Venus In India Ch. 01

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I was in New Delhi after a million years visiting friends and family from the US. It was my first day out on my own exploring the country that gave me birth. Unfortunately for me it was bang middle of summer. 112 degrees outside and the cold environs of the large mid city mall were the right refuge for me. I ducked into one of the million that dotted the Indian urban expanse. The heat was oppressive and outlandish to say the least. The girls on the other hand are the sexiest here. The long auburn hair and curvy bodies beckon with reckless abandonment. Living in the land of pastel blondes is boring to say the least. The women here are born sensuous without the need for any “surgical” enhancements. The land of the east was the land of the “kama” or sexual enlightenment. As a 28 year old married man and minus the missus I was horny as hell. It had been a while since I had my fill of spreading my seed. Hell my seed was so ready to sow that I eyed each person in a skirt as a potential fertile ground. I am 5’11” and fair but not drop dead handsome that the female of the species would find me an attractive piece of commodity or even irresistible. Nope sir but in the land of short and dark people I had an edge over the myriad other males that were in the hunt for the same prize AKA wet pussy.

I walked into a virtual quagmire of sweating bodies fighting to be cold and back to normal from the hell hole outside. There were those that I was interested in. The young nubile nymphets who roamed the expensive stores that lined the walls of this mall with not enough money and desires that spanned the Atlantic. I walked into a Niemen Marcus store that was probably the most expensive place in the entire hideous display of retail debauchery. I roamed the air-conditioned aisles for young good looking girls to size up. I immediately spotted these 18 year old or so girls in tight fitting jeans and small tops that hugged their ample developing “assets”. They both had auburn hair and were giggling uncontrollably sizing up some dresses. I sneaked close to them under the pretext of looking something for myself, never mind that whole section was a female area. I pretended to look for some generic stuff like perfumes which would be explained as gifts for my wife in case someone questioned my presence there. Eavesdropping on these potential challenges I ascertained that they were from a local college and were interested in buying some cocktail dresses for a party they had been invited to tonight with some of their boyfriends at a very happening place. Of course the dresses were very revealing as I could make out from my fervent peeks. Miniskirts, little black ensembles, some slit gowns and the general stuff that girls wanna wear when they want to rage the testosterone a little bit. I was in luck. I inched closer to them and hear them saying –

“What yaar (colloquial for friend) Pooja there is no way I am wearing that or affording that at all, Jayesh can go take a flying fuck” said the taller but dusky looking girl to her friend.

“Well that’s what he wants to do to you” replied the other shorter but better figured fairer girl, “besides isn’t that the whole point?”

“Hell no. I have said no sex before marriage. Fooling around is okay but no fucking for me.” She smirked and giggled. “Speak for yourself, I am going for gold soon with Vikram. He reached third base with me last week at the pub party” Pooja boasted eyeing a black Dolce ensemble. “You Slut” Riddhima shrieked. Pooja laughed loud and pushed her back “This slut is going to be the hottest babe tonight buddy you watch”

“Yeah if we suddenly had a money tree grow by our side” Riddhima lamented and continued to finger through the expensive dresses.

This was very encouraging. Two young girls hormonally active, no money and very much open to sex, well at least one of them was.

“Listen Riddhima Kanchan is the hottest property in that club tonight we have to beat her at her own game.” Pooja added emphatically “no matter what the cost”

“15,000 rupees for this dress Pooja, I don’t have even half of it and that is my pocket money for the whole year!!” Riddhima lamented.

I was salivating at this point.

I decided this was the time.

I casually walked over to the girls and in a good fake American accent complimented the dresses they wre looking at.

“Thank you” the younger sprightly Pooja replied coyly smiling. “Picking a gift for someone?”

“Yeah for my girlfriend back in the states. She wanted an Indian dress. So I was just browsing but I have no idea in hell what to get her” I replied in a southern drawl , I don’t know why I picked a Southern drawl but I just did “She is American and I don’t want to disappoint her”

“Well there is plenty of stuff for her here,” Riddhima replied cutting Pooja before she could say anything else “Good luck” she was pulling the other one away.

This had to be it. I had to stroke the iron when it was hot.

“You know I have a suggestion and I know it sounds bold but if you could hear it out it could help all of us.” I volunteered with my most innocent face.

Pooja as I had guessed jumped at the offer. The other girl looked at me suspiciously.

“What kind of suggestion uh…..”

