Waking Up in a Cold Sweat

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Janet lay on her back, bound to the chair. The ringing in her ears from sound deprivation grew louder. Her neck hurt from trying desperately to catch even the slightest sound from any direction.

Total darkness from the thick, black blindfold made it even more frightening.

Her jaw ached from something that was in her mouth. She couldn’t keep the drool from leaking out of her mouth and dripping off her chin. She could feel it had covered her neck.

She could tell she was completely naked. Unable to pull her feet from what ever held them bound. Her arms held down at her sides.

A slight breeze of cool air occasionally licked across her sweat covered body. Her naked back and legs sticking to what felt like sticky, faux leather.

It seemed a faint smell of honeysuckle accompanied the cool. The smell was so faint she really couldn’t tell if it was a floral scent or maybe a perfume of some kind.

She wondered where she was, and how long she had been there.

The need to release the pressure in her bladder faded but returned every few minutes, growing more intense each time.

Again, her mind played through her last memories, trying to piece it all together.

She remembered having dinner with David. They had grown close over the past month. He always insisted on only the finest restaurants.

Their long love making sessions always left her physically and mentally satisfied. David was so different from the other men she had dated. Always intent on pushing her limits.

She remembered them taking Uber to his place after dinner and drinks.

Janet played through their last conversation, when they had laid snuggling in the afterglow of a several intense, mutual orgasms.

Between gentle kisses on her shoulder, he spoke, in almost a whisper as he twirled a lock of her hair with his finger.

“Tell me love, tell me what dark sexual thoughts run through your mind.” He kissed her neck. “Tell me what you would never tell anyone else. Tell me love, what secrets do you hold hidden from the world?” His fingers moved to her face. Gently he pulled her closer and kissed her lips. He pulled back, smiled and waited.

She grinned at him as playful thoughts of teasing him came to life.

David, gently biting her ear lobe, whispered again. “Tell me Janet , what is it that always gets you off when your alone? When you’re fingers are playing circles over your clit like only you can do. Tell me, tell me of the dark places you go in your mind.”

Janet loved it when David talked dirty to her. The way he teased her with words.

She closed her eyes and whispered back.

“Teasing, teasing all five senses.”

“Sight, watching things being done to me, having someone else watching things being done to me.”

Her thoughts began to reel,

“And smell, the smell of fresh flowers mixed with the scent of sex.” She took a deep breath, as if she were drifting into her secret garden. That place she so enjoyed going when she lay alone in bed with her hand between her legs.

Janet stretched her arms above her head, leaving her breasts on display for David’s viewing pleasure. She wanted to take him away to some distant place with words. After all, it’s what he had asked for.

“Sound! She softly said. The sounds of passionate fucking. Or sometimes even the sounds of my own voice, my own voice begging my captors to stop what they are doing to me. Maybe I’m begging them to stop the teasing and just fuck me.”

Janet giggled, “This is all just fantasy! Right?”

David only whispered again. “Please love, tell me more.” Still twirling his finger in her hair. “Your darkest fantasies, share them with me.”

Janet giggled again. She turned to face her lover. Looking at him, she smiled, then relaxed and let her eyes close again.

“Taste!” She said, “The taste of your pre cum when I lick it off my lips, or the taste of my own wetness on your cock, and strawberries!”

“Touch!” she was beginning to feel a warm feeling between her legs.

“The feeling of being touched all over and not being able to stop it. Fingers raking the insides of my thighs, pulling me open, slipping into me.” She paused perabet for a second, “Yes, touch, sometimes so soft it tickles and other times, rough and forceful.”

She continued, almost as if she were reading from a book.

“My mind, mental games, teasing, resisting. The anticipation of getting used, or being on display.”

She paused a second.

“No, the frantic feeling of being on display, the embarrassing feeling of being publicly humiliated.”

She started laughing. Turning to David, “Okay, your turn!” She giggled, waiting for his reply. He only smiled at her.

He began kissing his way down her naked body. Stopping to draw each nipple between his lips, gently biting each one, only hard enough to make her hold her breath. He pushed her legs apart. He made love to her with his mouth and tongue before dragging her to the edge of the bed and fucking her again.

They woke up the next morning, showered and headed off to there jobs.

She remembered getting into her car after work, but it all stopped there. No other memories, nothing, until she found herself struggling against the restraints that now held her.

She wondered how long until she would be aloud to go pee.

The slightest squeak broke the silence. Was it a door?

“Hello? Is someone there?” Her words seemed to echo off walls. Her heart beat faster.

She heard what sounded like someone breathing. Her heart stopped when words broke the silence, “Hello Janet!”

She didn’t recognize the deep, raspy male voice.

