Vulnerability is Arousing

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The instructions in my email were simple, yet incredibly hard to follow through with. You read them again;

“Come to my home office, the door will be unlocked. Let yourself in and lock the door behind you. Immediately take off all of your clothes, put them in the trunk beside the door, then close the lid and fasten the padlock – you won’t be getting any clothing back until I’m done with you… Now that you’re completely naked in a strange office in the basement of a house, come find me…”

Apprehensively you begin to remove your clothing, folding each article before placing it in the bottom of the trunk. You have second thoughts as you reach your bra and panties. You decide to follow through and remove them too. You place them neatly on your pile of folded clothing and lock them in the trunk.

You take notice of your surroundings – you’re in a hallway leading to what you assume is an office. You slowly inch your way forward, worried that somebody else might be here… You poke your head into each office, calling my name and are somewhat relieved that nobody returned your calls. You realize that there’s nowhere else to search, so you head for the stairs.

As you climb the stairs, you see that the house is very bright on the main level – obviously there are lots of windows letting the light in and you remember that the house is on a busy street… You contemplate crawling around the house on your hands and knees to avoid being seen from the street, but decide to brave it and just make your search quick.

You casino siteleri dart around the main level, trying to avoid being directly exposed in front of the windows. You realize I’m not on this level either. Now the difficult part – the stairs to the second story are directly in front of the glass front door that leads out onto the side of the house facing the busy street.

You hesitate, calling my name hoping for mercy, but I don’t respond. As you stand there trying to decide your next move, you feel pussy juice running down your inner thighs – you realize the anticipation is a lot more exciting than you’d expected. Your nipples stiffen and you decide to go for it. You run to the stairs and bound up them as quickly as possible – cars are driving by and people are walking on the sidewalk and you hope that none caught sight of you.

You stop at the top of the stairs and look around – there are four doors and you wish you knew where to start. You wander around calling my name, through each room until there is only one door left. Your heart races as you reach for the door handle.

You push open the door and see me lying naked on top of the bed. I’m stroking my hard cock as I watch you enter the room. You walk over to the bed and climb on. You crawl over and straddle me. You lean down to kiss me and I pull you to me and kiss you back hard. As we make out, your pussy is dripping on my stomach. You drop down and slide your pussy around on me, coating me in your juices. You then inch back a bit canlı casino and slide your pussy lips up and down the length of my cock. I can feel your heat and wetness and need to be inside you, but you keep teasing – just sliding up and down my length, dropping low enough to rub your pussy over my balls and soak them with your juices too.

I grab your ass and thrust my hips up against you. After a few attempts, my cockhead finds its target and I slide into you. The heat envelopes me – your pussy feels so good… You lean forward and rub your tits up and down my face while I start thrusting my cock up into you. I reach one of your nipples with my mouth and start sucking, hard. Our bodies are slapping against each other as I fuck you with everything I’ve got.

It doesn’t take long before I warn you that I’m going to cum inside you. My breath quickens and you feel my shaft throb inside you. It pushes you over the edge and we cum together. My hard cock pulsing as it shoots my hot cum deep inside you – your tight pussy clenching my cock, forcing my cum to shoot out even harder. I feel my cum running back out of you and down over my balls and around to my asshole.

Our orgasms subside and we slow to catch our breath. You don’t stop for long though – I feel you lift off my cock and hear it slap against my stomach. You crawl up my body until your thighs are beside my head and your flooded pussy is directly over my mouth…

Instinctively I latch my mouth onto you and run my tongue as deep into your pussy kaçak casino as I can reach, scooping out our cum into my mouth. I lap at your clit as gravity forces more of my cum out of you and it coats my chin. You decide to be cheeky and rise up my face and smear your dripping pussy over my entire face and even into my hair. I grab your ass to hold you steady and get back to sucking your clit. It’s sensitive and doesn’t take long before you’re ready to cum again.

I sense you getting close and reach up and stick two fingers into you, rubbing your g-spot as I continue to suck on your clit. You’re getting so close but can’t quite cum again so soon, until I bring up my other hand, coat it in the cum you’ve dripped on my chest to lube it and then slowly work it into your asshole. The combination works perfectly.

You scream in orgasm as your clit, your g-spot and your asshole are all being stimulated at once. It’s such an intense orgasm that you squirt all over my face – your cum and the remnants of mine that were left inside you… You soak me with our juices and then fall back onto me – limp and exhausted. I wriggle out from under you and climb on top. You’re exhausted but I need my cleanup now.

I drop to your face and rub my cum coated balls on your lips. Instinctively you open up and begin to lap at our cum on my balls. When I feel they’re clean enough, I slide forward so you can tongue my ass and get the stray juices that trickled back there. I then feed you my cock – still covered in cum. You suck it clean in your mouth, but before you can swallow I lie down on top of you and begin to kiss you passionately – our tongues passing each other’s cum back and forth between us until we drift off into a satisfied sleep – naked in each other’s arms…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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