Vintage Port School for Girls Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Erica Chambers walked down the hallway with Melvin close behind her. Melvin was still recovering from what could possibly be the best blowjob of his life. He could still feel the young woman’s full lips on his shaft, slurping expertly up and down. He could tell these girls were taught extremely well. He cleared his throat and addressed Erica.

“Um, so Miss Chambers… these girls are enrolled by their parents?” he asked.

Erica answered him without stopping. “Well, yes of course.”

“And they know about this? The things they learn here?” Melvin rubbed at his crotch again.

“Of course. Many of the girl’s mothers attended this school themselves.” Erica finally slowed and turned. “Why do you ask?”

“Well… it just seems that… some might object to… certain subjects.”

Erica smiled complacently and crossed her arms which, Melvin noticed, rested under her large full breasts, making the outline of her nipples even more apparent. “The ones that object to it obviously find other educational arrangements for their daughters. Sexual pleasure is just like anything else. It is something that can be learned and taught. We aren’t running a bordello here, Mr. Scholfield. We simply provide our girls with the knowledge and ability to please their partners and themselves and, of course, to retrieve the sperm samples.”

“Yes, but… what is done with the samples?” Melvin couldn’t believe he was having this conversation. Part of him was enjoying it immensely.

Erica shrugged, again drawing Melvin’s attention to her tits. He couldn’t believe it, but he was getting hard again already. He started to wonder how good Erica would feel down on her knees in front of him. “Research.”

“What kind of research?” Melvin asked, studying Erica Chamber’s beautiful features.

Erica turned, continuing down the hall. “Come, Mr. Scholfield, illegal bahis there is a lot more I want to show you before you make your final decision.”

Melvin followed. He knew damn well what his decision would be. It wasn’t everyday a guy got an opportunity to get treatment like this everyday. Luckily he could afford it. On the other hand, he was certainly dying to see what else this school had to offer.

As she walked, Erica thought back to her own days in The Depository. Normally she would have told Melvin about the research facility the school also ran, which developed experimental medicines which were designed to increase fertility in the male sperm among other projects, but she found herself lost in her own first experiences as a student at Vintage Port.

Of course, the first year classes were taught by a female. Her teacher had been Ms. Cox which caused her no end of amusement. Ms. Cox was a gorgeous woman even at her mid-40s when Erica had first been enrolled in the class. She was blonde and athletic. She had small, but very perky and round breasts, but her ass was perfect. She usually wore short skirts and Erica could remember many class periods admiring it. Erica too, at 15, she was already receiving more than her share of attention from the opposite sex. Her hair was longer then, down to her bra strap and her breasts weren’t quite as large as they were now, but they were bigger than any other girl in her class.

Ms. Cox had explained to them the importance of using their hands to massage a man’s shaft while they sucked on him and how to use their tongues to stimulate the head as well. A few of the girls had seemed quite uncomfortable discussing these activities, but Erica had found it quite arousing. Half-way through the first year, Ms. Cox brought in a real man and sucked his cock as the young girls illegal bahis siteleri watched, fascinated. The man stood in front of the class as Ms. Cox removed his thick member. She held it in her hand, massaging it as she addressed the class, explaining to them what she was doing. Then she sucked the man’s cock down her throat and pushed her nose into his stomach as he groaned.

Erica and the other young girls watched wide-eyed as Ms Cox bobbed up and down the man’s shaft, her hand and mouth working franticly. Erica couldn’t believe she was taking it all. His cock had to be nearly 9 inches in length! Erica watched her teacher sucking and snuck her fingers underneath her skirt. She began to rub gently and wasn’t surprised to notice a few of the other girls doing the same. Erica bit her lip to keep from moaning even though she was quite sure the man who was receiving a blowjob from Ms. Cox would have drowned them out with his own moans.

Erica had also noticed the man staring at her. His hand was placed gently on the back of Ms. Cox’s head, but his eyes were on her. Erica had leaned back, her white blouse already straining with her growing breasts and plunged her finger inside her pussy. She was incredibly turned on by not only watching her teacher suck this man, but also the fact that his attention was clearly on her. It wasn’t long before she heard a few of the other girls giving themselves orgasms, but Erica wanted to wait and cum at the same time as the man did. She took her finger from her slit and begin rubbing at her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her young tight pussy. Her young mouth was open slightly as she rested her palm on the mound of her vagina, rubbing harder at her swollen clit.

She watched as Ms. Cox pulled the man from her mouth and stroked him using her own saliva to lubricate his hard canlı bahis siteleri shaft. She had then proceeded to suck his balls, licking them as her hand pumped. The man had begun to shake at this point, which Ms. Cox had told them was a sign that a man was about to cum. Erica picked up her rubbing speed and spread her legs wide under her desk. She couldn’t believe how horny she was as she listened to the man beginning to cum. Ms. Cox thrust his cock back deep in her throat as he spurted inside of it. Just as she saw him spasm in orgasm, Erica let herself go. She came harder than she ever had before, wave after wave of pleasure sweeping over her young body. She shook in her chair and came.

Ms. Cox had then slipped the man from her mouth and resumed teaching the class. Erica watched the man zip himself up and leave. She smiled at him weakly as he left and she noticed her chair had accumulated a puddle of her wetness. She raised her hand to be excused. Ms. Cox had only smiled.

“How many more of you need to be excused?” she asked, eyeing the room. Most of the young girls raised their hands. Ms. Cox nodded. “It’s quite all right. There are paper towels in the back room.”

Erica smiled to herself. It had been almost embarrassing at first, all of them wiping their wet chairs after masturbating to their teaching giving a man a blowjob. Soon enough she realized there was nothing to be embarrassed about. All of them had felt the urge to satisfy themselves during the exercise and she came to understand that not all girls needed to clean up after, for lack of a better phrasing.

Smiling to herself, she finally came back to the present as Melvin Scholfield tapped her on the shoulder.

“Um, Miss Chambers?”

Erica turned. “Oh, yes. I apologize. I was… thinking about something else.” As she turned, she noticed a familiar wetness between her own legs. She did her best to compose herself. She at least had to finish this tour before she took care of anything else. “Yes… I think you will find this room very interesting…” She said quietly and opened the door for Melvin.

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