View from the Window Ch. 04

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Sincere thanks go to SlvrTongueDevil and Leraye1 for helping me through a dry spell while finishing this chapter.


The mug she held in both hands was steaming, but it wasn’t coffee that made Adrienne’s face hot. “I saw you out here and thought maybe you’d like some coffee,” Adrienne said as she glanced down. She felt like a giddy schoolgirl, breaking daddy’s curfew by sneaking out to meet her boyfriend. “Down, girl,” she thought to herself. “He’s married.”

Bret’s broad grin was genuine. Damn, he felt good this morning. But Adrienne seemed almost embarrassed and shy. Once again, he briefly contemplated his new neighbor the way she had looked last night through the window. He shook himself out of the daydream. “Hey, want to come in and have coffee? I have a pot going, and I bet you haven’t had time to get a subscription for the paper. You can read mine.” Seeing her hesitate, he pressed on. “C’mon. . . you can take a look at my house, too, while you’re at it, if you promise not to make ‘girly’ noises about the mess.”

Bret’s grin and boyish attitude was infectious. Adrienne smiled back at him and said, “Well okay, but just a cup and a quick scan of the paper. I’ve got a living room to paint and quite a bit more cleaning to do before the movers get here tomorrow. And I’m sure you have more to do than entertain the new kid on the block.”

Bret resisted the urge to tell her how much pleasure “entertaining” her had brought him. For the next half hour, he also resisted numerous opportunities to touch Adrienne, refilling her coffee cup instead as they chatted like old friends at his kitchen table. His reward was her agreement to let him cook dinner for her that night, after each had taken care of their chores for the day.


Since the damned accountant had been late, things had taken longer at the office than he had anticipated, and Bret was late getting home from the grocery with the food for tonight’s dinner. He had thought about getting candles – he had no idea where Cynthia kept them – but then decided that might scare Adrienne off for good. Better to just have some good music, he decided, and wondered what kind of music she liked as he looked through a stack of CDs. For the meantime, he decided on some classic rock to get his blood pumping as he got dinner ready.

He also needed to tidy up, and get the steaks marinating. The salad would be easy enough – thank god for the bagged stuff they sold in the produce section now. He had just finished making the marinade canlı bahis and wiping up the resulting mess when the doorbell rang. Bret glanced at the clock – he sure as hell hoped it wasn’t Adrienne yet, he wasn’t halfway through with his preparations.

Bret opened the door to find a neatly dressed young man on his porch, probably some kind of salesman. “Yes, can I help you with something?”

“Are you Bret Martin?” The young man looked hopeful as he held out his hand with an envelope in it.

“Yes, but what is this?” Bret took the envelope offered and turned it over, only to see Sudderth and Associates, Attorneys at Law, on the front, just as the young man told him, “Mr. Martin, you’ve been served.”

“I’ve been what? Wait, what the hell is this?” Bret stepped out onto the porch, but he was talking to the man’s back as the process server climbed in a car and pulled slowly into the street.


She had knocked at first, and when she heard the roar of the music, she finally pounded on the door. Getting no answer, Adrienne opened the front door, and followed the sound of the blaring music. The only light she saw was in the kitchen. She went quickly in there and saw papers all over the floor, the morning newspaper, and an envelope that had been torn open. She could still see the return address of a law firm on it, and underneath the mangled envelope, a Complaint for Divorce, filed today. “Oh, damn her to hell,” she thought. “The bitch didn’t even have the decency to be in town when she did it.”

Adrienne followed the sound of rock and roll into the den. The room was lit only by the stereo equalizer, and at first, she didn’t see Bret, sitting cross-legged in the floor in front of the sofa, with his head in his hands. She turned the music down, and walked over to where he sat.

“Bret?” She knelt beside him. “Do you want to talk about it?” She reached out to touch his shoulder and he put his hand on top of hers. “Nothing to say. . . I’ve known she wasn’t connected to ‘us’ any more, it was just a matter of time before one of us gave up the charade. She says I’ve been mentally cruel to her. It’s not true, you know. I loved Cynthia.”

“Oh, my god, of course it’s not true.” Adrienne knelt beside Bret, and put her arms around his shoulders, her head touching his and swaying slowly. She murmured, “It’ll be all right,” as she comforted him and they held the embrace in silence.

