Wanton in Wales Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: The Castle

Well this was one hell of a holiday. Sex in the morning with the cottage owners and sights of history older than our home country.

The first castle we were looking for was about 10 miles from the cottage. It was built in the 12th century. Construction took place between 1120 and 1180 AD. The location overlooks a river below and a dense forest across on the other side.

We had never seen a castle up close before and this one had really only the stone portions left. The main tower was about 70 feet high and climbing the spiral staircase was quite an experience.

Kelly went first up the very tight spiral, maybe 6 feet in diameter, taking each 12 inch step cautiously. How small were the people that lived here?

As Kelly climbed I could see from my vantage point below her that her skirt was just barely covering her smooth silky snatch. This morning had been great and I could just smell the odour of sex coming from her body. My own sex member began to rise to attention as we arrived at the top of the tower.

From here we could see for miles around us. The small village right next to the castle was now bigger than it would have been 900 years ago but I could imagine the people going about their daily struggles to raise food for the owners of this place.

There was a small platform to stand on here and we embraced as we watched the river gently flow by deep down in the valley. I slipped my hand under Kelly’s skirt and ran my fingers over her ass. She turned her head and we kissed passionately as our bodies began to feel the heat of the sun.

I lifted Kelly up onto a ledge about 3 feet wide that opened to the inner courtyard below. Another couple in their 50’s, who were not going to be climbing the steep steps up here, were milling around the lower castle ruins. I wondered if they minded the view of us two lovers embracing and caressing.

Kelly lifted her skirt and I slipped my pants down to the once rough stone floor now smooth from centuries of couples fucking here. Well that is how I would smooth the stones. The ledge was just the right height for this position of screwing. My cock found its mark and plunged like a lance into her hot love box.

Kelly braced herself against the walls and leaned her canlı bahis head back as we fucked. The sun was hot and sweat was running down my back as I slapped my balls against the cool stones upon which Kelly was perched.

Kelly clenched her pussy walls around my cock and squeezed each time I plunged into her silky purse. I came much too sooner than I wanted but maybe the thought of having sex with the sky above and my ass open to the castle ghosts brought this on.

Somehow I seemed to sense eyes watching and smiling as we made love here. Kelly gave one final squeeze and with that she too rocked into a soft orgasm. Her eyes opened and I could tell it had been quicker than she had anticipated as well.

I reached into my knapsack and taking a small soft towel I dried Kelly off from thigh to thigh. I know that sounds odd but we did have a lot of walking yet to do today and I didn’t want her to be too sticky.

We hugged a while longer and then began the somewhat treacherous climb down the spiral staircase to a level below. Here we crossed over to the next tower, smaller than the main one, and followed this spiral down to the ground. The older couple who now that I was closer were actually quite good looking smiled at us. He winked and she blew us a kiss.

Okay castle number one had been explored. The next place was a chocolate factory.

The rental car was a smart fortwo and it made driving the very narrow roads much less stressful. After many turns and looking for a wind turbine farm we eventually found the chocolate factory.

It was close to the end of the day and only one other couple were going on the tour.

The tour guide, a young lady of about 25, was beautiful. Her hair was raven black and her outfit made her breasts create a deep cleavage for us to ogle. The other guy was not watching the chocolate truffles being made his eyes were stuck on miss cocoa’s tits.

Kelly nudged me because she noticed this as well. The five of us began walking through the converted farm buildings to see in amazement the chocolates and treats being formed completely by hand.

As the tour guide spoke she asked us if we would like to see the adult section. We all nodded yes and she opened a locked door to reveal a dimly lit room.

Inside bahis siteleri there were all types of sexually shaped chocolates. Penises, tits, asses and vagina’s lined the tables. We all let out our own little laughs.

Miss Cindy, the tour guide, told us that special clients ordered these treats for birthdays, anniversaries or just for fun days at home. I asked her if they were all edible to which she replied yes.

Kelly asked if they were usable.

Cindy’s eyes sparkled at this question. Yes they are in fact. We use a high melting point mixture so they don’t melt too quick when ….well you know.

The other gal, Julie, asked if they could try anything out. You know sort of test drive.

Her guy, Brian, snickered and asked if he could model for a penis treat.

Cindy smiled but asked us to be discreet and quiet. We all assured her we would be.

Cindy went to another door and motioned for us to follow her. Kelly, Julie, Brian and I followed the tour guides tight ass through the door and found ourselves in a room with small cots and chairs.

This is our play room Cindy explained.

Make your selves comfortable and I will be right back.

I looked at Kelly and she smirked a devilish smirk.

She quickly lifted her tee shirt over her head and slipped her skirt down to reveal her body covered with only a slinky red bra on. Cindy, not being shy it seemed either, shed her jeans and blouse to show us her black thong and bra wrapping a gorgeous young body.

Brian and I removed our pants and shirts then underwear to reveal two hard cocks about to engage in a surreal fantasy. Chocolate toys and three beautiful women to use them on.

Cindy returned with a box for each of us. I opened mine to find a dark chocolate female midsection shaped treat. It had a vagina and a small star opening as well.

Kelly opened her gift box and pulled out a thick veined cock the colour of sand. She gasped and began to stroke it.

Julie found a dark man meat with balls like ripe black plums nestled at the base.

Brian lifted out a set of tits that would make any porn star go green with envy.

Cindy told us to have fun and then she stripped off her clothes and from her own cunt slid out a long cock made of bright red chocolate.

We bahis şirketleri all found chairs or cots to make love to our own candy sex toy.

Kelly was plunging her cock into her cunt like a jackhammer and as Brian watched this he shoved his cock between the tits he held in his hands.

Julie took a different approach. She had slowly worked her fingers into her ass and was spreading her anus open to accept the long cock that lay beside her. Then when she felt ready she drove the cock in her ass and used her other hand to motion to me to come over.

I pulled my cock from the chocolate cavern I was exploring and went to her.

Fuck me with your cock she said.

I stood between her legs and seeing her shaved pussy glistening with love juice I slid in and felt the cock in her ass touch my balls. I could feel the other cock through her pussy walls and feel an orgasm rip through her cunt like a freight train.

She was on fire. I was about to douse that fire with my own firewater.

Brian had covered the chocolate tits with white cream icing and leaving the toy went to Cindy laying on the cot.

Cindy told us to put the toys aside as they were going to start melting it was so hot in here.

She then grabbed hold of Brian’s cock and slurped her way all the way to his belly. His entire cock was in and down her throat. He came again.

She was well trained as a tour guide.

Kelly saw this as a chance to taste the red chocolate that coated the thighs of our guide. She lapped the sweet stuff up and sucked the folds of Cindy’s cunt with earnest.

Julie had removed the cock from her ass and called Brian over to replace it. I moved and sat on the cot to watch.

I listened as Cindy moaned an orgasm to its end as Kelly expertly tongue fucked the guides cunt.

Julie squirted pussy cum onto her guys’ thighs and Brian filled that back door opening with yet another load of his penis pudding.

Kelly was the only one left to cum so I went over and rolling her onto a cot began to lick her sweat soaked ass and cunt like it was my last meal. She came in waves as the others watched.

Exhausted again for the second time today, I heard Cindy say that there was a shower room set up for these events around the corner. We all went together and with soft cloths and warm soap we cleaned each others bodies off until all the chocolate residue and sex syrup had washed down the drain.

I really love Wales. What will tomorrow hold.

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