jason, I saw what you did with Beth Johnson during the FTX. Before I take this this to the Colonel, I want your side.”

Fuck! Jason knew it was a bad idea to have sex with a cadet- especially while in uniform. But he had, and now he was in trouble. That’s okay, he had heard that the military prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas was lovely this time of year.

“How far do you want me to go back, Sergeant Major?”

“As far as you need to if you want to impress me,” she said.

So Jason explained how he had know Beth for years and she was now his neighbor. He loved her, and she loved him. Yes, it was wrong, but two kids that are 19 and 22 are not always known for judgement when sexual hormones are in play.

Slamming her palms flat on her desk and pushing herself up out of her chair, she yelled, “THAT’S NO EXCUSE! In less than a year, you are going to be a commissioned officer, and in less than two years you will most likely be commanding troops in combat, where poor judgement will not be an option! I saw you sexually assault a fellow female cadet,” Liddy was on a role. “And you say, ‘sorry, my JUDGEMENT was poor’!”

“But Sergeant Major, it wasn’t an ‘assault’. It was her idea. She wanted it-” and as soon as those words escaped his mouth, he paused, knowing he was fucked. Classic victim blaming. He felt so small he could hide inside the tiny fibers of her office carpet.

Sergeant Major Liddy stared at Jason for over a full minute, and he couldn’t return her gaze. He felt so ashamed. He was a predator, and not the good kind. No, he wasn’t a hunter who would go out and hunt down bad guys and kill them for his nation. He was worse. He hunted down fresh meat and stabbed it with his cock.

It didn’t matter that they loved each other. Sergeant Major Liddy had set the narrative and he was guilty. Hopefully there would be mercy for him, somewhere, someday.

“Jason. Look at me.” illegal bahis siteleri Her voice was soft, motherly now. “I have two kids from two different husbands. One was from when I was 18, and the other I was 28. War is hard on people, especially families. Elizabeth Johnson is a lovely, naive young lady, and if you EVER take advantage of her again, you will not have to worry about what the Colonel says, because I will handle it in my own way. You can take as a threat, promise, or fact. I don’t care, but whatever the Colonel or the Secretary of the Army can do to you is NOTHING compared to what I WILL do to you.”

Then, looking hard at him, almost right through him, “But today, I won’t take this any higher. Beth and I had a woman to woman talk, and she said the same thing you did.”

Then softening some, she finished, “You may not deserve her, but she loves you. And you had better remember that. You are dismissed, Cadet Hansen.”

As Jason got up to leave, just as he was about to open the door, he turned and said, “Sergeant Major Liddy, thank you. You’re right, I do not deserve Beth.”

“Cadet Hansen, that is not what I said. I said you MAY NOT deserve her. But I think you maybe I was too hard on you. You screwed up and used horrible judgement, and you are lucky to have her. But you had better never hurt her.”


Later that semester the ROTC battalion was going to have it’s annual military ball. Sort of a “War Prom”. Jason and Beth decided that was a good of a time as any to announce their relationship, based on advice from SGM Liddy. Beth bought a new dress and had to explain to her class advisor, Captain Wood, that no, she would not be wearing her dress uniform and that she would be going as Cadet Captain Hansen’s date. Captain Wood fumbled in his discouragement of that some. He was mostly disappointed that a potential conquest for him was now off the table.

Whereas Jason and most others took shame in their poor judgement, Captain Wood had the morals of an alleycat and seemed to be proud of his lack of ethics.

Beth’s dress was strappy, form fitting and electric blue. Showing of her shapely legs and tastefully displaying some cleavage but not too much, every head turned when Jasonand Beth walked into the ballroom together. Jason leaned over before getting into the Receiving Line and whispered, ” I must look gooood, every one is staring at me…” then let out a snorty chuckle.

Beth glanced at Jason and smiled. She was nervous. She felt like she had something in her teeth or a boob was exposed. She knew Jason was very handsome in his uniform, but he was dressed like almost every other man there. But Beth looked…good, she hoped.

Sensing her unease, Jason whispered again, “Relax, Dear, you are not only the most beautiful woman in the room, you are the most beautiful woman these people have ever seen.”

“I don’t care about that,” she said, “but for some reason I feel self- conscious.”

“Don’t worry about you, Beth, you look great, and that dress looks almost as good ON you as it will OFF you and on my floor.”

“I just hope no one notices I am not wearing any panties,” she said.

“Wait- what? You aren’t…”

“Shhhh, what are you doing? Whispering through a bullhorn? I said I don’t want anyone to know.”

When they went through the receiving line, shaking hands with the colonel and his wife and the other dignitaries, they headed to the bar. For some reason that always seemed to be everyone’s first stop.

Getting two Cokes they found a table, waited and watched the others, and finally went out to the floor, where they danced. The other couples seemed to disappear, and the moon somehow shone through the ceiling, acting like a spotlight. No one else mattered to the two lovebirds.

“Jason, how long do we need to stay?” Beth asked.

“Until the Colonel leaves, then about 10 minutes later,” Jason replied.

“Remember that comment from earlier?”