“Siddhant, you can call me Sid that’s what the Americans call me anyways”

“Yeah bedava bahis Sid…what was the suggestion?” Pooja went on despite her friend’s apparent disapproving eyes.

There was no one around us. The store was pretty much deserted.

“I am sorry I could not help overhearing your conversation earlier and realized your problem with the buying of the dresses” I put on the most sheepish face I could.

“What else did you hear” Riddhima looked at me shocked and angry.

“Well frankly everything but nothing. Trust me I have been your age and understand. I was just wondering that I have all the money and you have the resources to help me out. Why don’t we help each other out” I hastily added so that it would not sound too lecherous “In a business like manner I swear”

“So what is it you want exactly Sid” Pooja inquired. I did not think they would accept my offer in a myriad years yet here it went. When you are horny, the cerebral cortex is usually the first one to stop working.

Libido is the direct enemy of Reason.

I turned to Pooja and said, “If you could model some dresses for me since my girlfriend is about your height and is as fair as you, it would help me a lot and in turn I could do you a favor say buy those dresses for you?” . Before they could respond I said “As a gift for your services” I continued in an earnest tone, “I have no friends here. I am on a business trip for three days and on my way to Japan next week. I would be indebted to you gals”

Each one them took it differently. Pooja looked at her friend and then at me and then started wondering. She was thinking about it. The fact that she did not say NO and slap me got me more aroused. The other friend Riddhima’s eyes widened and then she shot an angry look at me and her friend.

“What rubbish!” Riddhima fumed.

“Wait you would buy us ANY dress here?”

“Anyone you like prices no limit if I like what you wear and buy a dress for my girlfriend!” I was almost drooling now.

“Pooja!!!” Riddhima gritted her teeth and then dragged her friend into the corner.

Two minutes passed by slowly and I was sure they would be back with a guard and have me beat up for being a pervert or worse still a hulking brother or cousin.

They came back, sans guard or large male personality to beat me up. Looks like my boyish features and the audacity of my demand came across as genuine to them??

Pooja spoke first – “Okay we both will model for you”

I knew I was in.

“Great. But I want you to model the dresses of my choice”

“Sure” Pooja said eagerly. Riddhima was reluctantly drawn into this. That made me hotter for her. She was the one I needed to break first. That was a challenge and I loved a good bet.

I slowly sized her curvy figure. She was not a looker and a bit dusky but she had great small little perky breasts and a tight young ass. She had long auburn hair tied in a bun. Gray eyes and glasses with green frames to match her green top. Pooja was a looker, fair and curly dark brown hair and had large plump breasts.

I looked around the racks for a while and found two winners. I chose a slit muslin gown with some Indian Motifs and chants printed on it and gave it to Riddhima first.

“But you said she wanted Indian dresses” She looked aghast at my selection. She was expecting a more traditional dress.

“Yeah I know but this has Indian motifs and I don’t want her to look like an old hag, she is a sexy girl and I want her to look sexy and Indian at the same time”

That implied inherently that I wanted Riddhima to look sexy too. She got that and kind of looked over to Pooja.

“I said my rules. You have to model this dress for me otherwise no worries I understand. Good luck with the party tonight!” I turned half heartedly.

I heard Riddhima slowly walked into the changing room. Pooja was whispering encouragements into her ears while pushing her in the changing room.

“I also want to come into the room and see you because I don’t want people seeing you in these dresses. For your modesty you know” I added helpfully.

That kind of mellowed the reluctant girl. I had calculated that part too. The changing rooms in these malls were atrociously small at best. It was my best chance of getting close to these two hot females.

After what seemed ages and an awkward silence between me and Pooja I heard the line I had waited to hear all along, “Okay I am ready.” Riddhima called from inside.

“Pooja why don’t you pick out a dress for yourself in the meanwhile and I will let you know when I am ready for you to mode. Go crazy……I will not be paying for this all the time” I smiled. I wanted Riddhima to myself. Separating the girls would make them more vulnerable. That I learnt for my years in American pubs. Girls travel in packs when they don’t want to get laid. It’s usually easier if you have guys break them up into smaller parts and then conquer.

She looked at me and hopped away to the other racks a gleeful smile lit up her face.

I walked into the dressing room and Riddhima was standing there in that orange gown that was deep cut at the neck to reveal her small but perky cleavage and beautifully curved neckline. The gown was fitting her curvy form perfectly. There was a long slit on one side bedava bonus revealing her sexy leg. She stood there at attention and trying to cover her bosom and failing.