Bret felt her breasts against his head and damn, she smelled so good. He reached up and around bahis siteleri her and pulled her into his lap. She struggled to sit up as his face came closer to hers, but he twined his fingers in her hair and kissed her fully on her parted lips, slowly and insistently pulling her closer to him as his tongue teased hers. She found herself returning the kiss and almost lost herself in it, but Bret pulled away far enough to start a warm, lazy trail with his lips down her cheek to her throat. Adrienne’s half-hearted protests quieted as she closed her eyes and surrendered to the feeling. Bret’s lips moved to the pulse in her throat, and his hand moved down to cup her breast. Her nipple instantly responded, stiffening in the palm of his hand, and he teased the turgid peak with his fingers as he continued to nuzzle her throat with his lips.

She arched up against his hand and he took her mouth with his again, sliding his hand down slowly down her body till his palm cupped her mound, squeezing gently. She felt his manhood, stiffening against the side of her body, and she wanted to touch him – to feel his cock get hard in her hand. Instead, she unbuttoned his shirt as she lightly nibbled his lips.

“I need to taste you.” He said it softly at first, then told her again. Bret rose to his knees from his sitting position, and still cradling her in his arms, lowered her to the floor. They faced each other, kissing and stroking as they peeled away the clothes that separated his warm flesh from hers. As she pulled her sweater over her head, Bret cupped Adrienne’s bare breasts in his hands, gently tweaking her nipples, as she had done last night in front of her window. The tingling wetness of her pussy only added to the rush of sensations spreading over her entire body. Adrienne moaned quietly as she laid back, their discarded clothing under and all around her.

Bret’s mouth was warm and wet on her nipple, sucking and teasing her with his tongue, as his fingers taunted the other nipple at the same time. Adrienne ran her hands through his hair, gasping with delight. With her nipple still in his mouth, Bret looked up at her, their eyes meeting as she whispered to him, “Bite.” With a half smile on his face, Bret did as she asked, gently nibbling on the stiff peak, and was rewarded with a moan of pleasure. He began a leisurely descent down her body with his tongue, pausing now and then to kiss or lick, trying to find all the sweet spots on her willing and responsive body, inhaling her subtle scent as it changed bahis şirketleri from perfume to the sweet musk of a woman. He let his hand trail down her side, feeling the gooseflesh rise as his fingers followed the path his lips had begun.

Adrienne arched her back and ground her pussy into his chest – Bret could feel her heat and wetness. He reached under her ass with both hands, bringing her pussy up closer to his face, teasing the swollen lips with his mouth and flicks of his tongue. He marveled at the glistening of excitement on her pouting lips – her clit was begging for attention. As his tongue flicked at her button, he felt her fingers tighten in his hair. He ran his tongue down her slit, and then back to her clit, lapping quickly at the erect nub as he fucked her with two of his fingers. Her breath quickened, sounding almost ragged in his ears as she whispered hoarsely, “Now, baby, now.”

And then Adrienne was cumming, juices running from her cunt over his hand as the walls of her pussy contracted in spasms on his fingers. His tongue still worked her clit, wringing the pleasure out of her, until she clawed at his back, pulling him up to her, and wrapping her legs around him, reaching for his throbbing dick. His cock parted the lips of her swollen pussy and Bret felt her shudder as he began to enter her, very slowly at first, savoring her tight, wet heat. She arched impatiently under him, grabbing his ass, and he fucked her harder and deeper, until he was afraid he’d cum too soon.

Adrienne pulled away from him, saying, “I need to taste me on you.” As he rose to his knees, Adrienne took his cock in her mouth, her breath against his skin as she sucked and stroked his shaft, tasting the salty tang of him. Just as he thought he’d shoot his load, she suddenly turned around, presenting her ass to him, in a timeless pose that needed no invitation. He plunged deep inside her, fucking her hard and fast, and she met him stroke for stroke, his balls slapping her sensitive clit, and sending her over the edge. He began cumming as soon as he felt the walls of her pussy milking his cock, shooting jets of hot spunk deep in her cunt. His strokes slowed but he continued to fuck her, as the mix of their juices ran down her thighs.

Adrienne and Bret

They woke at almost the same time, a couple of hours later. As Adrienne sleepily snuggled closer to him, Bret kissed the top of her head. “Are you hungry? We never had that dinner I promised you.” Adrienne sat up and looked around to get her bearings, then whispered in shock. “Oh shit, Bret – look, we left the curtains open all this time! We gotta close those right now.”

Bret’s laugh was instantaneous. “Are you kidding? There’s a helluva view from that window. . .”

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