“Please let me go, I need to use the bathroom.” She was getting desperate. “Why am I here? What the fuck is going on?” She yelled, frantically struggling against the restraints that held her.

“You have an audience Janet! ” The raspy voice was loud and stern sounding.

“In fact Janet, you have a very large audience. There are cameras on you.”

The voice snickered “A little over one thousand viewers watching you, and the number is growing fast. They are looking at your breasts and requesting to see your cunt. I wonder, how many are masturbating Janet? Stroking their hard cocks, waiting to see your delicious cunt. Masturbating while thinking about watching you getting fucked. I’m sure some are masturbating, thinking about fucking you themselves.”

She felt something touch her left ankle.

“Let’s not keep them waiting any longer Janet. Let’s let them have a close look at it.”

What ever her feet were tied to began to move. Her feet were being pulled apart and back at the same time.

“Let’s open you wider Janet, they want to see your cunt. They have been waiting patiently.”

Her knees started to bend as her feet were slowly pulled closer to her butt. It felt mechanical.

“Are you going to piss yourself Janet?” The voice asked in a softer tone. She didn’t answer.

“Janet, I’m going to remove the blindfold. I want you to see what your audience is seeing.”

Again, she didn’t answer. Something touched her face. The material that covered her eyes was gently pulled off her head. She blinked as things around her began to come into focus.

Several cameras on tripods were aimed at her.

Looking around the room, she counted four men, all were nude and stroking their cocks. They all had masks covering their faces.

A large monitor was mounted to the ceiling directly over her. She saw herself laying back in a large recliner. Her ankles bound to stirrups, Her wrists bound to the plush, overstuffed arms of the chair. Beads of sweat sparkled on her bare breasts.

She watched her own legs being slowly pulled open as her heart beat faster.

She started reading comments in a column that scrolled on the left side of the screen.

(Are you going to fuck her?)

(I want to see her pussy!)

(Shove a cock down that bitches throat!)

(She said she needs to piss, I want to watch her pissing)

She began to panic. Kicking and tugging on the ropes that bound her. It was hopeless.

“Yes, let’s let them watch you piss Janet , go ahead, let it go.”

She watched the view on the television zoom in on her pussy. The urge to pee faded.

She watched as perabet giriş her legs continued to be pulled apart. It zoomed in closer until her pussy filled the screen.

Fingers appeared. She watched as they parted her labia and pulled her open. She could see the wrinkled, pink flesh deep inside her own pussy. The hood that covered her clit was pulled back until it stood tall and pointed.

“Piss Janet , go ahead and relieve yourself. They are waiting!”

A man that had been sitting on a chair stood up, he stepped close, bent over and whispered in her ear.

“Are you nervous? frantic?” It was David’s voice.

“You said sight, so you get to watch yourself getting used with an audience.”

“And smell, can you smell the honeysuckle? Maybe it will be a welcoming smell if mixed with the smell of a sweaty scrotum. Or maybe the smell of your own cunt. Can you smell your cunt yet Janet?”

“Touch, Yes, touch is so important! The feeling of feathers tickling the bottom of your feet, someone biting you? Or maybe the feeling of a hard cock pressing against your asshole, the anticipation, waiting to see if it will be forced into you while people watch.”

“And sound, oh yes, sound! The sound of labored breathing, the sound of sweaty flesh slapping against you. The sound of men grunting as they finally get off and cum on you, or in you?”

“Taste, Oh, we can’t forget taste. The taste of warm cum on your tongue, or maybe the taste of your own cunt on a hard cock.” He paused, “Maybe the taste of another woman. Would you like to taste another woman Janet?”

David spoke softly, “The mind! You said. Teasing, the anticipation of being used, being on display. The anticipation of the unknown, mind games.”

Her back arched as his finger slid up and began rubbing across her clit.

“Your going to cum for your audience my love?” Your going to watch exactly what your audience is seeing on the monitor above you. Your going to listen to your own whimpers.”

He whispered “I won’t let anyone hurt you love! But you will experience it all!”

She watched his hand slip between her legs on the monitor. One finger slipped between her lips and into her. He began fingering her. He wasn’t gentle.

She watched him pull his finger out, then two fingers slid easily back into her.

“Does that feel good my love? Having hundreds of people watch up close while I finger you?”

For some unknown reason she felt safer now, a new feeling began to stir in her.

She didn’t want to admit it to him, but It did feel good.

David nodded to the other men. They all stood up and stepped beside her. Now she counted six men.

David’s words somehow seemed unlike him.

“Taste! you said you wanted to experience taste.”

Looking at the man standing next to her stroking his cock. She noticed a dangling string of clear pre cum clinging to the dark, purple head. It swayed back and forth as he stroked himself.