“You look so sexy and pretty.” I was about a foot away from her. I savored her cleavage for a while. She knew that is where I was looking. She peeked out the door to see if Pooja was there to be her support. She found none. She had no choice. I glazed over her milky chest and roved my hungry eyes over her small globes of flesh that peeked over the dress top. I looked at her face and again devoured her visually down to her breasts. I took my time. Her discomfort was increasing my pleasure. My thick penis strained against the fabric of my underwear. I so wanted to take it out and wank it before Riddhima’s eyes. Cum all over the dress while she watched my hands work on my dick. I may yet get to do that but I had to be slow and deliberate. I was not going to pay for their dresses without getting my pound of pussy.

“You know when I said model I meant it. You have to model the dress and what it can do for a sexy girl like my girlfriend.” I looked at her almost menacingly.

“What do you mean?” She was looking with pleading eyes at me. She looked sweet and innocent, ripe for plundering. “I wore the dress. What else need I do? Just tell me and get this over with”

“Well let’s see you twirl around and spread those legs a little. Don’t be shy it’s only me” I said that as if that was comforting for her. Well it worked for me at least.

She knew there was not much space there. She moved as far back as she could and slowly turned around. She stumbled at one point and suddenly bumped into me and my erection. She withdrew her hand in almost instantaneous fashion as if she had touched a live wire. I smiled at her realization of what she had touched and what that meant to me.

“I am sorry Riddhima but I hope you are not angry at my being….er….aroused at looking at you. Don’t worry that just means I like the dress cause that is what I want when my girlfriend wears the dress.” I feebly tried to explain my hard on for her.

She was silent and still looking at my bulge.

“I can take it out and show it to you” I half joked and half hoped for the best at that line.

That broke her stare and I thought I had stepped too far now. She had a look of horror in her eyes. She started to move for the door.

“Hey hey hey!” I interjected without being intimidating ” Sorry yaar I was just kidding. By the way if Candice, my girlfriend would have seen me like this she would have kicked me hard in the balls.” I smirked “It hurts more when we are erect you know.”

Then something unexpected happened. She smiled and covered her face and looked the other way trying to hide the fact she liked my joke. I smiled back. The ice had broken a bit. Now the Ice Queen needed to thaw a bit more than this before I could get further.

“Are you guys done I want to model my dress too for Sid” Pooja called eagerly from outside.

“Pooja why don’t you wear the dress I have kept on the chair outside and come on in.”

“I don’t think there is space for all of us here” Riddhima said.

“We always have space for beautiful women.” I smiled at the door implying I had the hots for Pooja. This was my new ploy. Play the girls against each other.

“Pooja is a sexy and smart girl. Knows what she wants. I think I will buy her that Dolce dress she was seeing earlier.” I said still looking at the door.

I felt her curdle behind me. That was good. Then I felt her body shuffle closer to me. I turned and she was standing with her whole sexy leg out of the slit. I almost came in my pants. She had long dusky legs. Good curvy calves. She was wearing the try on heels that did not fit but the package was so sensuous. She was looking at me different too.

“How about this. Don’t you think I will look better in that Dolce?” She said almost seductively. It failed considering she had not done this before. Yet it was all the more a turn on for me.

I moved closer to her. I took my time to mentally touch her legs and go over her body once more. She had removed her hands from her breasts. The cleavage was open for my viewership. She had thrust her breasts out at me. She was modeling now. I moved my hand towards the dress. She moved back a little. I looked at her. She stopped and did not say anything. I put my hand on the dress at her hip. She was hot and pulsating. Her breathing increased exponentially. I caressed her hips and moved my hand down her covered leg. Back up again I traced her hip and gave her a little squeeze on the skin over her perfectly formed arse. My fingers found the small of her back. She was breathing at hundred miles an hour. I pulled on her back a tad. She was directly below me.

“I am sorry for this but I want to feel the dress in my hands.” I explained unnecessarily. “I am happy that you are in it though” I added. She smiled and looked away. “How much longer do you want me” she whispered.

I pressed closer and looked down from my vantage point at her breasts. “You have a great body Riddhima. I think you work out a lot or you have great genes.” She looked at me, “So the Dolce would look better on me” she said and pushed me away laughing.

The ice was melting.

“Well deneme bonusu well well now I did not explicitly say that yaar” I drawled still keeping my hand on her midriff. I pushed and felt her flat stomach. While I talked I inched closer to her left tit. She looked down at my hand.