Jason thought, and then smiled, “You mean, no pant-“

“Shh, yes. I think dancing with you made me cum and it’s running down my leg. I want to get out of here and tear that uniform off of your handsome body and then you are going to treat me like a ba-a-a-ad girl,” she said.

Jason’s heart raced and dick responded like expected.

“Let me see what I can do. Remembering SGM Liddy’s threat or promise earlier, he sought her out now. Beth saw that they had a quick conversation, she touched his upper arm and squeezed it, and smiled at him as he turned around and headed back to Beth.

“What was that all about?” Beth asked.

“Your blessing. Let’s go.”

They left the ballroom and headed towards the pond near Central Campus. At one end of the pond, or Swan Lake as it was called, was a footbridge to a small island with a small gazebo. They walked out to the gazebo and just held hands. Eventually Jason pulled Beth in closer, and then removed his tunic and placed it over her bare shoulders. He really did love her. Someday, canlı bahis siteleri he hoped he would propose to her on this very spot. Today?

No, but soon.

“Jason, I am ready to go back to your place. Grandma said I wasn’t to come home until after breakfast tomorrow.”

They walked back to his house in a nervous silence. They had made love before, but somehow, they both sensed a new level was going to be reached.

He wished he had picked the ring up that was still at the jewelry store.

Once they got inside his house, he asked if she needed anything to eat or drink. She said no.

Sensing what was next, he took her hand and lead her into the master bedroom that overlooked the pool area. Being that it was late April the pool wasn’t filled yet, but the pool area looked inviting even now. There was a beautiful starlit night above them, and the patio fireplace would feel nice. They could curl up on the wicker loveseat, under a blanket, and cuddle.

Jason for some reason had some anxiety about having sex, but Beth was ready to go. She sensed something new in the air as well, but her body was screaming for him to invade her.

She removed his black bowtie. Tonight had been a formal event and called for a bowtie.

He unzipped her dress and let it fall. Sure enough, she was naked underneath. And breathtakingly beautiful.

He was so lucky, and he feared SGM Liddy was correct. He did not deserve the chance to be with Beth.

She slowly unbuttoned each button on his dress shirt and removed it. As she dropped it on his tunic that she had placed in his chair, he quickly took off his white undershirt.

He had nothing else to take off of her, so she went right for his shiny gold plated dress belt buckle. Once undone, she unzipped his trousers and his cock sprang out of his boxers, coming to full attention.

“Someone looks like he is a good little soldier,” she said, kneeling down sonher head wasevel with it. She stroked it and licked it, savoring the taste of precum.

“‘Little’ soldier?” he asked.

“You know what I mean,” she said, squeezing him harder to show who had the power. Then she stood up and lead him over to the bed. “Make love to me. Then I promise we can shower, or go outside and sit in the hot tub or by the campfire. But right now-“

She didn’t finish her sentence because Jason had her down on the bed, covers open, and somehow he had gotten fully naked, socks, shoes and all. Beth had not even noticed how he had accomplished that.

Beth got down onto her back and spread her legs. Her pubic region was freshly waxed but perfectly smooth. Her lips glistened with her excitement. Jason wanted to lick her pussy and make her cum now and not after he came inside her, but every fiber of boh of their beings knew they needed to make love. He needed to enter her, drive himself into her, and she needed to give herself over to him and take his load.

What happened after that was yet to be determined.

Beth spread her legs apart and took his stiff rod and rubbed her slit. Satisfied that she was ready, she let go and slightly pushed herself towards his hips, allowing his cock to start penetrating her.

Jason continued with a slow thrust and when he had bottomed out inside her, their pubic bones lined up and pressing into each other, he hugged her body tight against his, rubbed noses and whispered, “Beth, I love you.”

“I love you too, Jason. I am yours. Now and forever.”

With that, he withdrew 90% of his cock, leaving only the tip or so inside, and thrust back in. Jason propped himself up and grabbed her legs behind her knees, and spreading her pussy wide open, Jason thrust upwards, trying to repeatedly nail her in the G-spot.

Normally in this position he would drive hard and fast, making her moan and yell and scream his name. But this time he went slower, prolonging the pleasure for both of them.

Beth came first, and almost immediately after her pussy tightened around his cock, she milked him for his entire load. His dick twitched inside her as he pumped rope after rope into the back of her pussy until he was dry. He didn’t go soft right away, but eventually her spasms pushed him out of her. He felt lightheaded and rolled over to the side of their bed and lay on his back, breathing hard. Beth rolled over, throwing her righteg over his legs and used her right hand to stroke the side of his face.

She just looked at him, those ice blue eyes were a shade of daytime sky blue that matched her dress from earlier tonight. He glanced over towards the floor to see her dress and make the comparison.

Yep, the same blue. Not electric blue or daytime sky blue. Sensual blue. Love blue. A blue only he would be blessed enough to ever see.

At that moment, millions of Jason’s swimmers were searching for her egg. Later that night, one lucky one would find it. But first he would send in millions of more reinforcements for the next several hours…


Jason and Beth were married in a small ceremony a couple of months later, and two weeks after that, Jason graduated and received his commission as an Army officer. They had a one week honeymoon, then Jason shipped off for training, leaving Beth all alone in Jason’s big house.

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