Waiting Up Ch. 01

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You came home late after working the late shift. I knew we both had the next day off so I knew that you didn’t need to go to sleep as soon as you got home. I had been waiting up for you but when you got through the door, you saw the television watching me and you smiled. I was wearing one of your T-shirts and the hem had risen up around my waist while I moved around the couch to get comfortable.

You didn’t see that I was wearing underwear until you had locked the door and stepped further into the living room. You knew that I never knew wore underwear to bed but it was still shock to see my pussy just there for you to see, to do whatever you wanted to. You started to lick your lips because you wanted to kiss my lips, my pussy lips. You put your bag on the floor and came down to kneel before the couch.

You took your forefinger and ran down the length of my pussy and then put your finger in your mouth and sucked it. You always loved the taste of me. You sent a shock through my body when you lightly flicked your tongue over my clit and I awoke with a start. I looked down quite groggily to find you slide your tongue up and down my pussy with a maddeningly slow pace that was driving me crazy. I smiled and said, “Now why can’t I wake up with to this every morning?”

“Move in with me and you will.” I barely hear because you didn’t move your lips from my pussy. But I knew what you said because we have had that conversation probably a million times since our first anniversary together.

“Yeah but baby, you don’t wake up before twelve and I have to get work for 7:30.”

“I will wake up, give you a good furling and then go back to sleep.” You swirled your tongue, causing me to grind my pussy in your face.

“Right.” I laughed shakily, “Baby, you can’t wake up from the dead that easily and you know this.”

“Baby, I would do anything for you, you know that.” You release your lips from my pussy long enough to say.

“Yeah but you can’t get out of bed to go to work by yourself, how in heaven’s name, are you going to get up just to fuck me.”

“You seriously underestimate the power bedava bahis of your cunt. You got some bad-man pussy between your legs, make a man do anything.”

“Really!” I moved away from you and slide off the couch. I pushed you up onto the couch and started to undo your belt buckle. I drag your shirt out of your pants and pull it over your head. I straddle your lap and begin to lick your lips very slowly, you move your hands to touch me and I stop.

“No touching. You can’t touch me but I can touch you.” I whisper in your ear, giving you this wicked grin.

“Ok.” You said, putting your hands behind your head, getting ready to enjoy the show.

I start to kiss you again, nibbling on your full lower lip and you grin and asked, “Am I allowed to kiss you back?” No was my reply.

“You are the boss, I do as you say.” You said, playing along. I grinned and started to nibble on your ear. I whisper to you, “I am going to fuck your brains out.”

I placed butterfly kisses along neck, collarbone and down your chest, stopping only to pay homage to your nipples, as you have done to mine numerous times. I bit down on them gently and when you made no response, I applied a little more pressure until you blew air through your teeth. I smiled and continued my journey down your chest. When my lips reached your navel, I undid the button on the top of your jeans and slide the zipper down with my teeth. I pulled your jeans and your ankles around your ankles and was confronted by your cock pulsing before my eyes.

I licked the full length of the underside of your cock, almost 11 inches of it and you closed your eyes and groaned. I took just the tip of it into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I kissed it before engulfing the rest of it in my mouth, you growled deep in your throat and I took this as encouragement so I continued. I grabbed your shaft with my right hand and began to jerk you off to the rhythm of my bobbing head. Your hands came down and you were going to rest them on my head. I open my mouth wide making sure that no part of my mouth touched your cock but bedava bonus you still feel my breath on it.

You remembered, no touching, it seemed to take superhuman strength on your part to bring your hands back away from my head and to keep them to yourself. I began to slowly suck you and then I hummed just to see what it would do. Your dick jumped in my mouth and I smiled. That’s why the porn stars moaned when they suck dick, now I understood.

I slowly sucked your dick for a half-hour before you told me you were going to come and wanted to know if I wanted in my mouth or not. I took of my shirt and said no, I wanted you to come on my stomach. and you happily obliged and came mightily on my stomach and my breasts.

I smiled and said; “I guess this means that I am going to have to take a bath, care to join me?” Without waiting for an answer, I got up and sashayed to the bathroom.

You grin and follow me; you love to watch me bath. I don’t know why. I’m in the shower backing, working up lather on my puff and I felt you enter the bathroom, without turning around, I ask, “Are you just going to stand there and watch or are you going to join in?”

“For right now, I think I am going to watch.” You lean up against the sink and watch as while I soap myself up, putting bubbles all over my body.

You were good until I turn to back you and my pussy, according to you, looked at you funny. You had stepped out of your pants when you left the living room and was gloriously naked. Although you don’t have what most women consider a great body, I love to see you naked. Maybe because when I see you naked, I know I am probably going to get some. Nah, I like to see you naked, period. You stepped up behind me and inserted one finger into my pussy and made me gasp. I somehow had not expected that and the shock was something beyond words.

“I know that I just broke your rule about not touching but do you want me to stop?” You asked, while fucking me with your finger.

“Hmm.” That was all I can say, even think.

“I didn’t hear, you want me to stop?” You asked with deneme bonusu a smile.

Without saying a word, I reached down and pushed your finger deeper in me and you laughed, “I guess not.”

Slumped along the wall of the shower, I moaned when you pulled away. But I wasn’t empty for long because your cock replaced your finger with one quick thrust. You had to catch before I slid to the floor. You keep fucking me hard and I am making these noises in the back of my throat that drive you crazy and you fuck me even harder. You never understand why I like it rough but you always tried your best to oblige me.

Then I got wicked, I began to clench my pussy muscles around you. You looked at me and your look said, “I was going good and you just had to do that, now didn’t you?” I just grinned at you and it was too much, you came then.

“You wicked bitch.”

“Yep, but I am your wicked bitch. Now let me down so I can bathe again.”

“Ok, this time I am going to wash your back.”

“Can I trust you not to dirty me up again?”

“I can only promise that I will try my best not to but you look so damn tempting all sweet and glistening.”

“I guess that is all I can hope for. Could you be a dear and wash my back.” Giving you my back and you gently wash it with a puff that I gave you. Not being able to keep just to my back, you reach around and starting to wash my stomach pulling me closer to you. I could feel your cock full and pulsing when you pulled me firmly to your chest.

“You don’t rest, do you?” Not really minding it at all, I could never get enough of you.

“Baby, you know how I get around you but I am just going to wash you. Promise I wouldn’t ravish you in this shower.” Somehow, this manages to disappoint me and I started to pout. I turn towards you and rubbed myself against your cock.

“Now, I know you’re not teasing me. All I said was that I am not going to ravish you in this shower, didn’t say I wasn’t going to ravish you.”

We finished washing up and went into the bedroom. It was going to be a long weekend and you had the Saturday and the Sunday off. So I, hopefully, had you for those two days for myself. I went into the living room and got your bag and pants and brought back to the bedroom. I took your cell phone and turned it off. I put the house phone’s ringer off. So we were not to be disturbed this weekend.

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