“What are your plans Mr. Sid. Still feeling the fabric or me?” She said naughtily. Ooh that almost broke my reserves. I wanted to so flash out my Johnson and fuck this petite firecracker right there in that cramped dressing room. Impale her against the glass door and thrust my manhood inside her wet portals for a time of her life.

Slow Sid, Take it slow and steady. These are Indian girls. They need a softer touch than the blondes you have had in the past. Candice was my wife’s name by the way. She was busy buying gold Jewelry in the Mall somewhere.

“Just trying to feel the fabric” I lied. She knew. She did not stop me. I inched closer to the breast. She stood there leaning against the glass wall. I could see her low cut back bare and the bra straps. She was wearing black lace. Her shoulder blades twitched in anticipation. I was about to cup her boob when the door opened and Pooja barged in.

She saw and was undeterred or she missed it completely. On the other she saw and approved or wanted a piece of it. She was breathtakingly hot in that dress. It was a pathani shalwar kind of a PJ but more baloony and a short short tank top with Indian motif emblazoned across it. Her stomach was bare showing her belly button piercing. Riddhima almost reacted like she had seen a ghost.

“You know Pooja Sid is going to buy me the Dolce we looked at earlier,” she blurted almost regretting it then.

Pooja looked at me and then at her almost with eyes of fulminating poison.

“That is not fair Sid you have not seen me modeling yet.” Pooja stated almost like it was a contest.

A Contest!!! Holy cow why had I not thought of that before. Well I did sort of but this was gold!!!

“Well you know that is true. The Dolce should go to the best model” I said laughing.

The two girls now were crowding the room along with me in there. Pooja was almost stuck to my side. I casually raised my hand and cradled her milky white back in my arm. She kept glaring at Riddhima. This was going to get good for me. I gave a slight pull to Pooja towards me such that her body was now smashed into mine and Riddhima with her cleavage exposed was not too far away. I put my other hand on Riddhima’s tummy and felt her up good while two girls did not care what I was up to.

“Come one girl we can sort this out the good way. I will buy the Dolce for the sexy person who shows me the most,” I paused for effect at the double entendre of that sentence to see if they were incensed at my implications, they did not flinch but looked at me, “shows me the most in terms of who deserves it. Of course I need to be satisfied that my needs were met. Of course so far I have my favorite” I was getting bolder now.

My hands were caressing Pooja on the soft rise of her butt more blatantly than before. I lowered it a little and then cupped one of her buttock and squeezed it. That was my Hail Mary now. I was so horny with these two half naked girls around me that I did not care. That also indicated to Pooja that I was rooting for her. Unseen to Pooja my left hand had moved up to caress the lower curve of her right boob and I gave her boob a small pinch. Riddhima looked at me and gave me a smile. She thought she was my favorite.

“You know the Dolce needs someone with oomph. A sexy style and body”

Pooja’s hand was now behind me and she had now placed it over my butt and was laying it there.

“Okay well I have bigger tits than her I think” Pooja said right away. She turned slightly towards me and thrust her breasts into my direction and looked down at them. I brought my hand that was pinching Riddhima’s breast to touch Pooja on her shoulder.

“Can I see?” I said almost choking on myself.

Pooja looked at Riddhima and smiled and said nothing. I took that as a yes. I ran my index finger down her right shoulder and nudged the short tank top off her shoulder. She did not adjust it. My finger traced the outline of her breast slowly and then I stopped at the tip. Pooja took a deep breath and her breasts rose in unison and fell like mounds of Venus. I cupped the entire breast and gave it a good squeeze. I pushed them up over the top and the mounds came to view. I kneaded her breast slowly over her tank top and continued to do that. I looked over to Riddhima while I was mauling Pooja’s breast. She looked down at her chest and then at my hand on her tummy. She took my hand placed it on her breast. I started cupping her globe of sex and started pressing it hard. She was leaning against the glass wall of the changing room. My hard on was now not concealable anymore. I did not attempt to smother it. I shifted slightly such that my rock pushed against Riddhima’s legs. I watched as these two Indian beauties offered their prized female possessions to my sexual advances. I flicked my thumb to touch Riddhima’s naked flesh over the deep cut of her gown. My other hand was not fondling Pooja’s nipple over the top and I could feel her tit tip rise to the occasion. Pooja had closed her eyes and was now leaning against me. Her breasts crushed against my chest. Riddhima was also in passionate trance her eyes looking at me as I cajoled one of her breasts further beyond the confines of the gown such that the dark areola of her one tit was visible now. She looked down and grimaced sexily.

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