Hands unbuckled the straps that held the gag. She worked her sore jaw as soon as it was removed.

David’s voice drew her attention, “Open your mouth Janet! Let my friend use your mouth. I want you to taste him!”

She didn’t respond, her eyes were fixed on the long swinging string, but her mouth remained closed.

She felt her knees being pulled higher and further apart. Glancing up at the monitor, she now had a full screen view of David’s hand still fingering her.

The view changed, she felt his fingers in her pussy. But the monitor showed her face and a hand stroking a large cock.

David’s voice caught her attention, “Open your mouth Janet! Offer it, let him masturbate in your mouth.”

She held her mouth closed tight.

“Used, you said you wanted to be used


She watched another man step close. His hands grasped her head firmly and forced her head to turn to the side. She was facing the man stroking himself. Her head was held tight. Still she gritted her teeth.

Without warning something was placed on her clit, the vibration was so intense that she screamed, her back arched and her mouth opened as she gasped, wide eyed.

The cock was pushed into perabet güvenilir mi her mouth before she could exhale the deep breath that she had drawn in. The hands held her head firmly. She watched as the man began stroking himself.

The vibration on her clit stopped. Janet heard David’s voice.

“That’s better love! Now keep your mouth open and don’t fight it.”

She watched the masked man stroking himself with the swollen head of his cock rubbing on her tongue and lips. He stroked faster, he began to grunt, the stroking slowed. She held her mouth open as she felt warm cum spewing across her tongue.

A warm feeling spread through her body. She closed her lips around the pulsing head and began sucking. Working her tongue on the sweet spot under the head. She swallowed, sucked, and swallowed again.

The man stepped back. The hands that held her head were withdrawn.

Looking up at the monitor, Janet looked into her own eyes before noticing a string of thick cum across her cheek.

“Do you still need to piss Janet?” It was the same gruff voice she had first heard.

“Let’s give your audience a peek! Let’s let them see what your cunt looks like before it gets used. We will give them another look after you have been fucked and used by all of us.”

Her pulse quickened as the close-up of the hand on the monitor moved. Her pussy in full view. She felt a rush of anxiety surge through her body as David’s fingers from both hands began to part her labia again. She watched her own glistening pink flesh being exposed, offered for the viewing pleasure of a thousand people.

“Open your mouth Janet.”

Her hips involuntarily raised, she watched someone else’s fingers slipping into her as David held her open.

Janet opened her mouth.

The monitor changed. She was now watching another cock being stroked above her face. The fingers in her pussy pickup up the pace.

She felt the familiar warm tinge in her abdomen. The first feeling she always got before she had an orgasm.

A long string of clear pre cum swinging from the cock was lowered until it clung across her chin and over her lips. Her audience watched her licking her lips. She watched her own mouth open on the monitor.

Janet watched the man masturbating. She waited for him to empty himself into her mouth. The desire to taste his cum was sending tingles through her.

She felt something pushing into her pussy. Glancing up at the monitor, it had changed back to the view between her legs. She noticed David’s ring on one of the fingers that held her open. The fingers that pulled and stretched her minora, pulling it out of her.

She watched as her lover’s fingers held her open. Then a hand with nails painted pink. Long delicate fingers of a woman wrapped around his familiar cock. She watched on the monitor as the woman began rubbing the swollen head across the exposed pink flesh. Offering it passage, feeding it into her warm cunt.

The cock felt good as the head slipped into her. But it was David’s thumb that now rubbed her clit that sent her over the edge.

Her body involuntarily jerked and twitched. Her arms and legs struggled against the ropes that bound her. Her head tipped up and her back arched high. An incredible, explosive orgasm thundered through her body.

A cock was shoved into her mouth.

David’s words now sounded far away. “Suck it Janet!”

Another intense orgasm exploded through her. It was too much. The cock in her mouth, watching the long, delicate fingers with pink finger nails stroking David’s familiar cock, jacking him off into her. David rubbing her clit.

The view on the monitor changed. It was a view from between David’s legs. She watched her own flesh stretching tight around his cock as it sank deeper into her.

Janet swallowed, sucked and swallowed.

She felt the cock pulsing in her cunt, knowing David was cuming in her.

When he had finished, she watched his cock slowly withdraw from her. Her pink, thin flesh clinging to it. A ring of white, foamy froth around the thick base. It was followed by a burst of warm, yellow pee.

She woke up in bed laying next to David. Her heart pounding, chills from a cold sweat shook her, her breathes short and ragged.

Something had brushed across her cheek, it startled her. Her eyes shot open and she jerked her head to the side to see David. He was smiling, “Bad dream?” He softly asked.

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